Two Dancers

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This is a fantasy that was shared with me by a friend from the woman’s view and then I wrote the following one from the man’s. She then suggested that this would be even better if I combined the two. So here are the two fantasies combined; one from Jes and the other from me. Hope you enjoy it.


We work together every day. Side by side, sharing in friendly banter and under the table comments about customers in our bad graces. Everyday seems so similar, yet something has changed. I have let my fantasies about you run wild to long. Maybe it is me that has changed. This unfulfilled desire beginning to bleed through, letting itself been seen.

You’re not really my type, and you are committed to your wife, with a little one on the way. But what if I’m not imagining it, and your simple gestures mean more. The look that we hold just a little to long, they way I catch you watching me sometimes, or how you have been asking for my help more and more. I shouldn’t but I might be wearing the necklace you said you liked more often, maybe a little more perfume and makeup too. I want to ask you so bad, just something innocent to see if you will respond, a touch here or a bump there.

Just the other day I found myself over filled with lust for you, stealing away to the backroom I cannot wait any longer. As I lean against the wall my panties down to my knees, soft moans as I caress my sex and urgently try to find my release. The waves start to wash over me, and your name escapes my lips but only for a moment. Then back to the game.

Day after day we repeat this dance, and I never knowing the song that we waltz too.

I don’t know if it was friendship, or a deep need to be around you that convinced me to invite you to the party. Of course she came as well. She is lovely… I know why you are so devoted. My husband acted the perfect host to you both, showing you around and introducing everyone. But it wasn’t long before you found your way near me, and we both indulged in the spirit of the evening, maybe too much. The entertainment of the evening was just beginning to pick up. Of course this is your first time at a sex toy bingo party, and the first time you have experienced me as the sex toy goddess, and not the bank teller you see everyday.

While our mates were off in the other room deeply engaged in some trade secrets of jewelry crafters, you ask if you could place an order, for her of course. I led you to my confidential ordering room, and as soon as the door began closing canlı bahis you had pressed me to the wall. I could feel your need racing through my blood. My breath was catching harder and harder as your hands greedily touched me. I felt your hands sliding up my skirt and you pressed yourself deeper into me. And as soon as it began it ended with the knocking; another guest needing to order, the party at full swing.

The rest of the night seemed a blur as we were kept away from each other by the ebb and flow of the party. And soon it was done, and goodbyes were exchanged. I had convinced myself that it was all a drunken blur, another fantasy where my imagination had diluted the truth.

And the day went on as if nothing had changed, my daydreams of stolen moments returning throughout the day… but never a sign.

Around closing time, I slipped off to the back room and locked the door. I was so wound up and unable to focus anymore I had to do something. I closed my eyes and leaned up against the bookshelf and letting my fingers trace down my inner leg finding my clit again. I was moaning and nearing climax when the hand went around my throat. Fear and climax was racing through my body as I forced down on my knees blocking any view of my attacker. I felt a harsh hand slapping my ass as the leather of a belt replaced the hand around my throat. A rasp voice threatened me not to scream.

My mind was whirling as the head of the cock forced its way into my throbbing pussy. Something between a moan and a cry escaped my lips, only to be followed with a swift slap, and the tightening of the belt again. My body was betraying me, climbing to orgasm as the mystery cock began pounding harder and harder. Again and Again I could feel you beginning to swell within me, your orgasm reaching its peak. I couldn’t withstand anymore as my orgasm overtook me, your thumb fucked my ass while your cock was exploding inside. And then you were gone. I gathered myself together, and as I walked past your station, we locked gazes again, and held just a little to long.


I see you everyday at work. We work side-by-side, always friendly innocent office talk. Sometimes sharing rumors, sometimes talking about our lives. One day like the next, but recently there is a different flavor to it. I have started to notice the way your hips sway when you walk, the smell of your body wash or perfume, and how hose brown eyes shine in the morning. Perhaps my fantasies are starting to get the better of me.

You’re bahis siteleri not typically my type. You are committed in your relationship, you are forward and some times even called insensitive by your coworkers, and you are friends with my wife. Everything about you warns me off. Then again, what if it is not just my imagination and your subtle gestures mean more. That look that we hold after the conversation. The way you bend forward and then look up to see if I saw the flash of cleavage. I make a comment about a nice necklace and see you wearing it more and more. I swear that there is something there when you get closer then you have to when trying to get by. You touch of my arm when I tell a joke. Just the other day the slip at my desk that had you sitting in my lap.

After that incident I had to adjust my pants and go for a walk to clam down. I swear I saw you coming out of that backroom while walking back to my desk with your face flushed and you adjusting your skirt. I go back there and could just make out the smell of sex over the other smells. I never saw anyone else leave, just you.

Day after day we keep up this dance. i don’t know just who is leading and who is following. I want to just come right out and say something, do something, but no let’s just wait and see. Perhaps I will see you enter that backroom again and confront you then.

My wife telling me that you invited us to a party surprised me. However, it was not just any party, it was an adult novelty party. My wife had told me that this was a side business of yours, but I never would have imagined you inviting us. My wife was a little shy about going and would only go if I did. I did not tell her that I would have gone even if she were not. As it was though it worked out perfectly.

I had never seen you outside of the office before. It was odd the way you would talk about these sex toys and outfits so casually. My wife and I drank the wine and surveyed the merchandise. The truth however was that my eyes could not stop lingering on you. Maybe it was the wine, or an intentional slip, but I know that you noticed my stares that night. Once you even threw me a wink. My wife went to go and look at some of the jewelry you had out and I walked over to you and asked if I could place an order for my wife.

You led me to an office looking room where you were taking orders. My heart was pounding. This was it. I had to have you now. You closed the door turned around and I backed you into the wall. My hands slipped under your bahis şirketleri skirt and kissed you hard on the mouth to silence your surprise. My hand pushed aside your panties and shoved my fingers deep into you. You did not push me away and your breath started to rise as my fingers probed you. But that was as far as I got before there was another nock on the door. I slipped out, backed away from you and left the room.

The rest of the night was just a blur. I was in a sexual buzz, yet we kept away from each other for the rest of the night. I did not dare to look you in the eye to confirm what I felt. All too soon the party was over. After I got home and my wife and I were having sex and all I could do was picture you instead of her. My wife noticed my extra level of excitement and thought that it was just the party that turned me on. In some ways she was right.

When work started again so did the dance. Nothing changed it seemed. You seemed just as friendly, just as talkative as always. Maybe there was a little extra staring in my direction, but nothing out of ordinary.

Then around closing time I rounded the corner and saw you slip away into the backroom.

Here was my chance. I got the key for the room from my desk, and carefully unlocked the door. Just opening it slightly confirmed what I suspected. There you were with your back to me leaning against the shelves, panties down at your feet, and your hand under your skirt. I snuck in, relocked the door and approached you from behind. You must have been getting close to your climax because you did not notice me at all as I loosened my belt.

I got up behind you and wrapped my hand around your throat forcing you to the ground. You fall to your knees still unable to see me and I tell you in a harsh tone not to scream. You feel my hand replaced around your throat by my belt as I slap your firm ass. I push down my pants and shove the head of my cock into your throbbing pussy. Something in between a cry and a moan escapes your lips. As soon as you do I tighten the belt and give you another slap as I shove the rest of myself into you. I hear your whimpers and your quickening of breath betraying your fear as I continue to pound into you faster and harder. You hear my quite gasping, as I get closer to my climax. I lick my finger and finger fucked your ass as I start to cum. I feel you mussels tighten and a long hiss escapes your lips as it looks like your climax hits as well.

Before you have a chance to recover I am gone. I get back to my station and sit down trying to look busy. I see you pass a few minutes later; we lock gazes again, and held it just a bit longer then normal.


Thanks again Jes!


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