Traveling Companions

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I thank CurvyAngel for editing and comments on an earlier draft. It is a better story. Any errors of course are the fault of Lit Demons who take my perfect stories and mess them up…(HA HA…no, their mine).


The chilling wind of late fall swirling the dead brown leaves around the parking lot fit John’s mood as he left the lawyers office. Signing the papers had been anticlimactic, compared to the events of the prior four months. The pain of coming home from work one night to find his wife in flagrante with another man, followed by the tortuous break up of their lives together had left him cold and dead, wanting nothing more than to crumble like a leaf blown by November winds.

He made his way to the airport, his business now the only thing he really lived for. The ringing cell phone brought him out of his dark mood and focused his mind, he wondered sometimes how he could switch so quickly to the gregarious and confident management consultant persona on which he had built a career.

Hitting the answer button on the steering wheel, “Hey this is John.”

“Are you OK?” The voice was that of Cathy. His remarkable best friend and confident through the last four months. He’d known Cathy since MBA days. They hadn’t dated, although there was a connection, it wasn’t that kind. They’d become friends though, the kind of friends that are middle of the night propositions. On that horrible night, when his wife engineered the vulgar show she subjected him to, he had called Cathy. She had sat up with him all night long. Literally holding his hand. Her and her husband Matt had taken him in for a while. It still brought tears to his eyes that he had such friendship and love in his life.

“Yeah, I am. It was…easy.” John sighed. It had been so easy to just sign the papers.

“Where are you?” She pressed, she was something of a mother hen, even though he had long since moved out of their basement.

“Headed to the airport, I’ve got a meeting with a potential client in buttfuck Iowa, tomorrow. I’m going to check into a hotel and then try every scotch in the bar. Given the size of the town, that won’t be enough.” He laughed, but the gallows humor didn’t fool either him or her.

“Drinking is good. Maybe fucking would be better? Maybe see if you can pick up some bar stool hottie for a quickie?” She wasn’t really kidding. John heard Matt in the background yelling, “that’s not what he needs.”

“Matt says ” she started.

“Yeah,” he chuckled, interrupting, “I heard. Matt’s probably right. I don’t know. I’ve got meetings first thing in the morning, I’ll probably have my usual one and turn in early. Maybe surf some porn and jack off.” Their friendship had somehow gotten to the point where there was no need for a filter.

“Call if you need me. Anytime. Really.” John acknowledged and they ended the phone call.

John made his way through Detroit Metro, and found the gate down in the C terminal where he was allowed to walk out onto the tarmac to board the dinky little Bombardier CRJ series for the nearly two hour flight to Cedar Rapids where he would rent a car for the drive to Waterloo. He sat down in his emergency row aisle seat, hoping that the plane wouldn’t be full and he’d get the row to himself. Although he wasn’t a particularly large guy, at 5’10” he was about “average,” even he felt pretty cramped in airline seating.

Of, course, no chance of that. A curvy brunette woman that he guessed, generously, was mid-forties, took the window seat. She was taller too, maybe 5’7″ or 8″. She was wearing a dark blue A-line skirt. Her crisp white blouse was decorated with a vertical ruffle and pleats but mostly covered by a blue cardigan sweater. She was cute though. She had full lips and a well-proportioned nose. Her dark eyebrows were well manicured but gave her a look of authority. Basically she had a girl next door who grew up face that was simultaneously unremarkable and attractive.

“Hi, I’m John, it looks like we’re travel companions.” He put on his best, gregarious nice guy persona as she settled into her seat.

“I’m Kristin” Her smile was electric and John felt it as much as he saw it, “or Dr. Kristin Sussman, if you’d rather be more formal.” Her voice was classic woman businessperson, not too high or squeaky, with just a touch of sultry. She had an air of confidence that was refreshing.

“Oh, what kind of medicine…” before he could finish her hand was up and she was interrupting.

“I’m not a physician, I’m a real doctor with a research Ph.D. I work on GMO foods at MSU.” Her almost arrogant attitude was both a little off putting and completely refreshing.

“Well, Dr. Sussman, it’s a pleasure to meet you. And I hope I’m not crowding you.” Part of him wanted to keep talking to her, but he didn’t want to presume.

“Oh, you should just call me Kris, since we’re travelling companions!” Her laugh both genuine and sweet. “John, what takes you to the middle of nowhere?”

“I do management consulting and I’m headed to Waterloo to meet with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a new client.” He had to be careful, clients didn’t like anyone knowing they had to hire a consultant.

She looked at him, her eyes narrowed just a little, “well it sounds like our paths are going to stay parallel all day, I’m headed to Waterloo too.”

They chatted, off and on, amiably through the flight. Kris was funny, self-confident even at times to arrogance, and extremely bright. She was fascinating to talk to, her work on the safety and long run impact of GMO seemed like a smart thing to be doing, especially given the controversy surrounding it.

“What are you doing for dinner in Waterloo?” Kris asked as they taxied to the gate at the end of the flight.

John was slightly taken aback, he was usually the one to take the lead on these kinds of things, “I figured I’d find a bar and grill and get a beer and burger. How about you?”

“You’re coming with me, there’s a nice little Italian place. Quiet and easy to talk, I think you need company, and I know I do.” Again, John was startled at her take charge attitude, so different than most women he knew, and so incredibly attractive.

“Well, OK, best offer I’ve had in a while!”

“I assume you’re at the Marriot? We’ll meet in the lobby about 7?”

They agreed and gathered their belongings, being sure not to leave anything in the seatback pocket, as they deplaned.

They kept running into each other, smiling and actually giggling a little, as they collected bags and claimed rental cars.

They met in the lobby at 7, “I’ll drive; I know where it is.” And he simply followed her to the car and off they went.

Throughout dinner Kris flirted with him. There was no mistaking it. He’d call it shameless, but she pulled it off with such dignity and confidence that he was smitten by the time dessert came.

As they walked out to the car, her hand slid into his almost as naturally as though they’d been doing this for years. He was pretty sure he hadn’t initiated it, but he certainly didn’t object. He found himself starting to get aroused actually. Glancing over at her, she looked at him too, a sly smile crossing her face.

As they got to the car, she turned and grabbed his tie pulling him toward her, where she kissed him, fully on the lips. It was strange, John thought, this seemed so natural. His arms slid around her waist as their kiss deepened. His arousal became a full on, hard-on. It had been a while, more than six months, since his last physical encounter with anyone but himself.

She broke the kiss and looked him in the eye, her hand still controlling him by the tie. “I think you need this as much as I do.” Her voice soft, sultry, and yet commanding. “And I think you can deal with a strong woman. Will you be mine for the night at least?” Her last question was more of an ultimatum than anything.

John nodded his assent, and they kissed again, deep passionate kissing, her hand pulling him against her as his held her waist.

Climbing into the car, John’s erection was apparent. Kris started the car. Then she turned, and reaching over the console, she grabbed his cock through his trousers. John moaned, “it’s been a while, and that feels pretty good, but..”

Kris cut him off, “Shhhhh, you’re mine tonight, don’t worry, I know what I want.”

“But, ” John was struggling as his arousal built; he was worried she’d make him cum right there in the car. Before he could complete his sentence she looked into his eyes. He knew right then, he should just relax.

“That’s it, just relax” Kris intoned, her hand squeezing him, “I like it, don’t worry, I know exactly what I want.” With that, she gave him one last squeeze and then put the car in gear and practically pealed out of the parking lot.

John was still sporting a major tent when they entered the hotel lobby a few minutes later. Kris had kissed him again in the parking lot and was leading him through the lobby by the hand. He was sure he was blushing but his heart was pounding with excitement as they reached the elevator. Kris pushed the “up” button and then turned toward him. Grabbing both his hands, she pulled him close again and her lips began a gentle teasing kiss. Their lips brushed together and her tongue darted against him ever so quickly and softly. Slowly their kiss deepened and they drew together, her fingers interlaced with his. John could feel himself building toward climax like a teen on his first make session, it had been far too many years since he had felt passion like this.

The elevator dinged and the door down the bank from where they were standing opened. Again, Kris simply led him toward it. This being led by a woman was exciting, puzzling and even slightly emasculating. He kept feeling like he should take charge. They entered the elevator alone and as the doors closed, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him. Her arms found his shoulders as he began to kiss her. Pressing their lips together, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his tongue darted into her mouth, teasing at her. He felt his body shudder as her fingers slid up his shoulder and into the hair at the nape of his neck.

She pulled his face harder against hers and her tongue invaded his mouth, swirling and tasting him. She pressed her body into him for just a moment, until the elevator came to a stop after the short ride to the third floor. Breaking the kiss, she looked into his eyes while the doors opened, “Follow me.”

Taking him by the hand they walked down the hall, John presumed, toward her room. Producing her key quickly, Kris guided him into the entry hall. The lights were off and as soon as the door closed the room was plunged into near darkness. Before he could react, Kris’s hands were caressing his cock through his pants and John gasped, “oh God.”

“I love how hard you get for me” Kris whispered in the darkness. Then John could feel her kneeling down in front of him.

“W…wait” he started to object as he felt her undoing his belt.

Pausing, Kris’s voice strong but he could hear her arousal, “I told you, I know what I want, relax and let me have you.”

Her words alone were arousing and John could feel himself throbbing as his trousers dropped down around his ankles revealing his blue plaid boxers. A second later his boxers joined the trousers and he waited in both excitement and fear. What if he couldn’t please her? What if he couldn’t perform? His mind raced in those seconds as he waited for her touch against his bare skin. And then her mouth closed around his cock as her hand grasped him at the base. John let out a long low grown at the first touch of a woman he had felt in far too many months.

Slowly her mouth slid down his shaft until he felt the head of his dick pressing against the back her throat. John felt his knees going soft and he slumped back against the wall. She paused, her mouth sucking slightly. And then her hand cupped his balls, and began to gently squeeze and caress. Slowly, her lips slid up his shaft, until only his sensitive head was left in her mouth. Her tongue swirled and teased for just a moment, then her head plunged down onto him. John exploded. He cock throbbing in her mouth as his hips bucked against her. He felt his cum pulsing from the base of his root, and he could hear himself moaning and gasping.

Kris’ mouth slid up the shaft as he came, until her lips ringed the shaft tightly, just below his head. She swallowed as his balls tensed in her hand. As his orgasm subsided, she sucked and licked all over the head. It was almost too much as he reached that ultra-sensitive post orgasm state. Just as John thought he could take no more, her mouth popped off the end of his cock and she stood, in one fluid motion. Grabbing his tie again, she began to kiss him. John could taste his cum as her tongue invaded his mouth. She moaned as she pressed against him, sandwiching him between her and the wall. John’s mind spun, even spent, he was aroused by her desire for him.

Breaking the kiss, Kris turned and began to drag him, by his tie, into the bedroom. The only illumination was a shaft streaming through the curtains from the city lights outside. As she reached the end of the bed, she turned back. John could see her bold beautiful smile as she looked at him, “now you’ll return the favor, but first, I want you naked, take it all off.” It was more of a command than a request.

In one part of John’s mind he thought it both fascinating and arousing that he was just following her lead and commands. He quickly removed his jacket and tie, tossing them over the chair in the corner of the room. He slid his shoes off, and then stepped out of his pants and added them to the chair. Removing his socks, he felt the roughness of the standard hotel carpet. He began to unbutton his shirt and felt a thrill of embarrassed excitement as Kris sat on the edge of the bed, watching him. Her legs were crossed, and she leaned back, her arms supporting herself behind her.

John’s hairy chest came into view as he removed the dress shirt and added it to the growing pile of his clothing on her chair. He stood, only in his boxers now. Kris’s smile was both alluring and almost antagonizing, as though she had plans for him regardless of his desire. With a nod of her head, John began to push the boxer’s down, revealing himself to her completely. When he tossed his last scrap of clothing to the side, he stood before her, completely naked and exposed. While part of him felt a certain apprehension, even fear, his cock began to fill again in anticipation.

“Turn around slowly.” Kris’s voice thick with her own arousal, yet somehow even more commanding than before. John’s brain puzzled at his desire to simply follow what she said. Usually he was a leader and took charge. Following Kris’s lead was somehow thrilling in a way he had never experienced. Slowly he turned around. He could hear Kris almost gasp as his broad güvenilir bahis şirketleri back came into her view. He continued to turn until he faced her again.

While his back had been turned, Kris had hiked her skirt and spread her legs to reveal her immaculately shaved pussy. A narrow landing strip pointed to her slightly swollen lips. “Do you want this?” Kris asked with a tone that made it clear what the right answer was.

“Oh, god yes” John gasped, wanting to take the two steps and stand between her legs, and yet being rooted into place as though only her commands could move him.

“Then kneel down and taste me” her words surprisingly soft and enticing for a command. Kris lay back, her head slightly supported by her arm behind it. Her legs spreading wider as she brought her now bare feet up to rest her heels on the edge of the mattress.

John moved quickly to his knees between her legs. His hands slid under her ass, as he brought his mouth to her waiting sex. His tongue just grazed the edge of her waiting lips, eliciting a slight gasp that he felt like a shiver through his body. Slowly his tongue began to slide up and down, each pass along the length of her slit delving slightly deeper. Careful to just barely tease at her clit, he let his lips suck gently near the back, along the thicker folds of her labia.

He took his time, exploring each and every fold of the soft pedals of her flower. His nose exalting in the musk of Kris’s growing arousal. Soon he could feel her juices dripping from his chin, his mouth now working faster and faster to excite and arouse. John began to focus his mouth on her clit. Sucking and swirling as he could hear her breath coming faster. Sliding a hand from her ass, he slid a finger into her wet hole. Turning his palm up, he began to tease at her thickening g-spot.

Kris exploded as John felt her hands come down and grasp the back of his head. Pushing his face harder against her clit, her hips fucked his mouth. “Fuck yes,” she growled as John’s mouth filled with her juices. John added a second finger to her tunnel, pumping them in and out in time with her bucking hips. Her growls turned to mewls and the pitch of her voice rose to almost a squeal as her legs closed onto his head and ears. In a second, she was scrambling, her legs spreading and her hands pulling his face away from her tenderness.

“Oh, god, you’re a good boy.” She purred as their eyes met when John broke his kiss and looked up across her torso. John wasn’t sure how he felt about being called a ‘good boy’ and yet it made him smile and feel both proud and satisfied. His cock throbbed at her words and he simply waited to see what she wanted next.

“Stand up” Kris purred her arms returning to prop her head up. John rose smoothly, standing at the edge of the bed. He imagined that his waist and groin were framed in her view by her thighs and knees as he watched her gaze focus upon his now rigid cock.

“You’re hard again.” She announced. “Come here.” She patted the bed next to her as she shifted up and over to make space for him. He crawled onto the bed and lay down, on his side, facing her.

Kris wrapped an arm around his waist, her hand grasping at his ass and pulling him against her. The crisp fabric of her blouse and skirt against his skin was a reminder that he alone was naked. Her lips pressed against his as they began to kiss. John put his hand under her skirt and slid up her thigh, cupping her ass as she held his.

They lay there, kissing, caressing, and just being with each other for what seemed to John to be forever and only a second. Kris broke the kiss and rolled him onto his back. In one swift move, she was straddling his hips, his cock nestled in the crack of her ass. Her skirt flowed over both of them as she settled on top of him, sitting up.

“Put your arms above your head for me” Kris said simply, with an air of expectation. “Just watch” she licked her lips and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. Her eyes looked straight into his, causing his heart to pound faster. His glance kept darting back and forth between the slow reveal of her white, lacy bra and the intense stare of her dark eyes. Her fingers worked slowly and deliberately, as each button fell to their deft movements, she let them dance briefly across the newly exposed skin. He watched as her cleavage, her bra, and eventually her stomach came into view.

When the shirt fell completely open, Kris’s fingers moved to John’s chest. Teasing and dancing, she began to swirl his graying curly hair. John moved to bring his hands to her body and was cut short by a curt, “no, just watch.” Kris’s fingers traced the sensitive edges of his nipples. No one had ever really played with his nipples and the sensations were strange, almost more ticklish than arousing. In response to her admonition, he just lay there and let his body enjoy the attention of this gorgeous woman.

Kris slowly shrugged out of the blouse, letting it fall down her arms. She quietly gathered it and slowly folded it. Watching her, seeing more skin become exposed, and the feeling of his cock, pressed into her ass, but with no other stimulation was surprisingly arousing. He wanted, desperately, to reach out and touch her, to grab her. His cock almost demanded that he fuck her. Yet John lay there, waiting for her to guide him.

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