To Do The Right Thing

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During my years at College I worked at night for my Uncle. His business was going well and he needed people to do some manual readings on gas charts. Five of us worked in the evenings and as there was no supervisor we had a pretty good time.

One night we took turns passing a “Mario Brothers” game around and trying to beat each others level. Every so often we would order a pizza, and on really special occasions we would head to the bar downstairs for a drink.

One of the people I worked with was a lovely girl with an outgoing personality. She was a smoker and because our building was smoke-free we would go into the emergency stairs and talk while she had a smoke. I was attracted to her, but she was with someone so I did not say anything.

“My boyfriend lost his job” she told me one night.

“That’s too bad, does he have any leads on a new one?” I asked.

“I don’t know, he just lost it and has not gone out for a couple of days”.

I wanted to tell her to leave the loser so I could try my luck, but I knew that was not what she wanted to hear.

“Finish up your smoke, I’m suffocating in here” I said.

She gave me a dirty look and crushed out the cigarette. “Happy?” she asked. I coughed a couple of times making sure she knew it was fake.

“Yeah right” she said. We laughed and walked back into the office.

A few days later she announced that her and her boyfriend had broken up. We all said we were sorry and I did my best not to seem too happy about it. I thought about her all night and I wondered if she would be interested in going for dinner. She was very different from the women I usually dated, but then there were similarities as well. My first few girlfriends had all been blonde while she was raven haired. She was of a mixed marriage with a Black Mother and a Father from the Philippines. Her skin was a coffee cream colour and she had almost oriental features in her face and slim body. But like all the others she had an attitude. She was strong, confident, and open to everything. She was a bit of a smartass and blushed at nothing. I have always been intrigued by strong women, especially those that are not afraid to do what makes them happy. A few days later we were talking about vacations we had taken and when I mentioned that I had been to Hawaii the year before she perked up.

“I have always wanted to go there” she said. “Did you take any pictures?”

“I have four rolls of 36 each if you want to see them” I offered.

“Which Islands did you visit?” another friend asked.

“I went to Oahu, Hawaii, and Maui” I answered. “Although my favorite was Hawaii”.

Just before quitting time I was in the kitchen when she walked in.

“I will canlı bahis şirketleri bring the pictures in tomorrow if you want” I said.

“Are you doing anything after work tonight?” she asked.

“No, just heading home” I said. It was a friday night and I had nothing planned except to sleep in a bit and work on a paper that was due soon.

“Can I come over and see them tonight?” she asked.

“Sure, you can follow me home if you like”.

We agreed and a bit later it was time to go. We rode down in the elevator together and when we got to the parking level she turned to me.

“What kind of car do you drive?” she asked.

“That white one parked right there” I said and pointed in out to her.

“That one is mine, now don’t lose me” she cautioned.

I smiled but did not say anything. On the way home we hit one set of lights wrong, but there happened to be a gas station on the corner so I turned in and waited for her. When the light turned green I pulled out onto the road again and she got back behind me as we continued. When we got to my house we went downstairs and sat on the sofa. I got the pictures and we spread them out on the coffee table.

“This is the observatory on Hawaii” I said and showed her the first picture. Her eyes lit up as she looked at the photos and she asked me questions about every one. Near the end a photo came up that she looked at and then laughed loudly. I looked at the picture, but I could not tell what she was laughing about, it was of a Duck and her four ducklings walking across the pathway at the Honolulu Zoo.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, “can’t a guy like cute little ducks too?” I said in a faked tone of hurt.

“Give me a break” she said. “You think I am falling for that?”.

Her smile was contagious and I smiled although I was confused by her comments. “See, I knew you were lying” she said. I could not help but smile and it only made her more convinced.

“Okay, pretend I am stupid and just tell me what you are talking about” I said.

She pointed to the corner of the photo and there was a woman bending over to tie her shoe. She was slim, and wearing tight shorts of a bright blue. When I saw what she was pointing at I laughed again and her eyes sparkled with “I knew it”.

“I honestly did not take the picture because of that” I said. She smiled and nodded her head, she was not going to argue the point but I could tell she did not believe me.

When we had started looking at the photos I had given her a glass of wine and seeing it now empty I asked if she wanted anything. She held up the empty wine glass and when I took it she said “Trying to get me drunk are you?”

I smiled back at her. After we finished canlı kaçak iddaa with the pictures we started talking. She looked at the TV stand and noticed that there were some movies there.

“Have anything good” she asked. I went over to the stand and began reading them out.

“”The Ref”, “Ever After”, “Star Wars Trilogy”, “Rio Bravo”, “The Rescuers”” I named them off.

“What about that one?” she said and pointed to one on a different shelf. I looked at her with a smile and feeling a bit red said “that is a porno”.

Her eyes lit up and she uttered something I never thought I would hear, “Can we watch it?” she cooed. “Sure” I said and put it into the machine.

The tape started and it was the usual four or five sex scenes with some small attempt at a story in between. Her mouth hung open as the first scene began and she laughed. “Pretty corny eh?” I said.

She then put her head in my lap and continued watching. After about a half hour I was getting pretty horny and having this beautiful woman resting her head on my lap didn’t help. I tried to start a conversation and after a couple of attempts I noticed she was sleeping. I thought about trying something and then thought better of it. I slipped out from under her head and she murmured but did not wake. I gave her a pillow and a blanket and went to bed shaking my head at the situation.

It took me some time to get to sleep after what had happened that night. About 4 in the morning I felt something gently shaking me. My eyes opened and she was standing over me. “I am heading home” she said. I wanted to keep her from leaving, but instead I walked her to the door and went back to sleep. I got a call from my Uncle the next afternoon and he wanted me to come in for a couple of hours to finish up some last minute charts. When I got there that evening just three of us had come in. Myself, my raven haired beauty, and another friend I had known for years.

An hour in, the other friend got up and walked down the hall. I assumed she was heading to the washroom as it was down that way. The next thing I know “raven hair” was sitting on my lap rubbing herself against me. I was shocked and turned on and my head turned to look down the hallway.

“Its okay” she said and a smile played on her lips.

“Don’t tease me” I said. She looked into my eyes and said “Who’s teasing?”. My heart rose in my chest and something else began its assent as well.

“Is that for me?” she asked as she felt my cock rising in my pants. She ground her pussy against the bulge and I was in heaven. I picked her up and laid her on the floor. Her hands went out for my neck and pulled me to her. We kissed and our tongues met. I moved to her neck canlı kaçak bahis and she moaned as I sucked in her soft skin. My hands went for her shirt and I began undoing the buttons. Her bra looked sparkling white against the coffee colour of her skin. I undid the bra and my hand encircled her breast. She was not big, but she was firm and warm. Her nipple began hardening and I looked at her. “That for me?” I asked with a smile.

She smiled back and playfully slapped my shoulder. My mouth went for her breast and I sucked the nipple in. I ran my tongue around the nipple and licked the end softly. She was moaning and her hand reached for my cock. My zipper was undone and a hand wrapped around my manhood, slowly rubbing up and down. She felt every part of it and the slowness was driving me crazy. I pulled it out of her hand as I moved my mouth off her tits and down her flat stomach. She began unbuttoning her shorts and had them down before I reached her pubic hair with my tongue. I ran my tongue up each thigh and stopped just before I got to her lips. She moaned and tried to force her pussy into my mouth. I managed to avoid it the first time and I smiled wickedly as I caught her eye. WIthout warning she pushed against me and my nose was jammed against her pubic bone. I pulled back in pain but her groan excited me and I rammed my tongue deep into her. She groaned again and began moving her hips grinding her pussy into me. I licked and sucked her lips and circled her clit.

“OHHHGODDDD” she moaned and a spasm racked her body. I moved away from her pussy and her fingers disappeared inside herself. She was pumping her fingers in and out and her face twisted in pleasure. With a growl she pushed me onto my back and skewered herself on me. My cock slipped deep into her and she held herself there for a minute. Then she started fucking me, hard and fast. Up and down she moved squeezing me with her muscles. I grabbed her ass and pushed deep inside. The spasms started again and I wrapped my arms around her waist. She feel onto my chest her breathing rapid and her pussy milking me. My hands found her ass and I pushed her down and rammed my cock up at the same time. She moved her hips with mine and we laid there enjoying each other.

“UUUHHHHH” I moaned and I felt my cock spurting deep inside her.

“OHHH YESSS” she said. I exploded again, my cum shooting into her. When the last shot was done she looked into my eyes and kissed me lovingly.

“What brought that on?” I asked.

“A reward” she said.

“A reward for what?” I asked.

“For not taking advantage of me last night, and for being a friend to me” she explained.

“Are we more then friends now?” I asked.

“I don’t know” she replied and then with a smile spreading across her lips she said “You haven’t even asked me to dinner yet”.

Please send me feedback on this story, it is my second and I am anxious to know how people are enjoying or not enjoying my writing.

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