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Arriving home early I change out of my work clothes and throw on just a cotton sun dress. The hot day has me sticky but the hot night will make me sweaty so I’ll shower before bed. I start a light dinner with the hope I will see you tonight but I know work has been busy for you. Running water to fill the pot my mind drifts thinking about your strong shoulders and how your eyes see right into me. I’m startled back to the moment by the sound of a door opening. I put the pot down and walk into the living room. I see you coming up through the porch, your shoulders rounded, head down. I move to the doorway and you look up as put down your bag.

I smile and open my arms. Your tired eyes find mine and you move quickly into my arms. I wrap you up in mine and feel yours circle around my body. Holding tight, breathing each other in. You straighten up and find my lips, soft and gentle, teasing my mouth. You feel my want and the urgency canlı bahis of desire fills both of us. Your hands find my hem and quickly you pull my dress off over my head. My body bare, your eyes roam and own me. Your hands roughly explore my curves, stopping only to flick my hard nipples. You bring your lips to them and suck as my back arches. My breath escapes as you bite. Your hands follow down to the curves of my hips and you nudge me to my knees.

You sit down on the couch as I eagerly undo your belt and open your fly. You lift your hips as I take your pants off. Tracing your legs with my tongue, tasting the saltiness of your sweat. I softly kiss the inside of your legs as I return to your waiting shaft. Hard, smooth and in need. I breathe in your scent as my lips touch your tip, my tongue licking the drop that has appeared. I hear you moan as I part my lips over your head and slide down your shaft.

I taste the day on bahis siteleri you and suck hard. I want to swallow all of you and shift back to your root, gagging as your head hits my throat. You grab my hair and pull me up as I rim your head with my tongue. Watching you I see your need. You plunge me back down your shaft as my tongue swirls around. Licking, teasing over and over as you set the rhythm. Feeling your pleasure my pussy starts to pulse and my wetness runs.

Coming up on your shaft you let go of my hair and pull me up onto your lap. I adjust and straddle your legs as I take off your shirt. Your cock nestled against my pussy, my lips and tongue play with your nipples as I run my fingers over your chest. You find my hips and lift me onto your rigid cock. I moan as your head pushes past my soft nether lips into my wet entrance. I roll my hips as I slowly grab and squeeze your hardness till you bottom out deep in my pussy.

Slowly bahis şirketleri lifting you grab my breasts and knead as my hands hold your shoulders. Looking deeply at each other no words are necessary. I feel you relax as we fuck deep and hard. Your thumb finds my clit and slowly circles as I catch my breath from the new intensity. I lean in and our mouths hungrily meet, crushing our lips as our rhythm picks up. Breathing hard and fast my pussy is dripping onto you with the smell of our sex. I reach back to feel your balls, hard and tight. You pull me in again, my body on fire I let go, cumming hard and fast as my body shudders. I feel you tighten and hold then infinite warmth as you release deep inside my pussy.

Collapsing on each other I kiss you again still enjoying the feel of your throbbing cock inside of me. Lifting myself off I motion for you to lay prone on the couch. Straddling you again but this time my hands find your shoulders and I start to massage the rest of your stress away. I hear you breathing heavy and know you are sleeping. I slip off to pour us a couple of drinks while I prepare dinner and dream about dessert.

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