The Gambler Ch. 02

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I wanted some answers to questions that had come up. I could have asked directly, but Sofia liked to play games and she liked to gamble. I caught her hustling pool a few weeks after the first time we had sex. In between. we got a lot closer, sharing more than a few secrets. Along the way, my daughter seemed as eager to learn as I was to teach.

I watched my girl through the window. She sat next to the pool, talking with 2 of her friends. One was close in look to my daughter. Both she and Sofia wore tiny bikinis that barely covered their nipples. Not that Sofia ever did wear much around the house. She had taken to wearing enticing outfits since the first time we had sex. A lot of the time, she roamed the house nude or just in a simple robe that always seemed to be loose or untied.

The girl was a few pounds lighter than Sofia, with long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her boobs and hips were full, nearly the same size as my daughter’s, but her nipples were darker and larger, based on what I could see every time her top slipped a bit. I had gotten used to it; the constant self adjusting that girls in bikinis seemed to do, and today was no exception. My windows were tinted. I had a much better view out than they had in. I’m not sure they even knew I was watching.

The 3rd girl couldn’t have been more unlike the other 2. Smaller, mousy brown hair and not much of a figure. She reminded me of the girl that was a carpenter’s dream; flat as a board and easy to nail. Although she looked anything but easy. Her bathing suit was twice the size of the other 2 girls, covering half her body, and she had a severe expression as she listened, more than talked to, the other girls. Completing her nerd kind of a look, she wore little makeup and kept pushing her glasses up on her nose.

Sofia and I had a pretty good thing going. We slept in the same bed some nights. We were 2 ships passing in the night the majority of the time, but we had 2 or 3 encounters every week. We weren’t crazy about sex all the time, although we never turned each other down. Watching her with her friends now, I got a little turned on. I knew I could call her in for a quickie, blow job or fuck, but as I sipped my coffee, I was content to just observe.

Sofia and I seemed to like the same movies, and we would cuddle on the couch in the game room, eating popcorn and playing with each other’s bodies, not as foreplay, but just feeling good. I had also gotten her into a light game of truth or dare. It to me, was a long game. I was drawing her in to a position where she would reveal some things to me without even realizing it.

It started with a game of pool again. My little girl was good, but now she also had confidence that her skill level was higher than mine. As a result, that confidence became overconfidence, the bane of every hustler and gambler on the planet. I watched her play and studied her. It was my habit to size up my opponents on many levels. It wasn’t just about their choices, it was about why they made certain choices. I again was playing a long game, sucking her in slowly.

I started with a classic pool break. When we were playing before, we played like most people. Hit the center ball hard and scatter the balls. In this case, I introduced her to the break I first saw in the movie The Gambler. Fast Eddie breaks, barely tapping the front ball. Only 3 balls have moved, and they’re not far away from their original position.

‘I didn’t leave you much.’ Fast Eddie, played by Paul Newman.

‘You left enough.’ Jackie Gleason as Minnesota Fats.

I cracked the first break and got pretty much the same result. Only a few balls moved away from the rack. In the time after our first bets on the pool game I had the opportunity to review my play. I went over the games I played in my mind. After review, I discovered a few things. First, I hadn’t played up to my potential. I wasn’t a great player, but I was a strategy player, and I hadn’t employed that tact playing Sofia. Second, I wasn’t playing my home advantage. I knew, for example, that the far corner wasn’t quite level, and there was a ever so slight dip near the hole at the rail.

I had used these to my advantage on other occasions. I also knew I had the advantage shooting from certain positions, and I realized I had rushed some shots. In truth, she might have beaten me anyway, but the gambler in me really wanted to see how we matched up. This time, I wasn’t going to get hustled. The friendly family game hadn’t been what it appeared. Further, I had experience on my side, and that accounts for a lot. When the cue ball made contact, I cursed under my breath and inspected the tip of my stick.

‘Chalk it, asshole.’

I muttered it under my breath. Sofia suggested I take the shot over. I waved her away.

‘Just play it out. Besides, I didn’t do you any favors with that break. What is the bet?’

‘What do you want?’

‘Truth or dare. Winners choice.’

My daughter got a look on her face like she was already sitting in the winner’s circle. cebeci escort I played my game, less concerned with this shot than setting myself up or blocking Sofia. My strategy worked. Her growing frustration and overconfidence made her shoot a poor game. She seemed surprised by the outcome. She got more into it on the second game, but had 4 balls still on the table when I sank the 8. She didn’t do any better on the 3rd game. In fact, she tanked, the frustration getting to her.

I watched, and didn’t see her losing on purpose. I had set her up for shots that looked easy, but were risky for a scratch, steered her toward the hole I knew to be defective and left her with no reasonable shot. She actually made a few of the difficult shots, but by then, I had her playing the shot rather than setting up a follow up. I beat her fair and square and she was frustrated by her play.

‘You set me up.’

Yes, I did.’

No sense in denying it. Her face screwed up into a grimace.

‘For a few reasons. Mostly, because I wanted some answers.’

Now she had a curious look on her face. She looked good, but some confusion showed on her face, the dog that cocks it’s head at your words, trying to connect emotion with reason. My daughter’s nipples showed through the sheer white t. She had on a pair of loose shorts and I couldn’t help wondering if she had panties on. Her large breasts heaved as she fumed. Sofia seemed resolved to whatever fate I had in store for her.

‘How do you want me?’

A question I had answered more than a few times over the past month. My daughter liked to be fucked, and she had a submissive streak. She seemed to enjoy the guy being in control, giving orders and making demands. I will admit that I’ve never been completely comfortable with this role, but I had noticed that it wasn’t just my daughter. It seemed that women I dated today, both young and old, seemed to want more aggressive sex from me.

This seemed to be a trend, and although I asked, it seemed none of my partners could explain it to me. It was like asking why someone got a tattoo. There never seemed to be a real reason behind it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen my share of tattoos that are designed to commemorate a person or event, but most are designs that seem to have no real meaning. When I’ve inquired, most often I just got the answer that they just wanted it.

I got the same reasoning when I asked about different aspects of sex. Why women seemed to like being choked, slapped, and other things remained a mystery to me, since none of my partners could explain this desire except to say that they liked it. So they got tattoos because they wanted to and liked rough sex because they liked it. I’m not a person satisfied with superficial answers. I’m looking for a reasoning. Part of my study of the human condition I guess. Finding out why people do the things they do. I can’t say my curiosity was ever 100% altruistic. Figuring out people’s reasoning helped me with gambling and winning against other gamblers.

Sofia and I played a few games that were sex related. The truth though, was that it was clear I could fuck my daughter any time, any where. In the early stages, she would make a pretense of betting and losing just to place herself in my hands. I wondered if she did this as part of a larger game. I tested her one morning. As she was getting her coffee I came up behind her, pulled up her skirt and bent her over the counter. I fucked her hard and deep until I came inside of her.

There was no betting, no pay off, just a daughter dressed for work and a father that wanted to get his dick wet. She didn’t question or protest. Sofia rested her head on her forearms, kept her ass up in the air and took my cock. I held her by the hips, driving into her moist pussy until I was satisfied. It was all me and nothing for her. In the end it didn’t seem to matter to her. She grabbed a napkin, wiped some of my dripping cum from between her legs, pushed her tiny panties back into place and smoothed her skirt down.

She turned toward me, sipping her coffee. She looked down at my wet cock and went down on her haunches. She cleaned my cock with her mouth, licking and sucking off our combined juices. Sofia stood and sipped her coffee again, then poured her cup into her travel mug, topping it off from the pot. She kissed me on the cheek and told me she’d be home around 5. There was no expression on her face or in her voice. It was pretty clear that she was willing to be fucked whenever I wanted it, with no pretense.

We watched movies with her head in my lap. I would play with her body, pulling on or even twisting her nipples, rubbing my fingers up and down her slit, finger fucking her, ass and pussy. Sometimes one of us would pull my cock free and she would play with her hands or mouth. My daughter didn’t seem to care if she had an orgasm, but she demanded one of me. She seemed to be content being played with, but wouldn’t let me walk away until I would cum in her mouth.

We slept in the cebeci escort bayan same bed a little more often and did talk about some things. Neither of us were crazy about fucking during her red days, so she would announce that day as a blow job day. We also seemed to be on the same page about frequency. We didn’t want to be 24/7 people. We connected when we connected. It turned out to be about 3 times a week. Everything seemed to be cool and casual, and we were enjoying ourselves. We each had our own lives and even dated now and then.

My desires ran less toward sex and more toward getting some answers that I felt she could give me. It all started with those pool games when I cleaned her clock. She expected sex. She asked me how I wanted her, ready for any dress or and position I requested. We had experimented a little, her dressed in sexy ways, playing different roles. I used toys on her, fucked her ass, mouth and pussy. It was all light and fun and it left me emotionally unsatisfied.

I wondered what was missing. Love? Desire? The thrill of the chase? Wondering if I was being played? Something just wasn’t connecting. She enjoyed my manipulations, since it wasn’t all one sided. My daughter liked the sex, if not her completion, and we had discussed this. Sofia would have an orgasm about half of the time. If you went strictly by her reactions, you could be fooled into thinking she climaxed at every encounter. She didn’t fake it, she would purely enjoy the sex, moaning and gasping as my cock entered her over and over.

This did not mean she was cumming. There were times when she went beyond the ability to finish. She would become too sensitive to cum, moving beyond that sweet spot. I could relate. I had done the same thing, but on far fewer occasions. My cock would become desensitized to the point that my balls just wouldn’t release. Sofia would finish herself at a different time, sometimes right in front of me. If you watch, you can learn, and I did. I was able to mirror her own moves, with fingers and tongue to bring her to orgasm.

There were times when just sucking on her nipples would bring her close. The same could be said for sucking my dick. She would get excited right up to that point, then just a finger on her clit, sometimes mine and sometimes her own, would push her over the edge. In my mind, the sex wasn’t the issue. Even so, I did pause to think about what we were becoming. I thought about what could happen if we were discovered and our future with new partners.

Many of these thoughts went through my head as I watched the 3 girls. I wondered about the nerd girl. She didn’t seem to fit with the other 2. The hot blonde had my interest. I caught several peeks at what was under her bikini as she adjusted it. I saw her nipples and enough of her pussy to see that she had a landing strip. Sofia was shaved bare, so I noticed the hair on her blonde friend right away. My cock stiffened a little watching the girls.

I watched the mousy one as well. I took some interest, even though there wasn’t much to see. She had full cut bikini bottoms on her suit, not the thong types on the other 2, and the bra covered her completely. Still, there was something about her, the plain Jane look, the librarian type that intrigued me. My thoughts were wandering, and I recalled that pool game.

‘How do you want me?’

Sofia started removing what little clothes she had on.

‘On the couch.’

My daughter plopped down, nude, and opened her legs. She began to rub her pussy.

‘To talk.’

She got a confused look on her face and sat up. She didn’t close her legs.

‘Truth or dare. I want truth.’

Sofia continued to rub her slit with her fingertips. I asked questions. Who had been her first? Why the girls today seemed to want some pain with their pleasure? What was the set up at our 1st pool game about? The questions she could answer, she seemed to answer honestly. The rest, she guessed, and told me so. I told her that from then on, we were always in a truth or dare situation, with or without games. I wanted honesty, and she agreed.

Over the course of a week or so, I asked a lot of questions. Some I got satisfactory answers to, others I got what would best be described as an educated guess. For example, I asked about her comment about liking sex with older guys. She told me enough of her dating and sex history that I could see her reasons. The older guys she had been with, myself included, lasted long enough that she could orgasm. Also, we tended to learn and expand from our previous experiences. Younger guys didn’t last long enough to make her cum, and tended to do the same things over and over.

I was somewhat enlightened, but still had questions. I wanted to probe deeper. Was, for another example, the self inflicted pain of tattoos just a different way to feel the pain they sought by requesting rough sex? She didn’t know, not being able to answer for all females, but her guess was that the pain in any form made them feel more alive. The escort cebeci punishment seemed to be more about relating to strong males, be they father, teachers, coaches or counselors.

Not that my daughter made any demands of me in this regard, at least not every time. She did ask me to spank her, slap her face and pull her nipples every once in a while. If I’m being honest, it was during these times that she appeared to have her best orgasms. Her best response to sex was when I ordered her to do things, rather than request she do them. She got some kind of a thrill at being turned into something else, a slave, a slut, a pet, a bad girl, something.

I came out of my trance of memory when I saw Sofia and the blonde heading toward the door. They were coming in. The mousy girl stayed where she was. My daughter introduced me to Rachel and pointed toward the bathroom. The girl gave me a cursory greeting and headed off. I started to go.

‘Stay. You’re going to get a show.’

My daughter took off her bikini bottoms as she went to the couch. She opened her legs and began running her fingers over her slit in her familiar way. Rachel came out of the bathroom and went straight for Sofia. The blonde smoothed her hair back and went to her knees in front of my daughter. She began to lick Sofia’s pussy. I must have had a shocked look on my face. My daughter smiled at me.

‘She gives me head whenever I want. I don’t eat her out. I know it’s one sided but I like it and she doesn’t seem to mind. You can fuck her if you want.’

At that, the blonde raised her head and smiled at me.

‘Or she’ll suck your dick.’

Rachel went back to work on my daughter. I watched for a few minutes, but the action was uninspiring. I thought that I would fuck the girlfriend, if not today, then soon. At this point, Rachel was concentrating on the top of Sofia’s pussy, just above her clit. She was slowly finger fucking my daughter with one finger and had her other hand under the top of the bikini, playing with her nipple. She withdrew her mouth and went up, pushing the bikini top out of the way. Rachel began kissing Sofia’s neck and sucking her nipples.

She was on her way back down to lick pussy again when I looked out the window at the plain Jane left alone by the pool.

‘I’m going to go out and keep your friend company.’

Sofia had a tongue buried inside her as far as it would go and just nodded at me. She was moaning and verbally showing her appreciation for Rachel’s skills. I went out and the mousy girl turned to me.

‘Hi. I’m Sofia’s dad. She and Rachel are a little engaged in something at the moment. I thought I’d keep you company.’

‘I know who you are and I know what they’re doing. They’ve done it in front of me before.’

The girl moved up a little on the chaise and put out her hand.

‘I’m Cindy.’

I shook her hand.

‘I’ve known Rachel since we were little. She has a lot of friends but she always makes time to hang out with me.’

I looked her over. I couldn’t see the connection, even as childhood friends. As if she were reading my thoughts, she went on.

‘Most people don’t care enough to ask. My mom and sister died. Car accident. Rachel has always been there for me.’

We chatted for a while. It seemed clear that she wasn’t very experienced or comfortable talking with men. After seeing the interaction going on inside, I wondered if she was gay. I asked if she had a boyfriend.


Cindy suddenly looked sad. I had hit a sore subject.

‘I’ve tried. Rachel and Sofia gave me a makeover and loaned me some clothes once. I just never hook up. The guys don’t want to date me. The couple of guys that did ask just wanted blow jobs. They didn’t even try to get in my pants.’

The honesty and the revealing nature of this girl impressed me. She spoke her mind. I had to wonder, though, why she would speak frankly about personal details to a complete stranger.

‘Sofia talks about you all the time. I have heard the stories. I’m the quiet one. I listen more than talk. Sofia and Rachel talk all the time about boys and sex. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean you’re a boy.’

‘I know what you meant.’

My smile turned to something else when I heard her next words.

‘And I know you have sex.’

Cindy looked at me. A long gaze. Something came over her face. Something deep and emotional.

‘Could you teach me?’

Almost a whisper.


I held out my arms. Cindy half stumbled, half fell into me. I thought what she needed was some love, a hug, but she had other things in mind. The tiny girl turned her face to me, closing her eyes. I got the message and kissed her. I really thought that would be the end of it. She kissed me long and deep. She melted into me, and after I didn’t move along, she took my hand and put it on her breast.

I pushed her top out of the way. Her skin was very white under the suit. The tan lines were deep, a caramel color where her skin was exposed and bright white underneath. I felt her tits. There wasn’t a lot to work with. She was an A cup at best. Her nipples were something else. They popped out at least half an inch and hard as pencil erasers. I licked and sucked her nipples, going back and forth. Her head went back and her eyes closed and she began to moan.

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