Tom and the Dazzling Fiona Ch. 03

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He wanted them to marry but she was doubtful.

This story is entirely fictional.

Fiona Napier looked enquiringly at Tom Cassavettes as the car turned into the Docklands Airport. In reply he merely put a finger to his mouth which caused her to smile. This behaviour was all part of the suspense he liked to generate.

Against her will Fiona found herself beginning to enjoy these indulgences and after the obligatory customs check he walked her over to an unmarked helicopter amongst others in the holding area.

“Here we go, wet knickers once again.” Fiona thought as she climbed nervously into the cabin and was strapped in by Tom. But once they were airborne she relaxed and began to feel far more comfortable. “Maybe I could get to enjoy this sort of life?” She whispered her voice hidden by the noise.

As the destination approached they could see the roofs of newer buildings built at a discreet distance from an ancient Loire chateau. Between old and new were the tennis courts and stretching away into the distance was an eighteen hole golf course.

A buggy was waiting their arrival which then whisked the couple to reception where Fiona was awed at the fuss made of Tom and by association of her as well. It was always a shock to go from her life as a humble vicar’s daughter with a mundane job and enter his world of the super rich.

The young man carrying their bags flung open the door to their ‘royal suite’ explaining proudly in heavily accented English that it was the best accommodation available in the Health Centre.

Fiona as a matter of course immediately christened the facilities.

“That’s better Tom. I feel quite at home now,” she shouted as she wiped her perfumed mound, pulled up her panties, and flushed the toilet.

But within ten minutes a superior looking woman in a white coat was already bearing the young lady away to the health spa. Tom had winked at Fiona when the female turned away then whispered “It’s quite okay, I can wait until you get back.”

She giggled then leant close to reply.

“Don’t you dare start without me!”

He watched admiringly as she marched off behind the white coat in a parody of a soldier on the parade ground.

Tom spent what was left of the morning on the telephone to his PA before joining Fiona for lunch at the health bar where she regaled him with the minutiae of her first session.

He spotted the remnant of a mud pack on the lobe of one ear and reached across the table to tenderly remove it before asking, “what do you want to do now? You could have some more pampering?”

However it seemed that she could read his mind and said straight out, “we could just go back to our bedroom. I think that’s what we both want more than anything.”

They were in the lift when she turned to face him.

“Tom just listen and don’t interrupt otherwise I won’t manage to get out what needs saying.”

He nodded in acquiescence and she began.

“I feel no different about marriage than I did before but that doesn’t mean I don’t fancy having sex with you, so lets just enjoy this weekend and let the future take care of itself.”

She tucked her arm in his and then continued equally seriously.

“It’s been very difficult for me lately because I’ve really had the hots for you. Like I find myself looking at some sharply dressed bloke who’s taken me for an expensive meal and thinking you’re just a poseur. Compared with Tom you don’t even rate.”

She gripped his hand tightly as they emerged from the lift and turned down the corridor towards their suite.

“And I haven’t had a chance to tell you but my mother took me by surprise the other day.”

“Oh yes. How?”

This was the first time he had dared open his mouth since they had left the restaurant.

“She came into my bedroom when I was getting ready for bed and proceeded to give me a lecture on güvenilir bahis sex. I very nearly burst into laughter but restrained myself…”

His attention wandered as she then took his hand and put it inside her robe to cup an obviously needy breast. The nipple was already erect.

“…and she really knew her stuff because I’d forgotten that she used to be a nurse before they got married. It was quite embarrassing I can tell you, particularly at my age.”

He was reduced to laughter by the mock horrified expression on Fiona’s face.

“But I reckon she has sussed out our relationship so she followed up by taking me down to the local clinic on the following day where I was fitted with a cap.”

“How extraordinary.” Was Toms thoughtful reply as he was reluctantly forced to withdraw his hand to unlock their door. If she was set on trapping Tom then a pregnant daughter was desirable, so good for her.

“I know you always use a contraceptive but she wasn’t to know that.”

“But does she know that you have refused to marry me?”

“Oh no, I haven’t said anything. But there’s no doubt she would like a society wedding above anything.”

“Well she can have all that if you will only say yes.”

But Fiona made no reply, she never did when her mind was screwed up. However she gladly passed up an afternoon of spa treatment in favour of having sex with Tom, although at first she wanted no preliminaries.

“Don’t mess about Tom. Put it in now, I’m almost coming already.”

Four weeks of abstention from sex with Tom, followed by the intense massage that morning, had left Fiona about to pop.

Later she was more relaxed so Tom took her in a number of new positions proving himself to be a knowledgeable lover, something upon which she could not resist commenting.

“So now I’m getting the benefit of your wide sexual experience.”

He had the grace to blush but she wasn’t finished.

“That first time for me was an eye opener but at least you know that I’ve never been with anyone else. I mean I’m not denying that I fool around but I’d never gone the whole way with anyone before and since then only with you.”

When she eventually admitted that she was now thoroughly satisfied they went down to the swimming pool where Tom began swimming competitive lengths at full speed while Fiona clung to a ladder and floated dreamily on her back.

Tom was exulting in the sheer animal pleasure of the exercise but he was also mulling over everything she had said since lunch. He had no doubt that there was no other bloke in her life, at least no one she was serious about. But how to overcome her reservations about marrying him.

Perhaps if he didn’t push too hard then she might eventually overcome her opposition to his wealth and life style and in the meantime he could console himself with her obvious need for regular sex.

But quite how long he could wait for her attitude to change he had no idea, however when they left the pool complex and Tom saw the muscle bound lifeguard eying his Fiona up and down he found himself feeling a new and unlooked for sensation.

He was suddenly intensely jealous.

Tom was newly showered but struggling with his bow tie. He had still not mastered the precision needed to tie one properly and vowed in his frustration to get hold of a clip on bow for future use.

But with Fiona’s help he finally managed to make a reasonable job of it without using too many expletives and without ruining either the starched wing collar or his pristine dress shirt.

She had at first been very worried when he had informed her that they were dining with the owner of the health spa. Not only because of her perceived lack of sophistication but because she had packed nothing suitable to wear. However when he presented her with a gorgeous outfit and had complimented her on the whole getup Fiona türkçe bahis had relaxed to some extent.

In fact she looked sensational. Her flaxen hair was up revealing her fragile neck, her eyes sparkled from the afternoon of sex, but it was her breasts thrust high by a half cup bra which made Tom breath heavily.

As they left the room he patted her backside in appreciation but was forced to grab her elbow when one of her new four inch heels caught in a grating. With disaster then averted they made it to the lift.

But once there the earlier relaxation was transformed into something akin to dread when he told her that they would be eating in the Chateaux itself and that their hosts would be a Viscount and his wife.

“But I’ve no idea how do you address a Viscount or even his wife?”

Tom was taken aback for a moment but rallied.

“Viscountesse I reckon for her, but I expect they’ll be perfectly happy with Christian names.”

While they were being transported up the immaculately raked drive through an avenue of lime trees they kept getting fleeting glimpses of steep turrets and slate roofs. With night approaching the lights from the tall windows provided a warm and dreamy welcome which did nothing however to lessen her blue funk.

“Oh god I’m hating this.” Fiona gripped Tom’s arm painfully. “I think I might wet myself if I don’t get to a toilet soon.”

Their host was entertaining a small party of twelve guests and Tom was to be seated at dinner next to a screen actress. Fiona with her school girl French would be next to the Viscount who spoke excellent English. But when the young pair entered the salon for an aperitif they found the actress standing talking with the Viscountesse and moved over to join them.

Tom was immediately conscious of a strained atmosphere between the two women who both turned to welcome the couple obviously relieved at not having to continue the charade of making small talk.

“Simone Maudit, j’ai présente Fiona Napier et Thomas Cassavettes.”

The international fame of the French actress had not prepared Fiona for the force of her personality. From the moment the woman turned and gave them her full attention it was as if the room was filled with her presence. Fiona could see instantly why the cameras loved her so and in Simone’s presence, for all the brilliance of her jewels, the Viscountesse was reduced to a mere satellite.

However Simone soon drew Fiona away perhaps sensing her difficulty in this company and they were soon as thick as thieves and deep in conversation with the younger woman’s inability to speak French being no problem as the actress could speak many languages fluently.

Tom was left to the mercy of their hostess but his excellent French soon put the haughty woman at ease. As is often the case when strangers meet they cast about to discover common acquaintances and it soon became apparent that Tom’s aunt had recently been in Paris.

“We are speaking of Julia Montrose? Surely she is too young to be your aunt?”

“As my mother’s sister she is without doubt my aunt but I believe the late pregnancy was a great surprise to her parents.”

Julia had been on the catwalk’s modelling the spring collections for a number of major couture houses and a discussion of the current fashions then filled the time until dinner was served.

Tom knew from past experience that he needed to start slowly when eating out in France and Fiona was so nervous that she had quite lost her appetite so for very different reasons they both successfully paced their consumption of the fare on offer.

The diners were served an interminable number of courses and although each was of modest size they were also very rich so respect was needed.

His host’s wines were well chosen and knowing that Tom’s French was good the Viscount treated him to a running commentary down the length of the table güvenilir bahis siteleri on the provenance of each bottle served.

Tom soon gathered that most were from the man’s own vineyards but was able to pick out one red that he already knew very well. It came from an estate much farther South.

“I think that this may be one of my father’s wines.”

“Ah oui, bien sur, il est le vin de votre Père. Très distinguee.”

Tom had paused embarrassed to have so inadvertently drawn attention to himself but apart from Fiona the guests were all French and nobody around that table would have dreamt of apologising for owning such a prestigious premiere cru vineyard.

His education had effectively made French Tom’s second language which although not always grammatically correct was acceptable as conventional argot. So he was able to participate in the wide ranging dinner table conversation and found himself listening open mouthed to the film star’s salacious tales.

Simone had a throaty and infectious laugh which was clearly due to an addiction for the strong Gitane cigarettes, a packet of which lay open beside her plate. But she could tell a good story being particularly graphic about the various anatomical parts of her co-stars and directors. To her credit she also provided the occasional aside in English which was sufficient to keep Fiona within the party and laughing at the scurrilous tales.

“Thank god that’s over.”

Fiona reverently removed her new shoes and sat at the dressing table.

“But I did like Simone. I’ve seen most of her films you know.”

“Did you enjoy the dinner and the wine?”

“I was far too scared to appreciate any of it and you must have realised by now that I haven’t got a clue about wine.”

Her refreshing honesty and a refusal to pretend a sophistication that she didn’t possess charmed Tom, particularly as it was in direct contrast to the women he regularly came in contact with. And thank god she isn’t ashamed of having a good appetite, was Tom’s other thought although tonight was an understandable exception.

Normally Fiona ate and drank with a full on enjoyment which pleased him. In fact he was gradually developing an intense and increasingly badly concealed aversion to those women who would order a green salad and then spend the meal grazing from someone else’s plate. And, to make matters worse, while still banging on about being ‘not at all hungry’. What was all that about?

“Come and undo my zip.”

Tom cupped her breasts having helped in the disrobing but she batted his hands away.

“Patience Tom, the coffee is getting cold.”

He had ordered the night cap from room service but as they drank the tiny cups in companiable silence she began giggling about the life guard. Tom had earlier owned up to his spurt of jealousy.

“I quite fancied him.” She said archly. “And the bulge in his swimsuit.”

“Am I wearing you out?” Fiona asked at one point in the early hours and with genuine innocence. “Promise me you’ll say if I am? I know I’m being greedy.”

He kissed her for being silly enough to believe that he would ever admit to being worn out. He was kissing her still when a questing female hand found him up and ready for action once again.

This time he fucked Fiona as if his life depended on the performance, fucked her until she collapsed as if dead to the world so understandably after the many exertions of the day they both slept well.

But before she fell asleep Fiona left him with a thought that lingered on for months, at least in his fantasies.

“Did you realise that Simone swings both ways.”

“How on earth do you know?”

“Trust me Tom, I’ve been hit on by people of every sexual persuasion even some that you would never imagine.”

Fiona lay back in the soft leather seat as the limo took them to the railway station after their return to London. She clung to Tom during a final kiss before flouncing down the platform looking at her most alluring.

He was devastated when the svelte blonde head finally disappeared into a carriage.

END OF Ch. 03

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