The Family Ch. 10

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Anri Okita

Authors note: Hey all, thank you continuing to read this series and voting for it, I am really glad you’ve enjoyed. Decision I’ve made cause I feel it helps me transition better, in scenes with four or more people I’ve decided that the story will be told from third person, just so I can detail how each person is feeling and I’m not stuck at one. Anyways, enjoy and look forward to more!


The Family: Ch. 10

Marcus, Age 23

Sasha, Age 22

Brent, Age 21

Beth, Age 19

Brent can’t tell you why he kept doing it, but he couldn’t help himself. Even though he had been sleeping with his mother for the past few years he still kept having the panty sniffing urge he’s always had. He tried just sniffing his mom’s though, but since they’ve been having sex, but it doesn’t feel as taboo as it used to. So here he found himself, going through Sasha’s hamper looking for a pair of her panties to jerk off to.

He smiled finding his favorites, a red lace, partially see through pair. He knew that they if she was wearing them, it would mean she would be having sex, probably with their older brother who she’s been fucking on a regular basis for a couple of years herself. He pulled them out and then and took a sniff groaning as sure enough they smelt of pussy. Not only that, they were still damp meaning they had been used and changed sometime today. He took his cock out and started to stroke as he took in the scent of her cunt.

Brent wanted a second pair to jerk into so he looked down and started going through her hamper again. He paused, confused at seeing something he recognized but not from here. Reaching in, he pulled out a pair of Beth’s pink cotton panties, a favorite of his as well. He gasped when he realized that the crotch was soaked as well. Bringing them to his nose he sniffed letting the smell of Beth’s cunt filled his nostrils.

For both pairs to be in here at the same time, both soaking wet, meant one of two things. Either they were both masturbating in Sasha’s room or both of his sisters were having sex with each other as well. He brought his little sister’s panties back to his nose as he wrapped his older sister’s panties around his cock. Different visuals began running through his head as he stroked my cock with the cloth, groaning while feeling himself starting to build up… that was… until he heard the camera click.

“YOU LITTLE FUCKING PERV!” Brent jumped as he heard Sasha’s voice echoing through the room and turned to see her standing in the doorway holding her phone up another click and another photo added. “I FUCKING KNEW IT! FOR YEARS YOU’VE BEEN JERKING IT TO MY PANTIES! I FUCKING KNEW IT!”

“Wait… Sasha I can explain…” he said dropping the panties but not before there was another click, and quickly tucking his cock back into his pants.

“Oh don’t worry little brother,” Sasha said pressing something on the phone, suddenly the obvious sounds of him masturbating filled the room. “The video and pictures I just took, explain quite enough! Fucking panty sniffing pervert! I think mom and dad are going to see very clearly the proof of what I suspected for years!”

“No, no, no, no, no…” Brent held up his hands running up to her and put his hands together as she hit the stop button. “Please don’t… oh god please don’t.”

“You’re right, maybe I should show it to all your friends,” she said with a sneer.

“Oh come on Shasha, I’m sorry!” He fell to his knees, begging her.

“What’s going on?” Beth suddenly walked into the room till she was standing behind Sasha.

“Well I found out who’s been stealing and jacking off into our panties all these years,” Sasha said handing Beth the phone, tears started running down Brent’s face as it burned with embarrassment.

“O… M… G, that it so pervy,” Beth said with a slight blush as she looked at the pictures.

“I’m trying to decide if I want to show them to mom and dad or his friends,” Sasha glared at him as she talked.

“I’m thinking we should send copies to everyone,” Beth giggled suddenly and Brent knew at that moment, his life was ruined.

“Please girls, I will do anything,” He begged them and he saw Sasha’s eyebrow raise. “Please, I promise. Homework, chores… I’ll be your guys slave please!”

“Anything?” Sasha raised her eyebrow before turning to Beth, smiling and whispering to her who listened and then nodded in agreement. “Ok Brent… for the rest of today, you’re going to do exactly what we tell you to do…”

“Umm… ok,” he gulped when he saw the look in Sasha’s eyes.

“First… strip,” she smiled crossing her arms.

“What?” Brent gasped. “Strip… but…”

“If you don’t want to… then I guess we’ll be showing this…” Beth started but Brent stopped her.

“Wait…,” Brent sighed and the slowly start undressing… blushing as his clothes dropped to the floor.

The girls smiled before lifted her phone back up and snapped a few more pictures. Brent was about to cover up but a stern look illegal bahis from her prevented him from doing so. After taking a few pics she ordered him to lay on the bed as she walked over the closet. When he did, he realized that she had pulled out a few leather cuffs which she and Beth began attaching to the bed, and then after a few complaints from him to his wrists and ankles, leaving him spread open.

“So little brother,” Sasha began after taking a few more pictures. “Now we have more dirt on you, so as I said, for the rest of the day, you’ll be doing whatever we say… meaning you’ll be our little play toy.”

“Play toy…?” Brent gasped and then froze as his older sister pulled her shirt up and over her head and dropping it to the floor, she was braless so that meant her gorgeous breasts exposed for his viewing pleasure.

Brent noticed movement to his left and look to see that Beth had tossed her shirt down and was unclasping her bra, revealing her breasts that were even bigger than her older sister’s. She started unbuttoning her pants and let fall to the floor, leaving her in just a pair of panties. Turning back to Sasha he had seen that she had already done the same, and that his cock which had only softened slightly was standing back at full mast.

“Aww, isn’t his cock cute sis?” Beth asked climbing on letting a finger slowly start caressing it, making him shudder.

“I think what’s cute is that he’s going to get anything done with this for anytime soon,” Sasha giggled. “No little brother, no you won’t be getting any pleasure for now… you will be giving it though… you go first Beth.”

“Yay,” Beth giggled before moving up the bed and straddling Brent’s face. “Time to start making up for being a perv bro. Besides doesn’t it smell better coming from the source?”

Brent moaned as his little sister lowered her panty clad mound to his lips, the instant smell of her cunny filling his nostrils. He didn’t have any choice so he started sucking and letting his tongue slide over her panty covered mound. It wasn’t like his sister’s weren’t gorgeous, and there wasn’t any boundaries with him and incest, his time with his mother had made him not even think about that. So he didn’t fight the soft moan he let out as he tasted his baby sister through her undies.

“Mmm, I think he likes it Beth,” Sasha said running her fingernails across Brent’s chest.

“He’s not bad either,” Beth said before letting out a soft moan. “Getting it a lot of practice with mom?”

“I was good at this before I started with her,” Brent said, not missing a beat as he was not surprised that they knew about him and their mother.

“Mmm, is that right?” Beth said before lifting herself up, reaching down and pulling her panties to the side. “Do I taste as good?”

Brent stared at his little sister’s pussy as she held it above him for a few seconds before lowering it. She indeed tasted as good as his mom, little differences here and there. But they were right, as much as he loved sniffing their panties it was so much better coming from the source. Beth rode his face for a moment, moaning as he licked her clit and cunt lips before lifting herself off.

“Damn, little sis you’re so sweet,” Brent moaned licking his lips as she lifted herself off him. “Mmm, taste different then mom, but still just as good.”

“My turn,” Sasha said taking her little sister’s place and lowering her panty clothed mound down to her little brother’s lips. “Show me what you got.”

As soon as his lips touched the cloth he gave Sasha the same treatment as he gave Beth, running his tongue over the outline of her cunt lips attacking her clit as best he could. After a while she sat up and pulled her panties to the side and lowered herself, letting his tongue explore her bare cunt. While he was doing that he suddenly felt Beth’s tongue caressing his shaft, causing him to moan.

“Only your tongue sis since he hasn’t earned anything else yet,” Sasha said before sliding forward a bit and pulling her butt cheeks open exposing her brown eye. “Marcus said you like this hole too, let’s see how much you like it.”

As soon as it was close enough Brent showed her, burying his face between her cheeks as best as he could and letting his taster lap at the hole. Sasha gasped as his tongue teased her brown eye, the tip threatening to push in which made her shiver. She pulled her ass cheek a little more open and was rewarded him sliding about a half inch of his tongue inside.

“Oh my god…,” Sasha moaned grinding her ass a little hard into her little brother’s face. “Holy shit, you’re good at that.”

“I want to try that,” Beth said before taking a moment to step off the bed and pull off her panties. “No need for these anymore but where to put them?”

“I know,” Sasha said before climbing off Brent, pulling her panties off and draping them over his nose and eyes making sure to leave his mouth open.

Beth smiled before draping her panties over Sasha’s and then climbing back onto Brent’s illegal bahis siteleri face. She slid forward, and spread her cheeks, letting her brother start licking her asshole. Soon she was moaning as well, enjoying the licking she was getting. Sasha had straddled his waist, pressing his erection against his stomach and starting to slide her wet lips against the underside of his shaft.

“Oh god,” Brent moaned through Beth’s ass cheeks. “You two are driving me crazy. Please I’m sorry! Have mercy please!”

“Oh look at him begging again,” Sasha giggled applying the slightest more pressure. “What do you think Beth? Should we give him some release?”

“Mmm, he’s lucky I need some cock in my pussy otherwise I would have said no,” Beth giggled as she lifted herself off Brent’s mouth and slid back. “His ass eating has gotten me so fucking wet.”

Sasha slid off the foot of the bed while Beth got herself into position. The older sister gave Brent’s cock a little suck on the head before aiming it at the younger sister’s cunny. Brent let out a small moan as his little sister lowered herself, letting the head pop in to her warm tunnel. He moaned even more as she continued sliding her warm cunt down his shaft.

“Holy shit Beth!” Brent moaned as she slid down him. “You’re so damn tight!”

“You’re feel so good too bro!” Beth moaned starting to slide up and down her brother’s cock. “You feel just a good as dad does…”

Beth leaned forward, her hands bracing themselves on Brent’s chest as she slowly started to move up and down. Sasha rubbed her clit as she watched Beth start riding him, her wet tunnel leaving bright wet marks all over their brother’s shaft. She couldn’t help but lean forward and start licking the juices from it, letting her tongue slide up and over Beth’s outer lips before sliding between her sister’s cheeks and teasing the little asshole.

“Now here’s the deal Brent,” Sasha said as Beth started to bounce on Beth’s dick a little faster. “You have to make your little sister cum at least twice with this lovely dick before you cum yourself. If you don’t we’re going to leave you tied up here while we head over to my computer and send these pics and video to all our contacts.”

“But… oh god… can’t… too tight,” Brent started but was interrupted as Beth started moving a little quicker.

“Don’t worry… Brent,” Beth gasped as she slammed her hips down onto Brent burying his cock in her. “Only one more… to go… mmm fuck!”

Brent’s mouth opened wide as he suddenly felt Beth’s pussy clamp down even tighter on her, before starting to pulse around his cock. At that same moment his little sister lifted herself off him, sliding his cock free and he was treated to the sight of a gush of squirt spraying against his cock and groin. Beth shook, holding herself up as her orgasm rocked through her body. She giggled as she came down from her high and the lowered herself, letting Sasha guide their brother’s cock back into her cunt.

“Mmm, fuck,” Brent moaned. “That was sexy Beth. You squirt just like mom does.”

“Thank you,” Beth replied slowly moving up and down teasingly. “I can’t wait to watch you squirt as well Brent. Bet it looks so sexy when it shoots all over. Doesn’t my tight little cunny want to make you explode?”

“Oh shit…,” Brent realized what Beth was trying to do, talking to him dirty while teasing his cock. “Oh god… please Beth…”

To add to his torture Sasha start attacking Brent’s balls even more, licking the orbs and sucking them into her mouth. If her mouth wasn’t on them, she would be massaging them while she was licking his cock shaft or Beth’s pussy and ass. After more pleading the girls took mercy on him, giving him a fair chance. Beth focused back on trying to make herself cum again, while Sasha decided though that if she couldn’t be teasing his cock, he would be eating her pussy and ass.

Brent attacked his older sister’s pussy, hoping that it would distracted him while his younger sister bounced on his dick. He focused on her clit whenever it was close enough, sucking and nibbling on it. He kept trying to hold it there but she would always pull away or slide forward and offer him her ass to taste again. But he never gave up, and finally she couldn’t pull herself away as she was suddenly on the verge of orgasm.

“Oh god… yess… don’t stop,” Sasha started gasping and suddenly her breath and body went still before she scream. “YESSSSSS!”

Sasha began shaking and letting out loud gasps as she began to cum. As her orgasm rocked through her Beth started picking up speed again, finding the whole sight so sexy she didn’t realize her own orgasm had crept up on her and without warning her pussy started to convulse around Brent’s cock. She lifted herself off again and another jet of squirt coated his cock and body as she shook and all over.

“Oh god… please girls,” Brent moaned as his cock ached for release. “Have mercy on me please!”

Beth slid off the foot of the bed and took Brent’s canlı bahis siteleri cock into her mouth gripping and massaging his balls, while Sasha slowly climbed off and turned around before lowering her mouth to help. The girls switched back and forth sucking his cock, Beth massaging his balls and Sasha stroking the base when it wasn’t their turn. No teasing this time around and soon he was throwing his head back as his cock erupted. The girls were notified just in time to back off and watch his cum spurt from his cock in long thick ropes.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Beth said as she started to lick up the ropes when they had landed.

“Mmm, yea,” Sasha agreed starting to help out. “Well little brother, I hope you’re not done. Cause we did say all day. You better be able to get this cock up again, cause I want a ride next.”

“I don’t mind fucking you guys some more,” Brent said with a smile. “But can you at least untie me? I can perform a lot better that way.”

“Oh I guess,” Sasha said with a giggle.

“And while you do you can inform me of why you have him tied up in the first place,” all three heads turned quickly to find the source of the new voice, Marcus standing in the doorway.

“Oh shit…,” was all Brent could say before the girls started laughing out loud.

After the girls had composed themselves they went about the task of untying Brent and informing Marcus about what had happened. By the time they were done, the little Brother’s face was bright red. Marcus laughed and teased his little brother while being shown the pics and video.

“You said you weren’t going to show that to anyone!” Brent said as his face turned redder by the minute.

“Well we had to since Marcus caught us,” Beth said with a shrug.

“Besides this will change things a bit,” Sasha said moving to one side of the bed and while guiding Brent over and sitting down with Brent standing in front of her. “You won’t have to concentrate so much since Marcus is here, and judging by the bulge in his pants, is wanting to join in.”

“Umm, sure I guess,” Brent said looking at Beth as she sat down while Sasha took his cock, which was half hard and starting to harden, into her mouth.

“You ok with this Beth,” Marcus asked walking over to his baby sister, getting his first good look at her and smiling at the young woman she’s turned into.

“I mean sure,” Beth shrugged reaching for her brother’s belt and starting to undo it. “I’ve already been thinking about it. Dad said I should only give myself to people who, cherish and respect me. I can’t think of anyone outside of this family that will do that more for me at this moment.”

Beth finished with Marcus’ belt and fished out his cock, making a comment about how all the members of this family were indeed gifted before taking him into her mouth. Marcus smiled as she took him between her lips amazed at how deep she could go, remembering how Sasha had been saying that she had been practicing with her and dad. He pulled off his t-shirt while she bobbed on him, looking up for a sec smiling at seeing Sasha giving Brent the same treatment.

Sasha had gotten Brent to full mast and was eagerly sucking making sure he was ready for her. As much as she had been trying to tease Brent she had been wanting this too. She slipped him from her mouth and gave the underside of his shaft a long lick from balls to tip, before giving the head one last kiss.

“Come on little brother,” Sasha giving his cock a few more jerks before laying back. “Time to put that cock inside me. My turn to see how you feel.”

Brent smiled before squatting down and lining his cock up with Sasha’s glistening cunt. He eased himself inside, head popping in followed by the rest of his shaft until he was balls deep inside her. She moaned as he started to work himself in and out at a good pace, telling him how good he felt which he replied the she felt awesome as well. Suddenly she saw lay down to her right, waiting to receive the same from their older brother.

Marcus wanted a taste of his baby sister before just pushing himself in, so he kneeled down in front of Beth’s spread legs and let his tongue start exploring her. The taste of her sweet juices exploded onto his tongue as he licked but she begged him not to linger, she wanted his cock too. Only slightly reluctantly he stood up and positioned his dick at her entrance, the head slipping in easily making its way deeper until his balls were resting against her butt cheeks.

The room quickly filled with the sounds of sex, as the brothers made love to their sisters. The guys worked themselves into steady rhythms, speeding up and slowing down at the request of the sisters. It didn’t take long before each of the girls were having an orgasm. Brent groaned as Sasha’s pussy clenched down super tight on him before she started to shake on the bed, he had to pull out to let her calm down, giving her clit a few taps with the head for good measure. Marcus on the other side marveled at how Beth’s pussy pushed his cock out before releasing a gush of squirt as her body shook with her own, not able to resist he knelt down for a quick taste of her juice.

“Damn she almost squirts as much as mom,” Marcus chuckled climbing back up to his feet.

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