The Return

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The sun hit his eyes just as he turned into the parking lot. “Hold on a sec” he said into his phone. Shielding his eyes he pulled into the 1st spot and spoke again “Ok, 6 or 6:15 it is.” He paused, listening. “Ok, cool. See you then.” He hung up the phone and dropped it in his pocket. He sat in the car a moment more smiling and looking out the window at nothing in particular.


Her hair was still wet. He felt it clinging to her shoulders and back as he held her to him.

Cool now, her wet hair between his arms and her soft skin added yet another distinct sensation to the many things he felt when he held her like this. He felt her arms around him, holding him as he held her. He felt her grip on him tighten then relax.

He stood a bit back and leaned down then. His long arms extended his fingers were on the back of her shoulders. The tips of his fingers feeling the strap of the black lace bra she had just put on after her shower. He loved the feel of her and her warmth when he touched her. He loved the way she looked at him when he looked at her. The look shared everything without a word and shared it all so completely and perfectly. He could get lost in that he thought. He had been lost in it he knew. He knew it from the beginning and it still held him entirely.

His already wide smile spread some more. He leaned in then to kiss her. He put his lips to hers softly, feeling them come together as they did thrilled him again as it always had. The rush he felt, the familiar yet still startling flurry in his stomach came back to him and he welcomed it.

They let the moment linger, the kiss soft and slow. Again his arms slid around her, again drawing her to him. He felt her body press to him in response. Before he even realized he had done it, he felt the strap of the bra release. As he felt his fingers on her now bare skin he felt the kiss grow quickly and powerfully. His lips parted her tongue darted over his lips and found her tongue.

Hungry for her immediately he accepted her tongue returning the kiss passionately. Fingers on her back slid up to her neck to the back of her hair. The fingertips of that hand felt her head tilt to the side a bit as their kiss continued, grew and evolved. Her arms reached up for him around his shoulders. She clung to him.

His other arm reached further around her. He pressed himself to her feeling her on his thigh. Her heat pressed onto him and he felt his own excitement growing. Instinctively he turned to her wanting her to feel him against her. They both knew how the other craved that reaction. Their reactions were almost simultaneous. Two moans filled the bedroom in an almost perfect harmony. Hands reached. Fingers pressed. They clung and pushed together.

He reached his tongue deeper across her lips. Hers curled and slid across his. She took it between her lips, sucking softly and soon more passionately. His fingertips began to slide through her long brown hair. Her hips also began to grind eagerly against his thigh bringing a gasp and another moaned grunt as he felt how very hot, how ready she was for him. He felt her arms unclasp from around his neck. She shifted herself and reached for him. She looked and saw the bulge in his beige khaki pants. She knew perfectly well what was behind the loose fitting fabric. Her fingers reached, touched the fabric and took him. The felt himself stiffen more as she began to squeeze….


His smile didn’t change even as he pulled into the driveway a few minutes later. He had only driven a mile or so before he got he got the call. As he shifted in his seat, unlocking his seatbelt, he became aware of his own renewed arousal. He opened the car door and stepped out, feeling the tightness. His mind so occupied with thoughts of her, how ready and eager she was for him, and him for her, he was almost to the front door when he remembered his bag on the front seat. A thought to turn around and get it was easily replaced with another more urgent thought, of who and what waited inside. He opened the front door and went inside.

Another vision of her earlier flashed though his head, of her body pressing so urgently to him, a twitch and another flash, the moment when her body shifted. He grinned despite himself and how he knew just what would happen next. Her fingers around him, her soft but insistent grip when he turned, her fingers slipping off of him, the thought stopped him in his kitchen. He stood for just a moment, a barely audible sigh as he thought about her.

His smile wide already remained just as wide. He delighted in how turned on she was when he left. One of his favorite and often reoccurring thoughts was of her being so turned on. He really loved thinking of her that way. So many times he enjoyed thinking of her desire, her passion and hunger building to such a point. He shook his head and glanced at the hall stairs. She was up there.

His business took him away for a few days güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri from time to time. Every time he hated leaving her. He wanted every moment of every day with her. It pained him to leave but it had been only since late last year when he found some small way to actually make their parting at least a bit easier.

They had been making sure that before he left on a trip that they spend that time together. On one occasion they had lost track of time. Having just begun he realized his lateness and had no choice but to hurry off. Both so caught up in the shared moment, his thoughts for hours and hours were of nothing but her and that moment. Ending too soon. Prematurely. Of how she looked. The need and desire so palpable. He found that for days he could almost taste her craving. It thrilled him more than he thought it could over that entire trip.

A few weeks later on his next trip he had done the same, bringing her again to that exquisite state… And then with a smile he kissed her once more, deeply, turned and stepped away. Her eager and wanting expression turned to one of surprise as he turned at the bedroom door, looking back and winked. “Hold that thought” he said. Since then he had said that at the door each time as part of what had come to be something of a routine.

He slid his jacket off and put in on the back of a chair. He turned and started up the steps thinking as he had been all morning, non-stop of her.


Her fingers moved quickly for him. She expected his reaction when she touched him but she reached for him anyway. She just had to feel. She smiled still when he turned away after allowing her to feel just how firm he had gotten. She knew they were alike in wanting so much to please each other. They both very much enjoyed that. It was a perfect match and she knew it.

At first she had been shocked and even a little hurt when he did that, when he pulled away from her as he did especially that first time. She knew he was late and that he did have to go, but to leave her like that…She did have to admit though, as turned on as she was at that moment, she was even more so after he left. She had to take matters into her own hands and she did and she couldn’t remember ever enjoying being alone as much as she did that day. She wasn’t really surprised and came to enjoy that aspect of their parting now.

She smiled when he turned and walked to the bedroom doorway. He turned to look at her. She was utterly stunning in black lace panties, matching bra hanging loosely at the moment not really covering her perfect breasts. One stiff nipple exposed, darker than the surrounding soft, all over tan, skin. His eyes lingered on her, hunger in them, before he asked her to hold that thought and left. She looked back at him, watching and enjoying the hunger she saw in his eyes. She especially liked the very noticeable bulge in his pants. While he looked at her she devoured him with her eyes.

He hadn’t even turned away yet before her fingertips came up to pinch that exposed nipple. Her thoughts were of his hands on her, of his body, his lips, his tongue on her she sank back against the pillows of the bed. Those fingers tugged and twisted her nipple as her other hand reached between her already spreading thighs. Her fingers over the lace material, she felt herself through the fabric. She was very hot and very wet already. She felt her moisture seep through to her fingers immediately.

She thought about how much he loved to feel and touch and taste her wetness and quickly she slipped aside the panties, two fingers slid inside her instantly. She moaned softly and pushed those fingers as deep as she could while thinking of him filling her and how badly she did want him inside her right now. Her fingertips slipped and pressed. She felt her wetness between them, a few drops already making their way closer to the palm of her hand as she twisted and turned them.

She turned her hand and drew back her fingers. They went to her mouth. Again she moaned as she tasted herself. Her lips sucked one finger all the way down. She moaned a second time, this time to feel the vibrations on her finger. She thought about how much she enjoyed tasting herself like this on his smooth slippery hard shaft. His own pleasure as she licked and sucked him truly thrilled her. His reaction when she moaned on him was so perfect she thought. She moaned and sucked her finger clean. Her tongue already licking the drops of her from her palm her hips lifted a bit from the mattress.

Having expected this moment when he left she rolled only a bit to the retrieve what she had ready next to the pillows. Her fingers found her favorite toy. Her hips lifted and her other hand slid her panties down. A quick rub of her swelling and wet clit then she brought the toy to her. She pressed the soft tip to her entrance and thought of him there. She thought of the look in his eyes when güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri held still in that spot. She thought about the spark they shared when he pushed into her. She drew the soft purple shaft into her slowly just as he liked to do. She pressed it deeper. It was larger than he was but it lacked ‘his’ touch to her. Her mind flooded with thoughts and images of him, of her, and of them. She knew she was already close and felt the familiar and tremendous wave building already. She didn’t slow her pace. Instead she quickened her movements, plunging the toy into herself. Plunging him into her. Just a moment more and she crested her first wave. The rush overtook her and she gave herself to it fully. The flood around the toy to her fingers was warm and very very wet.

The toy paused for a moment inside of her. She loved how she felt when she flowed around its length. She left it there while she again brought her fingers to her lips. She licked at the few drops of her cum on her fingertips. Again thoughts of him replacing her fingers danced and played. Still with a fingertip between her lips her other hand took the toy beginning again.

She was savoring the slide in and out of her slowly. Her head pressed back to the pillow and she moaned again, low still but longer this time. The tantalizing feeling of again moving toward another orgasm with him delighted her. She slowed and wanted to enjoy every moment. She rolled a bit on the bed, her head turning to see his laptop on a nearby table. A thought occurred to her. She set aside her toy and rolled over and took the laptop. It was already on she knew where she wanted to go. Together they had found a few websites they enjoyed. In a second she was there. In another second she had her toy again….

He walked up the steps and smiled to himself. He thought about her and how much he loved how turned on she would get with him. He knew there were very few things that made him happier. He stopped at the top of the stairs when he heard a sound from the bedroom. Standing still he heard a moan and was about to move again when he heard another and then another, at least one of the sounds he knew wasn’t her. A puzzled moment flashed through his mind and he took the few remaining steps to the doorway. As he neared the doorway he recognized the sounds as coming from his computer.

He stood outside the doorway and looked into the room. He saw her on the bed leaning a bit to one side tilted away from him as she watched the screen. He knew she hadn’t noticed him there yet. Instantly he felt own growing stiffness respond. He watched as small blonde girl on the screen knelt before an impossibly proportioned man. The girl’s mouth slid to the base of what appeared to be a very impressive cock. His moan was loud and, he thought anyway, very genuine as the girl expertly took every inch. The view was from behind her. Her head bobbed up and down on him and he noticed his wife’s fingers were in her mouth. She sucked and moaned on them.

He was about to enter the room when he caught a glimpse of her toy between her thighs. He paused another moment and watched her shift, one leg opening a bit more. His viewing angle wasn’t the best but he knew she was pressing at least the tip of her toy into her. He became aware again of his own excitement. His fingers had begun squeezing himself. The tip pinched and pressed, he unzipped then decided to quietly unbuckle himself.

The strap came out silently but the clasp made a small sound and he expected to see her turn and see him. She didn’t. He looked in the room again to see her now plunging the toy deeper. Her eyes went to the image of the little blond girl bent over what looked like an office desk. The guy was behind her, the camera showed his slick shiny wet shaft being pressed and rubbed between the blonde’s admittedly appealing ass and a pink and wet and bare pussy. It seemed to him that the guy was deciding which hole to press himself into. And apparently he decided. With a grunt he buried himself in her pussy which a moan. The blonde practically squealed in pleasure but his wife’s moan was loudest of them all. He opened his pants and slid his fingers around himself as he listened to her. She was about to cum he knew. Already he was stroking as he looked again to see her ass flexing as she pushed her hips to meet her favorite toy being pushed deep over and over.

He listened and watched as her orgasm overtook her. His hand pumped himself as he watched. He didn’t realize he had moaned as well but neither did she at that moment. Her gasp turned to a cry of pleasure and her hips bucked. He knew that to be a sign that this orgasm was particularly powerful. His smile at that thought was absolute. He stepped out of the pants that were around his ankles and was again about to enter the room but instead he waited again. The screen showed that the guy didn’t stay with his initial decision. The camera lingered on a tight güvenilir bahis şirketleri shot of the blondes little ass being penetrated by his thick hard cock.

In and out it slid. His moans were soft in contrast to her louder cries. His pace picked up. He saw his wife turn a bit more. He saw her roll onto her knees her toy still held inside her. She faced away from him affording him the most amazing view of her from behind. He watched her toy being slid into her. He moaned again, softly this time, as he saw her cum dripping down her inner thigh. He wanted to lick that from her soft inner thigh. He felt his own precum on his tip.

He couldn’t see the screen very well but saw enough to see the guy was still behind the blonde. From the sounds she was making whatever he doing he was doing it well. He shifted his focus from the screen back to his wife’s fingers and her toy as she slid it deep. He watched her slip it from her now dripping wet, pink and swollen pussy. He saw her juices follow the tip from her and flow along that line down her thigh. His gaze then followed her toy as she pressed it over her flowing lips. She slid it lower, under herself and caught some of the flowing juices. The tip slid up again along her slit. He watched as it passed the edges of those lips, up to touch her own gorgeous ass.

For maybe the one millionth time he thought to himself. “God she’s got such a great ass.” The thought coming as it did, unbidden, to him made him almost chuckle despite his obvious and complete arousal. The semi distracted moment didn’t last though. His eyes were locked on the sight of his wife beginning to press the tip of her toy into her. His hand on his shaft stopped as he stared. He saw her ass clench then relax to accept the cum-slicked tip. She held that tip inside her and moaned even louder. As soon as he heard her the sound had him quickly pumping himself again.

Her moans now were louder and sustained as she started to press more then just the tip in. She pressed her face into the mattress and she noticed over the top curve of her ass that the blonde girl had been turned onto her back on the desk. The guy had a sheen of sweat on his chest as he held her legs and continued to pound himself into her. Her cries were also sustained but a higher pitch than his wife. Listening to them both moaning, he realized he was stroking hard and fast in the doorway. He felt a quick surge and knew he was close. He slowed himself.

But his wife hadn’t slowed at all. In fact he watched her toy dart quickly in and out of her ass now. A little over half of its length disappeared each time she pulled it into her. Again he listened to her and again he couldn’t help the rush of pleasure that came to him when he realized she was about to cum yet again

He did manage to resist stroking again since he knew he was so close already. Instead he was still and watched and enjoyed. Her cries were loud. He knew exactly what was coming next. Finally he stepped softly into the room. His bare feet on the carpeted floor made no noise. Kneeling as she was on the bed he knew he couldn’t quite reach her without getting on the bed. He moved behind her. A hand on his rock hard shaft, he squeezed hard and he thoroughly enjoyed his wife’s cry as she came.

His eyes were locked on her as she came. His view so close behind her was amazing. Her juices flowed from her as she nearly screamed in ecstasy. He knew he had reached his own limit and could no longer just watch. He saw his wife calm just a bit and the toy slip from her. She had begun to slide down to the mattress until he also slid onto the bed behind her. Expecting her startled response he saw her turn her head to see him. Her look of nearly exhausted pleasure turn to surprise and then joy at seeing him.

As ready and extremely eager as he was, his hand touched her hip and his fingers guided her back up to that position on her knees. She had barely gotten back to that spot before he slid himself right where her toy had been. He knew his size was smaller than the toy so he expected he would slide into her easier. He did and he pushed all of himself into her. His gasp matched hers as he pressed. Her voice cracked a little as she called out to him “Jimmm!”

He knew he was close already, his pace was quick, he felt his balls already wet as they slapped against her pussy. ‘Mmmmmm Ann!” he gasped when he felt another surge inside him. This time he didn’t stop or slow. He picked up his pace. He cried out again “I’m cummminggggg!” arched his back and plowed himself into her as deep as he could. The initial flood that erupted from him released as deep inside her as he could manage. He pressed his shaft, held still and felt the second release and then the third. Wave after wave of cum filled her.

He became aware of a light sweat on him now and he looked at the computer screen. In what struck him as eloquent timing he noticed the blonde again on her knees in front of the guy. Cum covered half of her lips as she looked up at him and licked him playfully. The camera caught a quick glimpse of his smile and he recognized and indeed shared that smile. He looked back to his wife who also watched the screen. He watched that smile as he bent over her. His body on hers he leaned to kiss her.

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