The Wolf Gatherer Chronicles Ch. 01

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“I Lyeo, Lion of the Bettus, Hispa Vuk, Wolf Gatherer of the children of men, stand before you naked in the light of purity and admit cruelty beyond the measure of the Gods. Fear Me for I bring only bitter tears and terror and in My passing consume the bounty of harvest and womb alike. Your children are My coin, your lands are My larder and all who dare to face Me are doomed.”

So repeats the speech that bloodies the ears of ally and foe alike. I have no mercy in My soul, the reaper took all care from Me with My fallen fortune and comrades. I am the last in the line of great wanderers and since the destruction the Khans great city I am but a plague left to feast upon the innocent. Time stopped when the tents of Bettia turned to flames in the eastern sky and the river Omeg ran red with Bernard blood. I have no home, no people and no pity. Feast upon each other humankind and dance only for My pleasure and caravans. Whether horses and hounds for the great Khan, eunuchs for the Drack Sultans, sickle warriors for Saltag Kings or painted harlots for the brothels of Dross, all are fair game for the Wolf to gather and gold to line My funeral mound.

Eight centuries and the world has barely changed, evil but becoming the currency of power instead of the affliction of madness. Yes I am a monster but one that serves a purpose. I am the buffer between the child molester and the innocent child, betwixt the rapist and the virgin’s purity. I supply chotgor his quota and kharankhui burkhan leaves the multitude in sweet ignorance of the horrors that might otherwise be. Life is good to Me and I am kind and generous to all beneath the fall of My whip. There is but one Wolf Gatherer and a universe of waiting sheep.

The stables smelt good. Lyeo took a deep breath and inhaled the aroma of horses and leather. All the stalls were empty, war had touched this place too long for any creature to be safe from the pot and He was saddened. Many times He had eaten stews and goulashes that were a mystery to Him but His men knew better than to dare to cook the flesh of a horse, even these centuries later the Khans laws still held sway over the outcast, even mortal flesh was far more acceptable than equine in a last resort. He lay upon the last vestiges of the hay, His great cloak wrapped around Him for warmth and comfort. The gnout He leaned against the wall close to hand, not that it was needed before daybreak but He felt the want of its company.

The woman and girl came quietly into the stable. They both wore traditional Bock dress, moukriyani, fine delicate materials totally unsuitable for the winter temperatures. The woman was probably thirty nine years old, the girl just nineteen and by similarities in hair color and features could be assumed mother and daughter. The girl looked steadily at the straw covered flagstones, but the mother, much braver and haughty, looked steadily at Him as He watched them approach. Looking behind them Wolf could see the shadow of His bodyguard one-eye hovering close, imagining himself out of sight, always ready, always on guard.

“Master of slaves, I have come to ask you a great favor. My daughter is unmarried and has never known a man. She will suffer rape and torture at the hands of the buyers who wait below. Please take her so she may now one night of love.”

Lyeo carefully scrutinized the woman as she spoke. Her dark brown eyes shone from below the traditional heavy eyebrows, her nose large but shapely overhanging a well-defined mouth, dark almost purple lips open to show white perfect teeth. The daughter was beautiful, but young. Thin, through careful eating and constant exercise her body had yet to reach the full roundness of the mother and had still the almost boyish stature of such Bock girls. The moukriyani she wore was sheerer than the mothers and had no customary pantaloons below. He could distinguish the slight mound of her sex showing through the fabric, shaved completely as was the custom.

“Lord, please. I do not wish her to be known by any of your followers, but if needs be güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri they have offered.”

Lyeos eyebrows met like black clouds before thunder. His voice spat out in annoyance.

“My men should be sleeping or on guard not offering favors to you or your daughter. You forget her value is far greater as a virgin.”

He made to rise but suddenly the daughter dropped to her hands and knees, her forehead hard upon the stone floor, her hands gripping the ankles of His boots.

“Mighty Lion, I am of little matter in this world and have no right to expect Your kindness but please forgive my mother for her impertinence. She has too much pride and little understanding of the precious value of Your time.”

Wolf growled to Himself. The girl was playing Him and He knew it, but His chest puffed a little as she massaged His ego and He Found her voice somewhat captivating.

“Master of slaves, I know I have no right to ever be considered worthy of such as You and am mortified that my mother acts so disrespectfully. Please punish me for her sins. I would not wish her to suffer at your hands because of her love for me.”

The girl had quietly managed to shift forward so her hands now rested upon His knees and He caught the smell of her deep in His nostrils. Glancing up at the mother He saw at once that this was arranged but He already felt a stirring in His body that would not halt till he had her.

“Lord, she is innocent in body but has all the knowledge necessary to be a perfect concubine.”

The mothers voice was filled with pride and time seemed to echo backwards to when droit de cuissage was the commonplace custom.

“As you wish.”

Wolf pushed back the saddle blanket He had hastily pulled over Himself for warmth and gently gestured the girl upright. The mother moving forward a little eased the flimsy fabric of the moukriyani up over the girls body revealing first her thighs and mound, then her almost perfectly flat stomach and finally two pert breasts centered by small puffed nipples. The girl smiled happily as her almond eyes met His and then ecstatically lowered her body against His reclining form.

The girls skin was so soft to His touch. His hands were hard and dry from days in the open, sheepskin gloves doing little good when temperatures averaged below minus ten. His finger tips were already cracked and bleeding round the nails; a condition He had inherited from generation upon generation of antecedents; another curse of the blood. Now the lotion applied to her body felt like precious oil, His hands absorbing the balm like blotting paper.

Her lips began to press against His lips. Not the open sexual kiss of a practiced lover but with a nervousness that at once was arousing and frustrating. Wolf allowed her timidity to reign, the night ahead would be long and there was no point in rushing this experience. Rather it was a time to be savored like the finest Tokay or the sweetest Lokum. Wolf allowed His hands to caress her back, feeling the strong muscles below the softness, admiring her conditioning. The small of her back curved gently till it wandered to become the valley between her hard buttocks. His fingers slid down that sensuous pathway till the tips found first the tight opening of her anal passage and then the back door to her sex. The opening to her womb was moist with anticipation and He felt the entrance gape a little in wantonness. Her breathe seemed to stop and then with a gasp sped like a fiery saltag mare wanting to reach her goal.

“Patience little one there is much time to enjoy.”

As if to answer her tongue snaked out to caress His lips, attempting to burrow like a snake into the heat of His mouth, her hands struggling to unfasten the silver buckle that held the heavy embossed leather belt around His waist.

“Master, Your sex, please.”

The girls voice was whispering, husky, filled with desires she understood but had yet to taste. She spoke in the simple tongue of the unclaimed, words strung together güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri without proper form or grace.

“Master, my body burns.”

The buckle at last gave to her fumbling fingers and quickly undoing the buttons holding the flap at the front of His doeskin pants she slid a hand inside to grasp His member.

“Master, very hot.”

The girl extricated herself from His grasp and turning positioned herself on all fours between His legs. Reaching backwards, pressing her forehead to the floor for balance, she spread her buttocks wide offering Him all she had to give.

“Master, make my hole yours, the path of boys.”

The path of boys. It sounded strange to hear this innocent talk so. The Drack had bought their taste for boys to this region and the women had soon recognized the way to entice them back to their arms. Offering the tight core of their being served them well for centuries, saving them from continuous slavery as breeders and allowing them to pleasure their men whenever they wished without unwanted consequence.

The girl had been shown how to push back against the sphincter controlling her bowel and was pursing it deliciously as she waited. Reaching forward Lyeo touched the deep red of the inner folds and the girl pushed back immediately swallowing the finger to the knuckle.

“Master, take my virgin ass. Make me your cocks slave.”

Kneeling behind her Lyeo aligned the engorged mushroom of his penis with the girls ass bud. He watched fascinated as she gaped the tightness with practiced ease, hours spent under her mothers tutor-age coming to fruition for His delight. The tip of His member touched her and she shuddered, liquid dribbling from her sex to pool beneath her on the stone floor; the smell of mixed urine and vaginal secretion rising to invade His senses.

Pushing forward He watched the helmet enter her, spreading her canal wide. The girl gasped a little and tried to impale herself deeper but His hands firm on her hips kept the penetration slow. She was tight and her muscles seemed to work on His shaft begging Him to completely take her. Still He held back, allowing only a minute additional penetration. The girls smell was now animalistic, she was on heat and all her real or pretend naivety had flown. Lyeo gripped her hips hard once and then released them; instantly she thrust back onto Him till totally impaled.

“Master, My Lion, impale me, stab me to the small death.”

Lyeo began to ride her, gentle at first but building momentum continuously. He felt her discharge hot and sticky on His testicles, transferred as they slapped against her open vulva lips at each stroke. The pitch of His movements began to change as He felt the rising seed invade the core of His member, then with a great flood precious jitsum flooded out to fill her bowel with heat and slickness.

“Master, Master, the Owner of my holes.”

Her words came between a mixture of fractured breaths and sobs of joy, as only comes from the little death. For His part Lyeo was lost, drowned by in a sea of ownership and majesty that comes to wash away the impurities of all other lesser existences. His great mane fell around His face, His eyes ablaze with such passion and frenzy that only came from the taking of human, whether soul or life.

Sinking back onto the straw He allowed His mind to stop and instead fed upon the manna His senses fed Him; taking huge gulps of life into His deepest being. Distractedly He watched as the mother, appearing from nowhere, deftly transferred the semen dribbling from her daughters still pulsing anus to the wet waiting opening of her sex. Wolf smiled and nodded acceptance of action; concubines had the right to the fluids they extracted and He had no wish to break such ancient traditions.

The girl turned to face Him and lowering her eyes waited. He nodded again and gratefully, respectfully she crept into His arms with the deepest of sighs.

“There is plenty of room mother.”

The woman smiled happily and without güvenilir bahis şirketleri a question lowered herself at Lyeo’s other side. He slept, without thought or concern. Tomorrow would be another day, perhaps a profitable one, for now He was content.

The feeling of wet and hot flesh pressed to His thigh bought Him back from slumber. The girl still lay close against His side, her head resting in the crook of His arm, sleeping deeply, contentedly. Raising His head enough to look down He saw the mother, the hems of her garment draw up under her armpits riding her thickly matted sex along His skin. Her head was turned upwards, a look of deep concentration upon her face, searching into her depths to retrieve the little death she sought. Gently He reached forward and pressed His thumb against her swollen clitoris where it jutted proudly from her hood. Her eyes opened and she looked half fearfully, half rapturously, into His burning black eyes. The tremors started in her stomach, visible ripples permeating her body, traveling downwards to invade her womb bringing her to instantaneous climax. Silently she screamed, once, twice, the hot liquid of her pleasure feeling like fire against His skin. A younger woman might have ceased, but this pleasure was of small measure to the one she searched for in her carnal crusade.

Her hand reached forward to grasp His member fast, taking the engorged appendage and pulling back the uncut skin to expose the dark red head below. Eyes glued to her prize she rode faster, the course hair of her crotch abrading Him like fine wire. Pumping His phallus her eyes filled with the wild desire for service, the need to be totally possessed by this thing that still bore the scent and lubricant of her own daughter’s maidenhead. It was then the girl awoke and taking the full measure of events quickly into her head enveloped His tip with her mouth and Lyeo ejaculated hard. Whether it was the woman’s look of animal lust, the tight clinging throat of the girl, or an erotic pottage of both He could not tell, but the seed poured hard and long from Him to choke the girl fiercely. Valiantly she swallowed and gagged, never for one moment did the muscles of her windpipe cease till He was drained utterly. Deep within Him escaped the banshees scream, that ungodly sound that comes only from those that reach the hidden depths of pleasure or horror few dare to face. The world seemed to freeze, for one moment time itself stopped and angels wept, then all three collapsed together in a twisted mass of exhausted flesh and bone.

“Master, the buyers are gathered.”

Lyeo brushed the daughters matted hair away from His face and made an attempt to focus. The stable was filled with the scent of the night’s fornication and it smelt strong.

“What time is it balcus?”

“Master, the sun has risen for two hours. The merchants are grumbling and getting restless.”

“Fuck the merchants, they make easy money off My pickings, let them wait. Post some men at the gateway, they will make any early exit too expensive for those cowards.”

Both mother and daughter had woken and were making to rise.

“Wait mother, you two have nowhere to rush too.”

“Master I must prepare my daughter for the sale. She will fetch you a pretty price if presented at her finest.”

“And you mother? What will you fetch?”

“Master, there will be some poor man amongst the buyers who needs a whore for his soldiers. I could do worse.”


Lyeo’s tone bought the eunuch scurrying.

“Master, a thousand pardons I thought you were done.”

“These two are not for sale today. Keep them at My horse rail. Oh, and balcus don’t think. You remember what happened the last time you thought and you have no more easy parts for clipping.”

The two women started to stutter thanks but Lyeo brushed their words away as if swatting unwelcome fruit flies in midsummer.

“You can stay till I get bored. Just till then no longer.”

“Master, we will do anything to amuse you, anything.”

Lyeo looked the mother hard in the eyes and saw the truth in her words.

“Well for pitys sake start by giving Me a good tongue bath and lets start with the sweaty parts.”

Mother and daughter bent their necks joyfully and Lyeo lay back and closed His eyes. Seems it would turn out to be an excellent day after all.

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