The Clan Pt. 04

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… Zara, ever the consummate hostess, chaired the evening with the skill of an orchestral conductor. She had decided Camelia would spend the night, and that by morning, would have learned to never, under any circumstance, question Zara’s judgement again.

The Clan, Part 4


Amber squawked her vehicle horn and head lights with her remote to confirm she’d arrived on the correct level of the labyrinth that was the building’s underground parking. She’d stepped off the elevator twice, guessing incorrectly both times prior, which level her car was parked, and was starting to feel a little frustrated. Third time lucky she mused.

She listened intently to the echoing sound her heels made, as she walked the fifty meters through the empty parkade towards her vehicle. Amber enjoyed making an entrance, no matter how simple the occasion.

She drove a late model candy apple red Mercedes-Benz CLS, having instantly fallen in love with the smooth and sexy lines, with its low roof and high waistline. After waiting for nine weeks to get the paint and black with red leather interior she wanted, her first drive on the open highway was simply ecstatic. Careening down an open four hundred series highway at a maximum rate of knots, was one of her greatest thrills. Her friends would sometimes ask, “Why a four door? Why not something sportier?”

“In case I want to take a few of my lovers for a weekend away.” was her standard response. Those that knew her well, never assumed she was joking.

Amber was born in a small industrial village in the zone of the interior, near the ancient village of Belluno, to parents of middle birth. Her pater was a skilled industrial millwright and mechanical engineer, and mater was a mid-level manager in the clan banking system. At age three, her parents accepted an assignment in the province of North America, settling in a southern Ontario town called Guelph. They operated an industrial contracting business that provided technical and other services to a growing network of automotive component factories owned by the clan.

Amber was raised in the traditions of the matriarchy but was also very grounded in the society she grew up in, moving comfortably between the traditions of the clan and the common people with ease. She determined at an early age that by virtue of her birth she could only achieve a certain level within the clan hierarchy; yet would always be protected and able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, well above the norm within the commons. Life was never to be a struggle for her.

It was knowing this, along with a natural playfulness and lack of ambition, that allowed her to avoid any real responsibility and live a hedonistic lifestyle. Her fierce intelligence and mischievous curiosity contributed to her tendency towards delinquency growing up. growing up, she was very determined to get her own way- a source of constant frustration to her parents. She had always been a wild child and now on the cusp of her thirties, was still very wild.

Wiry and hyperactive as a little girl, she blossomed into a petite, high energy and very beautiful young lady, naturally blonde with sensual curves and deep blue eyes. Like all women of the clan it was entirely natural for her to become the alpha in any relationship, but Amanda much preferred young men of the commons who were strong and aggressive by nature. She learned at an early age how to first bewitch, then break and enslave the most arrogant and confident of them. It was sport for her and allowed a particularly nasty quality within, to see the light of day occasionally, rather than gather strength in the dark.

She exited the parking garage, putting on her sun glasses and headed east along the expressway, eventually finding her way north along highway six, one of her favourite country roads, and within an hour was driving into the underground parking of the building where she’d recently purchased. She’ found a unit with a great view on the thirtieth floor, having had an eye on the building for many years, since she first met her close friends the Craigs that lived just two floors below her.

Amber would say close now, but it had not always been that way. She first met Kendra in a stormy encounter, causing a deadly power struggle that Amber had taken far too seriously, finally drawing in protective services in an attempt at ruining Kendra. The clan elders soon got wind of what Amber was doing and intervened, shutting Amber down. The Vestalem considered removing her from the province entirely when the matter seemed to spontaneously resolve.

Amber was instead, summoned before the college of Matriarchs and tried for her behaviour exposing the clan to unnecessary liability and immediately took the lesson to heart. As penance, she was required to withdraw from her studies in kinesiology at the University of Guelph and train as a nurse specializing in Emergency Medicine. She then had to spend the next four years in a hospital of the clan’s choosing, helping to heal the people of the commons, rather canlı bahis şirketleri than exercising her considerable energy finding ways to destroy them.

She ended up working at the The Mississauga Hospital where she eventually attracted the attention of Doctor Aiyana who brought her into her private practice. Working with the good doctor she had come to realize that something was up and not quite right. She did enjoy the opportunity to work with the parade patients that came through with regularity, nearly all of them members of the clan; either wealthy highborn women or young males in their sexual prime.

Amber and Kendra, as so often happens between two strong combatants with similar personalities became the best of friends once they resolved their differences.

As she pulled into the reserved space in her own parking garage she resolved to give Kendra a call and discuss what she’d found today. Nicholas, she was certain was someone that Kendra had to meet. He was quite possibly just exactly what she’d been looking for.

Entering the lobby of her building from the parking garage elevator and reaching for her cell, she brought up Kendra’s number and called.

“Blonde Be-atch!” was the answer after three rings.

“Be nice Kendra darling. I’ve found the great white whale you’ve been looking for all these years.” Amber announced.

“Oh really? Do tell Ms. Ahab. Where did he surface?” asked Kendra. This was not the first time Amber had tried to play matchmaker.

“At the fertility clinic today. His charts say that he’s free of any genetic disease markers, he has a master’s degree in physics or something, is drop dead gorgeous, has a dick that could cut the Hope diamond and fuck me- he is gorgeous.” said Amber.

There was a pause.

“Hmmm.” said Kendra after a moment, “Sounds promising. How tall? How big?”

“Hold on a second.” Amber scrolled through the photos on her phone until she found a full frontal image of Nicholas taken while he was washing his hair. His penis was semi erect and the soapy lather on his torso emphasized his defined musculature. She texted it to Kendra then returned the phone to her ear, “Incoming photo.”

Amber heard the ‘ding’ of an incoming text a second later, then there was a pause. Kendra was studying the photo carefully. She zoomed in on his torso and scrolled down to his sex. Amber waited for perhaps a minute, before Kendra returned.

“Gorgeous man. How tall? asked Kendra

“He’s six feet, six inches I think.”

“What’s the downside? There has to be a flaw.”

“Only that he is very accommodating and predisposed to be submissive to women.” replied Amber.

“Is this one of your secret society Bulls?” she asked and continued without waiting for answer, “Okay stop in on the way up.” said Kendra, expressing some genuine interest.

“Okay but only if I can borrow Danny for an hour. I’m as horny as a thistle after stroking this guy’s cock in front of my boss!” said Amber.

“Oh my! You poor dear! Do tell.” laughed Kendra. “Come by right away. I’ll let Daniel know you’re coming in hot.”

Amber rode the elevator to the twenty-eighth floor.


He returned to Zara’s condominium through the door he’d originally entered the change room, and walked into the early evening light of the main living space. The room was much longer than it was wide. It was divided into three areas each with matching white sofas facing each other across a wide glass top coffee table placed carefully on a white throw rug. The entire outside wall, which ran the length of the room, was a floor to ceiling glass curtain with several open panels in the middle, beckoning to an expansive sun lit patio.

He stepped out onto the white and terra cotta ceramic tiled patio, whose expanse dwarfed the living room. In each corner, was a large white concrete planter with a columnar juniper tree reaching up as high as ten meters.

He noticed three large stylish swing arm umbrellas over round tables that seated eight. Each setup was in a different primary colour. Zara was seated at the yellow table in the centre studying a laptop computer that was tethered to a camera sitting on a tripod a couple of meters away. Beyond the tripod leaning against the solid concrete railing, was a large completely bald black man bare to the waste and wearing only very shear muslin loose fitting pants that were cuffed at the ankle.

Barefoot, he was wearing crimson reflective glasses that looked striking against the strong features of his face. His was the body of a professional model who recognised it was an instrument of his profession and consequently perfect in every respect. The golden yellow highlights of the late summer afternoon sun raked his body accentuating its sculpted look. Beyond him was the clear blue water of Lake Ontario speckled with a scattering of sailboats reaching to the horizon under an umbrella blue sky.

Zara looked up from her screen and smiled brightly as he approached her, “Nicholas.” There was genuine adoration canlı kaçak iddaa in her voice, “Please Darling I want you to meet Vincent. He’s helping me with a product shoot this evening. Vincent come meet my beau Nicholas Connor.”

The two exchanged greeting pleasantries briefly before Zara sent Vincent back to his mark and went immediately to work. “Looking into the sunset. Move your gaze towards me a quarter turn- good! Hold that position and relax. The light will be perfect in a minute or two.

“Hands out on either side of you, extend them along the railing a comfortable reach. Good. Ankles crossed. Good. Hold that. Now Vincent on my mark, slowly rotate your head toward me and then lower your chin and look at the lens over top of the glasses. And-mark!” Zara continued issuing quick concise instructions to Vincent, releasing the shutter in short bursts by pressing and holding the space bar on her laptop.

“Okay same thing, this time I want you to crease your brow and look slightly angry. Show me a quantum of contempt Vincent. On my mark-mark!” Zara continued working for another five minutes before taking a break to look at her raw captures.

Vincent waited patiently, relaxing at the patio wall.

“Is that a Hasselblad?” Nick asked Zara studying the camera perched on the tripod.

“You know your cameras! Yes, that’s my favourite setup for portrait work.” she said not taking her eyes off the screen. She highlighted a short series of shots she liked and opened them up full screen. “What do you think of these?” she asked.

“Those are amazing. Gorgeous. Wow! I thought you were a corporate lawyer.” he said betraying some confusion.

“By education and profession only, my Darling” she said, “My true calling and my passion are in the visual arts. I’ve been shooting professionally since I was an undergraduate. I keep my hand in the game. It’s a great having artistic balance to offset the very dry and mechanical work at the firm.” she said.

She bit her lower lip briefly then announced loud enough for the model to hear, “I have an idea. Vincent Darling, I want to go of script and create something a little sexier and more risqué. I think it may help me get some more work from this client. Are you up for another half hour and a single large as bonus?”

“Absolutely” he replied. Zara had just offered a thousand dollars for a half an hour of extra time. He was definitely good with that.

“Okay back to your mark and same position. Hands out and ankles crossed. Face into the setting sun, but without the pants.” she said then turned to Nick. “Can you take him that bottle of baby oil Nick.” She pointed to a plastic bottle that contained almost a half-litre of oil.

Nick walked over and handed the bottle to Vincent.

“Rub it over his chest and thighs please Nicholas” she said, “Make sure he is completely shiny from neck to toes.”

Nicholas did as he was asked feeling more than a bit awkward at first. Counting his earnings for the session, Vincent seemed okay with it. Nicholas slowly and carefully rubbed the oil onto Vincent’s skin beginning with his well-developed pectoral muscles and abdominals. He could feel the other man’s skin warming under the attention of his powerful oily hands. It took a surprising amount of the clear liquid to cover Vincent’s sinewy black frame, but Nicholas marvelled at the transformation.

Vincent was posed and shiny slick, standing before him like a classical period ebony sculpture. Impressive. Nicholas was beginning to get a sense of what Zara was trying to create.

Eventually he’d covered all of him, save his genitals which seemed to have responded to Nick’s efforts, nonetheless. His long thin penis was protruding straight out with a downward curve.

“Ok Nick please step back.” Ordered Zara, looking through the lens at the way Vincent’s dark member looked, against his now glistening body.

“Turn towards the light please Vincent.” She decided that oiled is better. Did she really want her consort rubbing oil on a model’s dick? She pondered it, the image playing out in her mind then quickly decided no. “Okay Nicholas, can you put some oil in Vincent’s hand please? Vincent, your magnificent penis needs to shine Darling!”

Vincent warmed instantly at Zara’s words, and obliged her request. His penis became completely engorged as he stroked it top to bottom, for perhaps a half a minute. Like most men, and models in particular, he was proud of his sexual organ and hearing someone as beautiful and influential as Zara sing it’s praise was solid gold.

Nicholas relaxed, letting out a sigh of relief. He was certain that he’d dodged a bullet there. He was neither homophobic nor comfortable with acts of homosexuality. The latter more so than the former. Leaving Vincent on his mark, he returned to Zara who was making some exposure adjustments through her laptop.

She took a test shot and studied the image she’d framed. The oiled statuesque body was perfect. His cock was pointing straight at her which presented a fantastic canlı kaçak bahis view of his pendulous scrotum, but made the penis look tiny in the frame. That wouldn’t sell sunglasses, she thought.

“Think clean and virtuous thoughts Vincent! I want that beautiful phallus at rest hanging between your thighs.” she announced. It took a few minutes for his member to subside to where she wanted. It looked so much smaller now but she decided to fix that in Photoshop rather than spend time setting up a black hair elastic at the base of his shaft to restrict blood flow out his penis to give it puffiness. The sun was setting, and she was losing the light after all.

“Okay Darling, same series of poses, let’s keep it simple. Let s run through it a few more times. On your mark…”

Zara giving minor direction and making small adjustments exposed another twenty or so frames before rising from her computer, placing her hands on her hips, and announcing, “Okay Vincent, that is a wrap!” Zara clapped as was the tradition when a model or actor was being dismissed from a set. After a moment, prompted by a nod from Zara, Nicholas joined in.

“Thank you, Ms. Juno. That was a super fun project!” announced Vincent as he gathered up his pants and flip flops. “I can’t wait to see the final prints!”

“I’ll review the raw files and let you know about a reshoot, okay? Thanks for your good work today. You can shower up if you like. I’ll e-transfer your payment before noon tomorrow.

Vincent walked up to the table where Zara and Nicholas were sitting and standing in front of Nick, said with most polished charm, “It was a total pleasure meeting you Nicholas.”

Nick raised an eyebrow and turned his head slightly while maintaining eye contact with Vincent, “Uh-huh.” His body language and expression clearly expressed, ‘not interested.’

Vincent hesitated briefly, possibly hoping for something more by way of a response from Nicholas. After a moment he turned Zara, “Ms. Juno, as always!” he bowed before walking across the patio to shower and get dressed.

Zara watched his spectacular ass intently as he showed off his best catwalk stroll towards the open curtain wall before saying under her breath, “I think he likes you Nicholas!”

They had a little chuckle together.

Vincent passed Camelia, who was coming the other way, and who had stood watching the last half of the photo shoot, while seated in the living room. She was not happy with what had happened and needed to make it clear to Lady Juno.

She approached the two of them with purpose, “Hi Lady Zara! Nick! That was amazing seeing you at work Zara.” She paused briefly then looked directly at Nicholas, “Would you excuse us please just for a few minutes? Girl talk I’m afraid.”

Zara glanced up from her laptop at Cam and instantly recognized the no-bullshit expression, becoming immediately concerned that something must have gone wrong. She turned to Nicholas and nodded permission for him to be excused, “Nick, can you ask the cook to prepare a pitcher of Sangria and three glasses? And please bring it out when its ready.” She said turning to Cam, “Sit down Camelia, its been a long day.”

Nick was soon out of earshot, closing the twenty meters across the patio to the condo quickly and once inside, started looking for the kitchen.

“There now, that should keep him occupied elsewhere for ten minutes” said Zara, “How did it go in the lab? From what I could see, he was able to fill your cup. Everything okay?”

“It went far better than I expected. Did you not say that you were certain that he and Doctor Severina had coitus this morning and last night?” asked Cam.

“That’s what the tech listening to the bugs I planted said, yes. Maybe as many as three times within the last twenty-four hours.” she said, “Not completely certain but it looks like he had a couple of orgasms, based on the pillow talk. The Matron is trying to get pregnant apparently.” There was an element of malice in her voice.

Camelia was shocked to learn that Zara was ruthless enough to bug the Matron’s establishment and began to wonder just how wide her surveillance net extended. She swallowed in an effort to disguise her concern. “Okay” she said clearing her throat,” Well given that little tid-bit of information, I have to say that your Nicholas Connor is the holy grail of semen donors.

“We are well on the way to freezing forty-seven cryo-straws from the semen that we extracted this afternoon. That’s forty-seven intra-utero-fertilization samples. That’s worth more than a quarter of a million after costs are factored in. Not bad for a day’s work!”

“Oh, my goodness, wow! Well you still have to find the uteruses to pay for the samples.” Zara pointed out.

Camelia winced at that. Zara had a talent for reducing every problem to its basic elements and stripping away the moral constraints to overcoming them.

“Not a problem.” Once his offspring reach school age, their abilities will put them so far above the median that women will be lining up for his sperm. We can double the price and still be swamped with demand. His semen can be safely stored for thirty years with minimal degradation. We collect and freeze as much of him as we can over the next few months, and we are set for life.

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