The Exotic Nina Ch. 01

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I knew there was something different about Nina right from the start… I just didn’t know what it was. She was a small, slender girl with dark hair, brown skin, and perky features—a small, dark pixie! We met at a club, but I’d noticed her on the street before. She couldn’t have stood over 5’, maybe even less. At the club, she wasn’t wearing too much, and I was able to take a peek at some perky little breasts. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I could have sworn I even saw the small, dark, perky nipples! But like I say, maybe it was just my imagination.

There was something else I noticed, too: a small tattoo on her left shoulder—a stylized picture of a naked woman, or goddess, wrapping her arms erotically around herself. I was entranced.

As for myself, I never had too much trouble attracting women—I was fairly successful in the music biz—not ever famous, but some of my songs were picked up by famous people, so at various times I made good chunks of money from that. I still played in local clubs now and again, even though I really didn’t need the money, and wasn’t particularly interested in fame. I just liked playing music, and the woman factor canlı bahis was nice, too.

But Nina was different—there was something about her that caught my eye, an innate sexiness, but a wariness, too. I caught her smiling at me, and I laughed, and went over to talk. I told her she looked “intriguing” and asked if I could buy her a drink. She said yes, and soon we found ourselves out on the veranda of the club, which overlooked the ocean. She was playing head games, asking me direct, strange questions: “have you ever done something with no good reason?”, “do you believe in things you can’t see?” things like that. I was entranced. Most women would be putty in my hands, but Nina kept me guessing. Eventually I threw some of my own questions back at her, and we had more drinks, and our bodies grew more relaxed, closer. I brushed a hand, innocently, along her side… then her breast… then we were kissing, and her tongue flicking swiftly along the inside of my lips. My hands strayed over her breasts, felt her nipples erect to my touch….

She broke away, “look, you seem like a great guy, very intense, but… you should at least know I’m a mother, I have a daughter.”

I bahis siteleri was surprised. This cute little thing a mother? “Well,” I said, “You’re the sexiest mother I think I’ve ever seen.”

She laughed, and came back into my embrace, grinding against my hard cock and whispering in my ear, “Oh, yes, I think I am… I think you have no idea…”

I lifted her dress slightly, and moved my hands between her legs. There were no panties, and she was hot, and wet…I pulled her deeper into the darkness to the far side of the veranda, and she pushed me into a deck chair, and straddled me, grinding against my jeans and kissing me hard, biting my lips… I struggled to pull down my jeans, releasing my straining, raging cock.

“Oh, does my little boy want to fuck me? Hmm?” She whispered, “Does the little boy want to fuck the hot mommy? Hmm?”

Gods! “Yes” I croaked, “please, mommy”

I could feel the tip of my cock at her moist tunnel, desperately wanting in…She took my head in both hands, kissed my forehead, and pushed my head to her breasts. “That’s a good boy,” she said, “take your mommies’ milk.”

Was I imagining things, bahis şirketleri or were her nipples actually glistening? They seemed moist, sweet. But my cock was still straining at her pussy, maybe a quarter inch in, just parting the lips…

She felt me straining, and pulled my head back, looking deep into my eyes: “Now, baby, now mommy’s going to make everything all better.”

Then, still holding my head, she engulfed my cock in one smooth stroke. I cried out, forgetting for a moment where we were. She rode me, sliding up and down along my hard, long cock, until I was already ready to come. I tried to hold off, but she seemed to sense that as well. “No, baby” she said, “Don’t hold back, never hold back with me…. Give me your milk, big boy….”

And so I did. My cum seemed to stream out from me, and her cunt gripped it tight, milking it dry, as though depending on it for sustenance. I think it was the longest orgasm I had ever experienced, and probably the most intense, too.

I was gasping for breath. “Nina,I think I’m in love.”

She kissed me and looked deep in my eyes “I’ve been watching you for a long time, Tom. You have no idea.”

“Seriously, Nina, I think you are the most erotic woman I have ever met.”

She laughed. “Oh, I think that’s just because you haven’t yet met my daughter.”

Amazingly enough, I was getting hard again already.

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