The Great Halloween Costume Mix-up!

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(Special thanks to Pennlady, although she can only help a retard like me so much and all mistakes are mine and mine alone. I love Halloween and costume mix-up stories in particular. I hope this one adds to the genre. Enjoy!)


Otis had been thinking about this night for a long time. He hung his Batman costume on the back of the door and removed the protective bag. It was all black and grey with the iconic bat symbol centered on the chest. He nodded in satisfaction; It had been worth the extra money. His sister, Brenda, had decided to have a Halloween party at the off-campus house she shared with a couple of her friends. It was going to be huge. They had invited nearly the entire college. Since Otis and Brenda had been getting along better lately, she had invited him, for once.

He mused on Brenda’s improved attitude as he finished getting his costume ready. He was sure that it had to do with moving away to college and both of them maturing but, mostly, he attributed it to her new boyfriend Tom. Tom was the starting quarterback for the city college football team, and although Otis had little use for Jocks in the past, he had to admit that Tom was okay.

He was still a bit of a meathead, but he made Brenda happy; happier then Otis had ever seen her, at least. Otis and Brenda had never gotten along growing up. Brenda was two years older, and was just entering her third year of college. Otis was a freshman at the same school, but he still lived at home. They had fought constantly while they were growing up. Otis knew that he was to blame for some of it, but in his mind, Brenda had been a world class-bitch when she was younger. That Brenda had actually invited Otis to one of her parties was a big turning point in their relationship. Times were definitely changing and for the better, Otis thought — definitely for the better.

Otis’s thoughts turned to Brenda. Even though she was his sister, he was enough of a guy to realize how beautiful she was. She was tall, with jet-black hair and full pink lips. He had found himself staring at her chest in spite of himself when they were swimming at the family reunion this past summer; he had really never noticed how busty she was before. It was almost obscene, the way her large breasts strained the fabric of her swimsuit, threatening to burst free at any moment.

He was determined to ask her if she’d fix him up with one of her friends at the party. He knew just which one too: Jenny Hinkle. She was one of Brenda’s teammates on the cheerleading squad and she looked a lot like Brenda. She had the same dark hair but was slightly shorter and had smaller breasts. Otis had spent many a night fantasizing about and masturbating to images of Jenny Hinkle.

Why do superheroes always have to wear skin tight leotards? Otis wondered as he pulled them on carefully in Brenda’s upstairs bathroom. That was a question for the ages. He blamed Superman — what a dumbass — for starting such a horrible trend. Otis had heard two girls talking outside the doorway and stopped with the tights halfway up one leg.

“Oh, God, what I wouldn’t do to get a chance with Tom.” One of the girls admitted. He recognized the voice. It was Jenny Hinkle — and she wanted Brenda’s boyfriend!

“What about Brenda?” The other girl asked in shock. Otis couldn’t see her face, but didn’t think the shock was genuine.

“What Brenda doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” Jenny answered. “It’s not like I want to marry him or anything. I just want to have sex with him,” she said with a giggle. “Besides, I won’t get the chance anyway.”

“You are so totally bad, Jenny,” the other girl said and then they were gone down the hallway.

Otis wasn’t sure what to think about this information. Should he tell Brenda? Nah, he thought. He was willing to bet all girls talked about each other’s boyfriends this way. He finished getting dressed, fastened his Batman utility belt and headed downstairs to join the party.

The party was rocking and the house was full of people. There were rows of beer kegs out the back and soon Otis was feeling the effects of more then a few beers. Jenny Hinkle was looking good as Cat Woman but he had lost track of her a while ago.

Feeling an urgent need to piss like a racehorse, Otis headed upstairs to take a leak. He found an empty bathroom and relieved himself. While he was fastening his utility belt again, he noticed a pile of red and gold in the corner of the bathroom. It was Tom’s Iron man costume. Had he left the Party early? Otis had seen Brenda and Tom out by the kegs earlier that evening and this was definitely Tom’s costume.

The costume gave Otis an idea. He had seen Jenny Hinkle hanging out on the upstairs balcony on his way to the bathroom, and thought that she might be up for a visit from Iron Man, based canlı bahis on the conversation that he had overheard while he was getting dressed earlier. It was a pretty bulky, costume — maybe she wouldn’t realize that it wasn’t Tom? Otis was just drunk enough to think it could work.

His sister was downstairs being the perfect hostess, and the party was bumping. What could go wrong? He quickly stripped off the Batman suit and hid it in the clothes hamper, and then quickly put on Tom’s Iron man costume. The mask was the best part. It covered his whole head and fastened to the shoulders. He looked in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see that he didn’t look much different then Tom had. They were both the same height and the costume made Otis appear just as bulky and muscular. As long as he could refrain from talking, he had it made. He laughed to himself as he thought of his new super hero name: Iron Mime.

Otis opened the door and peered out. Not seeing anyone, he ventured out into the hallway wearing Tom’s costume. He started down the hallway to the alcove were he had seen Jenny sitting not fifteen minutes earlier. She wasn’t there. Crap, he thought.

He didn’t dare go downstairs; he would surely get caught by either Brenda or one of Tom’s teammates. Both of those scenarios, Otis thought, could only turn out badly. He was starting to feel nervous. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Otis turned to go back to the bathroom and nearly ran into Brenda. She had decided to dress as Wonder Woman and had ordered her costume from Fredericks of Hollywood. It was skin tight and showed a ton of cleavage. She looked amazing. Linda Carter would have been jealous.

“Oh, so you decided to come back, did you?” Brenda asked.

Otis nodded his head, not sure what else to do.

“I thought you were angry at me,” she said. “I was really upset.”

Otis shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m sorry, Tom,” she said softly. “Do you forgive me?”

Otis nodded his head, having no idea what Brenda was apologizing for. She had a strange look in her eyes and he wasn’t entirely sure how to interpret it.

“Come here and I’ll make it up to you,” she said, grabbing Otis’s gloved hand and leading him towards her bedroom. She pulled him in and shut the door, locking it behind her.

“You’ve been looking at these all night haven’t you?” Brenda asked, gesturing at her boobs.

Otis nodded his head again, starting to really feel uncomfortable.

“I know, baby.” She peeled down the top of her costume, letting her magnificent breasts spring into view. They were huge and Otis immediately sprouted an erection.

“Oh my!” Brenda said, looking down at his hard on. “Is that for me, baby?”

Otis stumbled back and fell onto the bed. He had been foiled by Iron Man’s ridiculous boots.

. “A little too much to drink, Tom?” Brenda asked with a laugh. She walked over to him and dropped to her knees. “Let’s find out if you really are an Iron Man.”

Brenda grabbed the waistband of Otis’s Iron Man costume and pulled it down to his ankles. Still lying back, propped up on his elbows, Otis knew that this was probably his last chance to stop this craziness, but he didn’t. He watched silently as Brenda grabbed his underwear in both hands and pulled that down as well. Otis’s erection sprang into view. Brenda gasped as soon as she saw it. Otis had watched a few pornos before, and knew that he was pretty well endowed for a pimply faced college freshman. Otis had played soccer all through high school and had pretty muscular legs because of it. It was that, the low lights, and a few beers in her belly, that kept Brenda from realizing who she was getting ready to go down on.

“Wow, you must have been thinking about this all night baby,” she purred. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so hard, or so big.” She grabbed his cock with her right hand and started to stroke him slowly.

Otis couldn’t believe that his older sister was stroking his cock. It felt so good. He groaned, unable and unwilling to stop her. Then she did the unthinkable. Brenda leaned forward and slid her lips over his cock. At first she just gave him a gentle suck but then she pushed her head forward sliding her lips down to the base. Otis forgot to breathe for a couple of seconds. When Brenda finally pulled her lips off of his cock she smiled at him, seeming to sense that he was close to cumming…

“It’s ok, baby. I want you to cum in my mouth. You can do me later. I promise.” Then she engulfed his cock again and started to slowly work her mouth up and down his shaft. Caressing his balls as she did. It was Otis’s first blow job and first real encounter with a woman of any sort. He didn’t last more then a few seconds before his cock twitched and he erupted into his sister’s warm mouth.

She bahis siteleri kept her mouth on his cock and kept stroking him with her hand until he was spent and she had swallowed his entire load.

“Damn, that was a lot of cum, baby,” she said smiling. “You’d think we hadn’t fucked in forever.”

Otis was in complete shock. He had just cum in his sister’s mouth and it was the most amazing feeling in the whole world. Wow! All he could do was groan. The combination of having just came in her mouth and hearing his sister talking so dirty had him rock hard again in no time.

“You know what, Iron Man?” she asked a little too wickedly for a super heroine. “I lied. Sucking your cock has got me all worked up and I’m going to do you right now before we go back to the party.”

He watched in a daze as Brenda removed the rest of her costume and stood before him totally nude. She was so hot. Her large breasts jiggled as she climbed on the bed with him and straddled his body. She leaned down and whispered, “Let me do all the work, baby. I need that cock.”

Brenda was indeed worked up and sopping wet as she impaled herself on Otis’s large cock.

“Oh fuck!” she yelped. “I don’t remember you being this big. I’m so full.”

Brenda took a minute to adjust to his size and then started to slide her pussy up and down his thick shaft. She started to groan in pleasure. Otis moved his hands up to hold his sister’s bouncing breasts as she fucked herself on his cock. This was even more incredible then having his cock in her mouth.

“Take off your stupid mask, Tom,” she panted. “I need to kiss you.”

Otis shook his head and started to thrust his hips up, keeping time with his sister. Her eyes were closed and she grunted every time Otis drove his cock into her. He watched her face as she grimaced and then her whole body shook as she came. He could feel her pussy contracting around his cock. It was all too much for Otis and he started to cum himself. He was having an amazing orgasm — and he was having it inside his sister. After they both finished, his sister rolled off of him and Otis lay there, semi-comatose. Otis had just lost his virginity to his own sister.

He stood up and pulled his costume pants back up and made for the door in a hurry. He only had one thought and that was to get the hell out of there. Brenda leaped off the bed and blocked his way, her massive tits bouncing as she ran for the door.

“I’m not letting you leave again until I know that we’re ok,” she said. “What the fuck is wrong with you tonight?” She asked only half smiling.

She still thought it was Tom. Otis gulped and shook his head.

Brenda advanced on him and reached one hand up to the back of the mask and another to his crotch. “God, you’re still hard. What’s gotten into you?” she asked in amazement. The next instant, she unsnapped and pulled his mask off and stood there, mouth agape.

“I…I…” Otis stammered. He didn’t know what to say or do.

“What?” Brenda whispered. “I…”

Otis pulled on the mask and ran out of the bedroom, leaving his naked sister standing in the doorway. He ran down the stairs, through the press of bodies in the house, and out back past the keg line. He ran past a startled Jenny Hinkle, who gave him a confused look as he ran past her. He ran the two miles all the way back to his parents’ house and up to his room. His parents were already fast asleep and this house was completely silent.

Otis took off the costume, changed into his pajamas and laid down on his bed. He thought about changing into jeans and a sweatshirt. It would probably be less embarrassing to be put in jail or kicked out of your house if you were fully clothed but he just didn’t care at the moment..

He wasn’t sure how he felt, or should feel. He was definitely embarrassed and scared. He was actually feeling sick to his stomach. It had never been his intention to trick his sister into sex; he’d been aiming for her best friend! He just couldn’t bring himself to stop Brenda once she got started.

Otis didn’t feel like a very good person right about now. Transferring to a college out of state seemed like a good idea. He was hoping that would be the worst that happened to him.

Otis heard a light knock on his bedroom door. “Just great,” he said out loud. All he needed was a midnight pep talk from one of his parents or worse yet; maybe Brenda had already told them what happened. He gulped nervously and stood up.

No, he decided, the phone hadn’t rung and he was sure that everyone was asleep when he got home. He made his way to the door. Steeling himself, he opened it.

He was shocked and took an involuntary step backwards when he saw Brenda standing there in sweatpants and a t-shirt. He had forgotten that she still had bahis şirketleri a key to the house and he’d been so lost in thought that he hadn’t heard anyone enter. She must have changed out of her Wonder Woman costume and drove over right after he had left the party, he thought distractedly.

“May I come in, Otis?” she asked softly. She didn’t seem angry and she wasn’t holding a knife, so he thought it was safe to let her in. He nodded and stepped back. He had been doing a lot of nodding tonight.

Otis sat on one end of the bed and Brenda sat on the other. They both sat in silence for a few minutes staring at the floor before Brenda finally spoke.

“Why did you have Tom’s costume on?” she asked.

“I… found it in the bathroom and I…I was going to surprise your friend, Jenny,” he answered in a shaky voice. Talking had never been so hard.

“Why didn’t you stop me?” She stared intently at him.

“I…at first…I didn’t want you to find out it was me,” he stammered. “Then I couldn’t…I…sorry…I…you were so beautiful…I’m sorry.”

“I knew something wasn’t right, Otis. But I couldn’t stop myself either. I didn’t know it was you…but you’re much larger.” she said. “I should be angry right now but I’m not. I don’t know what I’m feeling.”

“I would never do anything to hurt you,” he said urgently looking away.

“I know,” she replied. They were both silent again for a few minutes. Brenda broke the silence. “So what do we do now?”

Otis had no idea what to say. He had planned to follow along with whatever his older sister had to say and spend the rest of his life repenting and making it up to her if she would let him.

Brenda scooted over on the bed until she was right next to Otis and then put her arms around him and hugged him close. Otis let her; being in Brenda’s arms felt so good. He could feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra and God help him he started to get another hard on. He thought for a moment that running away to a secluded monastery was probably the best thing he could do. Running was one thing Otis was good at.

“Oh, my God, little brother!” Brenda said, seeing his pajama bottoms tent up. “Did I just cause that?” She asked, incredulous.

“I’m sorry,” Otis mumbled, trying to scoot away from his sister. “I’m some kind of freak.”

Sensing that Otis was at his breaking point and that she held the key to his sanity, Brenda pulled him even closer and kissed him on the cheek.

“You’re not a freak, and you’re not going anywhere,” she whispered in his ear. “I’m not letting you go anywhere.”

Brenda took Otis’s head in both hands. turned his face towards her and kissed him passionately. Otis was taken completely by surprise but returned the kiss. It was his first real kiss and he wasn’t very good. Brenda laughed.

“We can work on that,” she assured him. “You have potential.”

Then Brenda reached into Otis’s pajamas and pulled his hard cock out. She cooed in approval and leaned down and took it into her mouth for the second time that night. Otis gasped and leaned his head back. Brenda swirled her tongue around his shaft as her lips slid up and down the length his thick cock. Then she stopped, stood up, and pulled down her sweat pants. Brenda lay down on the bed next to Otis and spread her legs wide.

“This time, you’re going to do all the work,” she said with a mischievous grin.

Otis pulled his pajama pants off and crawled on the bed, moving on top of his beautiful sister.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked

“As sure as I’ve been about anything in my entire life, Otis,” she answered

Brenda reached down and grasped his cock, lining it up with the opening of her pussy. She was already sopping wet. Otis pushed his hips forward and was soon deep inside his sister again. She grunted at the size of him and how deep he was. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of their sex. They fucked for a long time with Otis pounding away on his sister, until Brenda came around her brother’s cock for the second time that night. Otis could feel his sister’s pussy clamping around his cock with her orgasm and when she was done cumming, Otis pulled out and shot his semen all over Brenda’s stomach and breasts. Then he put his cock back inside her for a few more pumps and rolled over.

“Where did you learn that move?” She asked him laughing.

I saw it on a porn.” Otis said sheepishly.

“Well from now on I want you cumming inside me.” Brenda said. “I’m on the pill so you don’t have to worry.”

“Do mind if I sleep here tonight with you?” she asked as she stroked his thigh.

“No,” Otis said simply.

Brenda leaned over and kissed him and ran a finger over her stomach scooping up a strand of his jism and licked it off. “Yummy,” she said. “Oh, one more thing, little brother.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“I’m not going to help you get into Jenny Hinkle’s pants now.”

They laughed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The End

Sethp 2009

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