The Ranch was Small and Run Down

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It was in the fall of 84 when I rode up to the small ranch in Wyoming. I had come down out of Montana on my way to Colorado and just crossed in line with the small ranch. The windmill near the horse tank was inviting for my horse and me. I dunked my head under the cold water as he dipped his muzzle into the water and drank deeply.

I looked up and saw the young woman standing by the corner of the old barn watching us. Her age was young but other than that I had no idea? That and the fact she was much more than beautiful. She was stunningly beautiful. She smiled at me.

“Put your horse in the barn stranger there is a bit of hay to feed him. Then come to the house for a meal.”

I put my horse up and walked up to the house. I washed up outside and entered. The young woman who had invited me was in the kitchen. Four children and a very pretty Mexican woman sat in the other room. We had not much more than started our meal when a big man entered the house.

“Maria would you take the children to the little house, please.”

And they left.

“So you have come for my answer, Mr. Noble?”

“Seeing that you have sent her and the children away I believe I have your answer? So if you’ll undress now we can begin our relationship now?”

This beautiful woman calmly slipped the dress from her body and stood nude.

“This beautiful woman has just agreed to come work for me in my Saloon. You if you desire can become her first customer? But first I am going to sample her now.”

And with that he dropped his pants and stepped out of them. His cock was semi hard, uncut, and of good size. He stepped to her and moved her to the bed, in the corner. He eased her onto her back, and spread her thighs wide. And moved up between them. He pulled her back closer to him and moved her in better position so he could enter her and then he did. He slid smoothly up inside of her. He began to fuck her slowly.

She looked at me her eyes very big as he fucked her. I have seen whores fuck other guys in lots of whore houses around the west. But this woman was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. And I need to admit that I was totally engrossed in seeing her give herself up to become a whore for him. Her popularity was going to be huge. Every man in the area was going to want her. She moaned softly.

“It has been some time since I have enjoyed sex, Mr. Noble. My husband has been gone for nearly two years now.”

“Lots of men around that could have taken care of this for you, Mrs. Mandel.”

“I am sure, but you are only the second man to do this with me Mr. Noble.”

I found it a bit unusual they were having this conversation while he was fucking her. I finally spoke to her.

“Mrs. Mandel you need a hand here to help you get this place in shape.”

“I couldn’t afford to hire a hand Mr.?”

“It is Branden, Mam. Johnson Branden.”

They stopped still both their eyes wide looking at me.

“Are you offering to work for me Mr. Branden?”

“Yes, Mam I am.”

“Going to work for Mr. Noble will give me some money to help us exist so I can pay you. Can you stay and protect Maria and my children Mr. Manden?”

“Yes, Mam they will be safe now.”

“You may not know I am having trouble with the ranch to the east. He wants my ranch. I have good water, He wants it.”

“You don’t need to do this Mrs. Mandel.”

“I do Sir, I agreed to work for Mr. Noble in his brothel.”

I left them to the job at hand and went outside.

It was nearly 2 hours before he came outside.

“Whew, this is the best deal I have ever made. Go in get you a cut of her then ride on and you may live longer If you eryaman escort stay they will burry you here.”

“Don’t push Noble, I would as soon kill you and then ride over to his ranch and tell him to stop. You know who will die here and it won’t be me.”

She rode off to town with him and I watched them go. Nearly a week had passed and I had gotten to know Maria and Mrs. Mandel’s children. Maria was a pert little Mexican woman of maybe twenty. who told me she had wanted Mrs. Mandel to let her work for Mr. Noble, but she would not hear of it. She said Maggie had told her it was her job to do.

Five of them rode into the yard on the fifth day Mrs. Mandel had been gone.

“Prance them kids out here Mex. We wanta see if her oldest is the looker she is? And maybe see if she can fuck like her Momma?”

Maria and the four children came from the little house. Beth was the oldest at eighteen soon to be nineteen and who looked remarkably like her mother. And was filling out her dress much like her mother.

“Mex you and this one shed your dresses we want to see if you are nearly as nice as her mother? We all been with her some, now your turn.”

I rounded the corner of the barn in time to see two of them holding Maria down and the third actively fucking her. Beth was spread wide and her lover was just about to make her a woman. She was ready and wanted it.

My voice stopped it.

“I am sorry Beth I know you are ready to become a woman but I told your mother I would protect you, So put your cloths back on.”

The man who had been holding her for the one about to fuck her stood and his hand hovered near his gun.

“If you touch your gun I will kill you. I am Johnson Branden just so you know who I am.”

His hand jumped away from his gun. The man who was about to become young Beth’s lover was pulling his paints up.

“I don’t give a shit who you are. We all have fucked this little bitches mother and I am going to fuck her. As soon a I take care of you. Then we will go back and fuck her Mamma some more.”

“I am sorry but you touch your gun you won’t fuck her mother ever again.”

The two who had held Maria while she was being fucked by the third man had turned and walked my way.

“Billy don’t, he is the one who killed her husband. He killed Martin Mandel. Mandel never had a chance.”

“Mr. Mandel had every chance in the world to walk away and then he drew first. Go back and tell Loyd this ends now or I will come for him. Your boss know me and he will not want that. Now go home.”

They rode off. I looked over and the guy was still busy fucking Maria.

“When you are finished?”

“Mister, the lady from here is the best fucking I ever dreamed of, but this one is really close. Could I stay. I can help you here?”

I shrugged and walked off. I could hear Beth talking to Maria as the young man was still fucking her.

“Beth get the kids inside. They should not watch us doing this.”

I heard her yelling for the others to go back into the house.

“You too, Beth.”

“No Maria, I want to watch you and learn.”

As I walked away I could hear them arguing and I knew Beth still sat completely nude watching them. Her breasts nearly as large as her mothers.

I worked around the ranch doing jobs that had been left too long. Her husband was never a rancher. He was an outlaw who robbed banks and stages. He tried the wrong stage. I was riding shotgun on it. They tried it at a station. There were three of them. They shot my driver and stood beside the stage when I came from the barn. They had the box down and were working to open it. I walked calmly up from behind them. escort ankara And told them they had picked the wrong stage. They turned and faced me. The other two knew who I was. He didn’t care. He had his own reputation.

That had been two years ago. I had only just learned he had a wife and children. And they were not doing well. So I had come to see.

Oh, she knew who I was. I could see it in her eyes. They needed help and I was it. She rode in after being gone three weeks. She was somewhat thinner but not much. The children had lots of questions I knew she was not wanting to answer but had no choice. The men had talked too openly and loudly.

She spent most of the day with Maria and the children. The kid who was now working for her was down in our old bunk house. We talked about the ranch for nearly an hour and she said she needed to go down and see the new guy.

I had heard Maria talking about him. I heard Maria tell her he really wanted to be with her when she came home. She remembered him and said she’d been with him a number of times. She went off down to the bunk house. She came back an hour later naked her breasts wet with sweat. We talked again about her ranch and the plans I had for it.

“Do you want me Mr. Branden?”

“Yes, I do Mrs. Mandel. But not as a whore.”

“But I am a whore now. Lots of men use me every day now. I just gave myself to the young man down there.”

“When the year is up we will talk about it.”

“That may not change in a year. Mr. Noble wants me. He wants me to marry him and continue as his whore.”

“Is that something you are thinking of doing?”

“Who will want me after a year in a brothel? Every man you meet will have been with me.”

“Maybe to the right man it won’t make any difference?”

“And you really believe that?”

“No, Mrs. Mandel I know that.”

“Oh, it really won’t?”

“Not a bit.”

“But you have no desire to be with me.”

“No one has ever said I have no desire to be with you. I have never wanted a woman for my own until now.”


I rode back to town with her and as she entered the Saloon I went in the General store for supplies. I ordered enough for three month and then I walked down to the stable and bought a buckboard and a team. I brought it back to the store to be loaded.

Maggie Mandel was working for her second month in the brothel. And even the store owner was talking about what a hot whore she was. Even he had slipped over for a taste of her pussy. And was bragging s about it.

“Jake Noble is going to marry her and keep her in his brothel. She is a gold mine. He told me so. And he and the Judge are buddies.”

When the supplies were loaded and ready I walked over to the saloon. Maggie was naked on stage and the crowd was crowding around it. Noble was at the bar. I crossed to him.

“Maggie tells me you have some idea about her and the ranch at her years end. You better get that idea out of your head now. It ain’t going to happen she belongs to me now. She and I are to be married next week.”

“if she tells me that is what she wants? Then you can have her.”

“She ain’t got a say in it. This is my deal.”

I back handed him and then knocked him down. As he got up his hand dropped to his gun.

“You go ahead Noble pull that shooter and we can end this right now..”

He jerked his hand way and I slapped him again.

“Now you think long and hard about your next move Noble. Treat her like the lady she is. You don’t own her so never act like it. If I hear different I will ride in and kill you on the spot. Understand?”

He nodded.

“Say it Noble.”

“I sincan escort understand.”

I glanced at her as I walked out and saw the small smile on her lips.

I helped Maria store all the supplies and helped her get the meal started. Then I put the horses to bed. Ben Curtus had a problem keeping his cock out of Maria and she was very likely to loose her panties around him.

The next afternoon she was down in the bunk house with him and the kids were in the small house. I was just putting my saddle on Jinks my horse when the three rode in to the yard. I was standing on the back side of him in the lot and they didn’t see me. They dismounted and yelled at the house.

“Get your little ass out here girl we wanta see if you are as pretty as your Mamma.”

Beth came from the house and Maria from the bunk house. I stepped around my horse and between the split rails of the fence and stood some thirty feet behind them.

“The disrobing of the girls won’t be needed gentlemen, we know you are here to do what Noble paid you for.”

“We will have our fun with the girls after you are dead.”

And they drew. And two of them were dead. The third had changed his mind at the last second and raised his hands over his head. I spoke slowly.

“You go back to town and tell Noble if he sends more men out here again I will come for him. Is he treating Mrs. Mandel alright?”

“He had the three of us fuck her just before we rode out here. And he was taking her over to the judges to marry her when we were riding out. He keeps her naked so every body sees her. By now he’s fucking her on stage of the saloon so every body sees she is his. Said the Judge was going to fuck her as he married them.”

I sent him back to town. Weeks past and then months. The ranch slowly turned from small and run down to large and well kept. With nearly six hundred head of young breeding stock. I built a new house with six rooms and rebuilt Maria’s little house where I lived.

Ben and Maria spent time in the bunk house most days and I saw Beth with Maria most days going to the bunk house. My job was to keep them all safe nothing more. Beth was going on nineteen now and she was a woman as beautiful as her mother.

The year of her contract with Noble had come and gone. We were now into a second year of her being a whore for him. And nearly a year of being his wife. It was time for her to come home.

Maggie had not been home in over a year. She had been completely controlled by Noble. I saddled up and went to town. I knew he would be waiting for me. That is why I’d let so much time pass. No one knew I was coming and I rode in well after Midnight.

The Saloon was alight and music was playing. I had left my horse at the stable and bought a second one and the gear. I walked down to the Saloon. Maggie was nude on stage and Noble was up beside her. His cock hanging out as my guess was he was about to show his ownership of her for all to see.

As I stepped in the door she screamed.

“They plan to kill you, Johns.”

I saw Noble jerk his gun from his holster and I shot him in the for head just over his eye. With my left hand gun I shot the guy in the chair on the south wall in the exact same place. I shot his bartender in the throat just as his shotgun was coming my way over the bar.

“Get down Maggie and come to me.”

When she stood beside me I sent her out the doors and stepped out behind her. I lead her over to the court house and kicked the back door in. I grabbed the Judge by the throat and drug him into the court room.

“Now Mrs. Noble I have killed your first two husbands, will you marry me?”

“If you want me? Yes I will.”

I turned to the Judge and nodded.

He said the words and we the I does.

“Now did he fuck you while he married you to Noble?”

“Yes he did.”

I broke his fucking nose. And I took my wife home.

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