Through the Window

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Edison had a problem—a very big problem that tormented him near-daily and it all spawned from the boy next door. That problem was that his neighbor’s window was directly across from his own and gave him a perfect view of his bed and his neighbor masturbated every day after school. Their houses sat close together, with only Edison’s small gravel driveway between them, which meant he had no problem looking through the window. He could sit at his desk and see when Harvey got home and flopped onto his bed, instantly joined by his cat as he relaxed after a long day.

He saw everything that happened in that room. Today was no different. The little red car pulled into the Fletchers’ driveway and shut off and out stepped Harvey. Despite being freshly eighteen, he was short, with big brown eyes and a thick head of brown curls. He was almost perfect. He bounced up the steps of his porch and disappeared inside.

Edison waited patiently until the bedroom door swung open. Instead of the usual sight of Harvey’s cat jumping up onto his bed, though, he saw him carefully close the door, presumably to keep her from sneaking in, and drop his bag on the floor. He wasted no time shedding his oversized sweatshirt, which he tossed onto his bed. He provided his usual show, though he probably didn’t know he had an audience.

The boy peeled off his shirt, then the flesh-colored binder he canlı bahis wore underneath it. As soon as the restrictive garment was removed, Edison was treated to the sight of his round, heavy breasts. He wanted so badly to touch Harvey’s chest. He could just imagine taking each tit in his hands, squeezing and kneading the plush flesh. Lips wrapped around his flushed little nipples, teasing them until he was gasping for more. Just thinking about it made his dick rise in his shorts.

Harvey wiggled down his skinny jeans, then his boxers, letting the fabric slide smoothly over his ass—yet another part of him Edison wanted to fondle. His neighbor pulled himself up onto his bed and grabbed his phone from somewhere off to the side. He sat with his back against the headboard, legs bent and parted just enough for Edison to see the thatch of brown curls between his thighs. As he scrolled through his phone, presumably looking for something to get off to, the hand not holding the phone slid down to toy with his soft, pink pussy.

Edison groaned as he watched him rub two fingers over his little clit. He gave in to his own needs and shoved a hand under his waistband to stroke himself. He started slow, just enough to take off the edge. Harvey’s masturbation was never just rubbing himself to completion.

Just as he was starting to wonder when he would get to the main event, the phone bahis siteleri was set next to him with the screen still open and he twisted his body to reach for his nightstand. Out came the lube and dildo he so often used. His hand sped up a little in excitement, aided by the precum that had begun to leak from his slit.

Harvey dipped the two fingers he’d been rubbing his clit with into his hole. His cunt accepted the digits hungrily. He thrust them into himself roughly, pushing as far as they could go and rocking on them each time. His other hand had picked up the phone again, watching the screen intently. Harvey looked so good like this, mouth parted and eyes half-lidded as he pleasured himself. Edison had to pull his hand out of his shorts to keep from cumming too soon. He pulled down the offending garment instead, letting his cock stand hard and flushed between his legs.

He had thought about it before, standing up at his desk and jacking off where Harvey could see him, could see his cock achingly hard for him. He wondered if Harvey would get off to it the same way Edison got off to him. He wondered if he might be invited over for more than just a show. The thought made his dick twitch hard and he sighed.

Harvey had poured lube into his hand when he refocused on him and was already slicking up his dildo. It was average size, maybe no bigger than his own cock. Edison bahis şirketleri watched him tease his cunt for a few moments, rubbing the head against his entrance until he grew impatient and pushed it all the way into himself. Harvey threw his head back and his lips parted to let out a noise Edison wished he could hear.

He set a fast pace as he thrust the toy in and out of himself. Edison could only imagine the wet noises his pussy would make as he fucked himself, his mind supplying samples from porn helpfully while he stroked himself to the sight of his neighbor. He saw Harvey’s toes curl in pleasure, watched as he arched his back. He had started fondling his tit with his other hand, phone forgotten on the bed. Edison sped up his hand, balls already drawn up close to his body as his orgasm approached. He stopped trying to hold back and braced himself against his desk as he jacked off.

What finally did him in was the sight of Harvey giving himself three hard thrusts before stilling his hand with the dildo shoved deep in his pussy. His thighs trembled visibly as he came on the fake cock. Edison muffled a grunt into his arm and spilled onto the wooden floor and his hand. He always came hard when he was watching Harvey get off.

Once he had come down from his orgasm, he reached for the roll of paper towels he kept by his desk. He wiped off his cum-covered fingers and was about to reach down and clean up the mess he had made on the floor when his phone beeped with a new message. He opened his phone and his heart skipped a beat as he read it.

Harvey: I saw you watching me 😉

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