The Hotel Room Next Door

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From the room next door I could clearly hear the sounds of fucking, I went outside to the balcony to see what I could see through the window but the curtains are drawn and can only see through the crack between them, there is a big fat guy and by that I mean big and fat, I reckon he must weigh 25 stone (350 pounds) laying on the bed. I instantly recognised the equally large lady sitting on him, she is wearing a bright orange and green bandana round her bright pink long hair, a large lions head tattooed on her back, a dangly nose ring, her massive KK tits are hanging down low with her long chunky nipples touching his chest, she is naked and vigorously fucking on his standing cock. I stood there watching while I smoked a cigarette then returned to my room, wanked and slept.

The following night the fucking noises started so I go out to the balcony and peer through the gap in the curtains, as I’m smoking a second cigarette the woman turns around and got into the 69 position with her massive tits spread almost obscenely across the different guys belly, his cock looks ridiculously small compared to the rest of him and she takes all of him in her mouth with ease, including his balls. I finish my cigarette and go to bed.

It’s 1am and the noise of fucking has been going on now for ½ hour, this is the 3rd night in a row and if the last two nights have anything to go by this will go on for another couple of hours at least. Oh boy do I wish I could last that long, I was playing with my cock thinking of the views of the last two nights.

At 1:30am I have come and tried to sleep but it’s evading me so 2am I’m out on the balcony having a cigarette and wander along to the neighbouring window to have a nose at the occupants through the gap in the curtains as I had done the previous two nights, much to my surprise the curtains are wide open.

The big woman is on hands and knees with her tits hanging down, she is wearing some massive nipple clamps and chains which are being dragged and banged on the floor by the movement of the fucking. Tonight she is being well and truly rogered by a small guy kneeling on the floor behind her, he is wearing heavy nipple rings and a NY baseball cap.

I stood there for 20 minutes watching and his action hardly altered, the only variation being he slapped her big arse every so often. They are facing the TV located to the left of the window I’m looking through and I can just make out there is porno playing. The only reason they could not see me was the heavy net curtain.

It looked like she was tiring as she leans down on her elbows; her big tits are now lying in a pile on the floor, spread out like they are jelly. The guy pulls out and places his hands on her shoulders, climbs onto her bum canlı bahis with knees forward and legs each side of her waist like a horse racing jockey and pushes himself back in to continue with the fucking.

He slapped her bum a couple of times as she crawls to the dressing table between me and the TV and rested her tits on the stool, they are squashed flat, spread right across the seat and even hanging down the sides, I suddenly realised the guy is a dwarf and while she crawled to the stool he did not miss a stroke.

My heart dropped into my stomach when he looked over towards me, lifted one hand from her shoulder and gestured for me to come in then put his finger to his lips, I stood still watching them mortified that I had been sussed then he gestures again. I tried the door handle, very slowly and gently, he gestured to come in again and put his finger to his mouth. I pull the door towards me and slip inside, gently closing it behind me.

I watched for a little while until the guy points to a box of condoms and me, I point to it and my cock and he nods so I dropped my boxers, put a condom on my hard cock as he climbed further up onto the big woman’s back, I suddenly saw he is fucking her arse and he is pointing to her fanny.

I move closer and very carefully avoiding her legs, kneel on the floor without touching her, positioned my cock at her dripping fanny and pushed in, she went “Ooof” and tried to turn to look but the guy held her head on the stool to stop her.

This is the first time I’d been in a threesome, in fact it’s the first time I’d seen live naked bodies fucking apart from at a strip show and I am surprised how turned on and hard I am, fortunately I had a wank an hour before so I lasted longer than I would have done and humped for a solid ¼ hour while the other guy stays still on top of her with his cock buried deep in her arse.

I feel him coming so I stop still, holding myself tight in against their two bums to let him take his pleasure, he started humping again and I experience the weird sensation of feeling him moving against the side of my cock while being inside her fanny, I am going to come due to his movements so pull out till he finished then pushed back in and remain still for a few moments, after I’d settled down I start humping again.

The door opens and two guys enter, strip off, play with their cocks to get hard, put condoms on then walk over, without letting go of the womans head the little guy pulled out moved forward to sit on her upper back then gestured to me and her arse, I pointed to me and her arse and he nods so I pull out of her fanny, slip easily into her arse and move forward like he had done.

One of the new guys came in behind me to fill her empty fanny bahis siteleri and humps hard and fast, the other new guy kneels on the floor in front of the woman and fucks her mouth up to his hilt, he has a big cock, easily half again longer than my 6″ and I marvelled at how easily it all disappears inside her.

I came and went soft but manage to stay in her arse while the other guy humps. After several minutes I got hard, he felt it and stops humping so I could take over and in no time I came again but it’s close to being a non event as this is the 3rd time I came in 1½ hours, when I stopped the other guy started humping again and I had to pull out due to the discomfort.

I stood and climbed out of the position, the guy behind me held his hand up to hi five and I repeated it with the other two. The little guy gestured for me to leave, I put my boxers back on and leave the way I came in, standing out on the balcony watching till I finish another cigarette then return to my bed and slept.

The forth evening I hear my neighbours door go, followed by the sound of a couple fucking, I grab my cigarettes and go out on the balcony, the big woman is standing, bending forwards leaning on the dressing table, her big tits hanging down by her waist, I can hear the nipple clamps and chain between them rattling against the dressing table, she’s looking at the TV at more porno. The little guy is standing on the stool fucking her.

The guy gestured to me to come in then held her head so she couldn’t turn towards me, I enter the room drop my boxers and apply a condom. Like the night before he moved from her fanny to her arse and climbs well up onto her back making space for me to enter her fanny and fuck her, I’m just able to reach round him and her to play with the nipples and hardware, I have not handled tits this big before and feel overawed by them.

The door opens and one of the guys from last night enters, strips and fits a condom, he moves to a position behind me somewhere I can’t see him, puts his hand between my legs, grabs my cock and pulls it from the womans fanny, repositions it against her arse and the little guys cock and pushes me hard, his grip on me is painful and the pinch on my cock head smarted for a moment as he forces it in but then I was right in sharing her arse with another guy, wow how tight does this feel!

The new guy somehow manages to get his cock in her fanny and we randomly manage to do some humping in turn, I come first and am only able to get out of the squeeze when the guy in her fanny pulls away and lets me out, he returns to her fanny and the two of them are able to fuck with greater ease.

I put my boxers on, sit on the bed and watch, the woman gets very vocal with groans, oo’s & bahis şirketleri ah’s and is bucking quite hard, making the little guy come out of her arse and nearly fall off her back, this happened while he is coming and the weight inside the condom is being thrown around looking like it is going to fall off, I nipped out the balcony door quickly before the woman saw me.

Not a word is spoken by anyone.

I’d been working away from home for a week and arranged my work and the, somewhat rundown hotel to coincide with the timetable on the big pink haired woman’s website, which I’d been watching for several years. Knowing the balcony arrangements I’d asked them to allocate these two rooms to the pink haired lady and me when I booked over the phone, on the promise of a decent sized tip when I checked in, they were a little surprised as they are not some of their better rooms.

After work on Friday I drove straight home, grabbed my bag of clothes and laptop from the boot of the car, went indoors, dumped the bags on the floor, walked over behind Mum who is using the computer at the desk.

“Hi Mum.”

“Hi, how was your we…?” She stopped abruptly as I put my hands round her and grabbed her tits, “err what are you doing?” Turning her head and glaring at me, “get off you little shit.”

“You didn’t complain last night.”

“What are you talking about?”

I moved my hands from her tits, quickly unzipped her fleece and pulled a breast from its bra cup.

“What are you doing?” Hitting the back of my hand very hard and pushing them both away followed by tucking her tit back in the bra. “I said: what the fuck are you talking about you shit?”

“I’m talking about room 214 Mum.”

Her mood changed, “How the fuck do you know about that?”

“I was in 212.”

Pause “Were you the one smoking outside?”


Mum went red and sat back against the hard back chair staring at the Google screen, “So what did you see?” Almost in a whisper.

I described all four nights, omitting my presence.

“Didn’t two men come in separately last night though?”


“I knew it; he fucking only paid me for 2 people.”

“Well there were 4 guys on Wednesday.”

“I knew it, I fucking knew it the bastard, I fucking knew there were 2 in there when he climbed up on my back, the bastard said it was his foot.”

“If it helps they weren’t expecting the extra guy to be there.”

With a frown “And how do you know that?”

I paused, “Mum?”

“What?” impatiently.

“Can I fuck your arse again?”

“What do you mean again?” I could see the brain cogs going round, “Oh fuck,” another pause, “you didn’t only watch did you?” Another pause, “Shit.” Dropping her head a little

“Nope.” Smiling, “So how about letting me fuck your arse again?”

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, the black look on her face eased slightly and I could see the cogs moving again…

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