This ain’t 60 Minutes!

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I was having a lousy day at work, and the interview I was doing with Mayor Parsons wasn’t helping any. One more boring interview with one more public official, although Mayor Parsons did look a damn sight better than most of the people I dealt with as a news reporter for the local paper.

She wasn’t exactly a beauty, but she was a damn fine looking woman in her forties, with short hair and wide hips and a mouth that I had trouble ignoring when she talked. There had been a couple times in the past when I thought she had been coming on to me, but I had always been very careful and professional, and had never given her any reason to think I was acting improperly. But there had been more than one time I had jerked off while thinking about her, naked and squirming beneath me.

As the interview progressed, she crossed her legs several times, with her skirt hiking up just a bit each time. She had great legs, and I wasn’t having any trouble at all keeping my eyes off her mouth. As we continued talking about the town’s plans for a downtown revitalization project, things finally reached a point where she actually flashed me a little glimpse of her panties. I quickly looked away and saw her watching me as I was watching her.

Her office in the town hall is a small one with a storeroom connected to it, where the office supplies and other items are stored on shelves. A few minutes güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri after she flashed me, she asked if I would help her with something. Of course, I said yes, and she led me in to the store room. She pointed to a cardboard box up on the third shelf of a set of metal shelves and asked if I could get it down for her. I stepped close to the shelf and stretched up for the box, rising up on tiptoes.

That’s when she pressed in close behind me, grabbing my wrists and holding them together above my head, while her groin and hips pressed my ass into the shelves so I couldn’t move without actively pushing her away. Surprised as I was, that was the last thing on my mind.

She hissed in my ear, saying, “This should have happened long ago.” She reached around me with her right hand and grabbed my already swollen cock through my slacks. She grabbed it roughly and jacked it hard, all the while grinding her belly into my ass, keeping me pinned

She grabbed my zipper and pulled it down while telling me exactly what she had planned. She didn’t seem surprised to find my bare cock inside my pants. Maybe she could tell when she grabbed it that I go commando on the underwear. She shucked the skin up and down my shaft like she hadn’t touched a cock in weeks, and reached around to my nipples with her left hand.

She pinched them hard and twisted them güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri like a top. God, it felt so hot. I couldn’t believe she was attacking me like this, and with the town clerk just fifteen feet away at her desk. I finally reached around with my right hand and grabbed her ass cheek, pulling her even closer and kneading her ass with all my might.

Slapping my hand away, she made it clear she intended to remain in control. Spinning me by the hips, she kissed me with that mouth I had only dreamed of, running her tongue straight into my mouth and biting carefully but hard at my tongue. We kissed harshly for a couple of minutes, crushing each others lips and biting at each other. She continued to jack me the entire time, reaching down to roll my balls in her hand from time to time.

Suddenly, her mouth pulled away from mine and she dropped like an elevator into a squat that brought her mouth right to my cock, which she quickly sucked in. It literally took my breath way to feel her mouth on me, sliding up and down my cock while she clasped my thighs for balance.

I stared down into her eyes as she watched me while her mouth rose and fell in a twisting spiral up and down my cock. Her saliva ran from her mouth down onto my balls, and I began to stroke into her, feeding my cock to the back of her throat, before pulling almost all the güvenilir bahis şirketleri way out. She began to bob and dive onto my cock, meeting it more than halfway. My hands tangled in her hair and twisted her mouth from side to side. God, she had me so ready!

Seizing her by the hair, I pulled myself from her mouth and dragged her to her feet. This time, I spun her around and bent her over a desk stored in the room. Throwing her skirt over her waist, I took just a second to gaze at her ass, and her wide hips. Then, reaching up, I yanked her panties to her knees, and stepped in close behind her. Dropping my pants, I lined my swollen cock up with her glistening pussy and drove it up to the balls in one stroke. She groaned so hard I was sure that Paula, the clerk, stopped what she was doing to listen. I didn’t care. If she came in that store room, I’d fuck her too.

Putting both hands on her shoulders, I began to fuck the mayor deep and hard, throwing her as much cock as I had to offer, while she slammed her ass back to me, trying to get even more. There was no more foreplay, just raw fucking sex. I ran my hand around to her tits and squeezed them, using them to pull her back against me.

She threw her head from side to side and suddenly we were both coming, her pussy clamping down on me as my cock bobbed and twitched inside her. I fucked her right down across the desk, where I pinned her with my weight, until my softening cock fell out of her. Even then, I pressed against her, my cock lying in the crack of her ass, as I peeled sweaty curls of her hair from her neck, and blew softly on her skin to cool her.

When we finally got back to the interview, it went much better.

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