The Second Weekend of the Month Ch. 02

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Lee Martel


I opened a chilled bottle of champagne, while Jake put some soft music on. We slipped into the cool water of the pool, dunking our head to wash off the fuck sap, then lounged on the steps sipping our champagne. Jake pulled me over until I sat on his lap, feeling his limp cock resting against my back, then he pulled Mandi close to his side. We snuggled close. For a long time, we sat silent, just enjoying holding each other, until the champagne ran out.

“I will get us a refill,” Mandi said as she collected our wine flues and scampered inside.

I waited until she was inside before asking, “What do you think of Mandi?”

“She is incredible,” he replied. “You said it would be a surprise and, by God, count me as surprised. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a fuck more that. Honestly, I think I pumped out a quart of jism into her. I think she may have fucked me dry.”

“I know, remember, I licked most of it up. By the way, have I ever told you that your cum tastes salty-sweet, especially when mixed with Mandi’s cunt juice,” I teased, smacking my lips.

“I aim to please,” he said, squeezing me tight.

“So, you like her?”

“Fuckin-a-right I like her. She is quite a girl, though I really don’t know much about her outside of the fact that she is incredible in the sack.” Jake tickled my nipple with his thumb, and I giggled like a school girl.

“Good, I’m happy that you like her.” I paused for a moment and checked to see if Mandi was still in the house. “What do you think if we invite her to our group on a more regular basis?” I asked, a bit worried that the suggestion might spook Jake.

“What, a threesome for every second weekend of the month?” He asked surprised.

“Sure, why not,” I asked as I wiggled off his lap and sat where I could look him in the eye. “Jake, you know I care deeply for you, but you also know that there is virtually no chance that you and I can have anything more than what we have. There is a reason I insist on keeping our relationship under wraps.”

“I know,” he said with a hangdog look.

“I worry about you and our relationship. We’ve been seeing each other for almost three years now. Not once during that time have you mentioned another woman,” I told him.

“Perhaps I just don’t want to talk about other women with you,” he said evasively.

“Ok, fair enough. Have there been other women?”

“No, not really,” He admitted.

“Jake, eventually, you are going to meet someone else, or simply get tired of meeting me only one weekend a month. Someday you are going to tell me to buzz off and I want to put that day off as long as possible. I want you to be happy when I am not around.”

“What, are you trying to find me a girlfriend for when you are not around?” He asked incredulously.

I nodded enthusiastically, “Exactly! But more importantly, a woman that I like and who will put up with our weird-ass relationship. I think Mandi might be that girl. I never really had a thing for other women, but I really got off going down on Mandi and tasting your jism as it leaked from her cunt.”

“Let me get this straight, you want to have a genuine ménage à trois and not just an occasional threesome?”

“That is what I am thinking, but of course that depends on how you and Mandi get along. I realize this is screwy as hell, but….”               Jake interrupted me.

“Baby, what is going on?”

“It is just that I care for you, but I will never be able to give you what you want.”

“Let’s cut to the chase, ok? Exactly how do you feel about me?” He asked.

“I care for you deeply,” I told him, trying to avoid telling him exactly how much.

“Hell, I care very deeply for my quarter-horse, so are you saying you care for me like a pet?”

“Of course not,” I snapped, growing angry with his insistence.

“Then how?” He nudged me gently. “Well?” I relented.

“Jake, I love you more than you can imagine, but that does not change things.” He kissed my neck gently.

“I love you too,” he whispered. “I know this is all we can have, that is why I settle for it.”

“But I want you to have more…” I didn’t know what else to say.

“So, you hoped to find me a girlfriend that would not object to our monthly roll in the sack? Right?” He nudged me again.

“Something like that. I know it is a crazy idea, but what do you think of it?” I asked.

“I am willing to give it a try, assuming Mandi does not spit in our faces. I have to admit, it turned me on watching you and she go down on each other.” Jake paused for a moment and grinned. “Not going lesbian on me, are you?”

“Don’t worry, love, I don’t think I would be satisfied with a steady diet of girls for long.” I reached down and grabbed his cock. “I like your stiff prick between my legs too much to ever become a lesbian.”

“You’re nuts. Do you know that?” He laughed and shook his head in disbelief. “Have you talked to Mandi about this?”

“Hell no, not until you escort had a chance to meet her and get to know her.” I said as the patio door opened, and Mandi returned with a fresh bottle of champagne, three wine flutes and a bowl of strawberries. I kissed Jake quickly and whispered, “We will talk more later, okay?”


“Look what I found in the fridge!” Mandi said, holding the strawberries I planned on serving with breakfast. “There are few things I like better than champagne with strawberries.” She took a bite of strawberry and washed it down with champagne.


As we had our champagne and strawberries, I thought about Alexa and Jake’s strange arrangement. It was as obvious as a sunrise that Alexa loved Jake and vice versa, but both seemed to be content with their crazy, one weekend a month relationship.

I pondered what my role in this might be. Alexa hinted that this did not need to be a onetime event and frankly, after the stupendous fuck we just had, I was open to testing the waters. Yet I am more than a bit confused by why Alexa was willing to share Jake on anything but a single wild night of sex. Not that I am complaining, because Jake seems fantastic so far.

I decided to let fate set the course and see how the weekend progressed before I formed any expectations. It may be that Jake leaves running for the hills after we get to know each other better. Then again, he may like the new arrangement.

Even though Jake held two naked women in his arms, it took almost an hour before his cock began to regain life, twitching a bit when Alexa or I stroked it. By the time we emptied the champagne bottle, he had a raging hard on and pulled Alexa to him, kissing her, and ran his hand down her body to her twat.

“Oh, my! It looks like Jake is ready for round two. You game, Mandi?”

“Goddamn right I am,” I said, collected our wine glasses and joined Alexa and Jake in the bedroom.

A threesome can grow tedious if the partners do not mix things up, so this time I took the lead, gently forcing Alexa down onto her back and spreading her legs. Her twat was already glistening as I knelt between her knees, kissing her thighs softly, working my way down. I licked her cunt lips softly, probing and teasing them, watching them begin to swell, before taking her clit between my lips, tugging at it until Alexa began to moan. Alexa’s pussy juice soon began flowing as she neared climax, tasting tart, making me even hornier. Alexa took Jake’s dick and began licking it like a lollypop, moving her head to where she could take it into her mouth, playing her tongue along its shaft as it throbbed.

“Mandi, do you want Jake’s cock in your cunt?” Alexa asked between ragged breaths.

“Mumm” I moaned and hiked my ass into the air so that Jake could fuck me from behind. I kept working Alexa and she shivered with another climax.

Jake positioned himself behind me, spreading my cunt lips gently apart and rammed his cock deep into my dripping slit. He reached around and began stroking my clit as he gave me all nine inches of his thick cock, filling me to the limit. I moaned as he fucked me and pushed my cunt into him, driving his dick even deeper. He pumped slowly, fucking me long and hard, while teasing my clit with his finger. My orgasm built slowly but soon, I lurched with an enormous climax, bucking wildly, and moaning in bliss. My cunt pulsed while he hammered his cock into me, making me come again within seconds.

Almost simultaneously, Alexa gasped and convulsed with her own orgasm and began thrusting, grinding her pussy into my mouth. Both of us thrashed for long minutes, writhing with carnal pleasure as we came again and again.

Finally, I said, “Switch!” Alexa smiled as she rolled to her knees, forcing me to my back.

Alexa glanced at Jake, “Fuck me hard,” she said, hiked her ass high into the air and kissed my sopping wet pussy. Jake needed no encouragement, slamming is cock into her cunt with short, quick thrusts, while fingering her clit. Within seconds Alexa, who was already on the edge, was bucking wildly with another gut-wrenching climax, which sent me over the edge as well. I squealed as I shuddered, wild-eyed in the throes of one climax after another, coming in a succession of joy.

Suddenly Jake groaned heavily, and his eyes rolled back into his head as he flooded Alexa’s pussy with load after load of cream, thrusting and grunting like a wild animal, overfilling her cunt with jism until is ran down her thighs. He continued humping her steadily long after he and finally sagged to the sheets, utterly spent.

Alexa looked at me and moaned, “I’m not finished, are you, Mandi?”

“Not by a long shot,” I replied as I fought for breath. Alexa, moved around, facing away from me and straddled my chest, lowering her cunt into my face, then bent down to drive her tongue into my pussy. I licked Jake’s coppery tasting jism as it dripped from Alexa’s cunt and sucked the thick cream down like it was honey. The mixture eskort of his come and Alexa’s cunt nectar was delicious, driving me wild as I sucked greedily at Alexa’s twat. Both of us were already worked up and it only took moments until we were in the midst another series of orgasms, building in intensity until we brought each other to a crescendo. We screamed, convulsing in unison with a mind-blowing orgasm. Finally, we sagged to the bed, spent, and sated.

Alexa crawled and lay down next to me, sandwiching me between Jake and her. She kissed me deeply, probing with her tongue and tasting sweet. She lay her head on my heaving chest, while Jake took both of us into his arms, kissing my neck.

“God as my witness,” Alexa gasped between ragged breaths, “I can die a happy woman now, because you two have fucked me to exhaustion.”

“I will second that,” I said. “My cunt feels like it climbed Mount Everest and is gasping for breath.

“Screw that noise, I want round three!” Jake shouted laughing and pointing to his dick that was beginning to stiffen again.

“I swear to all that is holy, if your stiff dick touches me again tonight, I will cut it off with a nail file and shove it down your throat,” Alexa grumbled menacingly.

“Amen, sister,” I said as I kissed him gently. “Give it a rest cowboy.”


Within minutes of their shattering orgasm, both girls were asleep in my arms. I lay thinking about Alexa’s suggestion to add Mandi to our monthly rendezvous and I realized that my crazy relationship with Alexa was about to get a whole lot wackier. Soon my eyes grew heavy, and I faded to sleep.

I woke first, slipped out of bed to relieve myself and to make coffee before the girls woke. I went to the hall bathroom and showered, washing last night’s love juice out of my hair without bothering Alexa and Mandi. By the time I finished, the coffee was ready, so I sat naked reading the latest headlines on my laptop and enjoying my first cup. Mandi woke next, stumbling groggily into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee, then joined me.

“You showered without me?” she asked with a wink as she sat down on the couch across from me, still naked.

“Sorry, but if I don’t shower, I don’t wake up. You want to grab a shower? I have a second bathroom right off the hall. Towels are in the rack and there is a new toothbrush and tooth paste in the medicine cabinet.”

She nodded as she took a sip of coffee, “Let me finish my coffee first.”

“No problem, we have all weekend, though I suspect Alexa will leave after breakfast. She said something about a special business meeting today, so she might not stick around.”

“She won’t mind if I stay, will she? I am still not sure what is going on between you and Alexa. I don’t want to do anything that will come between you guys.”

“Nope, it won’t bother her, and I was hoping you would stay for a while so we could get to know each other.”

“We seem to know each other already, at least in the biblical sense.” I smiled.

“Last night was spectacular! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed sex more.”

“It was goddamn epic. You kept me right on the edge for so long that I thought I was going to go crazy. When I finally came, I thought it would never end.”

“So, you had a good time?” I asked.

“Damn right I did.” She hesitated for a moment. “This was the first sex with an actual human being since before I divorced my husband, and it was long overdue.”

“How long since your divorce?”

“The divorce was finalized eight months ago, but we stopped having sex long before I left him and even then, the sex was pathetic. He would roll on top of me, wiggle around a bit, blow his wad and roll over to fall asleep.”

“That sounds like it sucked.” I said.

“That is the understatement of the decade. Within a month of our marriage, I reconciled myself to getting off with a vibrator, because Ted was wretched in the sack,” She said with a rueful smile.

I was at a loss for something to say to her story, so I asked, “Need more coffee?”

“Sure, with a bit of cream and one sugar,” she said as she held out her mug. I made our coffee and gave her mug to her.

“You met Alexa at the gym?” I asked, anxious to change the subject from Mandi’s lackluster marriage.

“Yep, after I walked out on Ted, I looked in a mirror and realized I packed on an extra twenty pounds since college, so I hit the gym and started eating healthy again. Believe it or not, long ago, I was a varsity cheerleader at Texas A&M.”

“I have no trouble believing you were a cheerleader, though I would have never guessed you were an Aggie.”

“Hey, A&M is a family tradition, so watch out what you say about the old Maroon and White, bucko.” She said smiling. “As I was saying, I hit the gym, met Alexa and we hit it off. Last week we met for lunch, and I was bitching about how I’ve been on a dozen dates without finding a single man I wanted to take to bed. She said that she knew a guy that she thought eskort bayan I would like. That guy was you.”

“You thought this was a blind date?”

“No, I knew from the start that it would be a threesome and suspected that there would be some girl-on-girl action, but I was fine with that. I had a fling with a girl at A&M and enjoyed it, so this is not the first time. I figured at worst, I would get my itch scratched and at best, I might get my itch scratched several times,” Mandi said with a wicked grin.”

“And?” I asked.

“So far my itch is being serviced admirably. Do you think there might be another scratch in my future?” She asked, licking her lips, and spreading her legs suggestively.

“Oh, yea. I think that can be arranged.” My cock began to rise to the suggestion.

“Not now, let’s wait until after breakfast. Right now, I have not even had my morning coffee.” She licked her lips, teasing me.

“After breakfast then,” I raised one eyebrow and made my cock bob up and down, as if agreeing.

“Also, I was curious,” she said.

“Curious, about what?”

“About you and Alexa. I knew she is married, and it took me about twenty seconds after we met to figure out that she was having an affair. The more we talked, the more it became clear that she is nuts about you. I was curious why she would want me to meet you and why she would let me share that wonderful joystick of yours.”

“There is not much to it, Alexa and I are fuck-buddies. We meet on the second weekend of every month and fuck our brains out. After that I don’t see her, don’t hear from her, and don’t talk to her. I know that is a screwed-up relationship, but I take what I can get.” I told her, voicing thoughts that I kept locked away 99% of the time. She shook her head with a smile.

“You think that you are just a boy-toy to Alexa?”

“Yep, that is exactly what I think. I would be joking myself if I thought otherwise,” I told her, though Alexa told me she loved me last night. Our love for each other is beside the point as long as Alexa stays with her husband.

“I think there is more to it than that. You two have chemistry.”

“Perhaps,” I said, not wanting to argue.

“How did you and Alexa meet?” Mandi asked, changing the subject.

“She and I met while we were stuck in a broken elevator together. It was almost two hours before they got the damn thing moving again, so we had plenty of time to talk. It was near lunch and I was returning from the deli with a sandwich and a soda, so we split my lunch. As we talked, I realized that Alexa is far more than just another beautiful woman and I really wanted to get to know her. When they finally got the problem fixed, I asked her out.”

“What did she say?”

“She asked for my card and when I gave it to her, she winked and walked off without another word. A week later she called me and asked if I wanted to grab dinner. I jumped at the chance.” Mandi stood, took my empty coffee cup, went into the kitchen, and came back with the coffee and two buttered bagels, giving me one and taking a bite from the other.

“Where did you go?”

“She texted me an address and told me to meet her there at six in the evening, sharp. When I got there, she was sitting on the hood of her Jaguar, next to a taco truck in the parking lot of the Fiesta Mart on W. Jefferson,” I said, remembering how beautiful she looked in the afternoon sun.

“Jesus, that is romantic as hell,” she said with a giggle. “What happened then?”

“We ate tacos and drank Dos Equis in the parking lot for a couple of hours. Then we came back here and had mind blowing sex. Ever since that night we meet on the second weekend of every month.” I was tired of rehashing my weird relationship with Alexa, so I changed the subject. “What about you? What is your story?”

“Fair enough.” She leaned over to shake my hand. “Hi, I’m Mandi Mack. I am thirty-two and live in a shitty apartment because I sold my house during the divorced from my ex-husband, Ted. You already know that Ted was pathetic in bed, that I was a cheerleader at Texas A&M and that I am an International Commercial Relationship Manager at a bank. That is me in a nutshell,” she said, evading the question. I narrowed my eyes at her.

“I have a feeling that does not even begin to scratch the surface of who Mandi Mack is. Tell me something that will surprise the hell out of me.”

“Ok.” Mandi thought for a moment. “I am a Master of White Crane Kung Fu.”

“Really? No shit?” I said in legitimate surprise.

“I shit you not,” she said with a smile as she stood, assumed a stance, and flashed through the beginning of a Kung Fu routine with amazing speed and grace.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, impressed. “Is Master equivalent to a black belt?”

“Exactly, my skill level is roughly equivalent to a first- or second-degree black belt in Judo or Karate. My Kung Fu instructor is very conservative and refuses to adopt a belt ranking system, saying that it is ‘too Japanese and has no place in Kung Fu.’ He ranks his students as a Novice, Master or Grand Master.” She said.

“Remind me not to make you mad at me,” I joked. She raised one eyebrow and examined me closely.

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