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Casey pressed herself into the hard bus seat, hoping the discomfort of the chair would do something to dispel the butterflies in the pit of her stomach. It was no use, as the nervousness crept back after a few calm but fleeting seconds. This is my job, I’ve done this a million times before, she told herself, over and over. But it seemed nothing she thought would settle her nerves.

It was not like she’d never done photo shoots before. As a professional model she had graced many a teen magazine fashion spread in her younger years. But a girl’s pre-pubescent body only lasts so long, and it wasn’t long before the work seemed to thin out and stop altogether, as Casey’s thin frame developed breasts, hips, and filled out. No longer the scrawny, bony catwalk model of her youth. Casey’s agency had dropped her, labeling her “too fat for the catwalk.” And, although her body was close to perfect – small but perky 10B breasts, a thin waist and slim yet curvy hips and legs – her self-confidence and esteem had been shattered.

She was just past her twenty-first birthday. She had been shopping with her friends, when a man claiming to be a talent scout approached them. Casey had been skeptical, but her friends, envying the glamour Casey had experienced during her modeling, were keen to arrange a meeting with the man. Spurred by her friends’ enthusiasm, Casey too agreed to an office visit later in the week, doubting very much that anything would eventuate.

So naturally, Casey was shell-shocked when not only did the man turn out to be Mr B. Gunner, the manager of “Sapphires” prestigious models agency, but that he was willing to sign her up, there and then, and offer her first modeling job in close to five years. The only catch was, given Casey’s body shape; she was an unsuitable clothes model. Gunner explained that although her days as a clotheshorse were long gone, she would make good money and establish a long career if she were to model her body.

Being currently unemployed, Casey readily agreed, needing the money desperately. Gunner arranged for her to do a lingerie spread for Australia’s FHM magazine. She had been enthusiastic about salvaging her modeling career, but as she sat on the bus, heading for the shoot, apprehension clutched at her. She still wrongly considered herself too fat to model, and she was being eaten away by self-doubt.

It was her stop, and with shaky legs, Casey left the bus and walked the two blocks to the warehouse where the shoot was taking place. The moment she hesitantly pushed on the mirrored door it swung open to reveal an annoyed-looking woman holding a make-up brush. “You’re late.” she snapped, before ushering Casey into the dressing room. Everything happened so fast. Casey was told to undress behind a screen and put on a robe, then she sat on the only chair whilst the woman raced through her hair and make-up.

The woman left, to be replaced by a young man dragging a clothing rack. “Hi dah-ling,” he drawled in a homosexual accent, putting Casey at ease. At least he wouldn’t be staring at her. “We’re running behind sweetie. Would you mind putting this on?” He handed her a skimpy black bra and panties set, and discreetly turned his back while Casey changed. canlı bahis şirketleri He then whisked her away, out on the room and onto the set.

As she stood staring at the sets, which consisted of a white background set and a four poster bed, a handsome young man holding a camera approached her. “Hi, I’m Justin, I’m the photographer. You must be Casey?” he asked. Casey nodded. Justin smiled. “Nervous? Sapphires said this was your first lingerie shoot.”

“You don’t think I’m too fat?” Casey blurted out. Justin opened her robe and appraised her critically. “Well, you’re breasts are a bit small, but they’re a nice shape so it doesn’t matter. You’re definitely not fat my dear.” he remarked. “Why don’t you take that off,” he suggested, indicating the robe, “and hop over here.” He pointed to the plain white set.

Casey, relaxed by his reassuring comments, disrobed and walked over to the set. She could feel Justin’s eyes on her bare ass in the g-string and blushed under her make-up. Justin described numerous provocative poses she was to imitate, and caused her to laugh the times they were too complicated and he was forced to demonstrate. For the next two hours she modeled numerous bras, g-strings and bikinis, until the make-up artist and clothes manager informed them that they had to be at another shoot across town.
“Are you right to finish up here?” the make-up artist demanded impatiently. “Sure, we can handle it. If she needs any touch-ups we’ll do it on the photos.” Justin assured to the retreating figures.

“Alone at last.” Casey commented innocently. Although as soon as she had said it she knew her intentions weren’t completely innocent. The way Justin looked at her body aroused her, as she obviously did him. She was beginning to love the power she had over him. Because although he was in control of the shoot, she found she could bat her eyelids and get her own way in a flash. It was intoxicating.

Justin grinned. “Indeed. Look, Rick left a few more changes for you, why don’t you go pick something you feel comfortable in and we’ll move to the bed set. “Sure.” Casey disappeared into the change room, and emerged wearing a tiny, transparent red lace g-string and matching bra. Her hard nipples strained against the thin material, leaving very little to Justin’s imagination. She took gleeful note of the double take he did as he noticed this, and smiled sweetly. “Is this ok?” she asked innocently, determined to have some fun with the tall, gorgeous photographer. “Perfect.” Justin managed to blurt out, busying himself with changing his film. When he looked up again he almost dropped the camera. Casey had positioned herself on the corner of the bed, legs wrapped around the bedpost. She had removed the bra, and let her long dark hair fall over her perfectly formed breasts. “How about now?” she purred seductively. Enjoying for the first time the lust in a man’s eyes, without feeling fat and mistaking it for disgust. When Justin was too amazed to reply, she pushed further. “Aren’t you going to screw me?” She asked. This snapped Justin out of his trance. “What?”

“I said, aren’t you going to shoot me?”

“Oh, sorry,” Justin shook his head to clear it, “I’m hearing things. That’s canlı kaçak iddaa great, now if you’ll just tilt your head back a little….”

Casey obediently obliged, shaking her head as she did so, letting her hair fall free and exposing her breasts. “Oops,” she said, placing her hands over them, “how clumsy of me.”

“Oh god,” Justin moaned, trying to discreetly rearrange his prominent bulge, “I’m sorry, usually I’m so professional about this.”

“That’s ok.” Casey grinned, gently puling on her firm, pink nipples, feeling delicious sensations all through her body, “I’m usually very professional too, but right now I just want to have a little fun.” She paused for a moment. “Come here.” She beckoned.

Justin crawled onto the bed behind her, and photographed Casey as she ran her hands over her ass, breasts and stomach. When she swung around and went to spread her legs he stopped her. “You don’t have to do that, FHM doesn’t publish nude shots.” he confessed. “Don’t you want a little something for your private collection?” Casey asked coyly, slipping the g-string off in a swift movement. She lay down on her back, completely naked, while Justin took the opportunity to take photo after photo as Casey fondled her own breasts, pinching her nipples and licking her fingers before rubbing them over her nipples. Justin had to stop briefly to release his cock from his tight jeans as Casey’s hands travelled further south, spreading her smooth, shaven pussy lips apart and dipping her fingers into her moist pussy and rubbing them over her little clit. Justin changed position so that her could shoot the view between her legs and capture the look of ecstasy on her pretty face at the same time. Casey’s eyes fluttered open and met Justin’s over the camera. She smiled and blew him a kiss as the wonderful feeling increased and she was sent over the edge.

She bucked and convulsed on the bed as wave after wave of beautiful orgasm washed over her. Justin fought to operate the camera with one hand as he was using the other to stroke his huge cock, straining for action. This was the most erotic thing anyone had ever done. Most models found him attractive enough to flash their breasts for one precious picture, but never before had a girl, especially one this beautiful masturbated for his camera. Casey relaxed as the orgasm subsided, and Justin let the camera fall to the bed as he concentrated on his own pleasure.

When he opened his eyes, Casey was kneeling before him, gently easing his hand off his dick. She handed him back his camera, before licking her lips and sliding his huge throbbing cock into her mouth. She had had a great many “misadventures” during her teenage years as a model, from which she had developed a talent for blowjobs. Justin groaned, struggling to keep balance and keep snapping pictures as her tongue snaked along his thick shaft, licking him deliciously, her soft lips drew his head into her mouth and she sucked gently, driving him wild, making him want more. But she was a tease, letting him slip from between her lips before sliding her mouth further down his cock, gently driving him down her throat before releasing him and teasing his trimmed balls with her warm, wet tongue. Then canlı kaçak bahis she would suck his balls into her mouth, roll them with her tongue while she stroked his slippery cock with both her hands. Then she would change, pulling his dick back into her eager mouth and suckling hard, moaning deep in her throat causing pleasurable yet interesting sensations, and soon she was too much.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” He moaned, barely able to keep taking photographs as the most amazing sensations were building up inside him. This was the blowjob to end all blowjobs. Never in his life had a girl made him feel this amazing. Her timing was perfect as well, right when he thought he couldn’t hold it in she pulled her mouth away, and he came, shooting his hot cum all over her breasts. Always the artist, Justin captured every second on film, before collapsing forward in an exhausted heap.

After a few moments of insistent prodding, Casey managed to get Justin to roll onto his back, and then proceeded to kiss and suck some life back into his limp member. Justin groaned sleepily, then his eyes snapped open as he felt Casey lowering herself onto him, and unbuttoning his shirt as she went. Unwilling to protest his exhaustion, Justin grabbed her hips as she began to ride him slowly. He raised his arm to take a few pictures, before he got a second wind, discarded the camera and in one smooth movement threw Casey onto her back and plunged himself into her tight, dripping pussy. Casey cried out in pleasure and surprise as he pounded her over and over, sending her into heaven and her second glorious orgasm of the afternoon. Feeling her pussy tighten around him, Justin struggled to keep from cumming himself. Eventually, he had to withdraw from her as the pleasure threatened to send him over the edge.

Casey scrambled onto all fours and faced away from him, beckoning as she did do. “Come on then, fuck me.” She demanded. Not needing to be told twice, Justin kneeled up and rammed himself inside her once more. Casey screamed out as he thrusted deeper and deeper with every stroke. She leaned up and placed her hands on the headboard to help her push back into him. Harder and harder he fucked her, his balls slapping softly against her ass with each thrust. She cried out over and over, moaning loudly as his voice joined hers, grunting as he pounded his cock in and out of the pretty model.

He gave one last cry and pulled out, just in tome to again cum all over her, his seed dripping down her smooth soft ass and between her legs. He grabbed Casey around the waist and pulled her to him as he again collapsed on the bed. She shrieked and giggled, wriggling in his arms until she was facing him. She kissed him deeply, and as he began to drift into sleep she gently extracted herself from his arms. Casey left him on the bed as she cleaned up in the changeroom and dressed herself in her own clothes, wishing she had time to stay, maybe get Justin’s phone number. For as well as finding him sexually attractive, she liked the guy, and wanted to get to know him better. Spying a pad of post-it notes she hurriedly scrawled her name and phone number. She crept back to where he lay sleeping and stuck it to the camera, hoping he would call her, knowing that he probably would, if only for a repeat performance.

She dashed out of the warehouse in time to catch the last bus north. As she settled back down on the uncomfortable seat she smiled to herself. Of course he’ll call.

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