The Ski Weekend

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They certainly didn’t intend to have an affair. Neither of them was really looking for it. But they had always gotten along so well together that none of their friends, or even their spouses, should have been too surprised.

Both Gwen and Ross had been married for quite a while, just not too each other. Gwen had married Dave, her high school boyfriend, and Ross married Gwen’s college roommate and good friend Kate. After graduating, the two women had remained close over the years, and the couples went on “double dates” regularly. They occasionally took vacations together, and Gwen and Dave were always included in the annual ski trip at Ross and Kate’s cottage over Super Bowl weekend.

It was Gwen who first started joking about how the two couples had gotten crossed, noting that she and Ross drank vodka, loved chocolate, went to bed early and always got up before sunrise, while Kate and Dave both drank scotch, never touched dessert, preferred staying out partying late at night and getting up around noon.

Ross and Gwen shared other personality traits – both were analytical – he was an engineer and she was an accountant, and very introspective, bordering on introverted. On the other hand, Kate and Dave were more people-oriented, outgoing and effusive personalities in line with their occupations – a teacher and a salesman. The fact that Ross was married to Kate and Gwen was married to Dave seemed to be validation of the old adage: “opposites attract”.

But differences like these can cause friction in marriages over the years, and the four would all admit that they were not immune. Conflicts had never grown to the point where either couple had talked about divorce, but neither marriage was the fairy-tale relationship that they had hoped for.

Ross and Gwen could spend hours talking to each other about anything, to the point where Kate asked why he couldn’t carry on that level of communication with his own wife. Ross countered that when he Kate talked, they invariably were trying to solve a problem, usually between themselves, and the give and take involved in finding a solution agreeable to both spouses can be inherently difficult. On the other hand, when talking with Gwen, all he had to do was listen and offer some form of solace.

He didn’t think that there was any super emotional bond being developed between him and Gwen, but he had to admit to himself that he enjoyed talking to her. There was no down side. He also had to admit to himself that his marriage had probably gotten to the point that he avoided deep conversations with his own wife. He hated conflict, and that’s where most of their conversations seemed to end up.

The couples liked to go up north on Super Bowl weekend because nobody else did, most people preferring to stay home to watch the game. But from experience, the two couples knew that on Sunday, you could clean up the cabin, get in a good day of skiing and still be home before kickoff.

To call the place a “cabin” was really a misnomer – it was more like a very nice house on a beautiful lake in northern Michigan. It had four bedrooms, plus a guesthouse, a great room with a big stone fireplace and picture windows facing the lake, and a huge, rambling deck with a hot tub situated right off the master bedroom.

Kate and Ross had driven up a day early to get the driveway cleared, the house prepped and allow Ross an extra day of skiing at a resort nearby. By the time Gwen and Dave had arrived in the late afternoon, Kate was preparing a big lasagna dinner and Ross was just getting back from his day on the slopes.

At dinner, more than a couple bottles of wine were consumed, and afterwards, the couples retired to the great room for after-dinner drinks. The conversation and music were mellow, and even before 10pm, his day of skiing was catching up with him and Ross was yawning. After skiing, his standard routine called for getting in the hot tub just before bed. When he announced his plans, Gwen said she wasn’t long for the world either, but Dave and Kate were obviously ready to party on.

Ross went into the master bedroom, stripped off his clothes, wrapped a towel around his waist and went back to the kitchen to mix himself one last vodka and tonic, or as he put it: “hydration therapy for the hot tub.” Gwen walked into the kitchen and knowing full well that the answer was “no”, she asked him what if he had on his bathing suit under his towel.

As he walked away with his drink, Ross chuckled and said, “What do you think?”

She surprised him by saying “well, let’s find out”. Ripping his towel off of him, she playfully ran back into the great room, proudly waving her trophy.

Nudity never really bothered Ross, so he chased Gwen, being careful not to spill his drink. He caught her in front of the fireplace, grabbed his towel, and bent down, catching her at the waist and throwing her over his shoulder. She hung upside down, spanking him on his bare butt, laughing and saying, “put me down, put me down. Somebody help me! I’m being carried away by a naked man!” Kate dutifully recorded the moment, canlı bahis şirketleri taking a picture with her cell phone as Ross carried Gwen into the master bedroom before putting her down gently on his bed.

“Careful who you play with. I could let out the caveman in me and have my way with you, right here and now” he said. She lay back, propped up on her elbows, grinning mischievously at him. He noted how her eyes darted up and down his body, pausing just a bit while she looked at his penis. She continued to smile as he threw the towel his towel by the door and walked out to the hot tub.

She thought to herself “he’s got a real nice, tight ass.”

Gwen went back by the fire and said she was going in the hot tub too. Kate had no intention of going along; Dave thought about it, but it was too much work, it was too cold outside, and besides, he was enjoying the fire.

Gwen went up stairs and took off her clothes. She was more than a couple years over forty, and had two kids, but she still wore a two-piece bathing suit. She wrapped her towel around her body, went downstairs and mixed a vodka drink of her own, asked Kate and Dave if they were sure they didn’t want to join her and Ross, but she already knew the answer.

Kate noted the exposed straps of Gwen’s swim suit and called her a prude for wearing it into the hot tub Gwen shrugged her shoulders, accepting the description and headed into the master bedroom, out the sliding door and slipped into the hot tub.

Ross was surprised to see her join him, and being a gentleman, he got up a bit and helped her into the hot tub, trying vainly to keep the water level above his waist. Gwen noticed that it was dark enough that she couldn’t see any details. As she eased herself into the hot water, Ross expressed his disappointment that she was wearing her bathing suit. She laughed and said, “Nobody wants to see this old woman naked.”

Ross was quick to reply “Gwen, don’t take this the wrong way, but you have a great body, and you should show it off more. I mean, you’re the only woman our age that still has a two-piece bathing suit, much less look as good as you do in it. Plus, you’re not old. Heck, you’re younger than me, and I still think of myself as young. Or maybe I’m just immature.”

She replied, “How can I take that the wrong way? That’s very nice of you to say that, but I just don’t feel as comfortable being naked as you seem to be.”

Ross was surprised. “And why is that? Why wouldn’t you feel comfortable enough with your body to get naked in the hot tub? It certainly isn’t the harsh lighting out here – you can barely see anything anyway. Is it your own self-esteem? Are you afraid your spouse will disapprove? Or is it that you don’t feel comfortable enough around me to be naked? I hope you don’t think I’m being creepy, but it just surprises me at you don’t have more self-confidence in this area. You do know how good looking everybody thinks you are, don’t you?”

“Well, no, I never get told that, especially by Dave. He never mentions if he likes the outfit I’m wearing, he never notices when I get my hair cut, and I never get compliments from him if I lose any weight.”

Gwen and Ross were always open and frank with each other, and there were no subjects that were taboo between them, especially when they were alone together in the hot tub. She went on to rant about a number of things that were wrong in her marriage, and she finally got to the subject of sex. “We rarely have sex anymore, when we do, it’s wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, and he falls asleep. Let’s just say that it hasn’t been fulfilling for me in years. In fact, it really never has been. What the heck, as long as I’m laying it all out in the open, I can truthfully say that I don’t he even knows where my ‘magic button’ is.”

“Well,” Ross replied, “can’t you be responsible for your own orgasm? Can’t you roll your hips to position yourself so that you can get off too? I assume you can have an orgasm, right? There’s no physical limitation that’s preventing you from coming? Other than Dave’s ineptness?”

She quickly said, “it’s tough to do anything from underneath, and he steadfastly refuses to let me get on top. And yes, I can come. Sometimes after he’s fallen asleep, I take care of myself. But it would just be nice to have somebody that cared about my pleasure half as much as he does about his own.” She paused before asking, “so, do you always take care of Kate, or is this a typical male thing?”

“You can ask Kate, but she’ll tell you that I have long subscribed to the ‘ladies first’ theory of sex. I know I’ll always get my turn, and since I have to admit that duration isn’t my strong point, I’ve found ways to keep her happy. But that doesn’t seem to matter anymore; She’s just not interested in making love with me, no matter what the time or place. She even described it as just ‘one more chore’ she figures she has to do around the house, like washing windows or laundry. Jeez, is it that bad? Worst of all, when we ‘schedule’ a date in bed, she starts to pick little fights with me the whole day, canlı kaçak iddaa and we end up mad at each other and sex becomes the last thing either of us would want. I don’t think there’s another guy, but you never know.” Half jokingly, he added “heck, I’ve probably got a better chance of having sex with you this weekend than with her.”

They both fell silent for a minute, and Ross thought Gwen was adjusting her bathing suit. But suddenly, she held both pieces up in front of her, wadded them up together, and wringed the water out of them. She then turned, reached over the edge of the tub and put them on the deck behind her. Since his eyes had adjusted to the low light, her breasts were very visible to Ross and she took her time sitting back down. “Are you happy now?” she asked.

“Well, of course. But mostly because I know that I know you feel comfortable enough with me to be that open. Nudity doesn’t have to be sexual, but it can still be intimate in a way; it expresses a closeness that is above the normal level of most relationships.”

They continued to talk about a myriad of things, and like they always did, they found they agreed on most points and held the same outlook on every major issue in life. They knew each other well enough that they could finish each other’s sentences; they each knew how the other felt about almost any subject.

Finally, Gwen declared that it was time to go back inside, lest their spouses find them naked together. But their real fear should have been that their spouses would find them communicating like true lovers.

Gwen turned to retrieve her bathing suit, and reached over the edge of the tub, only to find that the wet suit had frozen to the deck. She stood half out of the water, trying to pull it free, but it was frozen solid. “Damn,” she exclaimed, “I don’t want to ruin that suit, but I really would feel more comfortable if I was wearing my suit when I walk past our spouses. What am I gonna do?”

Ross said he thought he had a solution, and told Gwen to watch from inside. Cautiously, she got up, climbed out of the tub and hustled into the master bedroom. Knowing full well he was watching her, she grabbed her towel, drying herself slowly. In the well-lit bedroom, she was aware that her naked body was very visible to Ross, and just for his viewing pleasure, she turned around several times, allowing him to look her over very closely. He certainly liked what he saw. Eventually, she held her towel modestly in front of her body, and looked back out the window to see how Ross was going to free her bathing suit. He splashed a little hot water from the tub, and both pieces easily came loose. She laughed at his simple solution and she poked her head outside and said “please bring it in here for me, won’t you?”

He climbed out of the tub, shook off some of the water from his body and walked leisurely inside, handing her the bathing suit. He stood there in front of her, naked but not ashamed. She let her towel fall to her side, and they looked each other over from head to toe. Ross leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back, but quickly backed away, saying, “they’re right there in the next room.” He persisted, pulling her close to him, their naked bodies touching, and he kissed her again, more passionately this time. She didn’t resist, and could soon feel his penis swelling against her stomach. She pressed her breasts into his chest and held him tightly, but only for a moment. She pushed away, looked at him and smiled appreciatively. Then she put her bathing suit quickly, wrapped her towel around her body and walked out the bedroom door.

He walked back out on the deck to put the hot tub cover back in place. He could feel himself shrinking in the cold air, but he was thrilled with how the evening had turned out.


As usual, Ross was the first one up and made a big pot of coffee. Gwen came downstairs shortly after, and pointed out that coffee was about the only thing they disagreed on – she liked what most would consider ‘normal strength’ while Ross liked it strong and thick. He poured her a cup, and added a little hot water from the tap and said, “Here, just the way you like it.”

Gwen asked him if he knew what time Dave and Kate had gone to bed, and Ross had no idea. “I slept like a rock” he said, “and I feel pretty good for it. Never heard Kate come in, but that’s not unusual.”

Gwen complained, “It was after 1am when Dave came into our room. To make matters worse, he snored the rest of the night, so neither of us will have our A-game going today.”

Kate got up an hour later, and since she didn’t ski anymore, she started laying out her plans for the day, which she assured would include a nice long nap. She promised to have dinner ready by the time the skiers got home and asked them to call her to see if anything was needed from the store.

After 9am, Dave had to be roused so the skiers could get going. He had a cup of coffee and spent the next half hour in the bathroom. Things weren’t much better on the slopes for Dave, and he went in early for lunch. canlı kaçak bahis Just after noon, Gwen and Ross found him sound asleep by the big fireplace in the lodge, and didn’t wake him. After lunch, Dave hadn’t moved, so Gwen and Ross went back out and skied together for almost two hours. Dave finally caught up with them around 3pm and claimed he had been trying to find them since noon. The additional sleep had done him good, and he had turned chipper and full of energy. Gwen rolled her eyes as he dominated the conversation their first chairlift ride together.

Super Bowl Saturday dinner was always pork tenderloin, and the only thing the men had to do was turn on the grill and stand around turning the meat once in a while. Meanwhile, the women worked away inside, preparing the other four courses, which required much more effort. In spite of the labor differential, Ross and Dave complained that they had to stay outside in the cold, while Kate and Gwen got to stay cozy and warm. Ross kept knocking on the window, indicating that he wanted the women to flash their breasts, but he was getting nowhere. Kate quietly said to Gwen “I’m tired of his constant obsession with anything to do with sex. God, I wish he’d leave me alone.”

Gwen said, “I’d appreciate some interest, heck, any interest from a man. I wish my husband looked at me with a little lust once in a while. He never looks at me, hasn’t in years.”

Kate countered, “You want some interest? Go ahead, show them your tits, and I assure you that they will be staring with all the lust you’ll ever want to see.” Just to make her point, Kate turned to the window and pulled up her shirt, letting her large breasts fall out from her bra. Sure enough, both guys cheered wildly. Kate continued, “c’mon Gwen, now it’s your turn.”

But Gwen hesitated, until she saw Ross silently mouth “please,” and she decided to go ahead with it. She smiled broadly as she pulled her shirt up, revealing her perfectly shaped breasts. Dave wasn’t even looking, but Ross sure was. He was smiling appreciatively and could be seen mouthing “thank you” as he stared at her body, much the same as he had done the night before. She realized she really liked his attention, and she felt sexy and beautiful, a feeling she hadn’t experienced in quite a while.

“You’re blushing,” Kate told her, “but I’m glad to see that you’re not as prudish as I thought you were. You need to lighten up sometimes.”

“So does Ross bother you about sex too much?” asked Gwen.

Kate quickly responded “oh God yes. Sometimes I just wish he’d have an affair so he’d leave me alone. I mean, he’s very good in bed, but I just have zero interest. I just look at it as one more household chore to be done as few times a year as possible and still get by.” Gwen chuckled to herself at hearing the exact same phrase that Ross had used the night before.

Dinner was once again exquisite, and everybody pitched in to help clean up. When the table was cleared, the dishwasher was loaded and the leftovers in the kitchen, the four friends debated what to do next. The Indian casino not too far away was the previously agreed after-dinner entertainment, but Ross declared he was too tired to go. “And besides, you all know that I hate gambling.”

Both Kate and Dave had gotten in pretty good naps, so despite staying up late the night before, they were ready to hit the long ball again tonight. They had their coats on and were ready for the forty-five minute drive each way. Gwen was ready to go with them, but she backed out at the last minute, saying she wanted to read her book, or otherwise just take it easy. Kate asked her “can I trust you at home alone with my husband?” Then she chortled to herself, not feeling threatened by her seemingly “prudish” friend. Besides, even in the unlikely event that Gwen did have sex with Ross, that might mean he’d leave her alone.

So Kate and Dave headed out to the casino, and Ross and Gwen went back in front of the fire. They sat on the sofa together and talked for a few minutes, until Ross stood up, offered her his hand and said, “let’s go in the hot tub. And no starting out in your bathing suit tonight.”

Gwen hesitated because she had inkling where this was all going to lead. Maybe it was the wine with dinner, or the vodka drinks she had already consumed, but she made the conscious decision that she was all in. She was going to go along with anything. She wasn’t going to make any moves, but she knew that she was going to do anything that Ross wanted. Anything.

She took his hand, and he led her into the master bedroom. After grabbing two towels, he unbuttoned her shirt, helped her remove it and then unsnapped her jeans, letting them fall to the floor. She stepped out of her discarded pants and stood there in her bra and panties, watching as he took off his t-shirt and pants, and then slid down his briefs. Finally, he pulled her close to his body, unsnapped her bra and slid it off her shoulders. As they kissed, she could once again feel his penis start to swell against her stomach. She stepped back and slid off her panties, and they were standing completely naked together. Ross whispered in her ear “they’re not in the next room tonight. I want you. I need you, and I’m going to have you tonight.” He led her to the bed and she lay down and surrendered completely.

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