Waking Ch. 03

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I watched him sleep again, my lips slightly trembling at the magnitude of the words I had just said to his sleeping form. I kissed his hair softly, the sweat of our recent sex clung to my lips. His head lay half cushioned against and half between the valley of my breasts and I felt his breath against my nipples and they puckered slightly in response. I stroked his hair absently as he slept. I couldn’t sleep.

Usually after the intense pleasure we always share, we both end up curled in each other and fall asleep together, but I couldn’t make myself close my eyes. I simply stared at him, taking in his lightly tousled darkish brown hair and the masculine arm that lay draped over my stomach. I traced his arm lightly with my fingertips, feeling the hair on it send soft tingles up my arm. I placed my palm over the back of his hand, it’s size fitting perfectly into his. I felt his chest move evenly with sleep against my side, his erection finally softening completely against my thigh. This close to me he felt so warm, warmer than anyone I’d ever felt before. Basking in this warmth, my eyes finally drifted closed…

In my dream the air was warm, almost exotic heat, and it never occurred to me to be embarrassed that I was walking through a park and that I was completely nude. There was no one else that I could see, but I felt eyes on me. I stopped walking to lean against an oak tree, the bark scratching softly against my bare flesh. I closed my eyes and let the air sink into my skin. I felt his arms around me before I saw him. He kissed me deeply and pressed his body into mine, digging the rough bark into me slightly. His hands were at my hips and I felt his hard erection slightly probing. I laughed softly and unlocked from his arms to slide around to the other side of the tree, he growled playfully and followed me.

He caught me in his arms mobilbahis güvenilir mi again and kissed me sensually, making me sigh and wrap my arms around his neck. His lips made their way down the side of my throat to tongue my collarbone softly. I squirmed slightly as I felt the gentle tingles working their way up my body. He kissed a line down to the valley between my breasts and then kissed the side of each one in turn. His large warm palms gripped each one of my soft globes of flesh and he rubbed against my nipples. My head leaned back and I whispered his name gently. He took one of my nipples into my mouth, sucking on it deeply. My hips involuntarily went forward and caught a feel of his hard cock against me. The small sensations of tongue and teeth against my nipple was heavenly and I told him so as I moaned to him. He groaned slightly in response.

I pushed him slightly away from me and he looked into me with slight questioning. I smiled sweetly at him and kissed his lips, my tongue searing into his. I then kissed my own line down the center of his chest, stopping only slightly to flick at his nipples with my tongue. My lips continued down until they reached his navel. I teased him and tongued it softly. My hand reached his erection first and I cradled it gently in my hands. I could hear him moan deeply from his throat, it made me smile. I kissed slowly down past his navel to the patch of skin right above his shaft. I palmed the head of cock slightly, pressing into it some. My tongue flicked against the base of him and his hips jerked forward, bringing his head against my palm harder. My fingers finally wrapped around his shaft and my tongue replaced where my palm had been. I was making the small happy noises in my throat that I always do when I get to love him in this way.

I placed his mushroom head mobilbahis into my mouth for what seemed to be the first time in a long eternity, and it slid wonderfully past my lips. I sucked it with the sides of my mouth and my tongue slipped over and under it in long sensual passes. His fingers gripped into my hair, keeping my mouth on him. My hand stroked his lovely member as my mouth sucked it. I used a grip that I knew would make him come soon and I felt wetness between my thighs at the thought. But he had other ideas as he gripped my arms and made me come up into his embrace. He kissed me deeply and wrapped my left leg around his waist. He entered me in one strong swift motion, my back digging into the tree. As I came I felt the small burnings of the bark…

I woke up lightly laughing at a new sensation, my “overgrown ball of fur” of a cat had slipped into bed and lay between my curled nude body and his. His hands stoked her fur and I looked up into his face. He appeared to have been awake for awhile – apparently he liked to watch me sleep as much as I liked to watch him. He moved my pet gently as he leaned over to lay slightly on top of me. Brushing some wild hair from my face he kissed me deeply. It was the kind of good morning kiss I always loved. It felt deeper than before and I cocked an eyebrow to look at him. He simply smiled softly and kissed me again, his tongue sliding gently against mine.

He framed my face in his hands as he moved me more underneath him. His lips kissed along my lower lip to trace the line of my jaw. He didn’t speak to me as he kissed down my neck sensually, making me sigh gently and I could feel soft tingles go through my spine. I felt his fingers spread my secret lips open and his thumb hit my nub, making me moan out deeper and shift slightly under him. I felt him smile against my skin as mobilbahis giriş his lips moved further down on me. He kissed each nipple sweetly before leaving my breasts completely. He kissed down my torso, a feeling I always love. He spread my thighs wider as he kneeled in between them.

His lips and tongue spent ample time on my thighs. He kissed his way around my skin, making me moan softly and shift more under him. His hands held at my hips as if begging me to stay still. The way his hands felt on me made my skin tingle, like the first time I touched him. My clit pulsed so hard it felt like it was going to burst. I moaned to him, but he wouldn’t touch it. He simply held my lips open to the air as he kissed my quivering thighs. I almost felt like I could come from just this, but I didn’t want to.

I held my hands in his hair and I moaned out to him in an almost soft whimper. He groaned softly and the intense feeling of his tongue on my lips brought a small quick orgasm. He touched me in a loving way as his lips and tongue danced along my clit. I could feel my juices flow onto his mouth and I heard him make a low groaning sound. I begged him with my hips to enter me. His mouth was soon on mine and I could taste myself in him.

He held my hips as he slid slowly into me, making my body arch in time with his entry. I moaned and writhed beneath him, loving the way he felt in me. He held my thighs in his hands as he began to push into me slowly but harder. I felt the ridge of his head sliding against my walls and it made them clench tighter to it. His lips crushed into mine as we kissed deeply. He raised my lower half slightly so he could drive deeper into me and the feeling of his head hitting the back of my walls made me come hard. I felt the slow rolling of juices going down my inner thighs. He gripped my flesh tighter as my coming set him off. I felt him explode in me and it filled me with a languid warmth.

We lay there breathing heavy and I thought I’d never felt more connected to one person. His fingers traced my face softly before his lips met mine again.

“I just wanted to say.. I love you too.”

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