The Secrets That I Keep

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Paul sat starring out the bedroom window. The night sky was clear and full of stars with a full moon shining brightly on the world below it. He felt at ease, at total peace with himself, yet once again he was asking himself why? Why did he feel this way, was always the question on his mind?

He glanced towards the bed looking at the woman who was tied spread eagled and blindfolded in the center of the bed. Carol was sleeping, exhausted from the hours of sexual pleasure that had been given her. He wasn’t finished with her yet, just giving her a short period of time to rest before they started up again. His cock was already hard in anticipation of what the rest of the night would be like.

He glanced at the bathroom door as Charlie emerged after taking a quick shower. Pam and Ike were sitting on the divan across the room patiently waiting for the second round of play having already taken their shower first. This had gone on every Friday night for the past four years. Paul could remember clearly how this had all began.

He worked for a large computer company that networked and maintained the computers in various types of business’s. Charlie owned a small tool and die company that had hired his firm to program their computers for their laser cutting machines. It was on one of his trips to Charlie’s company a few months later that found them working late that night. When they called it quits for the night they went to an area bar for a late night dinner and a couple of drinks.

Just looking at Charlie you would never guess him to be a man in charge of anything. He was small, probably around 5′ 7″, 52 years old, thinning hair, and wore thick black rimmed glasses. The glasses made him look like he was more suited to being a scientist or a professor of ancient history or something along that line.

While Paul was just the opposite of him. Paul had strong features and characteristics about him. He was always a man in charge of everything he was involved in. His 6′ 5″ frame made him even more intimidating to most men. At 53 years of age he was still a striking looking man. His dark hair had just begun to take on a few gray hairs which made him look all the more dangerous.

They had been discussing the latest die program Paul was fine tuning for the past couple of hours. Charlie was on his fifth drink and Paul knew he was going to have to drive Charlie home as he was beyond the point of being able to drive safely. Charlie was starring off over Paul’s shoulder when without thinking he made the comment that he wished he had the nerve to do that.

Paul glanced in the direction Charlie was looking and saw a couple seated at a table near the back wall. Then Paul saw what had gotten Charlie’s attention. The man had his hand under the woman’s dress and you could clearly see his fingers inside her pussy as he had her legs spread wide. Paul knew immediately that the man had intended for someone to see what he was doing to her. Lucky bastard he was thinking as he turned back around to Charlie.

“I wish I could be like that,” Charlie commented taking another long drink from his glass.

“Now Charlie I would have never believed you to have such wicked thoughts,” Paul said grinning at him.

“I meant I wish I had the nerve to do something like that, kind of,” he said with a red face.

Paul watched Charlie as he motioned for the waitress to bring him another drink. He was curious as to what it was exactly that Charlie wished.

“What do you mean Charlie? I’ll keep your secret but I am curious as to what it is you wished you had the nerve to do?”

“I love my wife. I have no complaints in that department, she has always been the perfect wife and I can’t think of one time when we ever had cross words with each other in our 28 years of marriage.”

“I’m sensing a “but” here Charlie, what is it that your leaving out?”

“Neither of us are strong willed people, my wife is very shy, submissive even. I myself am somewhat the same way. I know we all have fantasies in our lives and anyone who says they don’t are liars! I’ve always fantasized about other men taking her, even another woman, but I would never have the nerve to even suggest it to her.”

“If this is something that you really want Charlie I would think you would have at least tried to relay your feelings to her in some way after all these years.” “Actually I don’t want her to have a choice, I just want her made to do it, to accept it. Hell, I want us both made to accept it I guess is what I’m saying. Does that make any sense to you because it sure as hell never has to me,” he said forlornly.

“Come on Charlie let me drive you home, I think you’ve had enough to drink for one night,” Paul said leading him towards the front door.

Charlie was still rambling on as they made their way to Paul’s car. “For as long as I can remember I have wanted that. Maybe when we were younger I could have done something about it. I’ve regretted everyday that I never had the nerve güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to do it. Now that we are older I can only look back and berate myself for never doing anything about it.”

Paul finally got Charlie to give him directions to his home. Twenty minutes later he was pulling up to this big sprawling house out in the country. The only lights on at the house were the porch lights on both ends of the long front porch.

Charlie was fumbling around with his keys when the front door suddenly opened. Paul assumed the woman standing there in a robe was Charlie’s wife Carol. He told her that Charlie needed some good strong coffee which she immediately disappeared to make.

Paul watched her disappear into the kitchen and felt his cock stirring in his pants. Until he watched her walking towards the kitchen door he had no inkling as to the thoughts now going through his head, or what he was about to do.

“Charlie look at me,” he commanded. “I’ve decided that I’m going to fuck your wife. When she comes back in with your coffee your going to drink it while we talk a bit. When I feel the time is right your going to stand behind her and hold her while we tell her what is about to happen to her, is that understood?”

Charlie was in shock, had he heard Paul correctly? Did he just tell him that he was going to fuck his wife? One look at Paul’s face told Charlie that he had heard correctly. He nodded his head in agreement just as his wife came back in the room with the fresh brewed coffee.

They talked for a few minutes and Paul could tell that Carol was a little uncomfortable sitting there in her robe talking to a stranger. Charlie had managed to drink two cups of the strong black coffee and was looking a little more sober. His wife was a short woman, her chestnut colored hair just barely touching her shoulders, she was heavy with huge tits that Paul knew were perfect for a good titty fuck. Her size and width of her hips told Paul that she would be able to handle his large cock. He was looking forward to fucking her. Sticking his huge cock into her pussy fast, hard and deeply while Charlie watched him pleasure his wife.

Paul glanced at Charlie and nodded his head. Charlie stood reaching down to his wife to help her stand up as well. Carol thought Paul was getting ready to leave so she had no idea of what was about to happen to her.

Paul reached out to Carol offering her his hand as if in a handshake. When she offered hers in return he pulled her forward until she was right in front of him.

“My dear your husband has a nice surprise for you,” he told her smiling. “Charlie wants me to fuck you while he watches.”

Carol stood frozen to the spot, shock written all over her face. When the shock of what he had said registered she tried to pull her hand away and step back from him. Charlie grabbed her shoulders, pushing her forward towards Paul.

“Charlie no,” she cried out to him! Tears forming in her eyes as the reality of what was going to happen to her hit her. This can’t be happening to her was all she could think trying to get away from both men to no avail.

“Stop fighting and hold still,” Paul commanded in a loud voice.

He had pulled her robe open showing the pink cotton gown she had underneath. Paul ripped it down the center, exposing her flesh. The tears were streaming down her cheeks as he reached out to take a breast in each hand.

“Ahh yes, these are perfect for titty fucking and for sucking on,” he told her as he lifted one to his mouth and began sucking on her nipple. He sucked her nipples for a long time, letting her get used to his mouth being there. He lifted them pressing them together telling her how much he was looking forward to feeling them wrapped around his cock.

Paul played with one of her nipples then let his free hand move down to wedge itself between her legs. He slipped his finger easily up inside her, delighted to find that she was getting wet.

“Carol I’m not going to hurt you in anyway. I’m only going to make you feel good I can guarantee that. For a long time your husband has dreamt of someone else fucking his wife while he was made to watch. It has been a long time desire of his, a fantasy if you will that he has wanted for years.” All the time he was telling her this he kept up a steady finger fuck of her pussy.

“Once the shock has worn off I know that you will enjoy feeling another man buried deep within your pussy. Your already wet Carol so the idea isn’t all that unappealing to you now is it,” he asked her pulling her closer to him? “I would bet that you yourself have had some fantasies of your own over the years but never had the nerve to tell Charlie about them,” haven’t you?

Carol couldn’t speak, still in shock over this stranger standing in front of her with his fingers deep inside her. She was excited and tried not to be, she couldn’t believe her body was betraying her this way.

Paul grabbed her hand and pulled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it down to press it against his burgeoning manhood. “Unzip my pants and wrap your hand around my cock Carol,” he commanded as he kept pressing her hand against his hard cock. “Now Carol, I won’t tell you again,” he told her.

She couldn’t believe she was doing as he told her, as she slipped her hand inside his slacks to find his firm cock. He was wearing boxers so his cock had plenty of room for his arousal. She slipped her hand inside the front opening and pulled his cock out. He was big, Carol didn’t want to admit it but she was excited about the prospect of having this mans cock inside her.

“Stroke my cock Carol. I want you to stroke it nice and slow all the while thinking of how good it is going to feel inside you. Sliding in and out slowly, filling your pussy with the size of it with each new stroke.”

Carol did as she was instructed, with each stroke of his firm cock she couldn’t help looking forward to having this man fuck her. When she and Charlie made love these days it was always the same. Saturday nights when they retired for bed, just like clockwork. It was if they were just going through the motions these past few years.

“Get down on your knees Carol and slide my slacks and boxers down.”

When she pulled his slacks and boxers down his cock sprang forward in her face, startling her. She had never seen another mans cock before and felt her eyes glued to his.

Paul stepped back until he was in front of the chair he had just gotten up from. He sat back down spreading his legs wide. ” Come here Carol, kneel between my legs, your going to give me a nice cock sucking before I fuck you,” he told her motioning to her to get over there.

Carol again did as she had been ordered to do, moving in-between his legs waiting for his next order. She was very excited about sucking his cock and just realized that part of her excitement was because Charlie would be watching her do so. Could this be what Charlie really wanted she was asking herself?

“Get undressed Charlie,” Paul told him as he pulled Carol’s head down to his waiting cock. “Run your tongue all around the head of my cock, lick it nice an slow baby.” Paul glanced at Charlie and saw that his cock was also standing at full attention, his gaze locked firmly on his wife, watching her intently as she ran her tongue all over the head of Paul’s cock.

Charlie was filled with more desire then he had ever remembered having in his life. His excitement in watching his wife suck another mans cock was more than he ever imagined it would be. His excitement level rose just thinking about watching Paul’s huge cock fuck his wife. God had been good to this man was the thought that flew through his head.

“Slip your mouth slowly down my cock Carol, take as much of me as you can then suck slowly as you move your head back up my cock. Let your tongue stroke me as you do,” he told her guiding her head with his right hand. “Finger her pussy Charlie, she how wet your wife is with her excitement? Imagine how she is going to feel with my cock buried deep inside her.”

Carol was wet, her juices were flowing. Charlie slipped two fingers deep inside her, fucking her as Paul had done to her when he was telling her what was going to happen to her earlier.

“Get behind her Charlie and fuck her while she is sucking my cock,” Paul instructed him.

Charlie slipped his hard cock into his wife and began pumping her pussy. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt like this when fucking his wife. When they were first married they had fucked like rabbits. Even through their first 10 years of marriage they had a very active sex life. They had been married for six years before Charlie had gotten Carol to make her first attempt at sucking cock.

Charlie and Carol were both virgins when they married, so it was a learning experience for the both of them. Charlie never let on to Carol that he too was a virgin and to this day he believed that she never knew he was. Charlie would never admit to anyone, least of all his wife that he had never had his cock sucked. After being out with some of his managers one night and listening to them talking about their sexual escapades that had prompted him to make his first and only trip to an adult store.

His sole purpose of going to one was to watch one of those quarter movies that showed a woman sucking a mans cock. One thing about Charlie, when he made his mind up about doing something he did it. He ended up spending a half hour in a booth watching the same movie clip over and over as he stroked himself to completion.

Before Charlie left the adult store that day, he made sure that he also watched a man eating a woman’s pussy. If he wanted his wife to suck his cock then he better make sure he was as willing to eat her pussy as well. The next few months were a pleasant learning experience for the both of them.

“That’s enough güvenilir bahis şirketleri Carol, I don’t want you to make me cum to quickly,” Paul told her pulling her mouth away from his cock.

Paul stood and pulled Carol up until she too was standing. “Kiss her Charlie, a deep, tongue filled kiss. I want you to taste my cock on her tongue, knowing that she just got finished sucking it while you watched,” he told him.

Charlie pulled Carol close and kissed her deeply, her tongue dueled with his as their kiss deepened. They were both breathing hard when the kiss ended.

Paul told her to get on her hands and knees then he knelt down behind her positioning his cock at her pussy. He let his cock slid back and forth across her pussy lips until he felt he had teased her enough before sliding it in slowly. He was three quarters of the way inside her when she began moaning in pleasure. Each little stroke was taking her breath away. He knew she had never had a man the size of him inside her before.

Carol thought she was going to be split apart at first, but damn it did feel wonderful. Each little bit more he gave her would take her breath away. She knew there was no way she was ever going to be able to take all of him. There was nothing hurried about this man at all. His slow fucking was driving her crazy with desire.

She glanced towards Charlie who was standing near her side. His gaze was locked on Paul’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She had never seen suck naked lust and desire on her husbands face before. She had a feeling that Charlie wasn’t even aware that he was stroking himself as he watched Paul fucking her.

“Stop stroking your cock Charlie and stand in front of your wife so she can suck your cock while I’m fucking her.” Paul wanted her mouth full of her husbands cock when he drove in a little deeper in her pussy. She was going to have a tough time at first getting used to the size of his cock but in time she was going to be able to handle the whole length of him.

Paul pushed a little deeper into her pussy with his strokes. Each time she would try to gasp for breath with Charlie’s cock deep in her mouth as Paul dove deeper into her pussy. She was going to cum, she couldn’t hold back a moment longer. She had never in her life experienced an orgasm as that first one with Paul. Even when her orgasm was over he didn’t stop. His thrusts were faster now, and with each one he would take her breath away.

Charlie was losing it as well, the excitement of watching Paul fuck his wife while she sucked his cock was more than he could handle. He let loose his orgasm filling his wife’s mouth with his thick cum. He was still breathing hard when he pulled his cock from his wife’s mouth.

As soon as his cock was free from her mouth Carol’s moan of pleasure became very vocal. She felt like he was tearing her pussy apart, but she didn’t want him to stop either.

Charlie looked at his wife, a small stream of his cum had slid out of the corner of her mouth and was running down her chin as she moaned in pleasure. He felt his cock stirring to life again, the erotic picture of his wife on her hands and knees with his cum streaming down her face while another man had his cock buried deep inside her aroused Charlie to new heights.

Carol felt another orgasm starting within her. She wasn’t even aware until later that she had been screaming at Paul to fuck her harder because she was going to cum again. “Oh Christ yes!!” she yelled at him. “Please don’t stop, harder, fuck me harder!”

Paul did as she requested, shoving his cock in as far as it would go, he slammed his cock in her with each stroke. He felt her pussy muscles tighten around his cock just as he himself began his orgasm. He filled her pussy to overflowing with his huge load just as she climaxed. He always stayed inside the woman’s snatch after he came in her, taking slow strokes, loving the feel of the mixture of their cum covering his cock.

When he finally pulled out, he commanded her to lay down, then told Charlie to get down there and clean her pussy with his mouth. After Charlie was between her legs and had begun to eat the mixture of their cum from his wife’s pussy Paul straddled Carol.

“Press your tits around my cock Carol,” he told her sliding his cock in-between them. He slid his cock back and forth slowly in the softness of her tits. “Now suck the head of my cock babe, I’m going to fuck your tits and your mouth at the same time.”

Carol couldn’t take her eyes from his as she sucked the head of his cock. She was surprised that his cock was as hard as it was considering he had just came in her less then three minutes ago. She watched as his lids lowered slowly, she knew she was pleasing him.

She was beginning to have a hard time concentrating on what she was doing. Charlie had her clit in his mouth sucking her intently. She was close to having another climax.

Paul felt her stirring and knew that her husband must be doing a damn good job of arousing her orally. He turned around to glance at Charlie who was eating the hell out of his wife’s pussy. It was time to let him cum inside her, he wanted her pussy filled with cum so the second time he fucked her she would be lubed enough for him to delve deeper into her pussy with his cock.

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