The Cabin

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We’d been talking online for a while when we decided that we needed to meet, the sexual tension between us was making us both a little crazy. I told you I would drive over to your place and pick you up we decide on a date.

We talk about the date and what we want to do to each other the passion, the lust it has us consumed to the point that meeting each other is all we talk about.

The day finally arrives, I drive over to your place and get there just as you’re coming out of your house, and I smile to myself at how great you look in your skirt and blouse. You slide into the car and lean over and kiss me. You ask me where I plan on taking you, I reply that at the moment I’d like to take you back into your house and ravish you but I said that we have other plans. I then pull away from the curb and head for the freeway. As soon as I get onto the free way I reach over and caress your bare leg, I moan softly at the feel of your leg to my touch. I begin making small circles on your leg I begin to slowly move my hand up your leg as I keep making the small circles with my finger. You moan and begin opening and closing your legs, you want my finger on your pussy. I have my hand mid way up your thigh when you grab my hand and pull it to your pussy, where I find that you don’t have any panties on. My fingers find your freshly shaven pussy. I moan as I caress you. My finger finds your wet seam and slips between your lips to your clit. I begin making small circles on your clit as I was on your thigh you spread your legs in the seat as you enjoy the pleasure of my finger. You moan as your clit swells, you roll your head back as you enjoy. I keep making the circles on your clit you begin to rock your hips as the pleasure builds then all too soon you grab my hand as your first orgasm takes you, you begin quivering and gasping as you cum. I keep my fingers on your throbbing clit making your orgasm stronger. Then as your orgasm subsides, I slip my finger into you and begin to thrust quickly making your cum again quickly. I slide my finger out and then proceed to lick it clean making sure you seem me slide my tongue around my finger, you moan and quiver knowing where you want my tongue.

Finally we reach where I was driving us to. You get out of the car and look around there is nothing there except a small cottage. canlı bahis I smile as I take your hand and lead you into the cottage. I lead you inside and spin around and kiss you once we are inside, my hands caressing you all over as our tongues dance together. I pull you to me to let you feel my stiffness as I caress you. You begin removing my clothes as we kiss. As soon as my pants hit the floor your reach down and grab my shaft and stroke it. We begin making way towards the bedroom as I start removing your clothes. As soon as we enter the bedroom we fall into the bed and slide into a sixty-nine position. As you begin sucking my cock I slide my tongue along your seam as I caress your butt. You slide your tongue along my shaft as I moan into your pussy I rock my hips up at the feel of your tongue the tip of my cock. I push you off me and roll over on top of you as I spin around I need my cock deep in your pussy bad. I rub the tip of my cock against your lips making you moan you rock your hips wanting me in you. Then with one thrust I slide all the way inside you making you arch your back and moan with the feel. I lift your legs up and begin thrusting hard and fast, my balls slapping your ass as you meet each thrust. We gasp and moan how good it feel you grab the sheets as you arch your back as your orgasm takes you. I groan that I’m going cum too. Then with one last thrust I start to cum, I let the first blast go deep inside you then I pull my cock out and lay it on your pussy so that it rests on your clit as the second blast races out and lands on your chest. You quiver as you feel my cock throb on your clit. My cock finally stops throbbing on your clit and I roll off you and lay there my chest heaving from the orgasm I just had. I finally roll over and ask if you would like to see the Jacuzzi.

I roll from the bed and head for the Jacuzzi as you head to get more wine. I’m sitting in the Jacuzzi as you come out the door. I whistle at you and comment on your full breasts swaying as you walk towards me. I take a glass from you as you climb into the Jacuzzi, I take your glass from you and sit it down with mine, I then pull you to me and kiss you as I feel you pussy lining up with my cock, you slowly slide down onto me as we kiss. I moan into your mouth as your pussy slides on me. I caress your back as you begin to bahis siteleri slowly ride me as we kiss. I slide my hands around and caress the sides of your breasts as you grind your pubes into mine taking as much of my cock as you can into you. I flick my fingers over your erect nipple making you break our kiss and moan. I keep caressing your nipples knowing you’re about to cum and cum hard. Then suddenly you pull me tight to you as you quiver with your orgasm. We sit there in the Jacuzzi as you slowly come back to earth from your orgasm.

I lift you up some and have you sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi, I lean forward and kiss you, then I break the kiss and start kissing and nibbling down your body, you run your fingers through my hair as you know where I’m headed and want me there now. I finally reach your inner thigh and kiss each side. Then I lick along your lips, you gasp and you rock your hips wanting my tongue on your clit. I finally slide my tongue along your seam and finally flick my tongue over your clit making you groan and grab my head. Holding me there you moan that where you want my tongue. I reach up and flick your nipples with my thumb the same as I am your clit with my tongue. You gasp and squeeze my head as your orgasm takes you gasping with each throb of your clit.

I stop and spin you around and as your leaning over the side of the Jacuzzi I slide my cock into you. I begin thrusting slowly as you grab your glass and take a quick drink. As soon as you put your glass down I begin thrusting hard and fast, my balls slapping your clit with each thrust into you, the sounds of hot passionate sex fills the air. You feel another large orgasm racing through your body. You scream out that your cumming again, I keep thrusting hard and fast. Then you gasp and begin quivering as your orgasm takes you to the that joyful bliss again, I reach around and run my finger over your clit making you scream as if someone hit you with a hot poker, your orgasm it more than you can handle you quivering and gasping for me to stop as I keep driving my cock in and out of your pussy as it spasms on my shaft. I finally thrust one last time and hold my cock deep within you. I lean down and kiss your back. As small orgasmic spasms still race through your body. I let you come back to earth from your orgasmic journey. Then bahis şirketleri I begin to slowly thrust as you reach back and push me away telling me you need a break. I smile as I slide out of you making you quiver again as all the sexual nerves in your pussy are tingling with sensation.

I sit on the edge as you grasp my cock and start stroking it, I smile at you as you move closer to it and flick your tongue over the tip making me moan, then you pop the tip into your mouth and run your tongue around the rim as I gasp. I run my fingers through your hair as you stroke my cock while licking the tip. Your other hand caressing my ball feeling them tighten, you know I won’t last long, then you slide most of my cock into your mouth as you caress my balls I moan that I’m about to cum, then I grab the side of the Jacuzzi as I erupt into your mouth. Some of my cum oozing out as my cock softens around your lips. You release my cock, as you do you lick the length of my shaft and make me scream as I quickly slide into the Jacuzzi. You giggle as I moan that I’m sensitive. You come closer and kiss me our tongues intertwine as you reach into the water to caress my cock. I quiver and groan as you find my cock. I grab your hands to restrain you. I finally release your hands as you find me semi erect again. I grab your head and look into your eyes and tell you that you get me hard again you will have to help me reduce the swelling again. You wink at me and moan that you hope so. You begin to stroke my cock even more feeling it stiffen to the point you want it.

With me hard again, you climb from the Jacuzzi and motion me to follow, which I do with a smile on my face. As we go back into the house, you stop in front of the fire place and motion for me to get onto the floor. Once I’m on the floor you swing around so that you can mount my cock your back to me as my cock slips into you again, both of us moaning how good it feels. As you begin riding me I caress your back watching my cock slide in and out of you. We take our time enjoying the feeling of each other. Finally I ask you if your ready for me to take over, with that you stand and lay on the floor next to me. I roll over next to you and kiss you again, then I climb on top of you lifting yoru legs up to my chest, your feel flat on my chest, I begin thrusting hard racing your to orgasm, we both reach it at the same time as I let your legs go, and pull you to me as we both quiver with another orgasm together. I slide off of you as we snuggle together on the floor and drift off to sleep.

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