The Camera Clicked Ch. 02

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John stepped back down the garden path and into the house. His eyes took a few moments to adjust to the darkness, it being so blisteringly sunny outside. Clutching his camera, he looked out of the kitchen window. Kate was pulling her bathing suit bottoms back on. Her legs were buckling after such an intense orgasm. John laughed at her stumbling around. She searched the ground by the rosebush for her top. John filled a glass with water from the sink and downed it in one go. He watched his mother pick up the top and begin walking up the pathway. Her head darted like a startled animal toward the neighbour’s house, and after a split second she dashed for the house. John watched her crash through the side door with wide open eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Mr. Reed was watching!” gasped Kate, one arm covering both her nipples, the other flying madly.

“Really?” grinned John. “I wouldn’t worry. He’s so old and can hardly see”

“What if he saw? What have you done to me, John!?”

“He’s blind as a bat!” exclaimed John. Kate used her free hand to make a fist, clenching her hair above her head while she peered down the garden.

“Fine,” John continued, “We won’t do any pictures in the garden next time.”

“Next time?” Kate brought her fist down to her mouth, “No John. There’s no next time.” John was flicking through the photographs he’d just captured on the LCD screen.

“John, did you hear me?” she demanded.

“Make me a sandwich, Mom.” He commanded. Kate sighed and turned away, crossing her arms. She was still shaky from her intense orgasm. John stroked his hand down her bare back.

“Stop that!” Kate jumped back. John smiled at her, eyes hovering over her shoulders. She gave a disgruntled huff, pushed past him and ran upstairs. John followed to see her disappear into her room and hear the lock click. John tried the handle but the door was firm.

“Mom, come out. I’m gonna start emailing these out you know” He spoke through the door.

“Fuck you.” Came her response.

John retreated to his own room, noting once again what a good job Kate had done on cleaning it. After firing up his computer he transferred all the new photos to the special ‘Some bitch’ folder, each in their own subfolder. He was building an archive now. He had the original hardcore set of that fateful night, then her getting dirty washing the car, and soaked in her underwear in the bedroom after he attacked her with the soapy water, and finally this new explicit set in the garden. The total number must have been approaching two hundred or so.

As John scanned through the images he was reminded of how horny ordering about his mother had made him. His cock had gotten ridged out in the garden, and thinking about the situation even now made him hot. He opened up a porno message board which he sometimes posted on, to look at some random pictures of hotties. Most were the same, generic porn stars. All fake tits and smiles. Everything shot in those houses with white walls and tile floors. He’d see the occasional set shot in an amateur style with a slightly older woman with real tits, those were the ones he liked. There wasn’t much he took a fancy to today.

Sitting back on his chair, he folded his arms and glanced across posters and shelves on his wall while biting his lip. He sat rocking gently, thinking to himself. There was a slight change in the light where a cloud brushed into front of the sun, cooling the room for just a moment. As it passed and room was again bleached by light, John leant forward hit the ‘New Topic’ button on the message board. Deciding on the car wash pictures of his mother, he began uploading the files. He questioned how ethical this was after telling Kate no one would see these photos, but ‘fuck it’ he thought. No one would recognise her. The status bar zoomed up until they were all uploaded to the forum. He sat thinking of a topic title by which people would recognise the thread. He could not really state it was his blackmailed mother. Finally he settled on ‘Busty unknown Milf washing the car.” I was not the most original title but it was to the point. After double checking all the pictures were on the server he posted his thread. He watched it pop up at the top of the message board, and then leant back in his chair.

He lay on his bed, hands behind his head and staring at the ceiling. He tried to listen for any noises from his mother’s room, but there were none. All that could be heard was the whirling of the computer fan. It gave a strange hypnotic and repetitive noise. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

A couple of hours passed. John was awoken at the sounds of his mother climbing out the shower, the glass in the door rattling. He started stirring, sitting up and rubbing his face. It was now considerably cooler in the house, now some cloud cover had come in to block the sun. During a large yawn John lent an eye to his computer screen and remembered the pictures he’d send out into the world. He sat at his chair and hit refresh to see if anyone had replied to his canlı bahis thread. They had. Scrolling down, he trawled through a few responses, each growing with obscenity;

‘Nice, thanks’

‘Wow, she’s hot. Such a pretty face. Anyone know who she is?’

‘Fantastic body. Love those tits and ass. Any full nudity shoots?’

‘I’d fuck the shit out of that bitch. Please post more.’

‘Holy fuck look at those curves. Hope she does nudity. I love the wet look. Dirty whore.’

John smiled at the fact all these anonymous internet guys liked his mom’s body, even if it was the most mild soft core he could imagine. At best her nipples pushed through the wet material and the soaked clothes showed her curves. He knew they’d love the more exposing stuff. He scratched his leg and stared at the keyboard, pondering. It didn’t take long for him to decide. He posted at the bottom of the thread;

‘Hey guys. I found out this bitch’s name. She’s called Kate Andrews.’

John didn’t even hesitate as he hit the reply button. He had given away his mother’s real name to strangers, strangers who were perverting over her body. He knew these people were groping her body with their eyes, imagining her in filthy and humiliating situations for their own pleasure, and now John had given away her anonymity. Placing his hands behind his head, John felt a huge rush of power through his body. It felt like stepping into the sun from the cold. His skin tingled.

John decided he owned these pictures, and his mother. He genuinely felt like he was the legal owner of her and could use her as he pleased. Without further hesitation he decided to make another thread. He titled it ‘Kate Andrews – Wet in Underwear’, and began uploading the photos he took after chasing her into her room while soaking. Within a few minutes the thread was posted, and John was eagerly awaiting responses. There was the familiar creaking of his mother going downstairs which reminded him he had not eaten today. He would put Kate to use.

Kate was in the kitchen preparing herself a sandwich. She wore those baggy track bottoms and t-shirt again. It all looked a couple of sizes too big but very comfortable and hid her body from unwanted gaze. She noticed John enter but did not acknowledge him. John peered over her shoulder to see what she was making.

“That looks good. Make me one will you?” He spoke. Kate continued spreading butter and cutting. Opening the fridge, John pulled out a bottle of coke and poured it into a glass.

“You want one?” he enquired, trying to show some kind of good will. His mother still acted as though no one else was in the room. John took a big gulp from the glass and gave a hearty sigh.

“I’ll be watching TV. Bring it in.” John made his way to the living room. He put his feet up and flicked through different TV channels. He settled on a monotonous fly-on-the-wall program about airports. After a few minutes Kate entered the room by banging the door open. She threw the plate with sandwich down on his lap with distain and turned to leave.

“Mom,” John voiced, “I really want a cake.”

“Go and buy one then.” Kate had her hand on the door handle ready to retreat to the kitchen.

“No, I want you to make one.” He finished. Kate turned to face him, making stern eye contact with one hand on her waist.

“How much more bullshit are you going to do before you get bored?”

“I’m no where near bored yet.” John answered. “Go and get all the ingredients out, I’ll be there in a minute.”

His mother left the room and John soon heard her banging cupboards and clanking pans as she found her baking materials. Noticing what little care had gone into making the sandwich turned John off eating it. The butter was all sporadic on the bread and cheese too thick and just appearing to have been thrown in. He placed it down on the coffee table in the centre of the room and went to find his mother. Upon entering he saw her placing the last of the ingredients on the sideboard. There were eggs, sugar, flower, chocolate, icing, and lemons.

“Where are those icing decoration things?” He asked, “Put some effort in, Mom.” Kate stretched above her head to a cupboard and pulled out the edible stars and shapes. She slammed the door shut.

“Is this ok now?” She stated sarcastically. Her cheeks were red with frustration. “Shall I start?”

“Not quite.” John smiled. Kate huffed in annoyance. He opened the cupboard at the end of the sideboard and pulled out a rolled up red chequered kitchen apron. He handed it to his mother.

“What? You want me to wear this?” She asked puzzled.

“Yeah,” replied John, “But only the apron.” Kate let it unroll to the floor. It was clean but crumpled. It covered the middle of the wearer’s chest with straps to go round the neck, widening slightly from the waist down with ties that did up at the back. She chuckled.

“You really are a sad little boy aren’t you.”

“And you’re a filthy slut.” He retorted. “Get out of your clothes.” Kate was still seething, but took the apron bahis siteleri through to the living room. John felt himself getting excited, his cock started to press against his jeans. He hastily ran upstairs to fetch his camera. He got back to the kitchen and sat down on a stool just in time to see his mother walk through the door. His cock hardened further at the sight of her. He couldn’t stand up, she had turned his dick into a rock.

She stood with a straight back making her breasts prominent on her figure. The square of material on the chest of the apron only just covered her nipples, the sides of her boobs exposed. The bottom of it covered down to her thigh. John instructed her to spin around. The apron covered little of her ass, but she had left her black cotton underwear on anyway. The straps tied at the back playfully swung side to side and against her bottom as she turned. The straps were the only thing to cover her otherwise bare back. John had taken quite a liking to his mother’s slender back, maybe because it was the part of her body he was most used to seeing in conversation before all this started. As she came about to face him John clicked and took the first picture, a full length body shot.

“I thought you might be taking pictures again.” She sneered. The camera clicked again, and another few times.

“Are you proud of yourself?” She asked with a tone of cynicism. John got up off the stool in spite of his hard on. Moving slowly towards his mom he continued capturing images of her top half.

“Put your hands on your waist.” He ordered. Kate complied, and even titled her face in that teasing manner toward the camera lens. Click click the camera went.

“Now put your hand by your mouth.” John continued. Kate did as she was told.

“Well? Are you proud of yourself?” She repeated mid-pose.

“Very.” John said to be matter-of-fact. Kate noticed his erection as it strained against his jeans.

“Urgh, that’s disgusting.” She motioned. “Don’t you feel like a little freak getting stiff over your own mother?”

“You have a great body,” He complimented, “but you’re a fucking whore. I don’t have respect for you, you’re just meat. Like some bitch in porn.” Kate swallowed a lump in her throat. She turned her back to him again so she could get a moment with her own thoughts. John noticed her stop posing and told her to put her hands on the wall and stick her ass out. Kate did as she was told, hoping John did not notice her wiping her eye.

“Ok,” John lowered the camera from his eye line, “You can start cooking now.” Kate moved to the counter while keeping her back to him. Grabbing a scrunchie from the table she tied her hair behind her head. She began cracking eggs and mixing different stuffs into a bowl. The camera kept on flashing and clicking, with John occasionally checking the images and smiling at his growing collection. It was very quiet in the kitchen now, after the sarcastic tones and arguments all that could be heard was the spoon banging the side of the mixing bowl and the mixture thickening.

Kate heard John approach her, but remained concentrated on the cake. She saw John place the camera next to where she was working. He placed his hands on the sides of her waist and positioned his crotch against her black panties. He pushed hard against her ass, and Kate felt his bulging erection creeping against her cotton.

“Stop it, what are you doing?” She yelped. Kate moved forward, her pelvis hard against the work surface. John moved with her, grinding his crotch against her bottom, keeping her pressed against the counter.

“Keep mixing.” He whispered. John bent his knees to push his bulge against her pussy. One hand found its way under the apron and cupped her breast. He explored the fleshy mound, feeling with his fingers its wonderful smooth texture. He began gently massaging it in circles and squeezing. Kate was static, only very slowly moving the spoon around the bowl. John kept this up for a few moments before putting both hands back on her sides and sliding them slowly down her body. His fingers hooked into the rim of her underwear. “John…” Kate murmured.

“Keep mixing.” He repeated. His hands glided over her ass and smooth legs taking the panties with them. They slid down to her knees and fell without resistance. Kate stepped out of them and John kicked them away.

“John…” Kate had stopped with the mixture, turning her head trying to see him over her shoulder. John stepped back and looked at her bare ass, licking his lips. His mother had now put the mixing bowl down, resting on her hands. John pulled her hips backwards making her bend over the counter. Kate went down to her elbows for support, her forearms falling into a thick mess of flower and chocolate and milk on the surface. She felt a breeze run through the house and the cold air kiss her labia. John looked at her vagina from a foot or two back, camera now back in hand. Impulsively John knelt down between her legs and gave her pussy a light kiss. He could not explain himself. He stood up bahis şirketleri instantly, almost to see if she did not notice. For some reason she did not feel the want to protest. She hated that John had been able to blackmail her like this, and turn her into a naked bimbo. She felt more a chill of terror at his new confidence with their bodily contact than anything.

John coughed, shaking off what he’d just done. A moment of composure later and he was taking more pictures. He went for every angle; around him mom’s ass, the side, near the front. Kate had succumb to his will, she was his to use. John picked a small pair of scissors out of a draw and cut the neck snap on the apron. The top half drooped to the floor exposing her luscious ripe tits fully. John noted her nipples erect. Kate turned her head away from the camera, but he was quick to instruct his mother to look into the lens. After a few pictures like this John decided to reposition his mom so her tits pushed into the mess on the surface. Her ample bust pushed all the paste and cake mix around her cleavage as her tits flattened and spread against the surface. John made sure she arched her back presented her ass as though she would be fucked from behind. A few snaps like this and he untied the apron fully and tossed it to the side. John had his mother entirely naked once again, her shame open to the world with help of his camera.

“Stand up and turn around.” Commanded John. His mother did so, showing him her bust covered in mess.

“I want you to run your hands over your tits and lick your fingers.” He continued. Kate was relieved she was safely back to posing for the camera. She was truly dreading that her son was about to fuck her as she bent over the counter. Should that situation come how could she get away? Get away without upsetting him so much that he sends these photos to people she knew. She could not live knowing her friends and family had seen her humiliated like a whore. She trod a thin line. John was becoming more and more confident, and could see from the bulge in his jeans that this was a sexual thing for him, not just about getting her back for scorning him in the past. He did not mind forcing her to masturbate so what would stop him using her for more? Kate could only take it one step at a time. For now, she stroked her breasts and licked her chocolaty fingers at her son’s decree.

“Yeah that’s it you slut, eat it all up.” John said as he took more pictures. This continued until the chocolate was nearly all gone. Kate was about to finish, she had a little left by her nipple, and John grabbed her hand to stop her. He lowered his mouth himself and licked the last sweet bits off. He licked around her erect nipple collecting up the chocolate, and flicked it with his wet tongue until Kate spoke.

“I think you got it all.”

John pulled his head back and looked at the shiny residue all that mixture had left. Flicking through the newly taken pictures, Kate wondered if he wanted more like last time.

“Is that all?” She asked. John took a minute to respond as he reviewed his work.

“Yeah.” He finally replied. Kate sighed relief under her breath. She crossed her arms and stared at John.

“I’m going to store these.” John said. “Finish the cake, we can eat it later.”

“Aren’t I allowed a shower? His mother demanded.

“Sure,” He replied, “after you’re finished.” John made his way upstairs. Kate put her head in her hands, finally able to express her pain. She stood motionless, feeling the stickiness from her hands transfer to her face. Kate jumped as she heard John shout from the top of the stairs;

“And don’t take too long!” Kate tried to settle herself quickly. She didn’t want her son to think he had gotten to her. After retrieving her underwear from the floor she pulled an old shirt from the laundry and put it on, ready to finish John’s cake.

John was well into storing the new photos on his computer. He checked the message board thread he’d made earlier, with his mom’s real name, although still only in her underwear. Responses were good, people using derogatory and offensive terms to compliment his mother’s body;

‘So hot. More Kate plz!’

‘That bitch has a smoking body. And those tits omg’

‘I wanna blow my load in that bitch. So good looking. Any nudity?’

‘One of my new favs. I’d fuck her so hard she’d go through the wall’

Some of the replies made him laugh, but they all claimed loved for her pretty face, shapely curves and gorgeous tits. John saw many posts requesting nude shots of her. So far he had only put up ones of her soaked and clothed or in her underwear. He was so pleased with all the internet perverts’ love for her that he did not even think before uploading more sets. It did not take long to put up the photos of her naked in the apron, and masturbating in her bikini. There was not much going back now. John had exposed his mother at her most intimate to the mass perverseness of the internet. He was making a name for her. He would get her a following of nerds and geeks who wanted to see her do more and more. To be put in filthier and more compromising situations. Within a minute or two the new threads had replies. Someone had commented on her masturbation photos in the garden;

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