Vegas Night Ch. 3

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I lay listening to Sandy’s breathing deepen, the only sound in the still of the night, and knew she was fast asleep within minutes of our snuggling down together. I lay awake for a while, resisting the temptation to sip my cock into her cunt, but finally dozed off.

Whatever I was dreaming was shattered by being awoken by Sandy pulling free of my arms and trying to get out of the bed. “Oh, sorry,” I mumbled through a haze of semi-consciousness as I released my grip on her but she held on to my hand and pulled.

“Come on sleepy head, time for fun!” Her voice mixed command and tease: a curious mixture of severity, tenderness and teasing.

I opened my eyes and drank in the beauty of her naked body bathed in the moonlight streaming through the window. “Hell, Sandy, I want to sleep,” I groaned.

She turned and knelt on the bed beside me, sitting back on her heels with her legs slightly splayed, ensuring that as I turned my head all I saw was the neatly trimmed, inch wide strip of short black curls curving back between her legs. “Sandy wants some fun,” she giggled, got up and yanked my arm as hard as she could. “And what Sandy wants, Sandy gets.”

By now, she had managed to drag me halfway out of the bed: I could either fall on the floor or stand on it. I chose the latter.

Sandy burst out laughing and looked down at my groin, “First time I’ve seen that normal size. Oh dear, no hard-on. Not to worry, we’ll soon cure that little problem. Come on.” She pulled across the room into the hallway and to the front door, which she set about unlocking.

Still somewhat heavy-eyed and drowsy, I mumbled, “What the hell are you doing, Sandy?”

Her voice could not disguise her excitement or delight. “There’s a lovely big pile of snow out in the yard, saw it earlier and thought about it then but now is much better — middle of the night, moonlight, romantic. I’m going to go and lay on it, stark naked as I am, and you’re going to get on top of me and fuck me stupid!”

“You’re crazy,” I protested. “I know most of the cabins are empty but there is one two or three away that’s occupied. Someone will see us. Apart from that it’s freezing out there!”

“Yeah, so?” she pouted quizzically. “If someone sees us, they’ve got choices. Call the cops. Watch and enjoy. Go and fuck whomever they’re with. If they’re not with anyone they can fuck, stay and watch and have a wank or go back to bed and have a wank. As for freezing, yes, but that adds to the fun! Don’t be such a bloody stick-in-the-mud!” Having opened the door, with that she yanked me out into the icy moonlight, let go of me, scampered over to the snow and pay down in it with her legs wide apart. “Come on, I’m waiting,” echoed back to me across the yard. I strolled over and lay on top of her. “No foreplay, just do the biz, get your cock inside me and fuck me please,” reverberated through chattering teeth, Sandy was already shivering violently. “Don’t worry about me coming, fuck me and shoot your load. And don’t think I’m being unromantic or whatever ‘cos my eyes are wide open, I want to look at the moon and starts while you do it.”

I mumbled, “Well, I hope Mr Bear doesn’t suddenly appear. If he does he’ll have enough food from us to last him a while!”

“He won’t, just get on with it,” she snapped.

It was soon over and somehow despite the cold I had managed to get a hard-on: after that coming inside Sandy’s cunt had been no problem. She pushed me off, leapt up and ran back to the cabin and I followed.

“Hmm,” she breathed, snorting clouds of white mist from her nostrils. “That was good! Hot shower to warm up I think,” and with that she darted off into the bathroom to be joined in the shower by me within seconds. “No fun, just a wash and warm up,” she growled curtly.

Back in bed, we snuggled up together again but Sandy was plainly restless. Her hand reached back and at first just gently held my rod but remained motionless. Minutes passed, by which time her simply holding me had produced a full-blown hard-on, before she whispered, “Hmm, Maxy, that’s what I’ve called him, likes me holding him, doesn’t he? He’s got all big, long and hard.” She rolled over onto her back and started easing her hand back and forth, gentle caresses, barely touching me but sensuous and arousing touches. “Would Maxy like to go up Sandy’s cunt again?” she whimpered. “Sandy would like him to, pleeeeze.” With that, she let go of my cock, slid her arm under me, pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her warm, dripping, awaiting pussy. She didn’t have to tell me to start fucking her!

The minutes passed and I was aware that she had reached under her pillow casino şirketleri for something. I didn’t have to wait long to discover what it was as I felt the distinct shape of texture of a dildo being pressed between my legs onto the root of my hard cock. She reached down with her other hand and the silence was broken by a slow buzz as I felt the gentle vibrations pass through the root, up my cock and into the depths of her cunt. Slowly the buzz became more frantic and the vibrations merged into one continuous, frenetic, shuddering.

“Oooh, that’s nice,” she whispered, “Sandy like that, she like it lots.” She turned off the vibrator and slid it back and forth, pushing gently against my arsehole but not hard enough for it to enter me. After a while of teasing, she giggled. “You dirty sod, you like that, don’t you?”

“Mmm,” I groaned. “Feels nice.”

“Well, you’re going to have to wait, that’s the next treat — me sticking a dildo up your arse while you fuck me. Then, as I’ve got two, there’s one for your arse and mine while you fuck me and one for your arse and my pussy while you fuck my arse! Got some treats in store, haven’t you, lucky boy!” Her tone changed. “I’m feeling whacked, Max, kiss me hard and fuck me even harder. If I just close my eyes, relax, think about you kissing and fucking me, I’ll come like an express train, I can feel it, and then I can go back to sleep a very happy girl.” She dropped the dildo, concentrated on the kissing and fucking and came seconds later, her hips bucking like crazy as they thrashed down onto the bed only to crash upward into my torso. A long, slow, satisfied sigh whistled past her teeth. She broke from our kiss, gave me a quick peck on the lips and grinned, “Now Sandy happy, sleepy, girl. Nite, Max.” With that, she pushed me off; turned on her side and thrust her arse against me and within seconds was dead to the world.

After breakfast, Sandy donned a short skirt, sneakers and her thick jacket for our drive down into the valley. By El Capitan, she ordered me to stop the car, said, “Stay there,” while she got out, walked a short distance from the car and just stood staring up at the vast grandeur of the rock towering above the valley floor. I heard a soft, “Wow!” pass her lips before she turned, got back in the car and said, “OK, you can drive on now.”

We carried on up the valley, passing a couple of small deer, happily grazing, en route and went into the store near Yosemite Falls. Her wonderment at the huge height of the Falls and little dots high up that were, in reality, hundred foot high trees was infectious: childish bewilderment and pleasure. After buying some provisions in the store we went back to the car to drive up to the Bridal Veil Falls. The car park was empty and its far end, nearest the Falls, gleaming with wet from the clouds of spray spewed out by the sheer violence of the falling torrents. It was not until we got out of the car that we heard the thunder of those millions of gallons of water tumbling from the cliff top above. Sandy jumped out of the car and stood staring at the silver-white torrent and clouds of mist surrounding it. As I got out, I saw her give a little shiver.

“Told you to wear jeans or something,” I teased. “Knew you’d get the shivers.”

“I’m OK,” she assured me. “As much wonder, fear of the power of all that water, amazement and all that as feeling cold.”

I couldn’t resist the inch or two of skirt peeking below her jacket, the long legs disappearing beneath it and knowing that just above the hem of the skirt was her arse, bare but for the thin cord of her G-string cutting between its cheeks. I unzipped my jeans and yanked out my cock. It was hard but then, when wasn’t it when Sandy was around? Walking up behind her, I lifted her skirt and slid my hard cock between her legs. She said nothing but reached under the skirt, pressed my cock hard against her pussy and gripped it with her thighs. Then she reached back to pull one of my arms tightly around her waist and the other so that it arched upwards and my hand rested on her breast.

“Just stay like that,” she whispered. “Hold me tight, cup my tit and let me feel your cock against my pussy.” Falling silent briefly, she murmured, “There is a God, He made this beautiful place, Yosemite, the peace, quietness, the majesty of El Capitan, the drama and violence of the Falls. This is the world He intended us all to live in. Why can’t the whole world be like this? Look at it! Tons and tons of water pouring down, the stuff of life, all life needs water.” She paused and her voice became softer and deeper. “Think of us. Your cock is hard against my pussy: they create casino firmalari life. If you came inside me, here and now, I could conceive, a new life could start. That would be truly beautiful, marvellous, a miracle. A new life beginning right here in the open in the midst of His creation.” She laughed. “OK, I know it would be a few hours before I really conceived and your sperm met my egg but it would have started here.” She shuddered and I felt a slight sob. I moved my hand from her breast up to her cheek and felt the wetness.

“You’re crying, Sandy,” I whispered as I kissed her hair. “Please don’t, there’s nothing to cry about.”

She disengaged my cock, turned to face me and threw her arms around me. “Until now you’ve thought of me as a sex-crazed tart, a whore, haven’t you? You don’t need to answer, I know you have. Well, I guess I am. I’m not ashamed of my body or anything about it. Didn’t bother me when I pissed in front of you and over you, wouldn’t bother me to shit while you watched — we all do that after all. And no, you’re OK, I was on just before we met so you won’t get asked to stick tampons up me and then take them out! Yes, I like sex and all that. I guess now you think I’m a whore and a silly, soppy, bitch who cries when she sees waterfalls. I do feel, Max, I have feelings. I get emotional. I will remember our time together in Vegas and here all my life but at the moment I think the one memory I will treasure most to the day I die is standing here just now, your arms around me, feeling wanted, loved even maybe, and yes, your cock hard against my pussy. It wasn’t, at least not for me, at all sexy, just very intimate, very close, very personal. Oh, hell, I’m going to cry!”

We stood, locked in each other’s arms, until Sandy snorted a final sniff and mumbled, “I’m OK now. Can we go back to the cabin? I’ll cook some lunch, take my mind off all this emotion.”

We walked back to the car, hand in hand, and drove in silence back to the cabin. I knew Sandy was lost in whatever train of thoughts our time at Bridal Veil had instigated and that it was best to leave her to them.

After lunch, we chilled out on the sofa, drinking wine, chatted idly and made plans for our next stop, San Francisco. Sandy being Sandy, it wasn’t long before her hands found their way into my jeans to free my cock. Having, without any difficulty, got it rock hard she just sat talking to me, playing with it but without attempting to arouse me. Not that I’m complaining! It was highly enjoyable — a warm, pleasurable feeling — but for her, for the moment, it was just something to hold, to toy with, to feel comfortable with and to feel somehow reassured by. Time passed and, Sandy being Sandy, she eventually let go and stood up.

“Come on, Maxy,” she beamed. “Bedroom. Now!” With that, she skipped off leaving me to follow and by the time I arrived, she was sprawled on the bed wearing only one of her glorious half-cup lace silk bras and one of her miniscule silk G-strings. I noticed that she was toying with the belts from the bathrobes and a couple of nylons. “Strip off, come here and lie down,” ushered from her lips, half-commanding, half-teasing and I obeyed.

Before I knew it, one wrist had been locked into a noose formed by one of the bathrobe belts, the other end of which was being secured to the bed head. “What the hell are you doing,” I yelled as she grabbed the other wrist, bound it and secured it to the opposite side of the bed head. She didn’t answer as she scrambled down to secure my feet to the foot of the bed with the nylons. I was spread-eagled, helpless, on the bed.

“It’s OK,” she grinned as she crawled up the bed, removing her bra and G-string en route, and sat astride my chest, letting me feel her hot, wet, pussy press into me. “I’m not going to hurt you and you’re not really tied very tightly or very securely. I just want you helpless while I kiss, lick and suck Maxy, drive him crazy, swallow gallons of your pre-cum and have you beg me to let you cum. Want to do it without your being able to kiss or touch me. Dunno, maybe it’s the Falls, maybe it’s ‘cos I am a stupid, sentimental, bitch — just want to give, give you pleasure, drive you crazy, make you cum like you never have before — get you to blast pints of cum down my throat and have you feel you’re never going to stop coming. Want you to remember this day forever. Is that OK with you?”

I looked up. Her face was calm, serene, with a casual, welcoming, smile and massive, black diluted pupils. She drew long, shallow, breaths and with each her breasts slowly rose and inched their way back to their resting position. Sandy may not have been güvenilir casino aware of it but I could feel her pelvis circling, crawling round almost imperceptibly. I exhaled long and hard and resigned myself to my fate, “I’m all yours,” I assured her.

Sandy moved back to lie between my legs and set to work on my cock with her lips, tongue and teeth — used to give a slight nip, sufficient to momentarily turn pleasure to pain and stop me coming. I closed my eyes and relaxed. She was doing exactly what she had said — driving me mad, bringing me to the point of coming but then making sure I didn’t. After a while, she stopped, turned and lay on top of me with her pussy pressed against my lips. “Kiss me there,” she whispered. I didn’t need asking or telling as my tongue eagerly searched out her clit, circled it, pushed it gently back and forth and from side to side. Inching back, I pushed it as far as I could into her cunt, wishing that like my cock it could grow and harden, become long and hard enough to reach into her inner depths. Her arse eased itself up and down, the pace increasing as my attentions to her cunt and clit made Sandy ever more excited. Just as I thought she was about to come, she pulled away, turned again and positioned herself to sit astride me, letting my cock slip into her cunt as she seated herself on my hips.

“OK,” whistled through her teeth as she exhaled slowly. “Let me do the work, you lie still.” Initially she just gyrated her hips, pulling my cock this way and that as they circled. Then she stopped and tightened her muscles in rapid, repeated, succession. Then she began to raise and lower herself, one second my cock was free, out in the cool air, the next it was buried deep in the warmth and wetness of her slippery cunt. Her pace became frantic and I opened my eyes to see her bouncing up and down, frenzied, her tits wobbling, throwing her head from side to side and her hair flying in all directions. Suddenly she stopped, sat still and just let me feel the slow, gentle, movement of her hips. Then I felt something press against my arsehole as she eased herself up and down, impaling herself on, and freeing herself from, my cock. She’d lubricated the dildo and gently eased it up my arse. The pressure made my cock feel twice as hard inside her. As Sandy gently rocked the dildo back and forth, she resumed the frenzied withdrawal and entry of my cock until at the point she plainly could not go any faster I felt the unmistakable vibration — she’d turned the dildo on. She collapsed down onto me, pressed her lips on mine, bit my lip and sucked at my tongue until I thought she’d rip it from my mouth. The pleasure and pain that bestowed was nothing compared to the heavenly delight of her pussy thumping up and down on my cock and the tremors from the dildo passing through my body and into hers. She was panting, gasping in volumes of air and spitting it out. I felt droplets of sweat falling from her brow as her whole body thrashed about, seemingly wanting to devour mine.

She pulled her head away and whispered, “Look at me.” Her face was covered in rivulets of silver sweat but it was her eyes — a look I can’t describe. Pupils dilated, huge pools of total blackness swollen into the tiny, bloodshot-free, whiteness through half-closed lids. A look of unabated pleasure, desire, abandonment, giving and pure, utter, sex. The pronounced Cupid’s Bow surmounted a massive pout, lips drawn into a kiss that would not meet my lips. They parted and I jumped as she screamed, “Oh my God,” hotly followed by, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ooohhh” as her body impaled itself with all the force she could muster on my cock. The last “Oh” hurt: as soon as she’d yelled “Oh my God” my self-control flew out the window as my hot cum pounded into her, a boxer’s blows — jab, jab, jab, jab.

She rolled off of me and reached up to untie my hands before clambering down to release my feet.

“You’re a bastard, Max,” she snarled.

It stung me. What had I done? I restrained myself and calmly asked, “Why, what have I done?”

Sandy turned to me and planted a short, gentle, kiss on my lips. “Given me the best cum I’ve ever had, that’s all. Thank you. Thing is you know I’ll be back for more.” She turned away and whispered, “Another reason for me never to forget Yosemite.”

I heard her sigh, her breathing deepen and knew Sandy had lapsed into blissful, happy and contented, sleep. I got up, walked round the bed and stood gazing down at her beautiful, naked, body and her face, peaceful and relaxed, lost in whatever she was dreaming. I guess I stood there for a long time before I covered her up, ambled back round the bed and clambered in. It was not long before I too was out for the count.

My last thoughts before I slept were: what else did she have in store for me in Yosemite and what surprises would she spring on me in San Francisco?

Ah, but they readers, are future stories!

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