Windy City

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Spending A week in Chicago, with a bunch of salesman and vendors, was not the ideal vacation for Susan. Work had sent heron this trip, as an award for her service in the previous year, and she wasn’tabout to waste it in a classroom with physicians who only dreamed of cost-effectiveness. Being alive in the city, where no tourists or medical people were, was where she wanted to be.

Sitting, enjoying her Greek meal, savoring her wine, she endured the toils of a company-sponsored dinner. CO-workers sullied a moment, in which she would most have liked to share with a partner. Mike, a CO-worker who was fun to be with, and who’s company she enjoyed, sat across from her, and also endured the dinner. Imbibing the wine, she would notice a glance or two her way from Mike, and put it off as alcohol-induced loss of inhibition. Feeling the wine also hit her, she began to enjoy the time herself more. Shots of Ouzo were brought to the table, along with the glasses of Louis-Jadot. Ouzo was not her liquor of choice, but she enjoyed watching Mike succumb to the pressure of the group at the table, and drink. Tossing a glance Mikes’ way, now and then, she wondered if it would be a good time to have him give her a massage, which he had promised her. As the alcohol began to affect the other CO-workers, a little rowdiness seemed to develop and within moments, some food had been spilled on Susan’s dress. Susan showed her anger toward the perpetrator, and sat for a moment, gathering her wits.

Seeing a moment of opportunity, she feigned being overly upset over the ordeal, and asked Mike to take her back to the hotel. Mike readily agreed and grabbed her coat, and off to the cab they went.

They talked about the incident in the cab, but they both had an idea of what the other was thinking at the time. Escorting Susan to her room, mike then offered his promise again of a massage. Readily accepting his offer, she lead the way to her room. Showing Mike the room, Susan slipped off her jacket, and picked up a bottle of wine, only to find it had been emptied. They relaxed for a few minutes, and Mike told her to prepare for her massage. Unsure of just how much of a massage Susan would want, he asked her to take off whatever akyurt escort she thought was appropriate. Taking off her blouse, then her slacks, she slipped under the covers of the bed, and handed Mike a bottle of lotion. His breath became a little more ragged as she lay on her stomach,her back exposed to him, and the covers up to her waist. Dripping the cold lotion onto her back, he watched as she would writhe upon the temperature change on her body. Eyes intently on her back and neck, he lay his hands where the lotion had dropped, and felt the smoothness spreading it out. Letting out a little moan, she shifted her head, as though she didn’t realize what she had spouted. Following the curve of her back and spreading his palms, he worked the lotion out more into her back. He caught a grin from the corner of her mouth,as she lay her head on the pillow. Massaging up her spine, to her neck, he could feel her skin getting warmer, and himself getting warmer, but not from the heat she was generating. Manipulating her neck, his arms stretched over her body, and she could feel his presence on top of him. Muscles, shortening and lengthening, being pulled and stretched, was what she could feel. But she also felt something else, something farther down her body. Not being able to tell if it was the wine, or if the muscles had a direct connection to the senses in her groin, she stayed still, and enjoyed it.

Most of her upper back was massaged now, and hesaid it was time to do her legs. Pulling the covers down to her toes, she revealed her matching panties to her bra. Unbeknownst to her, black was his favorite color, and stirred him even more. Starting at the calves, he worked his way to the back of the knee, and gently rubbed there. Writhing just alittle from the touch of his fingers against the back of her knee, Susan giggled a little, and gave a little glare to Mike, who promptly stopped. Kneading deep into her thighs, she started to moan, enjoying the deep muscle stimulation he was giving her. Slowing working his way up to her buttocks, he admiringly glanced at her legs, and thought what a beautiful body Susan had. He was really into it by the time he started massaging her ass. Not ayaş escort sure of how far she wanted him to go, he slipped his fingers under the material of her panties, and began massaging her cheeks. Feeling this flesh under his fingers, was quite a task for Mike to keep himself composed, and he couldn’t help himself, when he spread her legs a little to the inside thighs “a little better”. Almost at the point of doing something that would most assuredly be met with rejection, or a smack, he brought his fingers closer to her crotch region.

Spreading her legs open a little more, Susan let out a deep moan, which Mike knew could only be a signal to advance. Moving the material of the panty aside, Mike slowly rubbed his finger up and down theoutside lips of her pussy. Playing with her lips some more, he could feel them get hotter, and slowly slipped one finger in her lips. Feeling the smooth wetness of her inside, he began to advance. Quickly, Susan stopped him, and he thought he was done for the evening. Without a word, she pulled her pantiesdown and spread her legs even further on the bed. Mike could literally feel his cock bulge through his pants. Trying to keep himself in check, he adjusted himself as she lay face-down in the pillow. He brought his hands back to her ass, and while massaging one globe, he brought his finger to her lips again,and easily slid into her pussy. Searching, and finding her clit, he focused his ministrations on it. Gentle moans could be heard emanating from her throat. Almost forced by some unseen being, she crouched up to her knees and kept her head in the pillow. This gave much more access to her for Mike, as he now used two fingers on her lips. Watching her from behind, he could not help himself,when he brought his mouth to where his fingers were. Licking the inside of her thighs, as though licking the salt off a margarita glass, he could hear her moan louder. Not wanting the moment to end, he licked up to her lips, and savored her taste.

Making circles with his tongue around her lips, he finally parted her lips and inserted his tongue inside. Holding the pillow for all she was worth, Susan groaned into the material covering it. The effect ankara escort ofthe wine and the ministrations of Mike, had put Susan into a daze, and all she could do was enjoy. Finding her clit with his tongue, Mike began to play with it, pushing his tongue up against it, and then moving it side to side, and then up and down. Holding onto her ass, while feasting on such a gift she had given him, Mike truly thought he was in heaven, until he heard a muffled voice from the pillow say, “I want your cock inside me, now!”. That was all the encouragement he needed. With amazing speed, Mike pulled his belt off, unzipped his fly, and let his cock pop out from his briefs.

Mike came up behind Susan and gently nibbled on her ass and back, which he had so carefully massaged just earlier. He held onto her hips as he let the head of his cock find her pussy. At the moment the head of his cock touched her lips, he held onto her hips and entered her slowly,savoring every second. Staying inside her, up to the hilt, he gently nibbled onher shoulders, and brought his hand around her and up her stomach to her breasts. Cupping them gently, he found the nipple with his finger and thumb,and began to gently pinch them. Cooing with affirmation, Susan pulled away from mike, only to push back into his pelvis, there by impaling herself on his cock. Quickly she moved back and forth, filling herself with his cock. When she stopped, he grabbed hold of her hips again, and with frenzy speed, entered and withdrew from her pussy. Susan could feel his balls slap against the inside ofher thighs, and she loved it. Then mike did something she couldn’t believe, he brought his hand around to her lips and found her clit again, easily, and began rubbing it, while fucking her quickly. This was too much for her to take, andher orgasm came upon her. She let out a yell, but Mike didn’t stop, and in no time, she felt another orgasm upon her. Hearing Mike yell too, she knew he wascoming. He pulled her hips into himself, and she thought he had reached nirvana in her. She fell face forward into her pillow as Mike lay down beside her.

With as much strength as she could muster, she said “Thank you for the massage”. “Anytime”, he replied. She awoke, startled because she knew her roommate could enter anytime, only to find, Mike was gone,and her roommate asleep in her bed. Then she was afraid she had dreamed the whole episode. After trying to get out of bed, only to find every muscle in herbody was too relaxed, she knew………

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