The Internet is a Small World, Too

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Anal Creampie

This story may or may not be true, but it is a very fun story none the less.

Hi my name is James and I am a 30 something married white male. I love my wife and we have a very open marriage to the point that we have both had a boyfriend or girlfriend while we were married. We love playing on line on different swinger sites and on chat sites also.

I was off work for the day and feeling a little horny so I got online to look for someone to play with for a few hours. I got into a chat room and started talking to a few people. I ran across someone that seemed to be really cool and fun to talk to. She lived in New York and had family down near me. We stuck up a chat and talked for a few hours.

She told me that she was in her 50’s, married, her name was Tam, and I told her about my relationship with my wife. In our talks we got on the subject of sex, which most of my chats usually do. And she told me what she liked and I told her about my perversions. She asked me for a picture of my cock. So I told her fair is fair and I needed to see a picture of her as well. I looked through my photos and send her a nice photo of my cock hanging out of my pants; it was semi hard and thick. She returned me a photo of her beautiful 38d tits. She had very small nipples but they were so hard.

We talked off and on for the next few weeks and traded more photos with each other. We traded everything but our face photos, until that day. She sent me a photo of her sucking a cock and I knew who she was right away. It was my mother in law. I was stunned, I couldn’t believe that first I have seen my mother in law nude and some of the other photos I saw, but that I was so turned on by her.

I didn’t know what to say to her so I got off line right away. I was confused. I was super turned on by the fact that she was so sexual, but not sure with to do. I knew who she was but she didn’t know who I was, or so I thought.

The next day I got online and a few minutes later she sent me a message. She said “Don’t be upset with me son, but I knew it was you the whole time.”

I told her, “I’m not upset with you; I’m just confused what to think and what to do. I am very turned on by you but just not sure we should be talking like this.”

Tam said “I know what you mean son, but I am very excited also. I have been turned on by you since I met you. If you wouldn’t have married my daughter I would have hit on you myself.” But then she sent me another photo of her with a dildo in her ass and one in her pussy with the message, “When I get there you can have either hole.”

The thought of being able to eat my mother in law’s pussy had me so turned on I had to start pulling on my cock. I told her that I was jerking off and she told me to turn on my cam so she could watch. I turned on my web cam and gave her a good look at my hard thick 7 inch cock. She said she loved how big the head of my cock was and couldn’t wait to get it in her mouth. Then she surprised me by inviting me to view her webcam. I turned it on and all I saw was her beautiful shaved pussy with a dildo in it. She was working the large pink dildo in her pussy and I couldn’t talk it anymore. I blew my load all over my chest and stomach. Just after I came I heard canlı bahis he start moaning and I saw her start to squirt around the dildo. I didn’t know that she was a squirter. It was such a turn on. She pulled the dildo out of her pussy and started licking and sucking it.

I asked how it tasted; Tam said “you will have to wait to find out.”

I replied, “I can’t wait to find out myself.”

In my heart I knew it was wrong, but in my head and cock I knew I wanted her bad. I thought to myself. I knew I won’t be seeing her anytime soon, so by then I was hoping that we would both come to our senses.

A few hours later my wife had called me and broke the news to me. Her mother was coming to town for a few weeks and was going to be staying with us. I acted like I was a little up set because she didn’t talk this over with me. But inside I was going crazy and my cock was rock hard, but I didn’t have time to take care of it. I had to go to work and deal with all these thoughts going through my head.

The next day I got a message from Tam. It just said see you soon son, with a photo of her sucking a cock. I knew it wasn’t my father in law because it was a big black cock. Then next few weeks went by oh so slow. We kept talking online and on the phone as well.

A few days before Tam was supposed to fly in my wife asked me if I would be able to pick her up at the airport, alone. I couldn’t say no to my wife. Besides she asked me between sucks on my cock.

The day came for me to pick Tam up from the airport. I dressed in my normal outfit, jeans and a polo shirt, and made sure the truck was cleaned out. I headed out to the airport. The only think that went through my mind, on the 40 mile trip, was the sight of her pussy with that dildo in it and how it would feel.

I made one of those cheap cardboard signs with her name on it and I stood there waiting for her with a huge smile on my face. I saw her walking down the jet way wearing a short sun dress. Her large 38d tits were pushed up and out for everybody to get a good look at. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing thigh highs or panty hose, but her legs looked great from the bottom of the dress to the four inch heels she was wearing. I couldn’t believe that, one this was my mother in law looking so damn sexy, and two that she was in her 50’s.

Tam greeted me with a big hug and a little kiss on the cheek. We went down and got her bags and I carried them to the truck. As we walked I looked at her and blushed because I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants. I put her bags in the truck and opened her door for her. As she stepped into the truck I could tell she was wearing thigh highs and my cock got even harder.

The first 20 miles of the ride home were a little quiet. All we talked about was the TSA and the flight here. I asked why her husband didn’t come with her. Tam said because he doesn’t have the time to get off right now. When I asked her about the flight her response was, “it was ok. I mean till I started thinking about you and got all horny and wet.” I made a joke about the mile high club. Tam asked me, “does masturbation count for joining the club?”

I almost ran off the road as I looked at her with my mouth wide open. bahis siteleri Tam told me she was so horny she went into the bathroom, took her panties off, and rubbed her pussy thinking about me. I said I didn’t believe her and she was just pulling my leg.

Tam said, “If I could I wouldn’t be pulling your leg right now. I would be pulling your cock out of those pants. It looks like it needs to be freed.”

Again I turned three shades of red but I knew she was telling me the truth. My cock did need to be freed from my pants. I gazed over at Tam and she had one hand between her legs. I couldn’t believe this; my mother in law was in my truck rubbing her pussy. As I looked back at the road, I felt her hand slide across my leg and onto my cock.

Tam said, “See you are hard as a rock.” I thought to myself no shit. I looked over at her again and she had her legs spread so I could see her bare soaking wet pussy. Tam asked me if I wanted to taste her like I said. I told her yes I did but didn’t think it was right.

Tam said, “Oh its ok son. You can come and taste Momma right now.”

I told Tam that I couldn’t go home with the smell of pussy on my face. My wife would notice that I tasted of another woman’s pussy and that would be not good. Tam said she was ok with that and we would have time tomorrow when everybody was gone.

We got home and I carried her bags into her room. My wife ran out to hug her mother and then went into the house. I got to cooking dinner as the two beautiful women were catching up in the living room. As I was bent over looking into the oven I felt a hand rubbing my ass. My first thought was this is bold of my wife. I stood up and turned around to see Tam standing there. She kissed me quickly, sliding her tongue deep n my mouth, I could taste the red wine on her tongue. Tam said, “Nora is in the bathroom, and I needed a kiss”.

The rest of the night went on as if nothing happened. I went to bed with Nora and was so horny I had to fuck her. But as luck would have it, it was that time of the month and I had to settle for just a blow job.

I woke up in the morning and Nora had left for work early. I decided I needed to get in the shower and get out of the house before Tam got up. I walked to the shower naked as I always do. I turned the water on in the shower and got in. I didn’t even notice Tam had come into the bathroom and got naked. I heard the shower door open and Tam asked, “Need me to wash your back?”

I thought I am going to hell for this but answered, “Sure come on in.”

Tam got in the shower and this was the first time I could see her full body nude in person. She was beautiful with the body of a woman half her age. Her breasts were not a perky as Nora’s but they looked very nice. Her nipples were very large but the areolas were very small. Her pussy was smooth as were her legs. She turned around and asked me to wash her back.

As Tam turned around, I could see the tattoo on her back. Again another, what the hell moment happened. My mother in law had a tramp stamp on her back. It sat just above her nice round ass. As I washed her back, Tam told me to wash lower. I found myself washing her ass and back.

Tam turned around and saw the smile bahis şirketleri on my face and that my cock was rock hard. She gave me a devilish grin and got down on her knees. She looked up at me and said, “This is all I thought about last night as I rubbed my pussy.”

She wrapped her lips around my cock and started to deep throat it. She was a very skilled cock sucker. She rubbed and played with my balls as she took deep strokes on my cock. Every now and then her finger would slide back from my balls and play with my asshole. I thought I was going to shoot my load right then and there.

Tam looked up at me and said, “Let’s get out of this shower.”

I agreed and turned the shower off. We went to the guest room where Tam was staying. I kissed her deeply and ran my hands up and down her back. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this or that her ass was so nice and tight. I laid her down on the bed and continued to kiss her. I slid one had between her legs and started to rub her already wet pussy.

Tam started to moan as I sucked on her rock hard nipples. I gently kissed her beautiful full breasts. As I sucked harder on her nipples and breasts Tam’s moaning got louder.

Tam looked down at me and begged, “Please let me suck your cock Son. Please let me suck you.”

I rolled over onto my back and Tam went right for my cock with her lips. She took my whole cock all the way into her mouth. It felt so wonderful; her lips were smooth and soft. I pulled her legs towards me and over my head. I had to get a taste of that baby maker she had. As soon as my tongue got on her hard clit I heard her moan. She was wet and very sweet tasting.

As I ate her pussy I would slide my tongue in and out of her pussy as well as licking up to lick her asshole. She leaned back and ordered me to suck her clit and make her cum. I licked back down and latched on to her clit. As she arched her back I reached around and slid a finger into her ass. Tam let out a loud scream as she came all over my face.

We lay there eating and sucking each other for what seemed to be forever. Tam had cum so much my face, neck, and bed had been soaked from her.

Tam rolled off me and said “God I know what Nora meant when she said you were great. If you fuck as good as you eat pussy I might have to stay forever.”

Tam climbed over me, grabbed my cock, and guided it into her soaking sweet spot. Tam was much tighter then I thought she would have been. And boy did she know how to ride a cock like an old pro. Tam came a few more times as she rode my cock hard. Just when I thought I was going to cum deep in her she climbed off me. She lay on her back and told me she wanted me to tit fuck her.

I climbed up on her and laid my cock between her tits. Tam pushed her tits together and I start pumping away. I reached back and started rubbing her pussy as I fucked her tits. Tam was moaning again and I could feel her getting ready to cum as I was ready to blow my own load.

I told Tam “I’m going to cum.” Tam opened her mouth wide and I came all over her face making some in her mouth. Tam then came again and I could feel her squirt in my hand.

As I lay beside my Mother in law, I looked at her as she rubbed my cum into her skin and licking her fingers clean. Tam said “Damn you know how to fuck son. I am going to enjoy my two weeks here.” Tam got up kissed my cock, gave it a little pat, and said “I can’t wait to feel you again.”

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