The Nudist Beach Ch. 03

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I was still lying down. It seemed like I had dreamed the day away, snoozing, masturbating, and making sweet sticky love to the new man in my life. I couldn’t believe we had just met a few hours earlier on this beautiful nudie beach in the tropics. It felt like we had known each other forever.

The swim in the ocean had been refreshing, washing off a day’s worth of sweaty, messy lovemaking. We had held each other in the ocean, enjoying the cool salty water and our naked skin pressed against each other. I was wiped out, feeling blessed.

I felt Nicky stirring next to me.

“That was the best blow job I have ever received,” he said to me, and then gave me a few kisses. “Babe you are beyond gifted.”

“Thanks to our Dragon Lady,” I said, referring to the beautiful exotic woman near us who had given us a graphic, gorgeous show as she made love to her man. “My love, you taste delicious,” I said, “I will do that for you anytime.”

He said he would do the same for me. We sat up and took long swigs of water. We were fishing around for snacks when I heard a voice say, “You like some fruit?”

I turned and she was there, our stunning Dragon Lady with her smooth golden brown skin and her sparkling, dark eyes. Her breasts were full and round, with thick, brown-black nipples. She was smiling at us, holding out some bananas and a mango. I smiled huge and thanked her. “We love fruit,” said Nick. “Thank you for your generosity.”

“Do you mind?” she asked us, and then she was shaking out her blanket and laying it down closer to us as her man gathered up their things and brought them over.

“Please join us, beautiful couple of paradise,” I said, and they both laughed with merriment.

“Aw thanks,” she said, “You guys hot too, we see you.” Her accent was adorable. Both of them had expressions that said they did not take life too seriously, like the smallest thing could send them into giggles. It was infectious.

She said her name was Mariko, and that she was from Guam. Her lover was Hector, they had been together for twenty something years and were island junkies. This one was their favorite, they loved to be naked and here they felt very comfortable. Nobody hassled them.

I told her our nickname for her, because of the beautiful dragon tattoo, and she laughed and said she loved it. We introduced ourselves and they said they couldn’t believe that the two of us had just met a few hours ago. “You guys are so in love,” she said. “I see this one lasting long time.”

I leaned up against Nick and he put his arms around me. We fed each other bites of food and chatted with our new friends. Dragon Lady was sitting cross legged and we could clearly see the details of her pierced pussy and the sticky wetness that seemed to be perpetually present on her curling black pubic hair. She had two silver rings on one side, and one on the other. Ok, so maybe I was staring. I couldn’t help it.

They told us that they loved to play in sensual ways, it kept their passion alive and kept them excited to be together. They had been exploring some new techniques, and really wanted to practice them, but they needed another couple to practice on.

My clit leapt to attention. Could she see it throbbing when she mentioned that last piece if information? Nick cupped his hands over my breasts, bahis firmaları rubbing them, squeezing my nipples, letting them know with his body that he was down to be a guinea pig for this lusty duo.

My smile was huge and I told them that I was down for anything, that seeing how beautifully free they were had opened me up to new ways of making love. They were being frisky, touching each other’s genitals casually, talking in some secret language about the things they wanted to do to us.

The food and water made me feel great. I had renewed energy and brightness. I was still fixated on her open crotch, watching as a tiny pool of white liquid gathered in the bottom of her pussy. She was dripping wet, and I’m pretty sure I was, too. I could feel Nick’s cock rising behind me, poking my lower back, and I started having full body tremors. I was entering another dimension, where lovemaking was a powerful drug that could transport us to other worlds.

Dragon Lady told us to shake out our blankets and lay them down. She was directing the show, and we were fine with that. The sunlight was fading, the beach was nearly empty, and we were all radiating heat from being in the sun all day. The cool air felt good as the temperature dropped a few degrees, and the chirping of the birds carried us into evening. Island paradise with mad sexperts, I was thinking. Not sure how I got here, but I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

She told us to lie down side by side on our stomachs. Soon they were kneeling over us, rubbing us down with oils, giving us both a massage. Not afraid of butt crack, these two. They switched places, taking turns, working together fluidly, treating our entire bodies with reverence. They had us roll over and then they were giving us the full treatment on our front sides. We closed our eyes and held hands, surrendering to the exquisite moment.

“Ok that was warm up,” she said. “Now Nicky, you on your back, Mermaid you on top of him, stomach to stomach.” We did as she said. We were slippery with oil but I managed to lie on him, my knees out to the side and my booty resting gently on his hardening cock.

“Ok beauty,” she was saying, and then I felt their hands on us, pressing down, using our bodies to massage each other. She bunched up some towels and put them under my head, telling us to relax, kiss, look at each other and listen to ocean. They do everything else.

We both said that sounded really good, and then we giggled and stretched like starfish before wrapping ourselves around each other. I relaxed into his neck and he stroked my head, and I knew something was happening when I felt him pull on my hair.

I looked at him and he had that look of animal lust and bliss, and I was sure one of them was sucking on his cock. I felt hair brushing against my ass and I kissed him deep, holding his tongue in my mouth, sucking on it like it was his dick. I felt hands lifting my pelvis and then a warm, soft mouth was licking me deeply. There was no hesitation, the tongue went deep into me, licking me everywhere, and I moaned and kissed Nick with more fervor. He was moaning also. There was a pause as they switched places, and then a mouth was on me again, licking me deeply as the other one had done.

Then I felt something warm, firm and slimy. I shuddered hard. kaçak iddaa I knew it was the mango pit from the fruit we had been eating. It was being rubbed over my vulva, pressed against my clit, and then eased up my ass crack. I looked at Nicky and his mouth fell open. I put my finger in it to give him something to bite on, and he bit down while he squeezed my ass and squirmed under me.

“They’re rubbing me with fruit peels,” he whispered. “It feels like a mango peel. It feels really good.” I told him same here, and then we were kissing so deeply it felt like our mouths had liquefied.

Our couple was amazing. I could not tell which one was down there. They were licking our asses, sucking on Nick, fingering me gently. It felt very soft and non-intrusive. At one point one of them was massaging my lower back and pushing my body against Nick’s. I felt my pelvis being lifted. A tongue was reaching for my clit and then pushing against it, licking my entire vulva from behind, and then licking all the way up my ass crack to my spine. I moaned hard and started biting various parts of Nick. I felt like a wild thing, I no longer had any control over myself. I was acting on pure animal instinct.

I felt the tip of Nick’s rock-hard cock being pushed into me. I was more than ready for it. I knew I could come at any moment, but I was learning to hold back, to feel the tension without releasing it right away.

They were directing his cock into me, pushing my hips down, letting him enter me a little bit at a time and then pulling me back up. Then they were pushing me all the way down on to him while one of them licked my ass and I was making noises that were something like a moose in labor crossed with a laughing hyena. I had lost all control. It was the greatest thing I had ever felt. Nicky was buried into me completely, my clit smashed up against his pelvis, and I was sliding around on him, wet with several kinds of slime.

They moved my hips up and down on him and then they slowed down, while we breathed a little softer, pressing our cheeks together. Our luscious couple was now lying next to us. Hector was on his back and Dragon Lady was riding his cock, just like us. I sat up and smiled at them. We had been mirroring each other all day. They had turned me on like nothing else, and yet it was all about the love between me and my boy, and her and her man. Which made me fall in love with both of them, of course.

They scooted a little closer until the men’s shoulders were touching. Dragon Lady and I looked at each other and smiled the way you smile at someone you are smitten for, moving our legs so that they were touching. We reached out and clasped our hands together, and she said, “Ride that gorgeous man, girl. He’s a good one.”

“I know. And same to you. You guys are an inspiration, keep fucking forever.” We all laughed and she pulled me towards her and kissed me on the lips. We paused for a moment and shared a beautiful kiss, her silky soft lips exploring my mouth, and I could taste a little bit of all of us on her lips, mingled with the rich sweetness of ripe mango.

The next moment we were fucking the shit out of our men. We kept our hands clasped together and we both bucked forward. We were moving like one body, pushing forward in the same rhythm. We both leaned down and kaçak bahis kissed our babes. It was a moan fest.

I watched her rise up and come down hard on her man, and I did the same. She pulled out and slid her pussy over the length of his cock, pushing her vulva against his balls, moving slowly up his shaft and pausing right at the tip. I did what she was doing, looking down at our beautiful bodies melting together. She rose up and took her lover’s tip into her puss, rolling her hips back and forth, and then sank down with a moan while I did the same. We were pumping hard now, in perfect rhythm with each other while our men smacked our asses and pulled on our hips. I was very light-headed, I had a flying kind of feeling.

She asked me if I was close and I said yeah, really close. She said she was too. I heard her say, “Let’s all come together,” and then she squeezed my hand really hard and jerked her body forward, grinding her pelvis into her lover. I did the same, my clit felt like it was about to burst. Nick was so swollen inside of me, it was like he was filling me everywhere. We all kind of said, “Ahhh…” and then I had to let it go. My orgasm began to pulsate out from my clit, sending ripples through my body. I was crying out but I had no idea what I sounded like. My body was transported into the ether, blasted apart into a million pieces. Ripples of heat were moving through me, causing me to vibrate all over.

The intensity subsided slightly, and then Nicky was making sounds like a wolf at the kill, thrusting hard and I felt him spurt his hot juice deep into me. I cried out again and my orgasm came back with explosive intensity. I was grinding my clit so hard on Nick’s pelvis, I knew I would be sore as hell at some point, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop myself for anything. Dragon Lady and her man were making crazy animal noises as well. She squeezed my hand hard and then finally let go as we both collapsed onto our lovers’ bodies.

The pulsations were ebbing now, but were still flowing outward from my clit into every part of my body. I was shuddering, burying my face in Nick’s sweaty neck, sucking on his salty skin. He was squeezing my ass, pulling me towards him and I swear it felt like I was still having an orgasm.

The sunlight was completely behind the cliff by now and we were about to be deep in shadows. I was still whimpering and sliding around on Nick’s body. It felt like I was on a cloud, it was surreal and mystical. I had no idea my body was capable of feeling that way. I didn’t have to look at our couple to know that they were doing and feeling whatever we were. They were like our sexual spirit guides, and I giggled and told them this. Then we were all giggling and they said that we were good apprentices, and were on our way to graduating into sexual super stars.

We were drunk on sex and laughter. We stood up, had a big, sweaty group hug, and then dipped back into the ocean. They told us that they had big love for us, we were a beautiful couple, and that they wished us a happy life together. We told them the same, and I’m sure there was a shooting star at that moment, or maybe a dolphin jumping over a rainbow, but I wouldn’t have noticed because I was entirely transfixed on Dragon Lady’s thick, brown ass as she strolled out of the ocean and sauntered off into the sunset.

By the time we got out of the water they were gone, but I have no doubt that we will see them again someday. I took Nicky’s hand and we thanked our beautiful beach and hiked out of there together.

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