The Specimen

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James and Julie had been trying to have children for a long time, and she would miss her periods for a week or so, and everything would resume to normal. She had been tested by many doctors, and each came up with the same conclusion. They couldn’t find anything physically wrong with her. Her ob/gyn told her that James really needed to have his sperm tested, because that could be the only remaining problem.

Julie discussed this with James, and like most men, he refused to go to the doctor and have himself checked. “I can’t jack off into a cup” he told her. “Oh baby, just one time, and a lot of guys do it” she replied.

“I don’t care” he said, “I am not doing it”. Julie broke into tears, and he tried to comfort her. As he looked at his lovely wife there, crying he uttered “Ok, I will do it”.

“Oh thank you, honey” she replied. Julie wrapped her arms around her husband, and pressed her lips against his. They passionately kissed, and Julie called their family doctor. The doctor told them they had 2 choices. He could do the sample at his office and send it off, or they could go to a urologist, and probably get quicker results. The Doctor recommended a good urologist, and they called for an appointment. “Tomorrow at 2 ok with you?” the receptionist asked over the phone.

“Yes, that’s wonderful” Julie replied. “I can take off from work and go with you if you want” she said to her husband.

“No, I’m a big boy, go to work, I will be fine” he replied.

The next day a nervous James drove to the urologists office, and signed in. He sat in the waiting room, and looked around him. There were many men in there, and he wondered if all of them were there for the same reason. Finally they called James’s name, and a nurse took him into one of the examination rooms. They checked his vitals, and gave him a physical first. Finally this large breasted blonde nurse, who looked much more like a beach bunny, handed him a cup. “Follow me” she said. James followed her to another room. Inside the room was a large screen TV, with a VCR, and a stack of the latest issues of men’s magazines. He glanced through the titles: playboy, hustler, penthouse, swank, club. He was impressed at the trouble they go to, to help the man do his deed.

The nurse pressed play on the VCR, and it immediately showed a large breasted black woman sucking a white man’s hard cock. James felt his cock swell güvenilir bahis as he watched the video. He raised his thin gown upward, and began to stroke his cock. James watched the video and stroked himself furiously. He stroked and stroked, but for some reason couldn’t cum. Kind of like the stage fright one gets while taking a urinalysis test. 20 minutes or so later, there was a knock on the door, and James quickly covered his erect penis with the thin gown. The door opened, and the same blonde walked in. “Sir, are you finished yet?” she asked.

“Uh, no, I can’t uh, get off” he said.

“Oh, a little stage fright, don’t worry it happens a lot” she said.

He watched as the nurse slid on a pair of latex gloves, and removed a bottle of hand lotion from one of the drawers. She pushed James’s gown upward, revealing his semi erect cock. She unzipped her top, and pulled her large breasts from her bra. James looked at the huge milky white globes, and his cock began to swell. She squirted a generous amount of the lotion onto her latex gloved hand, and began sliding her hand across his thick swollen shaft. “Mmm, you have a really big gorgeous cock” she purred. James softly moaned as the nurse slid her hand more quickly up and down his thick shaft. She firmly gripped his swollen cockhead, and began to twirl it in her hand. As her hand twirled around his sensitive cockhead, he moaned louder. The nurse was pinching her nipples with her free hand.

She moaned, and continued to tell him how beautiful and large his hard cock was. James grunted, and began thrusting his hips against her well lubed hand. “oh yes, shoot that hot cum for me” she seductively moaned. James hadn’t been this turned on in a long time, and he grunted loudly, and she aimed the head of his cock into the cup and his hot cum erupted. She moaned and stroked him even faster, watching as the white sticky fluid squirted in massive amounts into the cup. She stroked his cock until the remaining droplets of his cum oozed from the tip. She then removed the gloves, and tossed them into the trash. James still lay there with his cock hard and throbbing, and she still had her large breasts exposed. “Mmm thank you so much” he whispered to her.

“It was my pleasure” she softly moaned.

“Sir, would you mind if I got myself off?” she asked. “I get pretty horny when I do this, and it makes for a rather long day, if I don’t türkçe bahis take care of myself” she explained.

“Oh by all means, go right ahead” James said. She quickly slid her skirt upward, and James looked at her luscious long legs, clad in the white nylons. She wore no panties beneath, and her golden blonde bush was fully exposed. James could see how wet she was, as he saw her pink swollen pussy lips glistening with her moisture. She sat on the couch next to James, and began rubbing her clit. James watched as her long red fingernails lightly rubbed up and down her wet pussy slit. He began to stroke his aching cock, while watching her finger disappear between the pretty pink pussy lips. She softly moaned, and began fucking herself rapidly. She was now thrusting 2 of her fingers deeply into her pussy, moaning loudly. Her other hand rubbed furiously on her swollen clit.

James watched as she threw her head back, her long blonde hair, lightly brushing against his cock. He continued to stroke himself as she climaxed. The nurse moaned loudly, and her hand was moving rapidly against her pussy. “oh yes, God yes” she moaned. James grunted and his cum erupted into his hand. She continued to finger fuck her self until she came again. James could smell her sweet pussy aroma in the air, and it kept him aroused. He continued to stroke his cock, long after his cum had erupted. As her second orgasm subsided, she began to calm down a bit. She removed her hands from her pussy ,and they were covered in her wet juicy pussy cum. She pressed her fingers against James’s mouth, and he licked her sweet pussy juices from them. She quickly kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for allowing her to “get off too”. He just moaned, as he watched the nurse straighten her skirt up, and she began to put her large breasts back into her bra.

Once she was totally ready, she started to leave, and quickly turned back around. James looked at her, with a puzzled look on his face. “Oh, I forgot the specimen,” she said. She grabbed the cup full of sperm, and left the room. James, began to dress, and was still very hot. He quickly drove home, and waited eagerly for his wife to return. He heard Julie’s car pull into the drive way, and he hid behind the door. As she walked in, he grabbed her and immediately led her to the couch. He pulled her skirt and panties downward, revealing her pretty shaved pussy. He thrust güvenilir bahis siteleri his tongue against her wet pussy, and began to slowly lick her.

“Mmm, baby,” she moaned, “what has you so worked up?” she added.

“Oh I am just pretty horny” he moaned. His tongue resumed working on Julie’s wet swollen clit, and she softly moaned as she began to cum. James had his eyes closed tightly and imagined this was the nurse’s pussy that he was eating.

Julie moaned loudly and her body quivered wildly as she came. “Oh God, yes baby” she yelled. James could feel her hot pussy juices as they gushed from her pretty pink lips. She thrust her hips, grinding her pussy against his face. She continued to rub her pussy against his tongue until her orgasm was over. She quickly slid James’s shorts and underwear downward revealing his long thick erect cock. “oh yes, I am gonna suck you dry” she purred. James moaned as his wife took his long thick cock deep into her mouth. Julie had always been an excellent cock sucker, and she quickly brought him to his climax with her talented tongue and mouth. James grunted and thrust his cock deeply into his wife’s throat. She hungrily swallowed the precious hot cum as it squirted wildly into her mouth. James moaned and continued to pump at her mouth.

Julie expertly sucked him until the last of his cum had flowed into her mouth. She then moved her mouth up his body, and pressed her lips over his. Their tongues passionately met in a wet kiss. James slid his hand inside of her blouse, and began pinching her erect nipples. Julie softly moaned, and she quickly climbed onto James’s lap. She straddled him, slowly lowering her wet pussy onto his thick cock. James softly moaned as he felt his cock enter his wife’s tight wet pussy. “oh yes” she moaned, grinding her pussy against his hard thick cock. James thrust upward, driving his cock deeply into her tight pussy. “Mmmm God yes” she moaned. He could feel her pussy as it tightened around his thick cock. Julie came furiously, grinding her pussy onto his cock. James grunted and shot his cum into her hot pussy. Julie grunted as she felt the thick liquid erupt into her pussy. She continued to ride him, milking his cock with her incredible pussy. Julie slowly slid from her husband, and kissed him passionately again. “mmm, maybe you should go to the urologist more often” she softly teased. “Mmm maybe I should” he replied. They both lay there on the living room carpet, softly caressing and kissing. The next day, the urologist called, and said that James’s specimen was fine. They don’t know what happened, but shortly thereafter, she became pregnant.

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