The Jacuzzi Dream

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Let me tell you about this dream I had.

It was a cold, winter day, and you and I were staying together at a particularly fancy cabin. It had everything! Nice furniture, a warm fireplace, comfy beds, and best of all: an indoor jacuzzi that was just begging for us to share.

After settling into the cabin, we quickly got changed to enjoy a nice, hot relaxing soak. I got there first, it wasn’t long before you arrived, wrapped in a towel, and a rather mischievous smile on your face.

Imagine my surprise, and how hard I was, the moment you let the towel drop… and you were naked. I couldn’t take my eyes off as you joined me, a surprise moan escaping your lips.

You locked eyes with me, inching closer and closer, until your wet, naked body was pressed against mine. Your nipples were already hard as you wrapped your arms around my neck.

“Feeling warm enough, darling?” you asked, moving your hips against mine under the water. My cock was already growing in my swim trunks. “You’re definitely enjoying it.”

Damn you and your teasing ways. I chuckled, “If I knew you were going to be naked, love, I would’ve opted for the bed or near the fireplace.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I plan on riding you everywhere. For now, though…” you leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Take off your canlı bahis trunks.”

I did just as you said, releasing my cock and sitting on the ledge of the jacuzzi up against the wall. I wasn’t fully hard yet, but that just made you all the more excited. Slowly, you stroked it, watching it grow more and more as you juggled and sucked on my balls first, before finally taking my cock in your mouth. The moan that escaped your throat almost made me cum instantly.

I loved watching you suck my cock. How your lips perfectly wrapped around it, how you expertly swirled your tongue around my shaft, the lust in your eyes every time you looked up at me as if you wanted more.

I guess the jacuzzi had other ideas, though. “God, the jets are just blasting my pussy! It feels so good!”

I chuckled, “If they make you cum before I do, I’ll be very upset.”

You looked up at me again, stroking my cock with a devious smile, “Mmm, I think I’m getting close. I can feel it. I may not even need your cock anymore if this keeps up.”

There you go back to teasing me again.

Another moan, and your hand found your nipples, “Oh, God, Cody… you have no idea how good this feels! Ohh! These jets are… fucking amazing! Oh, my nipples are so hard! I can feel my pussy ready to cum!”

I told myself bahis siteleri not to fall for it, that I wasn’t going to fall for it. But your face, your moans, the way you pulled at your nipples… it was like torture!

The end finally came when you stopped stroking me, and went down to stroke yourself. “Oh, Cody! I’m going to cum!”

“Not without me, you aren’t!”

One minute, we’re in a jacuzzi, the next, I’m picking you and carrying you, throwing you on the bed. You squealed and laughed as I crawled over, spreading your legs to enjoy kissing your thick thighs, “Cody, we’re going to get the bed wet!”

“I don’t care.” I muttered, nibbling your inner thigh just a bit. “I need to fuck you.”

Feeling you shiver drove me insane. “Ohhh, yes! Please!”

I snaked my tongue up and down, getting dangerously close to your wet, dripping pussy… when I stopped. “On second thought, maybe I don’t.”

The look on your face was priceless. “W-what?”

I pushed myself up to my knees, “Maybe I don’t need to fuck you. Maybe I can just…” I started to breath heavily, “…stroke my cock in front of you.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Are you sure?” I asked with a smirk. “You said you probably didn’t need my cock.”

“That-that was just teasing, Cody! Please? Don’t do this now.”

You bahis şirketleri may know how to tease me, but I know how to make you beg.

“Don’t do what?” I asked, stroking myself faster. You were damn near salivating.

“Don’t tease me like that. You know what you do to me.”

“Oh, do I?” I replied, and crawled over to press my wet, naked body against yours. Your nipples felt even harder. “Wet enough, love?”

“How can you be such a sweetheart yet such a goddamn monster?”

I chuckled, You started it, love. And if you want me to finish it all over your face…” my smile grew devious. “I suggest you beg for me.”

Carefully, I started grinding my hips. Slowly… methodically… my cock never entering your dripping wet pussy. I could feel it, your body just aching for me to ravage you. But I knew better than to just go in immediately.

“Cody, please…” you whimpered.

“Say what you want, Tabrin.” I said, moving my mouth onto your nipples, taking one at a time, it always got you going.

“Cody…” your whimpers grew louder, but still, you couldn’t say it. Whether it was because you didn’t want to lose, or you had some trick up your sleeve, I didn’t know.

“Say it, Tabrin.” I repeated, licking up your collar and neck, planting light kisses as my hips moved faster and faster with every breathe you took. I knew you were ready to give up.

“I… I want…”

Your facade finally broke the moment I whispered, “You want me to what, Tabrin?”


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