The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 29

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***** Writer’s Note: From comments, and frustrations vented, I am pretty sure you’ve all been waiting not-so-patiently for this chapter. Enjoy!


A confusing and complicated week had flown by. Jack and Nikki’s father-daughter date night was finally upon them.

Filled with a sense of expectation and nervousness, the drive to Portland was tense for both of them. Sitting in the bucket-seat across from her father as he drove, Nikki was wearing her ‘little black dress’ and the slouch boots she’d chosen for the afternoon performance of Portland’s Taiko Drums. Her hair draped casually down over her shoulders; and, she’d become a blond again and her eyes were ‘Cool Hand Luke’ steely blue in the bright Oregon sun.

Occasionally glancing over at her, Jack smiled, Oh God, I’ve always loved how the color of your eyes shifts with the light. He liked having his blond-haired, blue-eyed daughter back; but, still, he was a bit disappointed she wasn’t wearing that sexy skin-tight white dress, she’d worn to his office. The one Jessica had helped her pick out.

Hoping that, maybe–just maybe–they might be able to talk over a few things on the drive up, Jack had purposefully put the hard-top and hard-doors on the Jeep, so it’d be sufficiently quiet enough for them to talk. They were just east of Sheridan, when she asked her first question.

“So, Daddy, did you enjoy watching Uncle Spencer fuck me?”

Needless to say, it obviously wasn’t going to be exactly the kind of chat he’d envisioned.

“Jesus, Nikki, what a question to ask your father!” I hope, young lady, you couldn’t tell how much!

“But you did, huh?” I know you did.

“You … umm …uh, like sucking cock?” You sure as hell looked like you liked to suck cock!

“God, Daddy, what a question to ask your daughter!” she mimicked his tone, perfectly. Smiling, she nodded. I’m really good at it. You may not remember that, of course.

“Well … hmm ….what do you like about sucking cock?” Jack’s voice cracked. So much for all my lawyer training.

She mulled it over for a few seconds and decided to answer his question honestly, “When I take a man’s cock in my mouth, I can feel him focus, pay attention to my every lick, kiss, suck, and flick of my tongue. I enjoy having a man’s full attention.” Have I got yours, yet?

“You learned all of that from Uncle Spencer?” Remind me to thank him.

Smiling, Nicole gazed out the window of the Jeep; yet, he heard her nonetheless, “But, my favorite thing,” she turned away for a moment, then looked back at Jack, her eyes locking his, “… is the taste of cum!” I wonder if every man, every single one, tastes totally different?

Jack’s mouth went so dry, he had to swallow just to have some spit. Cotton mouth!

“I’m confused. Why did you decide to bed Uncle Spencer? What about MacKenzie? I kind of thought—that afternoon at our house—when, you two said ‘You were hers’ meant that you and she … you know, I mean it seemed to me ….” Flailing, Jack desperately struggled to sort his muddled thoughts.

“Oh, that. It just sorta happened. Uncle Spencer thinks we tricked him; and, I guess we did—sorta. We thought he would take MacKenzie; but, I think she got scared or something. So, suddenly, he was in me. I think that was kinda Mac’s idea, all along. She gave him to me. I wanted my first time to be with you, but everything got crazy horny. And … you waited too long! I honestly didn’t think you’d ever decide what to do. I couldn’t just keep waiting forever.” FOREVER!

“Forever? It’s only been a couple of weeks or so since you asked me. That’s not forever.”

“It has been a month, Dad!”

“Has it really been that long? Jesus, I didn’t realize it was already a month. So much has been going on.” Christ, where is the summer going?

Nicole held him with her eyes. It made him feel like he was not spending enough time as a father. She repeated, “A month is a long time!”

“It’s not forever.”

“It is when you’re eighteen-years old. Sometimes, it feels like my whole life is moving in slow motion. Summer’s almost halfway over, Daddy. I’ve never even been on a date; I mean with a guy– a real date. I want to know what it’s like to be with a man, while I’m still young enough to enjoy it!”

Totally frustrated, Jack shook his head in wonder. Jesus! Have you completely forgotten what really happened? Just blotted it out? More importantly, how the hell can I make you understand?

“You know, just for the record, I didn’t wait too long! Nikki, that afternoon in our bedroom, I was pulling you onto my cock when MacKenzie interrupted us. Interrupted, fuck! She totally stopped us. Cockstopped! She damn-near pulled my balls off. That’s not waiting too long. You became ‘hers’–somehow. You decided that, not me.” Still young enough to enjoy it? Oh God, you’ve only just begun.

“But, canlı bahis you didn’t stop me!”

“True. But, you can’t have it both ways. Either you’re a young woman who gets to make decisions, or you’re my child, my teenage daughter for whom I get to make decisions. Now, as to the desire to ‘be with a man’, while you’re still young enough to enjoy it? Well, when you picked Spencer, you certainly picked a man. So, the question is, ‘Did you ‘enjoy’ it?'” That big dick of Spencer’s? Christ, I still can’t believe you can take the whole thing.

Nikki nodded her head, Yes; then, she blushed a bright shade of scarlet, turned away, and closed her eyes, thinking about what she’d done with her dad’s best friend–about her father seeing her take that big black cock. It was all so complex; but, so very, very sexy. She felt herself moisten.

She took a deep breath. “I have a question. When you guys were fighting outside, was it over over us?” I know it was.

“Yes. We had a gentleman’s disagreement about someone fucking our daughters.” At least, over fucking them without permission.

“Who won?” I think I already know.

“Spencer was the winner–probably.” Ouch! Well, it hurt to admit that; but, what the hell, get over it.

“So, is that why he fucked me while you watched? Is that why you didn’t stop him? He was making the point that he won; so, he had the right then?”

Jack Grant laughed; pulling her across the narrow Jeep interior, he kissed her on the forehead. “Yes, and No!”

“While we were fighting, he asked me if he could fuck you. I said, Yes. I thought I was approving what had already happened, so we could stop fighting. I don’t think I intended letting him do you while I watched. But there you have it.” I know I did not give him permission to fuck you in my presence. There’s no way fucking way in hell he could have misunderstood our agreement. Shit, I may have to go kick his ass again.

Nicole looked down at her lap for a minute; the look was demure and innocent. What came out of her mouth next was neither, “He’s really quite large and thick. Did you see it go inside me? I felt like he had it in me all the way ‘to the balls.’ Was seeing me like that, you know, a turn-on for you?”

“I did. It was!.” It was the most erotic thing I think I’ve seen in years. Hell of a thing to say to your teenage daughter. Yes, daughter, I got turned-on seeing you get blacked.

“If we are going to play fifty-questions, I have a question or two for you, young lady. Do you enjoy being watched?” You seem quite the little exhibitionista!

“Yes, Father, I do. I don’t know why. Uncle Spencer didn’t do anything to me that he hadn’t done the night before. But, with you there, it was hotter, naughtier, sexier.” It made me wet for you to watch.

“Did MacKenzie watch you guys that night?” Say, Yes! Feed my fantasies for the rest of the summer.

Nicole shook her head. “No, she just said she loved us and went to her room.”

She glanced at her dad, wondering if she could ask about some of the things her mom shared with her.

“Dad? Mom said you watched Grampa fuck her. She said that you watched him putting his cock inside her, when she was still in high school. Before you even dated her? Before you married her.”

“So, Jennifer talked with you about her relationship with her father?” Well then, I guess here we go!

“And, about you? When Uncle Spencer fucked me with you there, was it like Grampa doing my mom while you watched?”

“No, it wasn’t the same thing at all.”

“She said Grandpa came so much it leaked out, while you watched.” I wonder if you could tell Grandpa was shooting. Could you actually see it?

“Yes, in my memory, I remember watching that. But, Nikki, with Jennifer’s dad, I didn’t have any choice; at least, it seemed like that at the time. I didn’t watch him take her voluntarily. I still don’t understand all of what has happened between your mom and me. I truly don’t! But, I think what happened with her dad made her life more difficult in some unusual ways. I know it changed how she and I related sexually. I think that’s why I’ve been so reluctant to bed you. I don’t want anything, even remotely like that, coming between you and me.” You and me! What the fuck are you saying, Jack Grant? Shit! Shit! Shit!

Nicole looked up for the first time in minutes and smiled. You and me? You said ‘you and me’, Daddy. Not us. You and me! There is a ‘you and me’! I just knew it!

Jack backpedaled, furiously. “Nikki, let me rephrase that! I don’t want anything remotely like that coming between you and the man you love. If it’s a man that you decide to love.”

“Daddy?” Nice save, Daddy. You’re the man I’ve decided to love. You just don’t know it yet!


“I don’t think it’s at all similar, you know. Grandpa was not a good man. He wasn’t a good father. He wasn’t a nice person. You’re bahis siteleri all of those things.”

Fucking Christ, I’m trying to be!

“Look at me, Daddy. And, I’m not my mom!”

“I know you aren’t.” Jack brought his fingers to her cheek. At least, I do know that much.

“Daddy, you just don’t get it sometimes. I want you to take me to bed, because I love you. I mean, I understand why you waited so long. I do! You’re afraid you’d be like Grampa, taking something you had no right to.”

“Nicole, there’s so much more to it than that. I’m a good father. It’s may not be obvious now, as I drive you to Portland for our ‘date’; but, I’ve really tried to avoid this. Incest can be overpowering. It’s a very high octane fantasy; it can consume a person. Modern societies, almost without exception, condemn it, forbid it in statute and punish those who yield to the impulse. Dad’s aren’t supposed to be a daughter’s first lover.” Law is the bedrock foundation of a society. Thinking you know what’s right and what’s wrong is a slippery slope. Know the Law.

“But, Daddy, you won’t be my first. Maybe that’s a good thing; ’cause, now, you don’t have to feel guilty. You weren’t my first! But, you got to watch my first man fuck me. I wanted it Daddy. I like dick; I don’t even care what color it is. Uncle Spencer says I like it big. Do you think he’s right?”

“Yeah, Spencer may be right about that one.” ‘I like dick!’ Well, you certainly seemed to enjoy being filled to the brim.

“I’m not my mom; you’re not her father. I have got to make you understand that.”

“I think I do. But, Nicole, are you absolutely sure you still want have sex with me? Didn’t fucking Spencer answer your questions?” Please God, a ‘Yes’ answer, right about now, would be really helpful. Hell, I’ll even throw in confession. I’ll go to confession and clear my slate, if the answer is, ‘Yes’.


Thank you, Baby Jesus! All I have to do, now, is figure out how to tell this to a priest–without actually ‘saying’ this to a priest.

“Yes, I’m absolutely sure I want to have sex with you, Daddy!”

God damn it! Does this mean I still have to go to confession? Well fuck that, I won’t; and you can’t make me! You, Oh Mighty One in the Sky, did not fulfill your part of the bargain. That was a trick answer and unworthy of YOU!

She laughed, her voice husky with remembered need, “Spencer’s a great fuck. He has a really big dick, he’s black, he loves me. And, he fucked me really hard. Oh My God, that man loves to fuck!”

“I know.” I don’t think you know how hard Uncle Spencer can really fuck, little girl. But, I’m not going to spoil your moment of awakening sexual power. You’ll figure it all out yourself, I guess.

“Spencer said you and he fucked Mom together. Kinky!” Two big cocks and one tiny little woman. Sharing your wife with him. Watching him have your daughter. More than just ‘Partners’ there, Daddy?

“Did you like sharing her with Spencer, Daddy? Did you like sharing?” I wonder if you still do?

Jack blushed. “Yes, I enjoyed fucking Jennifer with him. A lot!”

“Did you watch him fuck her? Did you watch Spencer put his big black cock in my mom?” Two steely-blue eyes never left his face.

Jack sighed, “Jesus, Nicole! Yes. Yes! YES! I did. Nikki, I like watching. Seeing a woman I love take the meat is a turn-on. I like knowing he and I overpowered her senses. I like the unpredictability with another person involved. It’s different, and I enjoy the difference.”

“So, did you both do her at the same time? Or did you guys, like … take turns fucking my mom?” This has to be one of our best talks ever!

Jack thought his head would pop open. His blood pressure was making the little veins and arteries at his temples standout: moreover, his head ached.

“Both,” he confessed. Christ, I thought I’d survived the birds-and-bees talk.

Nikki was on fire, her mind teeming with images of all three of the people she knew best in the world–naked, sweating–enthralled in their passion. “Both, inside her at the same time … in her pussy … together … you and Uncle Spencer? Whoa, that’s a lot of … cock! Both dicks were in her and touching each other, too. Did it feel really weird, feeling another guy’s cock against yours, inside your wife?” Wow, that’s hot.

“Haven’t you learned enough this summer?” Jack pleaded, reaching down and quickly adjusting the position of his erection in his trousers. Jesus, can we change the topic from what double-penetration feels like to they men involved?

Now, Nikki was looking out the window as the forests passed by, “Yes, I know almost all the secrets I set out to learn this summer. All but one!”

“Nicole, trust me; you know all the family secrets. There’s absolutely nothing left that you don’t know.” Jack Grant raised his right hand as if taking an oath. “I swear to God, there is nothing bahis şirketleri left about this family that you do not know!”

Steely-blue eyes turned and stared at her dad. “Yes, there is!” She thought for a second, speaking slowly so he could hear her clearly, “I don’t know what it’s like to be under you, naked and open. I don’t know what it’s like to be pounded into a bed by my father. By you, Daddy. Fucked until I can’t cum anymore. Fucked, until I pass out. Fucked, until my tummy is so full of your seed that no more will fit.”

“You have quite the mouth, little girl.” Jesus Christ, I’d like to know what your little mouth is like, wrapped around my thick hard dick. Jesus, Jack! Hey, it’s okay to have the thought as long as it stays in my head. NO, it is not! Yes, it is! No! Yes! Thinking about this is driving me insane. Me. Too!

“I do have quite the imagination, Father.” You can’t even begin to imagine what a mouth I have, Daddy. In your dreams, maybe you can imagine.

“Spencer could have taught you those things.”

“No, he couldn’t. He’s not my father. Look, you can’t be my first. So, I guess you’ll just have to settle for being my best. I’m going off to college this fall; but, before I do, we’re going to have a real date.”

“This is a real date!”

She smiled across the Jeep at her father. “I know. You’re taking me to see the Taiko Drums in Portland this afternoon–just like when I was a little girl.” This is not what I mean by ‘real.’


“And after, Daddy?”

“After?” Jack cleared his throat. “We’ll see.”

That answer didn’t particularly satisfy Nicole Grant. I need to try another tack.

She only had to think for a few seconds before she smiled. “Daddy, why don’t we just pretend I’m already in college and twenty-one years old. Pretend you’re visiting your college-coed daughter this fall after I start classes. You’re taking me out to a show and dinner. It’ll be kind of a practice Father-Daughter weekend. Maybe, we’ll go back to your room after. Maybe, not! No one will ever know! It’ll be our secret.”

“I, a loving father; and you–an obedient daughter. It is a pleasant fiction.” No one will ever know, huh?

“Besides, Daddy, anyone who sees us in Portland will just assume you’re a successful man and I’m your date. Or maybe, an ‘escort’ you hired for the evening.” Her smile went wicked as she remembered the attorney and his BMW. A thousand-dollar-an-hour escort!

“My escort, huh?” I wonder how much you’d cost, little girl? God, I love your brain. It’s not just your body, half-pint. You have a get-down-and-dirty very naughty mind!

Nikki giggled. “Yeah, a college-girl escort just trying to make tuition. I’m too busy with classes during the day. And I have to keep weekends free, because that’s when Dad visits.”

“I’m not sure I could afford you, Nicole.” I wonder what a college-girl escort is going for nowadays?

“Me either, Daddy!” She looked at the interior of the Eddie Bauer Limited-Edition Jeep Wrangler. Of course, you’re still an attorney–even if you only drive a Jeep.

Jack Grant cleared his throat. “So … how much per hour would you be asking–hypothetically? I’m just curious.” Jesus, now there’s a thought. My coed daughter pays her tuition by being an escort weeknights.

Nicole reached over and placed a hand over the shape of her father’s cock inside his trouser leg. She wanted a way to gauge his reaction. This seemed a simple low-tech solution.

“Well, let me see! When Jessica and I went to Portland to buy the white sandals and dress, a man about you age, an Attorney in a sleek black BMW pulled up next to me on the street.”

“Yeah?” Jack’s voice cracked. His erection sought to free itself from the constraints of his trouser leg; and, he could’ve sworn an oath that her fingertip traced one of the veins, that wrapped around it, through the material of his trousers. It responded with an intense throb. She felt it, Daddy, do I have your attention?

She looked over at him, batting her ever-so-innocent eyelashes. “The nice man in the BMW offered to pay a thousand dollars for an hour for my time, if I had time and if I knew a good hotel in downtown Portland.” As she said ‘a thousand dollars for an hour’, his daughter firmly squeezed his half-hard shaft.

Jack’s cock lurched. I don’t think you’re asking enough, young lady. How do you value the priceless?

“At first, Daddy, he just wanted an hour; but, when he found out my father was an attorney, he wanted two hours. I guess it was a turn-on for him. He gave me his business card and said to call him, if I ever was back in Portland and had a couple of hours free.” She felt Jack, stiffening as she told the story. I guess it’s a turn on for you too, Daddy.

“Daddy, is being paid by the hour for a job what attorneys call ‘billable hours’?”

Jack had to chuckle at that question. “Sort of.” If you think of attorneys as just another kind of whore.

“You know, I bet he would’ve paid even more, if he’d known that he’d be my first customer ever.” Her finger was tracing that vein in his shaft, again.

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