The Surprise Meeting

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I looked around the bar. It was a pretty simple joint compared to the ones I usually frequent. I felt a little out of place but I was pretty sure he’d be around soon. The waitress walked by and smiled, she wore tight little jeans and a cut off top. I had noticed this attire worn more and more frequently of late. I was starting to loose my nerve.

For one I had sworn I’d never meet someone I knew from online again, second he didn’t know I was coming. Hell neither did I until this morning. My meeting had brought me within hours of him, it went better than originally planned and I had time. I found myself driving farther north. I knew the town, and I knew it was Friday night and they all meet at a bar.

The town was small enough only two bars. I picked the working man’s bar. Gut choice. I was now questioning that choice all the way around. What if he didn’t like what he saw. The camera hides many flaws in dim lighting. I took another drink of my screwdriver nearly ready to turn around and take my silly ass home. I mean this was so stupid. I heard some men walk in the door and I turned my head. I saw him. My heart jumped out of my chest it was beating so rapidly.

He wasn’t alone there were other men with him. I had expected this as well. When the waitress walked over to check on me I motioned her closer. “The gentlemen over there, the one on the left, that is James right?”

“Yeah sweetie, in here pretty often, why?”

“Just making sure my eyes were working right, I haven’t seen him in awhile.” I lied.

She looked me up and down and smirked a bit. I thanked her as she walked off.

I finished what was left in my glass and wished I had another one.

This time I walked to the bar. The tender nodded.

“Two vodka shots please”

He smiled as he poured them. I downed one then the other. I didn’t want to be drunk I just needed more nerve than what I was mustering. I sat for a minute waiting for the initial dizzy rush to pass so I could walk without stumbling over my heels. “Jessie what possessed you to wear heels in the first place” I looked at my black halter dress and remembered exactly what possessed me to wear heels.

I love this dress it swirls about my hips as I turn, and makes my top look larger than normal. If I bend forward I know the person gets a nice show. With my pale white skin, and my long legs the heels let me reach nearly 5′ 10. I love being able to meet most men in the eye. In this dress I just look like I’m out to get fucked. After all that is what I’m looking for isn’t it.

I walked to the table and placed my hand on his shoulder he turned to me and my heart skipped a beat. “James, how nice to see you.” I smiled sweetly.

He was studying me. He recognized me but couldn’t figure out from where. I smiled at him and giggled.

“Do we know casino şirketleri each other?”

“Sorta” I slipped a piece of paper in his hand. It was a few lines of our last conversation.

He opened it and his eyes popped. He looked me up and down twice and back at the piece of paper. The he stood and pulled me to him. I giggled. We had been talking now for months.

When I pulled away he spun me around this time really looking at me. “Do I pass inspection?” I asked coyishly.

He nodded.

At that I leaned up and whispered in his ear, “So what happens when you add friction to fantasy?”

He moaned softly. Then almost disappointed me when he asked “What are you drinking”

“Vodka with or without the orange juice”

He smiled and motioned the waitress over. I was a little annoyed he’d taken presence over the situation. I liked having him off guard. He sat back down and instead of taking the chair next to him, I sat on his lap. This put my tits nearly even with his chin. I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs as his hands would become settled.

He started normal chit chat which nearly made me giggle. He knew what I wanted. I wanted him to finish what he had started. Twice during the coarse of conversation he stopped himself as he slid his hand higher up my thigh, that was twice I wanted to put his hands exactly where I wanted them.

My skin burned at the heat of his touch, The lack of it was more than I could handle. I leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Please baby, let me give you head on the way home.” I felt him awaken beneath me. He had once told me it was an instant hard on for him. I was so pleased to see he was right.

At that request he bid the other gentlemen at the table goodnight. I stood so he could, and he led me out of the bar. Once outside he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. His tongue parted my lips and explored my mouth. When he pulled away I sighed sinking my body against his.

“You really do want this don’t you?”

“Yes I want you, I’ve wanted you for months”

“What do you want me to do to you?”

“Everything we’ve talked about”

He chuckled. “We’ve talked about lots”

I smiled at him “Yes I know”

He lead me towards his car, and I stopped him, walking to my car I grabbled both my duffle and my garment bag. I locked it and followed him.

“Staying awhile?”

“You have me for one night maybe two.”

He unlocked the door and I slid in tossing my bags in the backseat. I slid over closer to him. He looked at me for a moment intently as he got in. I noticed how much darker his eyes looked than the camera allowed.

“This is for real?”

“Yes baby, it’s for real”

He sat down and he kept looking at me. I just smiled. He started the car and turned out on the street. I had made a casino firmalari promise in the bar I was bound and determined to keep. I pulled his t-shirt up and ran my tongue over his stomach, moving quickly down to the buttons on his jeans. Slowly I turned the material down exposing his cock, still stiff but not as hard as I felt earlier. I smiled at the nice 7 inches and slid my tongue over the head just to hear him groan.

“You’re teasing”



“Stop what?” I ran my tongue down the shaft again twirling it over the head as I swallowed the mushroom tip down. I pulled back letting the cock slide past my lips with a pop. “You want me to stop that? Really?” I just smiled up at him trying to focus on driving and me at the same time.

“Damn girl, you know what I mean.” His breathing was off, he was almost panting already. I flicked my tongue over the head and went back to work. I slid my hand under his cock, teasing his balls with my hands. I reached my other hand slowly into my purse so he wouldn’t notice and pulled out a freshbreath strip. I slid it into my mouth quickly then let the minty menthol take effect. I smiled when I heard him gasp. He wasn’t expecting it. I had let him get used to my mouth. I felt the chill run up his spine. I deep throated his wonderful cock all the way home.

He parked the car and I didn’t stop, I was bound and determined we were starting this party with him coming in my mouth. I wanted him to pump my mouth full. I shoved his jeans down over his hips. My attack changed my mouth attacking his balls. Sucking the fuzzy nuts one by one in my hot moist mouth. He was gasping and moaning. I was loving it. I felt his hands go to the back of my head pushing my lips down on his cock. I sucked him, licking his wonderful shaft. I could feel his pulse, as the head brushed the roof of my mouth and back to the recess of my throat. I swallowed him just for fun. Tightening the muscles of my throat around his harden cock. He groaned. His shaft shook and thickened.

My hands stroked his tightening balls as I milked his hardon. I increased my pace, letting my tongue have just enough time to play across the top, swirling it against the base as I nuzzled the fuzz at his groin. The head massaging the back of my throat before I came up for air. His hands were pushing me faster and I didn’t mind. I wanted him to show me what he wanted. He thickened more filling my cheeks. I was having a hard time getting him all down my throat. I felt his body shudder, I smiled around his cock. He spurted into the depths of my mouth. I swallowed. I heard him groan again. I kept licking him until I couldn’t taste the salt anymore. I enjoyed the smile on his face when I looked up meeting his eyes. To my surprise he pulled me up kissing me deeply.

“Are we ready to go güvenilir casino in?” I smiled at him.

“Yeah,” He answered

I grabbed my things. Once inside I asked where I could freshen up. He pointed me to the bathroom and I dropped the garment bag and carried the duffle. It only took me a few minutes to get my auburn hair teased to sexy, and put on the blue teddy and stockings for the occasion. I slipped my feet back into my four-inch heels to slim the line of my legs down. I walked out leaning against the doorframe until he turned to look at me. I knew I was playing sex goddess for him tonight. I knew I’d enjoy every second of it.


I quickly walked over wrapping my scantly clad body around him. Kissing him deeply playing with his tongue. To my amazement he reached down and swooped me up carrying me into his bedroom and tossing me a bit onto the bed.

I rolled over and watched intently as he undressed for me. Such a sexy man. His hand rubbed his five o’clock shadow. “Don’t even think about it,” I growled.

He grinned. “I’ll whisker burn you something horrid beautiful.”

“I’ll take the burn sexy, now come here.” Oh what a wonderful man, he was already hard again.

I was on my knees as he came towards the bed ready to take him in my mouth again. His hands moving to my shoulder pushed me to my back. His mouth quickly covering my pussy. I moaned loudly.

His fingers split the lips as his tongue flicked against my clit. He shoved two fingers in my already wet kitty and stroked it quickly. He nibbled and sucked my hips gyrated towards his tongue. The pleasure racing up my spine, I couldn’t control my body it came quickly. I was still trying to catch my breath when he topped me.

He shoved that wonderful cock in me so hard I thought I would come again. His mouth now teasing my sensitive neck.

“Mmmmm……so soft” He sucked on my skin sending chills back down my body.

I could feel his hard shaft in my tight pussy, he’d lean down and lick a nipple sending shocks of pleasure through my core. I moaned beneath his weight as he sped up his pace. He ground his groin into my pussy. He pulled out slightly teasing my g-spot with the head of his cock. I came again. My body sucked against his cock. I ran my nails down his back. He grinned at me as he slammed me into another orgasm right after. This time I squealed he seem to like that because he picked up-tempo more.

He pulled out of me and I whimpered. He moved me to my knees, lining his cock to my pussy he slowly entered me. I rocked back to meet him. He ran his hand down my spine resting it on my shoulder blade pulling me back into him as he took my body this way. He pushed himself deep inside of me. I felt him thicken again and his pace falter. I tightened the muscles around him again. This time he pulled me into him resting on his heels as he coated me in his hot fluid. Kissing the back of my neck he rolled me over on the bed.

I closed my eyes and snuggled back to him. Knowing I would wake him in a bit for another round or two before morning.

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