The Office Boy Ch. 06

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My name is Glenn and by now you may have read my stories.

Sitting in the office rest area I drank my coffee. Reading the newspaper I came to the television listings and as I skimmed down the page I realised I had forgot to record a programme that was on that night. “Bugger it.” Looking up I noted one of my more reserved colleagues, Ruth, sitting opposite me. “Sorry!”

“No problem Glenn.” She replied smiling slightly in return. “What’s up?”

I looked at her as she sat there. She was a very pleasant woman, although extremely quiet, who always seemed to dress in a conservative manner. While I understood that she was in her early thirties the way she dressed together with her glasses and her hair always tied up very tightly gave her the appearance of being older than her years. It was a rarity to be speaking to Ruth, as she was your traditional wallflower.

“Well I forgot to set the video before I went out this morning. I have been watching a series that’s on tonight, but I will be out at football training.” I explained.

“Can’t your parent’s do it for you, you do still live at home don’t you?”

“Yes, but they are away this week so no-ones home. Guess I will miss it, but it’s annoying as I have watched the first four parts.” I shrugged trying to give the impression it didn’t matter too much.

“Could I help, why don’t I video it for you? What’s the programme?” She offered.

I grinned, “Thank you that’s really kind of you.” I gave her the details. “If you can do it I will watch it Friday night as I have football Saturday and then on Sunday my parents return, that way I can return the tape to you on Monday.”

She smiled “That is a great idea Glenn, as my husband can be a little bit possessive about his tapes, I tease him saying he’s bordering on anal about it.” We laughed. I was surprised as Ruth was always considered to be very organised and did every thing in a precise and regimented manner at work. If she thought her husband was anally retentive what must he be like?

The following day Ruth came into the office and walked past my desk. She placed the tape down “Hope I recorded it alright, enjoy!” I smiled thanking her and put the cassette in my bag.

When I got home I put the cassette on the coffee table and started to make myself a meal. Putting the tape in the video I pressed play and settled down to watch the programme while eating my food. When the programme ended, I rose from my chair taking the plate and cutlery to the kitchen. As I placed the items in the sink I heard the title music of the programme playing but it suddenly cut out. It was initially replaced by the static crackle of blank videotape. Then I froze as I swore I heard a voice say my name but I realised it was probably the next programme or film that had been taped over. I stopped what I was doing and listened, the voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. Returning to the living room I froze as I realised it was Ruth on the screen. Grabbing the remote control I stopped the tape, hit rewind then stop, playing the tape the static filled the screen once more.

As the static stopped the screen showed an empty bedroom then walking away from the screen I made out the back of a woman. She turned and sat on the bed, it was Ruth. She was wearing her work clothes, which to be blunt bordered on drab and non-descript, looking directly out of the screen she smiled. “Hi there Glenn. I do hope you let the tape run on a bit otherwise you won’t get this message will you?. I trust you enjoyed your programme and if you did you owe me a favour.” I have to admit I was more than a little confused by this but thought lets see what she wants.

“So I would like to ask you for a favour. I have got a job needs doing on Saturday and my husband is going to spend all day fishing with his mates. Would you like to assist me?” With that she gave a very provocative wink. She then reeled off her address and suggested her husband would be leaving at around about 9.30 a.m. so could I come round at that time. She said what her husband’s car was and to stay out of sight if it was around then to call once he had gone. I could return the tape and say thank you. I stopped the tape and fully rewound it. Putting it in its box I wondered what the prim and proper Ruth had in mind.

Picking up the telephone I dialled my friend who was the football captain. “Hi Steve it’s Glenn. I am really sorry about this but I am going to have to pull out of tomorrow’s game as I have picked up a bit of a stomach bug. I should be okay for training next week, will catch up with you then. Okay good luck tomorrow.” I went back to the kitchen and proceeded to clean everything up. That night I set about cleaning my parents’ house as I thought that maybe I might not get a lot of time tomorrow to tidy as I had planned.

Waking up the following morning I got out of bed and made my way to the shower. In the shower my mind raced thinking about what might lie ahead for the rest of the day. I quickly dressed and as I left the house grabbed the tape.

I arrived near where Ruth güvenilir bahis lived and parked in a nearby road. Her house was in an upmarket area of Hove and as I approached I saw her husband in the drive loading what I took to be his fishing equipment into the boot of a very flashy car. Luckily opposite their house was a bus stop. I sat on the bench noting that my luck was in as there were no buses for the next ten minutes. I looked at the house, which was very large and must have cost a fortune. I guessed that Ruth’s husband most have a very well paid job. Looking at him I noticed he was much older than her as he must be in his late fifties. He climbed into his car and drove out into the road and sped away. I was relieved that he did not appear to have noticed me at all. I gave him about five minutes and when he didn’t return I crossed the road and made my way up their gravel drive.

Approaching the door I rang the bell and stepped back to admire the house at close hand. Out the corner of my eye I caught sight of the front door opening so turned to the entrance. My mouth fell open and I merely said “Ruth!?!”

Standing in the doorway slightly back so she couldn’t be seen from the road was Ruth. I was absolutely amazed at her appearance. Stood before me she was wearing a black leather bra with metal studs and matching briefs, black hold up stockings and finished the outfit, if that was the right word to describe it, with black leather knee length boots. “Well, what do you think?” She asked before slowly turning through 360 degrees. I took in almost every inch of her sexy body.

“I think you are one extremely sexy woman.”

“What are you waiting out there for? Please come in so we can have some fun.”

I walked into the house, if it had looked impressive from the outside the inside was immaculate, Ruth and her husband obviously had a very high level of income. Ruth took my hand, removing the tape from my grip she tossed it onto a table, then her other hand snaked around my neck and she pulled me close to her. Her mouth clamped over mine and her tongue forced its way into my mouth. Our tongues danced together with kiss going on for minutes. We broke “Mmmm, you kiss very well for one so young Glenn. I take it from the fact you’re here and that lovely kiss you want to spend the day playing with me?”

“I would love too. What did you have in mind?” She didn’t reply but took my hand and led me into her front room. She started to undress me and soon I was stood before her in just my boxer shorts. My cock was solid and was trying to poke out of the button ‘fly’. She grabbed a remote control and then the room was filled with very sexy slow music. We started to embrace before moving closely together. The feel of the soft leather of her bra was in stark contrast to the cold metal studs. We were so close that I could feel her breath on my neck and as I breathed in I was aware of her perfume. I made a move to touch her breasts but she drew back a little.

“Not so fast, we have all day and I love to take my time. You can do what ever you like with me, all I ask is that we take it nice and slowly. You are very young and in my experience if we just get down and dirty you will cum very quickly. Lets get you used to me first, we can dance now, then get naked, have a chat while we caress then lets see where we go.” She put her finger on my lips and we danced very slowly, occasionally kissing, caressing each other’s necks, faces and backs. “Can I ask you a question Glenn?”

“Fire away.”

“If we are going to play, how experienced are you? Really what I am saying is have you had unprotected sex yet?”

I was slightly taken aback by her question but replied; “I have never had sex without a condom before. I have been given a blow job without one.”

“That’s good because I am on the pill and love bareback sex. The blowjob wont effect you so I can take it you are clear. You have got me aroused Glenn, lets go to bed?” Taking my hand she led me up the staircase. Turning on the landing she led me into the bedroom where a massive double bed stood in the centre of the room. We climbed on to the bed and without a word started kissing. My hands found the clasp of her bra and gently undid it; my hands found their way to the front and eased the material away from her breasts. Her boobs filled my hands nicely and I was aware that her nipples were very hard.

She pushed me back on the bed and lowered her head onto my lap; I felt her hand move into my shorts and then her mouth envelope my hardening cock. She licked me up and down before clamping her lips around me and sinking as slow as she could. Pulling away from my member she turned to face me “What would you like to do first?”

I replied, “As a gentleman, I would let the lady choose.”

“Shit, even you youngsters are getting so fucking full of shit. But as you asked I want you to lick my cunt and arsehole until I have cum.” I was gobsmacked to hear Ruth say these things, as I had never heard her utter even the word bloody in the office. She stood on the bed in her boots, türkçe bahis stockings and briefs, positioning herself over me with a heel at each side of my face. Lifting one foot then the other stepped out of her briefs. They were dropped down next to me and Ruth lowered her knees to either side of my head. Her pussy was shaven absolutely bare. I had never, except for the pages of porno magazines, seen a completely smooth pussy before.

Her pussy was glistening with her juice and I could smell the musky scent of her. This showed her obvious arousal so I started to lick at her labia paying particular attention to her clit. My nose was pressed against the soft flesh of her pubis, which felt different, as when I had licked Caroline I had grown used to nuzzling amongst her soft curly pubes. Another difference was that Ruth inner lips were considerably larger than Caroline’s. Her pussy was extremely wet and her fluids tasted very bitter sweat. My attention on her sex was having the desired effect as she was moaning. Getting more worked up she began rubbing her groin backwards and forwards over my face. Suddenly her hands were grabbing on the back of my head and pulling my face hard into her wet fleshy sex. I tongued her furiously while she ground herself on me, she was moaning and crying out that she was about to cum. Then without warning she pushed my face away and started to rub her clit. “I simply have to cum with your cock filling me.” She turned and knelt over my cock and plunged it deep in her pussy. I felt the inside of a woman’s pussy against my naked cock for the first time.

“Glenn, put your hand under the pillow and bring what you find out.” I fumbled round until my hands found a couple of hard objects under the linen. I pulled out a rubbery dildo that looked only a little smaller than my penis, and some lube. “Prime it, then push it gently up my arse.” She demanded, leaning forward so her puckered anus was in front of me. Smearing the dildo I pushed the tip tentatively against her ring. “No, you must press a bit harder Glenn. Have you never indulged in anal play before?”

“No, not anything like this.”

“Please push harder, I can take it but do it slowly and smoothly.” As I did her arse yielded and the phallus entered her, which I could then feel putting pressure on my cock, which was encased in her pussy walls. “Now it’s in me make sure you hold the end but let me bounce on you and it. Promise not to let go of it when I cum Glenn.” She started to lift herself before dropping down while both of her holes were violated. “Hold on, I’m cumming.” I held the dildo and felt her vagina clamp tightly on me. She continued to fuck me while she was screaming as the orgasm hit her. Gradually she stopped and I removed the dildo from her arse. She lifted off of me.

“Have you ever been deep throated before?” She asked and rolled onto the bed, lying on her back she let her head fall over the end of the bed; I left the bed and approached her face. “Kneel down and fuck my mouth Glenn. By all means play with my body and don’t worry about cumming in my mouth or throat as I love it. Ease in slowly and let me lick you as I adjust then when you’re all the way in go for it.”

I did as she said and I felt her easing her mouth gently over me, I felt the head of my cock slide into her throat. I had never been this deep in a woman’s mouth before. I lowered my hands onto her soft fleshy boobs and roughly kneaded them while she sucked on me. I just concentrated on fucking Ruth’s face while her tongue licked against my cock. I lowered my hands until they were playing with her bare pussy. I came in Ruth’s mouth and she sucked really hard on me and I realised that my cum had been shot straight down her throat.

After I had pulled my wilting cock from her mouth we got into bed. Laying together we stroked and caressed each other while chatting.

“So, I take it your opinion of me has changed?”

“I have to admit that I always saw you as prim and proper. Guess I fell into the trap of judging a book by the cover!”

She laughed, “You mean the clothes, glasses and my hair always tied up. My husband always finds it funny when we are ‘playing’ as he wonders what my work colleagues would say if they knew about our private life.”

“I take it that this is not the first time you have done this?”

“Oh god no. I will be honest I have been wracking my brains to come up with a way to fuck you since you started in the office. My husband had egged me on as he knew how wet I got thinking about taking you.”

“So does he know I was coming here?” I asked.

“Of course. People would say we were unfaithful but I disagree as we always tell each other what we are doing or have planned. He would love to be here today but we felt you may not have been up for that. Well not yet anyway. Besides I wanted you to myself!” Her hands were stroking my chest then she snaked a nail around my left nipple. “I take it I can trust you with our secret?” I nodded. “Good, because if you like there is more to tell. Lets go downstairs and grab a drink. While güvenilir bahis siteleri we are down there I can show you something.”

We both went downstairs back into the lounge. Ruth was so at ease walking around stark naked that it helped me to become relaxed. She motioned me to sit in a chair by the television screen. After she had put a tape in the video she turned to face me. “Remember, what you are about to see you most not tell anyone. Not even Sally, I know you two are close but please I must insist.”

“I promise.”

Suddenly the screen erupted into life as she flicked the remote control. My mouth fell open as I realised this was a home movie… with a difference. I could hear Ruth talking as it appeared that she was shooting the film, the camera focused on the people milling around the room I was currently sitting in. Everyone was naked and it dawned on me that Ruth and her husband were swingers and they hosted parties. “See now why I asked about your sexual past? We all have regular check ups you know STD and HIV tests. Everybody you see there carries his or her clean bill of health certificate like a passport. You could still come to a party but we would insist you wear a rubber.”

“Are you inviting me?”

“Sure, normally we insist on couples but if its my party I can ask who I like. I’d give you a full run down on the etiquette. So would you like to come one night?”

“I’d love to.”

“Shall we have a dip to celebrate?” She lead me out of the room to the rear of the property and into her indoor swimming pool. We spent the next twenty minutes alternating between swimming around each other then embracing in the water. As I hardened once more she noticed and suggested we get out of the water. She got out first and lay down on a poolside lounger; she opened her legs and then started to rub her clit. I climbed from the water stroking my erection as I watched her masturbate in front of me. “Can I cum inside of you Ruth?” She bit her lip and nodded. I climbed over her sucking then chewing on her nipples while she rubbed. From the look in her eyes I knew it was time so I nudged the tip of my cock against the entrance of her pussy. Her fingers were rubbing between our stomachs I pushed my weight slowly forward entering her pussy. There was a soft squelching noise as her amply lubricated opening took me.

After several minutes she started to climax and as she did she pulled me close to her and started to nibble on my shoulders and neck. Having felt her muscles pulsing all over my cock while I slowly thrust in and out of her. “Glenn, fuck me furiously,” she demanded so my movement increased. Her cunt felt very tight, this coupled with the fact that I wasn’t used to fucking without a condom was getting too much for me. I felt my balls tighten as I ejaculated deep in her pussy. It felt wonderful the cum spilling into her pussy and filling her. I had finally experienced my first non-condomed orgasm in a woman’s vagina. Ruth whispered her thanks in my ear. “Want to take a look at me.” I broke from her and saw my sperm bubbling at the entrance of her, which then very slowly dribbled down onto the towel beneath us. “Would you care to share a bath with me.”

In keeping with her house the bathroom contained a very large sunken bath, which I lay back in. Ruth climbed in and lay with her back against me. “So have you had a nice day?”

“Yes.” I replied twisting her head so we could kiss.

“I take it today you would be more comfortable going before Alan gets back?” I considered this and felt a little unsure about meeting him at the moment. “It’s okay Glenn, he is looking forward to catching up on our adventures tonight when he gets back. For now let’s relax and talk.”

“Tell me Ruth, how long have you guys had this arrangement?”

“Pretty much since we have known each other. Alan is twenty years older than me and I am his third wife. My two predecessors had affairs. When we met Alan didn’t want to commit, as he was sure it would happen again. One night we had had a few drinks and well…. We had a very frank exchange. We both considered this way was best. We can both have other partners but no one ever gets hurt. At the end of the day we love each other but he would never keep me satisfied on his own. Other women give him the impetus to try and stay as young as possible.”

“And the parties. How did that all start?”

“You really are a novice aren’t you? Don’t be upset, as novices go you are the best I have ever experienced. There are contact magazines and we have some ‘very good’ friends. Before you ask there is no-one else from work involved.”

She turned in the bath to face me, “So tell me Glenn what have you yet to experience, sexually, that you are dying to try?”

I laughed “A threesome, preferably with two women, or group action. I guess that is the same for all guys.”

She looked into my eyes and smiled “If I could arrange for me and another woman to spend an afternoon with you in the future would you like that? You really don’t need to answer,” she said grasping my penis as it stirred into life. “You see before you come to a party I need to knock all of the novice aspects out of you, you will enjoy it more believe me.” She then started to rub me gently under the water. I lay back savouring the sensation.

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