The Divorce Favor

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When the divorce papers came, I was stunned, but not shocked. My wife and I had been very distant with each other for a number of years. Like a lot of guys, I guess I got too caught up in work and when the economy took a hit in 2008 she tightened up and begged me to canlı bahis cum inside of her. I buried my cock as deep as I could as she moaned in pleasure. Whether she came or not, I have no idea, but as I was ready to unload she said, “shoot your load inside me” and I went bahis siteleri over the edge.

When I was finished I looked down at her again and she had a look of conquest on her face. It was almost like she was thinking, “I’ve got him now.” I stayed inside of her as bahis şirketleri my cock got flaccid. Kissing her all the while and feeling like a 16-year-old who had just lost his virginity. When I finally climbed off of her she made a quick dash to the restroom.

When she returned, she had her coat on again and simply said, “Just let me know if you need a date for the show again,” and strolled out the door and into her car.

I had no idea what to expect at work the next morning…

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