The Joining: The Waiting Ch. 02

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This story is a continuation to The Joining: The Waiting! If you have NOT read the first part, please do so before reading the second part! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. This story is totally fake, but this man is VERY real….love you, baby!

…….I froze as I felt the hand, strong and reassuring caressing my shoulder. I turned into it, needing to feel his body against mine. The cold air tauntingly caressing my face, I opened my eyes only to see I was alone and the shower door had not completely closed. I couldn’t deny the disappointment in the sigh that escaped my lips. Taking the shower nozzle off its mount on the wall, I slowly let the hot water run over my body.

The gentle spray teasing my nipples. They were already sensitive from the teasing I had given them earlier, but now as the water danced over them I let my eyes drift closed as I leaned against the shower wall. The water flowing over my tits and nipples no longer water but his fingers. Teasing and pulling on them. Making my knees weak and my lips part as a moan escaped my mouth. God I wanted him! His hands, his mouth, his arms, his cock!

I let my free hand glide over my tit then down over my stomach. Finding the slight bush of my pussy, I let my fingers tease my already swollen lips. Wet again! I was always ready for him, and this time it frustrated me. Putting the shower nozzle back on the mount, I grabbed the shampoo and started washing my hair. Almost harshly scrubbing and letting the bubbles fall over and down my back. I had to hurry and get out of here. I was going to go crazy waiting and thinking. I leaned my hair back and started rinsing. My hair was long. Almost to long to be convenient, but I knew better then to cut it. I felt the water as it slowly ran down the crack of my ass. Teasing and taunting, daring me to give into the sexual excitement once again building inside of me. Pulling my hair around to the front I rinsed the shampoo out the rest of the way and continued the ritual.

This time grabbing the bottle of body wash, I squeezed an extremely generous amount onto my loofah sponge and started scrubbing. canlı bahis First my shoulders, then down over my nipples. Oh that felt so good. Slow deliberate circles. Around and around my hardening nipples. Then finally grazing the nipple with the sponge! My knees went weak, my pussy started to throb. I quickly washed the rest of my body being careful not to spend too much time on my pussy. I had plans for it. It was time to shave and really work myself up.

I grabbed the shaving cream and lathered up my legs being real careful I shaved every inch. My legs weren’t long, but they would wrap around a waist when I wanted them to. I rinsed my legs, then once again squeezed an extremely generous amount of shaving cream into the palm of my hand. I rubbed my hands together making it lather up, then slowly started to rub the creamy foam over my pussy. Making sure to generously lather the crease between my pussy lips and my thighs, then slowly working my fingers in between my pussy lips. God it felt so good. I spent more time lathering my pussy up then I needed to, but it felt good. I took the razor and gently started shaving my pussy. First the crease between my swollen lips and my thighs. Then the top of my pussy. Making sure to get all of the hair, I let my fingers trace behind the razor. My clit was throbbing, it knew what was coming. Slowly and carefully I let the razor glide over my tender and swollen pussy lips. First in one direction then the other. Then when they were soft and smooth, I slipped part of the razor inside and ran it back up my slit. Gently nudging at my clit, a moan escaped my lips. I traced the razor over my lips, with it partly inside me. Teasing my pussy hole a little this time, I moved the razor up to the top of my wet and throbbing slit and gently shaved away the fine hairs there. I set the razor down and let my fingers run over my pussy. I wanted it smooth and completely free of hair. That was the way it was the first time he had ever seen it, but pictures were totally different than face to face. . My eyes closed as my mind wondered back over to him. My fingers gently nudged my pussy lips apart and found my hard clit. bahis siteleri I was throbbing. I needed release, but I needed a quick release. I let my fingers finish their teasing inspection of my clit, then I snatched the shower nozzle off the mount again. This time I set the setting to massage. And dropped the massager over my nipples, down and over my stomach to my waiting pussy. Oh God I heard myself say as the pulsing water passed over my clit. My knees buckled for a second, and I turned to lean my head against the shower wall. I gripped the shower nozzle more firmly, then directed the steady stream to my throbbing clit. My free hand roamed up to squeeze and tease my nipples. I could already feel the orgasm building in my body as my legs started to shake. I moaned and scream oh god oh fuck. My fist started to pound against the shower wall as my entire body tensed and my orgasm washed over me. My pussy gripped and released as I came and came. I couldn’t take the shower nozzle away. It felt so good. Slowly relaxing and feeling myself come back down. I smiled to myself as once again the man I loved was in my mind.

I turned the water off and grabbed a towel. Stepping out of the shower I heard the phone ringing in the other room. My heart stopped beating for a minute. It couldn’t be. He was early. I still had a good 45 minutes at least! I smacked the CD player and turned off the music and ran for the phone.

Oh god! It was him. I almost heard the disappointment in my own voice when I said hey back to him. We agreed. We both had to be comfortable with this, and it was a HUGE step. There were a lot of things and a lot of people to consider. I had to remember that. Dinner? Did he say dinner? I can’t do this. How do I sit across from the man I love and not touch him?! I could feel the panic rising in my body as I heard myself tell him I would be down as soon as I could. Laughing, I told him that he was early and I was still dripping wet and naked from the shower. Wait! Was that a gasp I heard escape his lips?

I hung the phone up and quickly jumped into my clothes. I hurriedly put on my make up and blow dried my hair. He bahis şirketleri hated to wait. We had even joked about the fact he would leave me behind if I was late and we had plans to be some where at a certain time. I had to hurry. I would deal with the rest of my emotions later. A final check in the mirror, a quick adjustment of my skirt and oh no! Panties! I hated the things, but I needed them tonight.

Out the door and down the elevator…….

Now, the butterflies hit. We hadn’t seen each other face to face. The doors opened, and there he was. God he looked good. The old cliché of tall dark and handsome was a HUGE understatement. Dark hair, smoldering eyes, and tall! I walked towards him like a dream. We smiled at each other highly and then I giggled. I always did that when I was nervous. I didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to do. It was almost like a dream, the fantasy had come to join reality, but somehow we were still trapped in the hazy realm in between the two worlds.

He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight. His arms felt so good. I knew they would. I moaned as first the time, I felt safe, loved, cared for, and extremely content all at that exact moment. Slowly we pulled away from each other and started walking towards the door.

Dinner! OH boy. How was this going to work. The ride to the restaurant was filled with jokes and laughter. No one passing by us would know we had just met. We fell into our usual pattern. Joking and kidding. We both had relaxed by the time we pulled up to the restaurant.

Now the real test began! We sat beside each other, the shyness coming back, but only for a brief minute. The waiter took our order, and we started talking. I always knew no matter what happened we would be friends. We could joke and kid around and talk about the most bizarre stuff and still it was like we had known each other in other life. We talked and caught up. Both of us had busy lives, filled with work, kids, and friends!

Finally, the waiter brought our food and hurried away. We both smiled content and comfortable with each other and the direction our relationship had turned. The easiness we felt on line and on the phone, spilling over into the reality. He smiled at me. There was that devilish grin and mischievous snicker I had seen and heard so many times. He was up to something…….

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