The Massage Club Pt. 02

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It was the morning after the seventh day of The Massage Club, the name that Sam and his sister Katy had come up with for their daily massage trade. They had started the massages to improve their aches and pains from summer soccer practice, and they had made a huge difference in helping them recover from sore muscles. But over the seven days the massages had slowly gone from therapeutic to erotic, to the point that they had graduated to nude, full body massages, albeit with some strict limitations on certain contact with key areas. The rules for Massage Club had started simple – 1. Don’t talk about massage club. 2. Don’t EVER talk about massage club. 3. Absolutely no touching of the private parts during the massage. But over time, they had made some changes to the rules, like allowing ass massage and nudity. Each day the massages had gotten more racy. On what they thought was the last night of Massage Club, things had gotten really crazy, with Katy pulling a life-like vibrating dildo out of their parent’s sex closet, and they used it on each other as part of the massage.

They thought it was going to the last night because they thought their parents were coming home from a trip to Europe, but as fate would have it, the trip got extended a week. So suddenly they were looking at another week of massage club. Sam had been up all night thinking about the potential for more erotic massage adventures.

After a restless, mostly sleepless night, Sam staggered bleary eyed into the kitchen to find Katy looking pretty tired as well. She was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and eating cereal. In the post arousal light of day, there was a bit of tension in the air. She looked up at him and blushed a bit, and Sam struggled for something to say to break the ice. As twins they had always been really open and frank in their conversations, but the last week had been a pretty wild ride.

“So,” he said.

Katy blushed again. “So what,” she said, smiling slightly.

“So the parents are gone for another week,” he answered.

“I guess so,” she said.

“So … I guess that maybe The Massage Club has one more week then?” he said hopefully.

“Well, maybe,” she said. “The Massage Club got a little crazy last night, and some of those rules we were joking about adding might need to be repealed.”

“Right, like Rule 9, that stated it was ok to touch each other’s private parts with other parts, or Rule 10, that stated it was permissible for private parts to come in contact,” he said.

“Oh my lord, did we actually make that rule?” she said. “I suggest we repeal Rules 9 and 10, and reiterate that Rule 3 be strictly adhered to.”

“I concur,” Sam said, pouring them both a glass of orange juice. “Here’s to Rule 3, absolutely no touching of the private parts.” They toasted the deal with the orange juice.

They laughed and sat silently for a while. “I did enjoy making up the rules as we went along,” said Katy.

Sam laughed. Making up the rules was half the fun,” he said. “We can still add rules. Why don’t we agree to allow one rule to be added each day until we reach the end of Massage Club.”

“Sounds like a deal,” she replied. “But in strict compliance with Rules 1 through 3.”

It was getting close to 9 am, almost time for soccer practice.

“So I’ll meet you at The Massage Club room at 6 pm sharp?” he asked.

“See ya there,” she replied.

As he had every day for the past week, Sam spent the rest of the day fantasizing about the upcoming massage. Sometimes his fantasies involved breaking Rule 3, but then he would remind himself he was thinking about his sister, and he would limit his fantasies to everything but breaking Rule 3.

Rules 4 and 5 were that all massages were preceded by a shower, and all massages took place on their parent’s big comfortable bed, so Sam was showered and relaxing on the bed at 5 pm sharp. He had a towel around his waist, but he was looking forward to being naked. He liked seeing his sister naked, she had a fit, tan, smoking hot body, but he honestly liked being naked in front of her even more. He liked the way it felt, but he also liked the way she looked at his body. He was aware that she had limited experiences with boys, so it seemed like she was checking him out in part out of curiosity.

He heard her coming down the hall and took a deep breath to relax. She came in wearing a short, silky black robe, her hair still wet from the shower. Sam made a mental note to thank his parent’s for staying out of town longer.

“Who’s first?” she asked.

“Well I’m already on the bed, so I vote me,” Sam grinned. He rolled over on his stomach and threw the towel at her.

“Not the massage,” she said. “Who gets to make the first new rule?”

“Oh, well, ladies first I guess,” he said.

Sam felt her climb into position over the back of his legs and pour some oil on his back. He couldn’t tell if she had taken off the robe and his face was in the pillow so he couldn’t see. He decided to imagine she was, the massage was much better that way.

Her hands went to work on his back and shoulders and he canlı bahis was immediately in heaven. He spent a lot of time fantasizing about the erotic elements of the massage, but in all honesty the therapeutic benefits were equally memorable. Soccer practice was brutal, and Katy’s massages made his body feel remarkably better.

Katy’s massage routine started at the shoulders and worked down to his ass. Then, she would shift over so that she was sitting on his back facing his feet, and do his legs and feet. She was about middle way down his back when he spoke up.

“So what’s today’s new rule?” he mumbled blissfully into the pillow.

“Well, I had a thought … it’s a little embarrassing, but … well, here goes,” she stammered. “Today’s rule is that after the massage, you can, um, I get to, um…”

“Spit it out sister,” he laughed.

“I want to watch you masturbate,” she blurted out.

The statement hung in the air for a while, and they were silent as she continued rubbing his lower back. The very thought of that had Sam’s cock making a serious dent in the mattress.

“I’d be ok with that,” he said finally. “But I’m not going alone, you have to masturbate in front of me too.”

Sam felt Katy pause for a brief moment, then her hands went back to work rubbing his back. After a while, she softly said ok, and Sam’s cock got even harder.

Katy’s hands worked their way down to his ass, and Sam ground his cock into the mattress. Since she wasn’t allowed to massage his cock, the ass massage was the closest thing to illicit contact, and it was easily Sam’s favorite part of the face down part of the massage. During some of the previous sessions, it had aroused him so much he would lose a load into the towel underneath him.

He could’ve easily allowed himself to come today as well, but the thought of masturbating in front of his sister made him want to hold off.

Katy spent a considerable amount of time working on his feet, squeezing them so hard they almost hurt. Then, wrapping up the backside massage part, she lightly dragged her fingertips from his calves all the way to his ass, briefly tickling his balls with the lightest of touches. Then she smacked his ass with both hands and told him to roll over.

Sam rolled over on the bed and noted that Katy was still dressed in the robe, so he was mildly disappointed. He could sense, however, that she was naked under the robe, and it was practically falling open.

The front side of Katy’s massage routine was even more epic than the backside. After the back was complete, Sam would roll over, and she would do his front, usually starting at his feet and working slowly up his legs. Being naked, it was impossible for him to not be aroused, and he had become comfortable with the idea of having a massive erection on display during this time. She knew just how to tease him, coming tantalizingly close to rubbing his cock as she rubbed his upper thighs and lower stomach. Sometimes he would become so aroused it was all he could do to not grab her hands and wrap them around his cock, but he knew he would be in trouble for breaking Rule 3.

The front side massage would generally conclude with Katy straddling his thighs, bending over him to make long strokes up his chest to his shoulders. Her stomach would come within inches of his cock, and again he would have to painfully resist the urge to bow up his back and thrust his cock up into her torso. By the time she was finished with him, he was rock hard and totally aroused, and feeling rather proud that he had managed to not unload during the session.

Giving the massage was nearly as much fun for Sam as getting it. Over the last week Sam had perfected his own technique, and was pleased at his ability to both give a great workout massage that also obviously had Katy quite aroused. Plus it was incredibly fun to be rubbing her hot body as his naked cock bobbed away above her.

She was still not quite as bold as Sam about getting naked, so he turned away and pretended not to look as she slipped out of the gown and last face down on the bed. It had been a few days since they had started doing full nude massages, but seeing her naked was still a treat that stopped his heartbeat.

Sam followed basically the same massage routine, starting with shoulders, working down the back and to the ass, and then flipping around and doing the legs and feet. Since the second massage they had been using massage oil, and Sam loved the way the oil looked and felt gliding over his sister’s tanned and smooth skin. One of his favorite parts of the massage was working down to her lower back and working his hands around her hips and then down over her ass. At first, she had been tense when his hands worked on her ass, but eventually she began to loosen up, to the point that she would grind her hips into the mattress just like he did.

He also liked to tease her mercilessly, moving his fingers over her inner thighs and coming achingly close to her wet pussy. He would’ve been more than happy to do more than tease her, but he was also committed to obeying Rule 3.

As much bahis siteleri as she seemed to like the teasing part, he seemed to sense that the foot massage was equally satisfying for her. She would wriggle in pleasure as he worked on her feet, and he always devoted ample time there. When he was done with the feet, he would lightly drag his fingers over her, starting at her shoulders and moving all the way down to her toes. He could tell she liked that by how she shivered and sighed.

Of course, the whole time he was working on the massage, he was thinking about what was coming, and his cock was hard as steel just thinking about it. He was equal parts nervous and excited at the idea of stroking his cock in front of his sister.

Then it was her turn to roll over, and Sam’s turn to admire the front side of her body. Katy had a great figure, athletic and toned, with pert, shapely breasts. He ached to put his hands on those breasts, but Katy had declared those off limits. He made a mental note to think about a rule change in regards to that as he started working on her feet and lower legs.

Another favorite part of his massage routine was working on her upper thighs. They were probably the most sore from running, but that wasn’t why he spent so much time on them. He spent the time because he loved running his fingers up and down her legs and up to her hips, all while admiring the shiny look of her shaved pussy area.

Then it was on to the stomach, around the breasts and then up to her chest and shoulders. He liked to let his hands drift up the edges of her breasts, and he sensed that she enjoyed it, but if he ever got to high he would get a reprimand.

Katy’s massage completed, Sam climbed off her and moved over on the bed. To his slight disappointment, she slipped the robe back on, but she didn’t fasten it. He decided she looked every bit as sexy with it hanging open on her shoulders as she did fully naked.

There was an awkward pause, and Katy blushed. “So, I guess I get to see you masturbate now?” she said.

“I guess so,” Sam answered. “I’d say it would be my pleasure, but that would be obvious.”

She giggled. “I hope my request doesn’t seem weird, I’ve just never seen a guy do it, and well, I am interested to see it, maybe learn what kind of, um, things, guys like.”

“I am more than happy to be your guinea pig,” Sam said.

He eased over onto his back and sat up against the pillows at the top of the bed. He took a deep breath and tried to collect himself. He realized that the idea of jerking off in front of his sister was a little different than actually doing it. He was kinda nervous.

“This is odd, this is usually something I do by myself,” he said. “Actually, it is always something I do by myself.”

Katy giggled. “Well how do you usually, when you’re by yourself, get things started?”

He chuckled and relaxed. Katy had a way of making everything open and casual. “Well usually, I don’t start out this hard,” he said, pointing to his cock. “So I start out by just lightly stroking it until it gets hard.”

He showed her, using the fingers on his hands to lightly move up and down his cock, as she watched in rapt attention. It was probably good he was going with a light touch, because his cock was quite sensitive. It was a good thing he would be the only one touching himself, because he probably wouldn’t be able to control himself.

“So after I get it hard, then I might pour some oil on it to make it slick,” he said, reaching for the oil.

But Katy snatched it first. “Here I’ll do that for you,” she said. She held the oil bottle over his cock and dribbled several drops down, causing his cock to twitch.

“Are you coming?” she said.

“No, sometimes it just twitches and jumps like that,” he replied. “Especially when a hot girl is dripping oil on it.”

He slipped his left hand down over his cock, his thumb and fingers forming a tunnel that he used to caress up and down the length of his cock. Katy watched him closely as he slid his fingers up and down, occasionally changing the angle of his cock.

“If I get too aroused and I’m not ready to come, sometimes it helps to push it down like this,” he said, pushing his hard cock over so that it was pointing down toward his feet. “The front and top of my cock are the most sensitive part, so if I want to back off I rub the back of my cock and my balls,” he added.

He watched Katy watching him, nodding and studying him as he slowly stroked up and down. He was enjoying her watching him way too much to stop, so he was controlling the pace and intensity of his stroking carefully.

“Say, didn’t we agree that I wouldn’t be the only one doing this?” he asked.

Katy stared at him blankly for a few seconds of interpretation, then she blushed a bit.

“Fair is fair, I guess,” she said softly. She sat up on her knees beside him and spread her legs just slightly. She reached down with one hand and slipped a finger into her pussy, but her hand was blocking Sam’s view.

“Tell me how you do it,” he said. In all honesty, he didn’t know how girls masturbated, bahis şirketleri he wasn’t that experienced.

“Well, I like to, uh, just kind of run my finger around my, um, clit area, just kinda draw circles around it,” she said, gasping a bit as the erotic nature of describing the act made it even more arousing. Meanwhile, Sam was having a hard time keeping his mouth from falling open. He had dramatically slowed down the rhythmic stroking of his cock, because watching Katy had his balls ready to burst.

She caught up with him quickly, sliding her finger over her clit as she watched Sam stroke his cock. She leaned back and spread her legs even more, showing her open pussy, which pushed Sam beyond the edge of control. He gave her a subtle nod to let her know he was losing it, and he began to rapidly increase the speed of his cock stroking. He heard her moaning and realized he was moaning too as he lost his load all over his stomach.

Katy collapsed on the bed beside him, and they both sighed and then laughed.

“Wow, so that was pretty damn intense,” she said.

“No doubt,” he replied.

“So what does it feel like when you masturbate?” she asked.

“Well, it feels really good, intense. It’s hard to explain. It feels warm and tingly, and it builds and builds and then there is just like this big release.”

He paused and looked over at her. “So what’s it like for you?”

She grinned at him. “Just like you said,” she answered. “I just don’t make the big mess.”

He looked down at the sticky mess on his stomach and nodded. “Lucky you.”

“Ok, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon for our next massage session,” she said. “This time it’s your turn to pick a new rule, better make it a good one.”

Sam nodded. “It will be hard to top that one, but I will work on it.”

Sam did work on it, spending a good bit of time staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night thinking about it. At exactly 1:13 am, he came up with the new rule for the next session, then he spent the next hour fantasizing about it. He woke up thinking about it, and all day fantasizing about it more. By 6 pm he was fit to be tied.

He walked into the bedroom at a little past six and Katy was already there, face down on the bed with a towel draped over her waist.

“About time, where ya been?” she asked.

“I had to run to the grocery store,” he replied.

“The grocery store?” she said, turning her head to peer back at him. “What for?”

“You just relax for now,” he said, slipping out of his robe and easing onto the bed. He poured some oil on her back and set right in on the massage. He was halfway down her back before she spoke up.

“So what’s the new rule for today?” she asked.

“The new rule is, after I finish your massage today, I am going to eat something that I put on your body,” he said. “And after you finish my massage, you are going to do the same.”

Katy cocked her head a bit as she contemplated that rule. “That sounds a little weird.”

“Sometimes weird is fun,” he answered. “By the way, it will all be done with strict compliance to Rule 3.”

“Ok then, as long as Rule 3 isn’t violated, I’m in,” she said.

Sam had prepared for a more lengthy discussion and battle over his new rule, so when she so readily agreed he was practically trembling with anticipation. He had to slow himself down to complete the massage. After he finished her back and her front, he was straddling her legs and reached over to pick up a bag by the nightstand. He held up the back for her to see and then ceremoniously reached inside and pulled out … a can of spray whipped cream.

Her mouth came open in surprise. “I thought we were going to be eating crackers or grapes or something,” she said.

“That wouldn’t be nearly as much fun,” he grinned, shaking the can. “Get ready for a cool whip.”

Sam pointed the can down and sprayed a spot on her belly, which made her jump a bit from the cold contact. Then he sprayed another spot on her belly, then another. Then he went for broke, spraying down a foam cover on both of her breasts.

She looked at hime suspiciously. “So you’re going to eat this off my breasts without touching them?” she said.

“That’s the plan,” he replied, looking at her hungrily. “I’ll prove it by doing your stomach first.”

She gave him a long look that said “you’d better not,” and then closed her eyes. “How creative,” she said.

Sam started with the whipped cream on her belly, where it was ok for him to come in contact. He used those spots as practice, using his tongue to lick up the cream as close as he could without actually touching. Once he proved he could get it off her belly without touching her, he went ahead and licked her clean. He couldn’t help but notice that the entire time he was doing it, she was tense, but she was also smiling.

His mouth watering now for more, he moved up on all fours to the breasts that he had been adoring for the last several days. His instinct was to plunge his mouth over her nipples and suck on them all night long, but instead he lightly worked around the edges, nipping at the whipped cream wherever it was thickest. He was cautious to not let his tongue contact her breasts, but he knew he was coming very close. He could tell by her trembling and sighing.

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