The Deal Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Batteries not Included

Diana still couldn’t believe that she had given herself an orgasm while her son watched sitting next to her. Forget a seven-year itch, she must have an eight-year-withering-to-death dry spell. It was all she could do to act normal through dinner.

She was glad Matthew was going over to a friend’s to study. Not surprisingly, since she stopped wearing clothes in the house it seemed her eighteen-year-old son was always with her. Well the quickie orgasm just an hour and a half ago awoke the need for a longer more satisfying release, and she needed private time for that.

As she was doing the dishes, she listened carefully for the sound of the door. She had no idea how long Matt would need to study, so she wanted all the time she could get.

Just as she was wiping the counters down she heard the front door shut. Dropping the towel on the drain she rushed off to her bedroom.

First, she raced into her bathroom to attend to some needs and then to freshen up certain long unused parts of her body.

Shutting her door, she pushed through the underwear in her dresser drawer looking for the vibrator her deceased husband had given her as a gag gift two years before he had died. Other than a couple of times with David, she had never used it since. His unexpected death had easily killed her sex drive. She and David had a great life where she developed a love for all things sexual, and, now, that she was living nude as a deal with her son, she had rekindled that drive.

Finally her fingers closed around the soft rubber shaft. Grinning, she pulled out the seven-inch vibrator and flopped on her bed spreading her legs. Her thumb flicked the switch on the bottom and…nothing.

Crap she thought, of course the thing was so old the batteries would be dead. Fortunately, with all of Matthew’s game paraphernalia, there was always a stock of batteries on hand in his room.

Diana ran down the hall unscrewing the base of the vibrator as she went. She stopped unscrewing to free her hand to turn the knob of Matthew’s door.

And walked right in to find Matt lying on his bed, pants around his ankles and a fully aroused cock in his hands.

Diana yelped “Sorry” and quickly backed up and shut his door. She scurried back to her room shutting the door and sat on her bed feeling her heart pounding in her chest. She could not get the image of his well developed penis out of her head. He definitely was blessed with David’s genes.

About a half hour later once her heart was under control she went back down the hall and knocked on her son’s still closed door. A quiet “come in” greeted her. She entered to find Matthew sitting at his computer. She sat on the edge of his bed. Matthew stared at his computer screen.

“Matthew, I am so, so sorry. I thought you left to go to Craig’s”

“He had to cancel” came Matthew’s mumbled reply.

“Oh. But I didn’t hear your phone, and I heard you go out the front door.”

“Facebook, mom, and I just went out to put away my bike. Why were you listening out for me and what were you after anyways?”

“Um, batteries.”

“What was that you were holding in your hand?”

Diana started to feel even more embarrassed. “An ,ah, adult toy that was out of batteries.”

Finally, Matthew turned around. His face was still pink in the cheeks, but a grin was forming on his face.

“You’re canlı bahis kidding.”

“No really; I was rushing because I, ah, wanted to be, ah, finished before you got home.” Diana could feel her cheeks heat up as she explained. “I would normally never barge in your room like that.”

“So you were going to do what you, um, caught me doing, right?”

Diana could feel the red glow spreading down her neck to the tops of her breasts. “Pretty much.”

They both looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

“Do you forgive me?” Diana asked wiping her eyes.

“It’s pretty embarrassing, but it was an honest mistake.”

“Can I ask you a question, Matthew?”

“I guess.”

“Do you do that often?”

Diana felt the glow heat up on her skin as she watched the color redden on Matthew’s face as well.

“Honestly; a lot more now since you’ve been going around the house naked.”

“Come on, I know I’m not bad looking, but I am old and your mother besides.”

“Seriously Mom, you’re gorgeous.”

“That’s just your hormones speaking. But thanks for the compliment; it’s nice to know I can still ‘inspire’ a red-blooded male that much.”

Again the unbidden image of Matthew holding his penis popped into her head.

Diana got up. “Again, I am sorry.” She turned to leave.

“Mom, wait.”

Diana turned back to her son to see him opening a drawer on his desk.

“What batteries do you need?”

“Two C batteries.”

Matthew handed her the batteries.

“Now don’t get mad at me but do you think some time I could maybe watch you?”

Diana stopped and stared at her son twirling the batteries in her hand.

She was a little worried that the lines of the deal were getting a little fuzzy.

“Honestly, I’ll have to think about it, but I’ll never get mad at you if you are open and honest with me.” She walked over and kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the room pulling the door shut, stopping when Matthew told her to leave it open.

She walked back to her room thinking. She left the door open and sat on the bed tossing the batteries next to the discarded dildo.

Masturbation was pretty close to a sex act which made Diana nervous. On the other hand, it was something that he was already doing, and she was going to be doing it probably regularly as well. He had been very discreet about it so far, and she was impressed with his control about not touching her since she began parading herself around the house nude. Maybe if they both made sure that they kept their hands to themselves it would be alright.

But yet again, would this be the start of things that blurred the limits of the deal. Could they get to a point where one of them couldn’t stop?

So far no one had gotten hurt. If anything, Matthew had lost many bad habits and was becoming a very mature, responsible young man.

Diana’s eyes came across the dildo and nearby batteries. She picked up both and started to unscrew the base. Things had, until she had literally caught poor Matt with his pants down, become a lot of fun around the house. It reminded her of the old days with David.

And when you got right down to it thought Diana his request didn’t break the deal at all.

Diana inserted the batteries and flicked the switch feeling a pleasant buzz in her palm that matched the buzz from the butterflies in her stomach.

“Matthew, bahis siteleri can you come here please.”

Diana switched off the vibrator and held it in her lap and watched as her son entered her room.

“What’s up Mom?”

“Tell you what. Since I’ve seen you in action so to speak, it only seems fair that you get your turn.” Diana held up the dildo and pointed it at Matt shaking it to emphasize her point, “but remember, absolutely no touching.”

“Ah Mom, you’re waving a rubber penis at me.”

Diana looked down at her hand. They both cracked up again.

“When did you get that thing anyways?”

Diana explained about her fantasy of two men and David’s gag gift response. Once again a scarlet hue filled in the area on her chest bone between her breasts.

“So you and Dad had a lot of fun together huh?”

“Matthew, you have no idea. It’s remembering that positive feeling that helped me decide to let you watch me. So have a seat.”

Matthew sat on the side of Diana’s bed while Diana scooted into the middle of the big bed.

“A couple of times your father watched me do this; it was an incredible turn on for both of us.”

Diana looked at her son. His face was getting flushed already and his eyes seemed to glaze over. Without realizing it Matthew ran his tongue across his lips. Diana could feel the butterflies whirl around like a tornado in her stomach. She took a deep breath, laid back and spread her legs wide open in front of her son for the second time that day.

Diana brought the dildo up to her face. Matt watched her carefully.

“It’s important to keep things wet,” she explained, “as dry can hurt or not feel very good at all.”

Matthew nodded his head as he watched his mother put the dildo in her mouth. He gave a slight groan and felt a twitch in his pants.

Diana slowly ran the dildo back and forth into her mouth over her tongue. She brought her other hand down to her open folds and started rubbing the nub at the top.

Satisfied after a minute, she popped the vibrator out of her mouth and brought it down her body flicking the switch back on. Matthew could hear the vibrating hum.

Diana slowly ran the dildo in a circular motion around her right nipple and then her left one. A liquid trail was left on her skin marking the path of the vibrator. Her soft pink areolas pebbled and darkened slightly at the stimulation. She gave a low purr as the vibration passed through her breasts and into her chest. She used the ring and middle fingers from her other hand to plunge into her open pussy.

“Oh, this feels soooo good.” She trailed the vibrator down her stomach and through her pubic hair. While her fingers sawed back and forth into her body, she twirled the dildo around her pubic hair pressing onto the pubic bone.

Ever so slowly she pulled her fingers out of her flushed vagina and rubbed the vibrator over the folds. She brought her wet fingers up and pushed them in and out of her mouth moaning as she did it.

She looked over to stare at Matthew whose eyes were glued to the circling vibrator. She watched him as she took her fingers out of her mouth and brought the hand down to twirl and pull on her nipples.

She groaned and closed her eyes as she quickly plunged the entire dildo into her pussy. She could hear Matt gasp. Her back arched in a trembling response. She started to bahis şirketleri push the rubber penis in and out of her increasingly wet vagina. Her breaths started to come in ragged gasps. Her chest felt like it was on fire. Her breathing and heaving chest seemed to match the pace of the plunging dildo.

Her breasts arched up as she pushed up from the bed with her shoulders arching her back further. Matthew watched as she brought her hand away from her nipples, snapping the left one back as her hand curved around her hip and over her backside. He briefly lost sight of the hand before seeing the fingers pop up below between her legs. His breath caught as he watched her index finger rub against her anus.

Slowly the finger stilled and pushed against the hole then retreated and then pushed in again with the finger popping in to the first knuckle. He could see her hand muscles push and pull the finger around in her ass.

Diana’s legs started to clench and release as her moans became louder and louder. The moans and the hum filled the room for several minutes.

Her right hand cupped over the base of the vibrator, and she shoved it as hard as she could into her pussy while her left hand’s finger pushed into her ass up to the where her fingers met.

She screamed out “Oh Matt” And then her muscles from her feet to her chest convulsed causing her legs to bounce on the bed shaking them both roughly.

Slowly the spasms left her body, and she pulled out the dildo and her finger.

Diana lay panting on the bed. Matthew looked at the glossy sheen of sweat that had formed over her entire body. Her breasts heaved with each breath. Her pink nipples were the darkest and hardest that he had ever seen them.

Diana brought her hand over her forehead and rubbed it across her skin before letting it rest on her head. Her sweaty hair stuck to her forehead and cheeks. She let the vibrator roll out of her hand and onto the bed still pulsing.

“Oh my God,” Diana looked over at Matt smiling softly.


“That was incredible, mom.”

“Was it what you expected?

“I guess, except do you really like to put things in your ass?”

Diana reddened more thinking about all that Matthew just witnessed.

“It can be very sensitive when done right. Your dad and I would often dabble with anal sex as he loved it.”

She rolled over on her side facing her son.

“So are we even?”

“Definitely; but I still would like a warning before you come in my room please.”

Matt became aware of the hardness in his pants; quickly, he got up to go to his room.

Diana swung her legs over the side of her bed.

“If you want Matt, some time I could inspire you in person when you feel the need; just ask.”

Diana smiled as she heard his groan cut off by the slamming of his door. She padded into her bathroom noticing the drenched vibrator still humming on her bed. She realized she would probably need to keep a stockpile of batteries on hand from now on. But just maybe it might be more fun to have to get them from Matt’s room occasionally.


As always thanks again for reading. If you leave a comment here or email me, do check back as I respond to everything. If you can’t get enough of Matt and Diana until next week, another absolutely wonderful Literotica author, PeterTowers has written his own fun series referencing the Deal called “Following on from a Strange Request.”

I have been a fan of Pete’s for years before I posted here myself and love all of his great work.

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