The New Babysitter Ch. 02: Revenge

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Uncle begins teaching niece to be feminine and formidable.

All persons depicted in sexual situations are over 18.



My golf game was rocking today. I felt so relaxed and confident. My swing off the tee box was fast and loose. My driver shots were long and accurate, with just the right amount of fade at the end when I needed to make a dog-leg, left or right. On the par 3’s, I was on in one, and off in two. I finished the front nine at 35. If that pace held on the back nine, I would have my best game ever.

“Sorry, guys. I have to go check on the babysitter this week. I’ll leave a round of drinks for you in the bar on my tab,” I said. After a necessary raft of shit and complaining from the other three, I dropped my clubs in the trunk and headed home.

As I drove, I thought about the babysitter, Audrey, my niece, and the wild sex we had with her friend Caprice. Audrey had teased and tortured me for weeks after I got busted banging the previous babysitter. By accident, I discovered that Audrey’s mom, my bitchy sister, and my wife had concocted some scheme to punish me for the dalliance. In a delightful turn-about, I had fucked both beautiful young girls after they had seen my eight-inch babysitter adjustment tool, hard and angry, last week by the pool. I wanted more, of course. Mostly, I wanted revenge. The naked girls agreed to help, although we hadn’t come up with any good ideas before we got distracted by the possibilities of the threesome. Even so, I knew I had to be careful.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got home and put my clubs away. Neither my wife, nor my sister, had gone ballistic, or even acted like anything had happened. No lawyers subpoenaed me. No cops came to the door. It was safe to assume that Audrey had not said anything to her mother about fucking me. She had been a compliant sex partner for Capi, apparently not the first time, and me, last week. She was so beautiful, and she was put together like a lingerie model with wings. Caprice, on the other hand, had been energetic, erotic, and imaginative. Audrey had said they would be practicing for a dance team audition all summer. I hoped I would see the blonde again soon.

The house was quiet when I came in from the garage. I looked out at the pool, but no one was there. I found Audrey on the floor in the media room, playing with big plastic blocks, while my kid chewed and drooled on them. She was wearing loose cut-off jeans and a baggy t-shirt – hiding the awesome body I knew she had.

Audrey looked up at me when I came in, looked me in the eye with no sign of discomfort. ‘Hi,” she said. “I didn’t expect you until later. We’ve had lunch; I was just about to put him down for a nap.” The feigned bitchiness was gone.

“I’m glad you are here. We can talk later,” I said. “But first, I’ll put the little monster to bed. Come on, little monster.” I picked up my son. He growled at me, and I was afraid. He laughed with joy.

“You’re coming, too,” I said to Audrey. She put her hand in mine when I reached for her. I pulled her up. As we walked to the nursery, although we’ll have to stop calling it that soon, I held Audrey’s hand while I carried the monster to the monster nest, where he could sleep safely. I made sure he knew he was a good monster, and his nest was safe. Nothing ever allowed under the bed or in the closet.

I parked Audrey in the doorway. “Wait here,” I said. I got the monster out of his shoes, under a blanket after a small drink of water, and put the old teddy bear into his arms. I put my hand on his back and said, “You are safe in your nest so the monster can rest for the next fun. Go to sleep, and I’ll be back to get you.”

I took Audrey’s hand and led her back into my bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed. I said, “Kneel here beside me. I want to talk with you.” All that yoga had made her flexible; she sat down cross-legged easily and looked comfortable.

“Audrey, I want to know more about the scheme your mother has if you know. But I also want to know more about you. You’ve been pretending to be a bitch, and believe me, you were good at it. But you are not really like that, are you? Tell me what you are feeling,” I said.

Audrey looked like she was going to cry. She said, “I’m so sorry. Mom told me to do it, and she told me that you were such an asshole.” She looked up at me to see if I was offended. “But you are nice. I really like you. Capi does, too.”

“What’s it like at home since your dad left?” I asked. Audrey’s father had left over a year ago and divorced my sister. I had my opinion of her, so even though I didn’t know him well, I could guess the story.

“I spend one weekend a month with my dad,” Audrey said. “He’s doing fine, better, I think. I know he misses me, but I think he is just relieved to be away from my mom.” Audrey sighed. “Mom just complains all the time about him. He could never do anything or do anything right.”

“I figured it was something like that. I have plenty of history with her. But I want to canlı bahis talk about you. Are you going to be like her, or what? Other than the dance team with Capi, I haven’t heard you talk about what you are going to do after the summer. Do you have school plans or anything in mind?” I asked. She was starting to shake a little; I stroked her dark hair. “It’s going to be alright,” I said.

“Everything I get interested in, as soon as my mother finds out, she just cuts it down. She cuts me down, too. I’m afraid even to mention anything,” Audrey said with a sad voice.

“Your mother is the one who is afraid. I can tell you more about that later. I don’t think she is doing it on purpose, but she is planting her fear in you, isn’t she?” I said. Audrey nodded – yes. I thought about it for a while as I continued to stroke her hair.

Quietly, I asked, “Have you ever felt like you belonged and were safe at home?”

Audrey started to cry. “With my dad, maybe, when I was little. Before it got really bad with my mom,” she said. “I miss him being happy.”

I said, “You know I want some kind of payback for her plan with my wife. I can tell it was my sister’s scheme. And now I know what I’m going to do. Stand up.”

Audrey unfolded and stood up as easily as she had sat down. She was graceful and beautiful. But if my sister was spewing fear and anger into her, eventually it would do lasting damage.

I stood up and held her hands. “I’m going to teach you a few things I hope will make you independent of your mom’s dark cloud. I’m going to teach you to eliminate the unnecessary fear people dump on you, and swim through your own fears. You won’t be completely fearless, no one is. You will be formidable out in the world, and you will know how to be a happy lover of happy people,” I said as I smiled at her. “Would you want me to do that?”

Audrey’s eyes shined with hope. She said, “Oh, god, yes. Please. But I don’t see how that gets back at mom.”

I laughed. I said, “If she sees you happy and living life, it’ll scare the shit out her.” I squeezed Audrey’s hands. “That will be enough. And it may do her some good.”

Audrey looked excited and relieved. “Can I tell Capi? Can she do it, too?”

I smiled at the prospects. “Of course. But you and I are going to start now,” I said. Then I took her into my arms and kissed her. She kissed back like a lover would.


“Take off your jeans and shirt,” I said. Audrey smiled and unbuttoned her cut-offs. Slowly, she slid the denim down her long toned legs to her knees. She let them drop into a pool at her feet and stepped out of them. Underneath, she was wearing some lacy boy-short black panties. They looked expensive. There was a little gap at the waistband where it crossed her flat stomach. The panties were cut in a way to draw the eye to her mound, with some swirling filigree work highlighting the puffiness of her outer labia lips.

Without hesitation, Audrey crossed her arms and lifted her shirt up and off. Her bra was part of a matched set with the panties – expensive black lace. Audrey had magnificent large breasts, and at 18, didn’t need any support. There was a band of black satin cupping under each breast running to the shoulder strap. It created a visual frame for the revealing lace across her nipples.

“Did you wear this for me?” Audrey nodded – yes. “Good girl. The lessons will be easy for you.”

“You are a gorgeous woman, Audrey. I’m sure that gets you lots of attention already, not all of it good, doesn’t it?” She nodded. I spun her around and looked at the way the lacy panties fit across her wonderful ass. I turned her to face me.

“You don’t owe it to me, or to any man, to dress this way. It’s a gift you have, one that you can share. It’s the gift of your feminine beauty. It’s a superpower. You can share it with your lover. If you feel safe with him, you can even share it for others to see. A man loves that; he loves that he is with a beautiful woman. It makes him feel he has a role and is needed – to keep his woman safe. And that’s good; feeling safe with your man allows you to live your femininity more completely. It’s necessary and fun, but not sufficient. We will get to all of it.”

I said, “What we do this summer will end. We will always be close, but we will not always be lovers. People will go crazy if they are afraid of what we are doing, so we will have to be more discreet than I prefer.”

“Even worse, other women are going to cluck at you or hiss and scratch at you, as you become stronger. Women, and men, too, have been sold a lie about gender and so-called equality. They are equally miserable these days, I think. Your mom sure is; it sounds like your dad was, too. Men and women are not the same.”

I said, “I’m going to take a shower. You can wait here, leave, or join me if you wish. I hope you will join me.” I kicked my shoes off, walked into the bathroom, and turned on the stall showers. I got the rest of my golf clothes off and soaped myself in the shower. I bahis siteleri was washing my hair when I felt Audrey wrap her hands around me from behind and pull close. I got hard.

No poet has wholly captured the feeling of a beautiful woman’s breasts brushing against your back in a warm cascade of water. I could feel the little beads of her nipples drawing a pattern on my skin. I could feel the firm round flesh pressing against me. Even barefoot, Audrey was tall. She kissed my neck and used her fingers to circle and pinch my nipples.

Audrey said, “Give me the soap.” I put the bar of soap in her hand. She lathered up and then washed my cock and balls. My erection seemed to grow even more. She held my balls up with one hand and scrubbed underneath with the bar. With her empty hand, she gripped my cock and slowly ran her hand up and down my shaft. Without letting go of my cock, she moved around to my side. Her hand squeezed and stroked my cock, using the water and soap as a lubricant.

With her other hand now behind me, Audrey rubbed the bar of soap between my cheeks as she scrubbed my ass. She teased my anus with her thumb, and then pressed it in. Her hand on my cock squeezed and began to pump faster.

“Cum for me,” Audrey whispered into my ear. “Be my lover. Teach me. Teach me everything.”

My knees almost buckled, and I had to grab the safety bar. I groaned as she wiggled her thumb in my ass and jacked my cock until I spewed. My cum splattered on the stall glass and slowly dripped down. The rest of my cum lubricated my cock, and Audrey gripped tighter and pumped faster until I squirted again. When the spasms finally stopped, I turned to embrace Audrey. I kissed her with a love and intensity I didn’t think possible. My hands roamed her body – tall, firm, young, beautiful. Mine.

“I love you,” I said. “I always will. But nap time will be over soon. Get dressed. We’re going shopping and for ice cream.” I kissed her again. “We will talk more in the car.” She smiled, and her eyes beamed.

“How did you know to do those things, Audrey? It was fantastic!” I said.

Audrey smiled. “Capi and I have been talking about you all week. She’s pervy, and she definitely has the hots for you.”


As we toweled ourselves dry, I had an idea. “Audrey,” I said, “you saw how I put the kid down for a nap – the little monster. I make sure that he knows he is potent and safe, and that I am always coming back for him. Do you have any memory of what bedtime was like for you when you were little?”

Audrey thought for a while as she rubbed her hair dry. Her breasts swayed and wiggled; her nipples were erect. I marveled at her beauty – her long legs, lean frame, muscle tone, even the little landing strip above her pussy.

Finally, she said, “Not when I was still in diapers. But when I was a bit older, I do. Mostly, my mother would tell me to stop whatever I was doing and clean up my mess and go to bed. I didn’t like it, and so she had to tell me two or three times. Sometimes she would yell at my dad. He would usually carry me to bed, tickle me until I screamed, then he turned out the light and closed the door.”

“Did you feel safe?” I asked.

“Not really,” she said flatly.

“Come with me,” I said. I pulled her by the hand out into the bedroom. I sat on the bed. “Kneel here in front of me,” I said. “Don’t sit cross-legged like you did before.” Audrey knelt, and then looked up at me. My cock stirred.

I said, “I’m going to ask you to remember something. Take a few deep breaths, like you do at yoga, to clear your head. Then curl into a ball.” She took several slow deep breaths in and out. “Now picture that bedtime scene. Remember what it looked like. Try to feel what you felt then. Don’t resist the emotion; it is valid. It is okay to feel that way. Let it flow through you. Can you describe it? How do you feel?”

“I’m scared,” Audrey said quietly.

“What else?”

Audrey was quiet for a while. I could see her hands clench into fists. She said, “I’m angry. I am just so angry at them for not noticing my sadness.”

“You can go ahead and tell them that, as forcibly as you need. Or you can invite your adult self to help you.”

Audrey screamed into the bedroom carpet. “Stop fighting! I need you to take care of me.”

She was sobbing now. I said, “See yourself go into a safe place, whatever that looks like. Have your favorite things to hold.” I let her have some time to visualize. “When you are ready, sit up and come to me. Take your time.” I said.

Audrey sat up and leaned on my knees. I wiped her tears. I said, “Some people call that doing the shadow work, expressing the repressed emotions of old hurts, your shadow self, in a way that didn’t seem allowed at the time. You can use it on your own, anytime. You will probably have a lot to say to your parents that you never could say. There’s lots of info online; I’ll send you some links to get started. Are you okay? Are you ready to try something else?”

Audrey smiled bahis şirketleri at me. She said, “I feel lighter. Thanks. I’m ready.”

“Take my cock into your mouth,” I said. “Don’t try to make me cum. Just hold it there.” Audrey moved closer, held my cock for a moment, and then slipped her lips down around my cock as much as she could without gagging. I stroked her hair. She looked up at me with an adoring gaze and sucked my cock.

I said, “This is one way to enhance your feminine energy. It feels wonderful to me. You are giving your sensual essence to me, me inside you, so that I can return my masculine energy to you. You can feel my cock hard in your mouth. That hardness is for you, from you.”

“The sexual nurturing you are giving makes me connect with you with my emotions, to adore and care for you. You can feel that emotion and return the sex I need with your love. The circle is complete. This is how men and women are alive with each other. Other people say it better,” I said. “And our repressed society hates all of this.”

I pulled Audrey into my lap, and she straddled me. She rubbed my cock against her pussy; she was very wet. I lay back as she lowered herself slowly onto me; my cock pushed into the tight fist of her cunt. She put her hands on my chest and gazed at me with those pretty green eyes, while she rode my cock, my eight-inch babysitter adjustment tool. She was beautiful; she was our babysitter; she was my niece; she was my love. She was mine. I rubbed her clit – we came together, gently, with love.


I got the kid up, ready, and into the car seat while Audrey got dressed and checked the house to make sure there was no evidence of our activities. I noticed she was not wearing the baggy jeans and shorts when she came out. Audrey had put on some tight black yoga pants and a loose apricot-colored camisole. I could see her expensive black lace bra, but I didn’t notice any indication of panties under the yoga pants – quite the opposite, in fact. The yoga pants pulled tight into her ass-crack, presenting each globe as a world of wonder of its own. In front, her puffy lips shaped a camel-toe that made me want to fuck her again right there in the garage.

Our first stop was at a big-box home improvement store. I needed some deck stain and a few other items for projects around the house. As the three of us walked through the aisles, everyone we passed tried to ogle Audrey as discreetly as possible. Some of the women glared at us. I suppose the men were wondering how I got such a hot wife, and the women wondered how she looked like that with a kid in tow. Maybe they thought she was my daughter, but we were close enough in age to make that not an obvious solution to their anxiety. I’m sure nobody thought she was our babysitter.

In the hardware section, I noticed that Audrey fondled the hand tools. She lingered with the chisels. I asked her why.

“My dad used to do some woodworking in the garage, and he would let me carve the wood sometimes. He made little jewelry boxes with inlays, and he taught me to do some of it,” she said. “But my mom made him quit. Now he’s gone – the tools are gone, too.”

Across the parking lot, there was a bookstore; the last one still open in town. We held hands and walked over. Again, we got sideways looks from everyone. I know I should have been more discreet, but I enjoyed the attention, and I wanted Audrey to know I was proud to be with her. Instead of browsing, I asked the clerk for a copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It is always in stock if you can find a bookstore. On the way back to the car, I gave it to Audrey.

I said, “Another good way to separate yourself from your mother’s fears, and also enhance your femininity, is to find ways to express your creativity. Your dance work is creative and physical, and that’s good. Perhaps you will find an interest in making a different kind of quiet beauty. It’s an old book that has been around forever, but it is still in print for a reason. Let me know if you need anything for whatever interests you.” Audrey flipped through the pages as we drove to the mall.

In the mall, we seemed to create a kind of bow wave; men moved out of our path and pretended to be interested in the window displays. They were eating Audrey with their eyes using the reflections in the glass. Behind us was a wake of followers trying not to be too obvious. I couldn’t blame them; I had followed a spectacular ass or two in a mall over the years. Audrey’s ass was spectacular, and then some, in her yoga pants – best garment ever invented.

Most of the stores already had their fall merchandise on display, including a lot of back-to-school items. In one of the here-today-gone-tomorrow clothing stores, I spotted a mannequin wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit: short plaid skirt, knee sox, white blouse, and school tie.

I said to Audrey, “I want to buy you some more lingerie, especially some stockings and garters, and a sexy cocktail dress and shoes. But let’s go into here first and see how those plaid skirts fit. I love the schoolgirl look.”

Audrey picked a skirt that was mostly a dark grey and cranberry red plaid. She headed into the changing area; I wandered a little with the stroller.

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