The Major Colonel’s Baby Ch. 02

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The love between the Major Colonel and Leigh strengthens and flourishes


Tigersman, thank you for your help with editing this story


The next six months were challenging and rewarding for both of us.

There were plenty of people in and out of the house doing a myriad of things related to the military and Daddy’s current command at Fort Belaire. For all intent and purpose, I was Daddy’s Executive Assistant. I was always there with him, taking his calls, managing his calendar, planning his parties, hosting his receptions and traveling with him. No one questioned how much time we spent together, what we did or where. Things were going along fine, until the hushed whispers began to circulate. They started after the new housekeeper walked in on us one day and found me backed against a wall with Daddy’s hand under my dress.

To counter the rumors, and minimize their impact on his career, Daddy began seeing a woman named Barbara Townsend. In his typical focused, thought out manner, he made a point of appearing in public with her, escorting her to different functions and introducing her to his friends and acquaintances. I’m sure he was also having sex with her, which angered and upset me. I understood what he was doing, but I could also feel the intense jealousy whenever I saw them together.

Despite the time that he spent with Barbara, our affection and a desire for each other grew stronger. When he was home, it was a regular occurrence that he would come to my room at night, strip naked and crawl into bed with me. Sometimes we would only caress and fondle each other, enjoy mutual masturbation or oral sex before one or both of us would cum, and then fall asleep in each other’s arms. I was in love with him.


“Do you love me, Daddy?” I asked as I pulled myself on top of him and bent forward to kiss him.

“Of course I love you. Don’t I show you how much at least once a day?” He replied with a devilish, lecherous grin on his face.

“No, I mean love me as a woman, not your daughter,” I clarified.

He didn’t answer.

I pushed myself up and he took my nipple into his open mouth letting him eagerly nibble and suck, sending shivers to my clit. He groaned deep in his throat, as he sucked my tits harder. I inched my hand downward and stroked his cock until it grew bigger and harder in my hand, and from the look on his face, we both knew what was going to happen next. I could tell Daddy was trying to control his release, but it was a futile struggle. When I looked down into his handsome, craggy face and swiped my tongue across his lips, his cock erupted and cum sprayed out in long, white threads covering my breasts and stomach.

After a brief rest, he rolled me onto my back and began masturbating me, lightly caressing the ‘sweet spot’ between my legs. I started humping his hand and making a low whimpering sound. The next thing I knew, he was mounting me. In that instance, I was flooded with all of the unrealized desires I had repressed for so long. He thrust into me deep, letting his weight pin me to the bed, as he stroked into me, filling me with his full length. I cried out and dug my nails into his back as he continued to fuck me with abandon until we both came. He came first, hard and deep, and then me squirming and bucking, my arms around his neck holding him tightly to me.

“Yes baby, cum for Daddy,” he said looked down at me, repeating my name in a soft, guttural voice, “Megan . . . Megan.” Spent, my body relaxed and opened even more for him. He pushed forward inside me, grinding against my pussy, enjoying the way it felt as my body hugged his cock and milked out the last of his cum. He groaned when he felt my hips move ever so slightly as I tried to hump against him.

“You little slut, you want more don’t you?” he said laughing and grinning.

“Yes, yes please,” I said, “please Daddy.”

“Patience, little girl,” he told me.

He pulled all of the way out of me and kissed me. He bent my knees up, opened my legs and leaning closer to my pussy began to feast, hungrily kissing and sucking my wet, juicy slit. I pulled him closer and moaned with desire when he twirled his tongue around my clit. I knew he could feel me quivering in his mouth when he tongued my clit like that, guiding me toward another hard, intense orgasm.


For my twentieth birthday, Daddy took me on a two week Caribbean cruise. To the other couples we met, we appeared to be an affectionate couple, an older man and a much younger woman, who couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

One extraordinarily beautiful but humid evening, long after most passengers had returned to their cabins, we went up on Lido Deck for a swim. Daddy gave me an appreciative look as I removed my cover-up and modeled a little nothing of a yellow and white thong bikini. It was quiet and deserted when I slipped into the water and stood up; the cold water made my hardening nipples unmistakable under the thin fabric of my top.

Daddy watched canlı bahis as I swam a few laps before pulling himself up out of the pool and sitting on the edge loudly complaining of a raging hard-on and churning balls. Laughing to myself, I waded over to him to see for myself. I gave him a sad, sympathetic face as if to say ‘poor baby, let me take care of that for you,’ and moved between his legs.

I ducked my head under the water, and I could feel him tremble when I stuck my tongue out, licked his inner thighs, and gently nibbled along the length of his captive cock. He reached for his cock, and I pushed his hand away.

Knowing we were alone in a secluded corner of the pool, I slipped my hand under the waistband of his swim trunks and freed his swollen throbbing cock. My tongue flicked across the tip of his cockhead, and I licked away the large bead of pre-cum that had begun to form. He groaned with pleasure when I sucked his cock into my warm, tight mouth and began a slow up and down motion. I think I surprised him when I took his cock down my throat so deep his eyes watered from the pressure on his sensitive cockhead.

Daddy took hold of my head, wrapping my hair in his hands and started fucking his cock into my mouth. He said he wanted to fill up my mouth and for me to swallow every sweet drop. I did just as he wanted. My lover gave a loud almost animal grunt, and I could feel the hard jerk of his balls and cock as he kept spurting down my throat. Not once did I pull my face away.

“Oh my God, Megan, I think that’s one of the best orgasms I’ve had in a long time,” Daddy said gasping for breath and reluctantly pulling his cock out of my mouth. With hoarse groans echoing in my ears, he sat on the edge of the pool unable to move, absently massaging his balls that he said were enjoyably aching from the strain of cumming so hard. After a few minutes, he stood, adjusted his trunks and helped me out of the pool.

Our vacation ended all too quickly and soon it was time to return home.

Within hours of returning home, Daddy was ordered to the base where, his commanding officer confronted him with an anonymous accusation of inappropriate behavior between the two of us. I could never get him to divulge very much about what had happened, but it infuriated him, and he was hell bent on finding the source of the allegation. The accusations were not made public and were quickly squelched. Within a few weeks, Daddy announced his engagement to Barbara and the employee who walked in on us months before was let go with a substantial ‘severance.’


Daddy and I have been in a consensual incestuous relationship for almost four years now. While his wedding to Barbara never took place, they still occasionally date and are seen together in public.

I suppose it was inevitable that sooner or later I would become pregnant, but I was surprised and frightened when I realized what had happened. I didn’t know how to tell him or how he would react. I was almost eight weeks when I gathered my courage and told him.

We were getting ready for bed, and he had just gotten comfortable with his laptop when I blurted it out. Daddy stopped working, slowly raised his head and looked at me in silence.

“How far along are you Megan?”

“About eight weeks,” I answered.

“How did this happen?” he asked

“What do you mean how did this happen? It happened because you’ve been fucking me for the last four years! That’s how it happened!” I shouted at him, so angry that he would ask me that, I saw stars.

He smiled reluctantly, obviously surprised and amused by my outburst. He pushed his computer aside and extending his hand to me said, “Come here, Megan.”

I stood there, angry and unsure what to do.

“Come here, baby,” he repeated, this time taking my hand and pulling me between his open legs.

“What do you plan on doing about this?” he asked.

I turned and looked at him in disbelief, “I plan on having my baby,” I said defiantly, the tears that had been brimming in my eyes finally trailing down my face.

“Shhhhh, stop crying, there’s nothing to cry about.” He chided me.

“Of course we’ll have our baby . . . did you ever doubt that?”

He got up and began pacing the room, thinking.

We’re going to need to get you a husband; he said abruptly.

“What? Why?”

“We need to protect your reputation, and the best way to do that is for you to have a husband.”

Since Daddy and I had become sexually intimate when I was nineteen, he had been my only partner. Except for that brief period of rebelliousness my senior year in high school, I hadn’t been with another man, and I didn’t know anyone that I would have considered marrying.

I met my fiancée Marshall Phillips not long after telling Daddy that I was pregnant. Marshall was an attaché to Major General Michaelson at the Pentagon and an acquaintance of Daddy’s. I don’t know how Daddy convinced Marshall to go along with this, but he did, and shortly after Daddy introduced us, we began dating.

Daddy bahis siteleri liked and trusted Marshall at first, thinking he was an excellent catch for his little girl. Marshall was very smart, from a good family, financially secure and career focused. He told Daddy exactly what he wanted to hear, promising him that our relationship would be a celibate one. What Daddy didn’t know or suspect was that his future son-in-law had started fondling, teasing and eventually finger fucking his little girl as soon as we began dating. I think I began having feelings for Marshall early in our relationship. Not love, but an infatuation that you have with a new person and a different kind of sexual closeness.

Over the next couple of months, we did almost everything short of vaginal intercourse.


The night of our engagement party, I had sex with Marshall for the first time. I liked Marshall, but the guilt I felt from our having sex was overwhelming. Though he would soon be my husband, I irrationally felt I was cheating on Daddy, despite the fact that Daddy had been having sex with Barbara and others I’m sure, off and on for years. After the party, we walked upstairs to my bedroom, his arm around my shoulders. When he closed the door behind us, I started to pull away from him, but he held me there, my back gently pinned to his chest. He slowly unbuttoned the front of my blouse and cupped my naked breasts in his hand, fondling my nipples until they were hard, and I was desperate for the feel of his mouth. My body softened, and I leaned back against him allowing him to part my legs with his knee. When opened enough, he lowered his hand between my legs to claim what he already considered his. I calmed at his touch, and while my mind tried to fight against what was happening, my body instinctively relaxed in anticipation of the animal release he offered.

Marshall rubbed and fondled my clit, slipping one, two and then three fingers in my pussy driving deep until he withdrew them wet and sticky with my juices. I moaned and shuddered when he stroked back and forth along the top of my clitoral hood, the pressure and friction forcing my clit to become engorged, achy and more visible. He glided his fingers inside me again and applying pressure to my swollen clit, finger fucked me until I came wet and trembling into the palm of his hand.

I made it to the bed on shaky legs. As I lay on the bed, not yet recovered from my orgasm Marshall climbed on top of me and pulling his already swollen cock through his opened pants, forced it into me. After a minute or so of animal grunts and curses, he shot his thick, copious load inside me

He wanted to have sex all of the time after that, saying since I was going to be his wife it was ok. He didn’t understand why I was so reluctant to have sex with him, and it was obvious he didn’t know the full story about Daddy and me other than I was pregnant and without a husband.

My first impression of Marshall quickly changed. My eyes were opened soon enough, allowing me to see him for what he was, a selfish, intimidating, and very sexually exciting bastard. I reluctantly gave in to him emotionally and sexually, because I believed him, trusted him and saw myself as a good wife to be.


I had always suspected Marshall didn’t like my Dad. He felt Daddy was overbearing, supercritical and dictatorial. Any opportunity he had to flaunt Daddy’s sense of control he would take full advantage. His dislike for Daddy was most apparent when he would become very loud and verbally abusive while having sex with me. He wanted Daddy to hear and know what he was doing.

Marshall enjoyed taking me in doggy position. He liked me to be on my hands and knees with my head lowered, and my behind raised and presented to him. Daddy had always been overprotective of me, and this propensity did not change after my engagement to Marshall. Once or twice, hearing the cries and sounds coming from our room, Daddy would come to the door inquiring if everything was ok. Daddy being there on the other side of the door, aware of what Marshall was doing to me, was exactly what Marshall wanted. Hearing Daddy ask, “Megan, baby are you ok?” would push Marshall over the edge, and he’d start pounding into me harder and faster until he exploded in an almost frenzy. In his excitement, he would sometimes pull out and spew thin, threads of cum on the small of my back, letting it drip down on to my pregnant belly and between my ass cheeks.

The nightmare ended when Daddy discovered what an insufferable, self-centered prick Marshall was. Marshall was out of town for a few days giving Daddy and me some uninterrupted time together. We were lying in bed snuggling, talking, after enjoying comfortable, familiar lovemaking, something we hadn’t had in a long time. When I got up and turned on the bedside lamp, he saw for the first time the bruises on my arms, breasts, and hips.

“He’s been hurting you, hasn’t he?” he asked, his hands trembling as he examined the bluish outline of a hand on my left hip.

“It’s nothing Daddy,” bahis şirketleri I murmured, trying to minimize what he had seen.

He got up and stood watching me, possessively touching my growing belly.

“The hell it’s nothing,” he said with barely contained anger. “I’ll take care of the son of a bitch,” he said more to himself than to me.

He pulled me to him and hugged me tightly. “I’m sorry baby,” he said as he caressed my belly, “I’m sorry I let this happen.”

Marshall returned on Wednesday, and by Thursday afternoon, he was gone. Daddy had gotten rid of him. The last I heard, Marshall was stationed at Fort Greely in Fairbanks, Alaska.


It’s hard to believe that I’m already seven months pregnant. While I’ve enjoyed a wonderful pregnancy, this has been a particularly good time for Daddy and me. During this last trimester when I’ve grown bigger and become more cumbersome, Daddy was at his most attentive and sexually attracted to me. When he was home, he loved touching and caressing my changing body. He was constantly reassuring me that I was beautiful, desirable and would be a wonderful mother to our child and an excellent mate to him.

As my due date grew closer, I started having trouble sleeping at night, the result of what my doctor called pregnancy related insomnia. If I woke during the night and were unable to get back to sleep, Daddy would sometimes reach down between my legs. Not expecting anything in return, he would lovingly, gently massage my clit until I would begin to moan and cum in a soft, almost comforting orgasm that would help me drift off to sleep again.

Occasionally when I had a sleepless night, I would get up out of bed and start my day early. I’d head to the shower and stand there appreciating the strong spray of the hot water. Enjoying the feel of the water on my swollen, heavy breasts and rounded belly. I’d soap myself spending time on my breasts, caressing and massaging them until my huge dark, brownish pink nipples were elongated and hard. Maybe it was the hormonal changes from the pregnancy, but my breasts were very sensitive to the touch, and I enjoyed the rough stimulation of the washcloth against my nipples.

One particular morning when I completed my shower, I stepped out, and bumped into Daddy who had been watching me through the glass shower panels. Seeing him standing there with enormous morning wood, I could feel myself becoming aroused and in a primal response, my breasts began to leak. Daddy reached out and touched them, lowered his mouth and licked away the small, creamy beads of pre-milk before he began to suck. I closed my eyes and felt that warm, tingling between my legs. He stood up, and I saw his impressive erection twitch inside his pajamas. Daddy again closed his mouth around my nipple, and I untied his pajama bottoms, took his cock out and started stroking him, listening to his soft moans.

He turned me around so that my back was against his chest, pressed his cockhead between my legs, and slid it up and down between my pussy lips, rubbing it against my clit. I was wet and hot for him, and I pressed back allowing him to guide his dick inside me. He filled me. He forced himself deeper and harder into me and started moving faster making me involuntarily suck in my breath. I know Daddy was trying to be careful with me, but he nonetheless bent me over so he could make his cock go deeper with long, slow strokes into my hot, young pregnant body. I trembled as pleasure shot through me. He ran his big hands over my taunt belly and let his hands slide down to my hips where he held them steady and unloaded deep inside me until he emptied himself.


I woke this morning horny as hell and wanted him, but he had already left for the base. I know he’s an important and very busy senior officer, but that didn’t keep me from sexting him throughout the day and even having quickie phone sex with him this afternoon.

I finally gave in to my urges, took all of my clothes off, and lay down on our bed. I stretched out, caressed my increasingly ripe belly, and opened my legs wide. One hand found that very familiar warm, wet place and the other hand my nipples, squeezing and pinching them to hard, erect peaks. Lately when I’m alone like this and I self-pleasure I wonder, ‘Is it possible to masturbate too much?’ I’ve lain here masturbating, cumming, resting and doing it all over again. I can’t seem to do it enough. Is it the hormones from the pregnancy? I only know it feels damn good.

I felt his baby kick and glancing at the time realized that I’d spent most of the afternoon pleasuring myself while waiting for my baby’s Daddy to get home. After dinner, I planned on taking my wonderful Daddy to our bedroom and fucking him until he begged me to stop, or he couldn’t cum anymore.

As I got bigger, and it became more cumbersome to get around, I reduced the travel and many of the social events that I had attended with Daddy. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Daddy had begun to grow tired of military life and the associated obligations. At night, we’d lay in bed and talk. He’d ramble on about leaving the military and moving back to Wyoming where he grew up. Buying a ranch on a few acres of land and perhaps going into business for himself raising horses.

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