Valley Girl

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“It’s definitely been too long lully,” I said, breathlessly, my breath taken away from the flurry of passionate kisses. I looked into the eyes of the girl before me. I had my back against the wall of the hotel corridor, with the girl pressed against me; I looked down into her gorgeous green eyes, hidden behind a pair of glasses. A smile spread across her pretty little face.

“I know cutie,” She giggled, quickly pressing her lips on my cheek, then kissing down to my neck, before pressing herself against me, “You’re so lush!” I planted a kiss on the top of her head and lead her towards our hotel room.

The girl I had held close to me was a welsh girl who I had met online and became very close to, although this weekend getaway to the city had been planned for a while, we both had waited impatiently to be able to meet and be in each other’s arms.

I watched carefully as the girl standing before me closed the door to our suite. I scanned her body with my eyes, starting from her legs, moving up to her sexy hips and the curves of her body, up to her beautiful facial features and her dyed red hair that hung down to her shoulders. I came up behind her, placing my hands carefully on her hips. I bent down, brushing her hair from one shoulder to the other and planted a long, deep kiss onto her neck, letting out a small moan from the warm feeling of her skin on my lips. My pleasure was accompanied by another moan she let pass her lips; I then moved my head up, creating a trail of soft kisses up the rest of her neck, along her jawline, and up to her ear. I let a long breath against her earlobe.

“Shall we move over to the bed gorgeous?” I whispered, emphasising the deepness in my voice, another moan passed her lips.

I moved backwards, taking one of her hands and lead her back as I sat down on the edge of bed. She took another step forward as she bent down, pushing me back onto the comfortable bed. Then she crawled up my body. I couldn’t help but let out a series of pleasurable moans güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as she kissed, sucked and bit my neck; sending jolts of pleasure throughout my body. My arms wrapped around her drawing her closer. Our eyes met as we began to kiss again, her tongue exploring my mouth, rubbing against mine as our kiss got deeper and more intense, and I closed my eyes, surrendering myself to her. Our kiss broke as she moved back a little, biting my lip; teasing me, I let out a small moan, followed by biting her lip in retaliation.

We tumbled across the bed as I flipped her over and delicately moved her towards the centre of the bed; making her she was resting her head on a pillow, only breaking our kisses if I needed to. I smiled at her as I moved down her body. When I got to her waist I lifted her shirt up slightly and trailed my tongue across her waist, from one hip to the other, the entire time I fumbled with her belt and jean buttons. I started to slide her jeans off, revealing her red underwear with white detail, I felt a slight smile spread across my face, her pretty underwear turned me on even more. I then quickly looked up at her face, to hear a cute giggle and see a pretty smile on her face.

However as she went to sit up, reaching out for my shirt I pushed her down, pressing my chest against her, pinning her arms down above her head.

“No, I want you to lay her,” I kissed her neck, ” and enjoy,” kissing her again, “it,” I smiled at her and moved down again, starting to kiss her thighs softly, as I moved near her underwear at the top of her leg, I quickly withdrew, sliding my tongue swiftly following the path on her thigh I had just kissed. I felt her body squirm, unable to contain herself from pulling my shirt off me, I enjoyed teasing her a little. I repeated the same pattern, on her other thigh, feeling her shake and moan slightly. As my tongue neared the top of her leg I planted a hard kiss on her, pressing through her underwear, I could güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri feel how wet she was, and it made me want her so much more, a louder, sexy moan passing her lips. I kissed her again and pulled off her underwear, casting it aside. Unable to contain myself I pressed my tongue against her soaking pussy, tasting her, feeling her heat. I loved it. I ran my tongue up, lightly brushing against her opening and pressing on her clit. The entire time she let out moans and groans, making me harder than I already was. I ran my tongue back and forth against her clit, getting faster and faster. Stopping to gently suck on her clit, then breaking the sucking motion as I ran my tongue up her, starting to suck again, repeating this motion as her got wetter, and louder, and closer. She tangled her fingers deep into my hair.

“Oh, God!”

Her body buckled, forcing my face deeper into her, as she came I felt her cum against my tongue, I couldn’t help but moan, enjoying her taste.

Feeling her orgasm caused me to lose it, I quickly moved up her body, pressing my lips against her neck, then biting her, sucking, letting my feral side take over. I ripped off her shirt, kissing down her chest, running my tongue back up, then kissing down again. She took my shirt off me and as our warm skin touched I felt my blood rush and let out a loud moan, I had waited so long for this, and I loved every second of it. We starting kissing again as she undone my jeans and I pushed them down, off my legs. I pressed my hips against hers, I could feel how warm she was through my boxers and I let out a moan. I started to grind my hips against her, rubbing her clit back and forth with my very hard cock. As she got closer and closer, I slowed down. With one hand I slid up her back and hooked her, red and white matching bra, the matching set looked so good on her. I pulled it off her, exposing her sexy breasts, I couldn’t help but bite my lip.

“I want you,” I whispered in her güvenilir bahis şirketleri ear. I heard her take in a long gasp, and moan a little.

“I want you too,”

I pressed my chest against hers, our hot skin touching. I rubbed my dick against her, back and forth over her clit, teasing her. I felt how wet and hot she was, slowly sliding in her. As I slipped in, she let out a massive moan. She felt tight around me, as I slid in slowly, trying not to cause her discomfort. We shared a flurry of kisses, some longer than others, but each one as passionate as the last.

I slid my entire length into her and I felt her hips buckled and thrash as she came, I could feel her juices run out, against me and down her thighs. The only thing that pasted her lips was the moaning of my name. I began to slide in and out, grinding my hips against hers, getting in deep. Being this close and giving myself to her is what I wanted, I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan right in her ear.

I got faster, and a little bit rougher, hearing her let out moans just as my hips collided with hers, now holding myself up with my arms. My eyes scanned the entirety of her body, staring in her beautiful eyes, down to her sexy chest, hips and stomach, to seeing my cock slide in and out of her. I got faster and faster as her moans got louder and louder, as she got closer and closer.

“Oh, Danny!,” She moaned at the top of her lungs, followed by a flow of more juices, this time I felt myself get closer, sliding in and out of her quicker than before, a series of loud moans escaped me, moaning her name.

“Cerys!” I managed to moan clearly, as my body jolted, a wave of pleasure washed over me as I moaned her name. I throbbed inside of her, and as I came inside her, filling her up, she pulled me down to her, our chests pressed against each other’s. Her nails dug into my back as she came for the third time, digging into my back, the pain creating a feeling of pleasure, as I shook, the sensation sending a shiver up my spine. I felt our juices flow out together, feeling warm against me.

I slowly pulled out and rolled over, pulling her onto her side, resting her head on my chest. I stayed like that as we drifted off to sleep together, all tangled up and in each other’s arms, her warm skin pressed against mine.

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