Three A.M.

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The moon beat me inside, a softening haze through the front door, leading me home. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but one thing would truly assure me that I was safe. I’ve been nursing a raging erection for the better part of the day, rising and falling in quicker increments since I was stuffed in the center of row D of a transcontinental flight, reminding me of the pot of gold at the end of my traveled rainbow. I fought it during the bland imitation of cordon-bleu and a worse imitation of a modern cinematic comedy. It was a losing battle as the flight was stuck in a holding pattern for an additional hour, circling a city besieged by a downpour.

It didn’t help matters by fiddling with my phone to pass the time. The screen saver was of her, face frozen in a laugh, teeth so white they could have been photo shopped, framed by plump lips. We kept in touch for the last couple of months, but all the emails and texts couldn’t make up for one night of furious passion. She sent me a slew of pictures, my memory card packed full of pixed beauty. The first few were tame, shots of her in familiar places. Then, they got more risqué as the weeks passed. Just waking up, brushing her teeth, or making dinner segued into lying under a cover of bubbles in the tub, posing in newly purchased lingerie. The other shots I didn’t dare pull up. People have been detained by TSA for less.

I struggled with the recurring throb as I shuffled through the cattle call of customs, declaring nothing but the fact that I sought the dire relief of the moist cavern of lust that awaited me, nestled between thighs softer than the newest grass on the first of spring.

I used monosyllabic answers with the cab driver, biting my lip to keep from blurting out, “Drive faster, ass clown, before I bust a rope on your earlobe!”

He barely shifted into drive before I was flinging bags on the floor of the living room, followed by my clothes, a blur of wrinkled cotton and worn leather. The only person up to greet me was Morris the feline, staring at my actions with a sideways nod, before going back to calculated licks of his groin. If only I had that talent, I wouldn’t have been in such a rush, then again I made a promise.

No sexual release while apart. That meant no extra soaping up in the shower, morning wood rub outs, or finding a stray jet of water in the hotel jacuzzi. I even kept the hotel television tuned to CNN to avoid any temptation from the carefree European lifestyle. Now, I was a ancient levee, ready to crumble at the pounding waves of euphoria that crashed into my psyche.

The living room table canlı bahis şirketleri was scattered with blown out candles, a place setting for two, wavering scents of a once hot meal put up for the night. She wanted to welcome me home properly.

I left Morris behind to his own devices, making a beeline down the darkened hallway. The door to the bedroom was left ajar, a routine left mainly for the furry ball licker on top of the couch. My own breath quickens as I push on the knob, once again greeted by the mocking moonlight.

I could smell her, baby powder and lilac. I took a deep breath, taking it all in. She slept with her back to the door. The comforter long since cast aside, shoved away sometime during the night, a minuscule mountain terrain by her feet. She slept in the nude, as usual. A peaceful pose, hands cupped underneath her face. Her hair was braided into a neat que, trailing alongside her prone form.

I hooked my thumbs into my last barrier of cloth, sliding them down thighs as I stepped to the bed. For a brief second, I became enamored with another as the lone pillow beckoned me, sleep escaped me for the past 14 hours. It was only fleeting as she stirred, ankles rubbing together, an unsounded cricket calling for it’s mate. Sleep was once again an afterthought.

I crawled into bed, starting with her toes. Ten perfect soldiers, adoring red helmets, waiting for battle. I kissed her big toe first, watching it wiggle from contact. I didn’t dive bomb on them, just dropped little lip salutes upon each of their heads, moving upwards.

She hummed a muted approval as I moved upwards, tickling her calves with my beard stubble. I rose up to check on her, she was still slumbering, or a damn fine actress. I followed my path back to her calves, taking my time to savor what I’ve been missing. She tasted divine, a cornucopia of soft flesh, new growth of baby hair since her last shave. I took in every detail with renewed interest, storing them away in my mind. I listened to her deep breaths as she still slumbered, a barely audible wind.

I backtracked off the bed, walking around the mattress till I stood above her. I stared down at her as she slept. Her lips parted slightly, eyes closed but not shut, so I knew she wasn’t faking. My penis bobbed in the dark and I wrapped a hand around it to steady it. I felt my heart pulsing through it, anticipating what was to come. I couldn’t stop staring at her succulent lips , remembering how snug they could wrap around my fleshy pole when she was in the mood. I wondered her mood now as I crouched down and lightly touched her canlı kaçak iddaa bottom lip with my distended devotion . She twitched for a second, licking away the brief intrusion, tongue glistening in the dim, making me harder.

My heart beat faster, dizzying me for a second as I leaned closer, pressing the mushroomed head against her lips. For a second, nothing happened. Then she opened, allowing me to sink deeper inside her mouth. I gasped as I felt her subconsciously suction me in, her tongue coaxing me deeper. I resisted go any farther, cutting off her air supply or triggering a gag reflex.

My legs began to shake, partly from the awkward stance and the pleasure of her oral warmth. I pulled out with a subdued pop and stood back. She licked her lips again and swallowed the excess saliva but never opened her eyes. I moved back onto the bed, rubbing her juices all over my dick, to continue where I left off. I was planning to give her the best wake up call I could.

I started at the back of her knee, slowly moved north as the terrain widened into thigh. A couple of well-placed pecks and she rolled on her stomach, thighs opening slightly. I helped widen the gap with gentle kisses and soft manuevering with my hands. I paused to let my eyes adjust to the dark, focusing on her thick labia. It was closed, a natural slit begging to be opened. I moved closer, planning my erotic assault. I kissed the inside of her right thigh, then her left. As if a password was spoken, she opened up wider and rose her ass higher, giving me a view of the thatch of neatly trimmed pubes. I began with a kiss, but the dampening aroma of her love wouldn’t let me be passive anymore. I stuck my tongue directly inside.

If she was sleeping before, she was wakening now. An audible gasp rose from the head of the bed, a flood of wet joy engulfed my tongue. I licked with the broad strokes of an impressionist artist on a clean canvas. Her nectar flowed thick, untapped since I’ve been gone, the floodgates burst open into my mouth. I drank my fill, suckling at her fleshy cavern, the sexual oasis at the end of my drought.

She pushed back against my mouth, a hand moving back to grab at me. Rubbing the top of my head, she gripped at me, trying to pull me in deeper. I used my own hands to widen my access, pulling out of her now sopping hole and focusing on her engorged clit. It was a firm as a marble, protruding out from her hood. All it took was few licks until she shuddered with release, collapsing back on the bed in a prone form. I stopped snacking and painted a path of slobbering kisses, over the rounded canlı kaçak bahis contour of her supple ass, up the bumps of her spine until I was at the base of her neck.

I rolled to the side, planting firm pecks on her shoulder, feeling the increasing warmth of her body radiating against mine. My cock, since cooled off from my brief encounter with her mouth, bobbed like a divining rod in search of another warm spot to rest. Wrapping my arms around her, I slid one hand across her stomach, teasing the crater of her belly button. That was one of her sweet spots and she responded, pushing her ass back against me, bending her leg upward like a tent pole, placing her foot behind me. I palmed her knee, pressing closer to her until I could feel the cooling wetness of her vagina. I pushed forward, sliding throbbing phallus against her slick trough, back and forth, coating myself with her juices. She reached between her legs and with three fingers, guided me inside her. We groaned at the same time, the moment that hasn’t taken place in several months.

I pushed as far as I could go, savoring the heat of love, stalling for several moments before sliding out. She got wetter with each stroke, squeezing against me as I moved in and out, nothing but heavy breathing accompanied by the lovesome squish of well lubricated parts.

My balls felt so ladened from lack of use, I began add to the moisture, little dribbles as my own soldiers marched themselves out. She hummed approval, grabbing my hand and guiding it to her heavy breast, lust swollen nipple, begging to be pinched. I caught it between my thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling to her satisfaction. Another wave of orgasm hit her, further saturating the sheet beneath us. I began to chew on her earlobe and wrapped up tighter to stop myself from slipping out.

It became too much for me, my cock jerking with imminent release. She reached between her legs again, grabbing a handful of testes, caressing the throbbing sacs, goading me to finish. With a satisfying grunt, I began to flow in great spurts.

If there is a better theory for time and space continuum, I may have found it. It may has lasted no more than ten seconds, but went on forever. I filled her up to the point of overflowing, more mixture for the mattress. I held on to her until I was soft enough to fall out, the oversensitivity of my reccesion making me shudder, goosebumps sprouting up on my arms.

We laid like that for awhile, letting our breathing return to normal. She turned towards me, body still slick with perspiration and longingly kissed me. I returned the affection, pausing to lick the salty remains from her upper lip. I scooted backwards, pulling her with me until we were clear of our massive wet spot.

“Welcome home, babe,” she whispered, before snuggling her face into my neck and going back to sleep.

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