The Butt Plug Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Disclaimer: As always all characters are over the age of 18.


“Hey Rob.”

“Hi Tracy. What’s up?” I hadn’t heard from Tracy for a few days. That usually means she’s been busy, or off on another junket. As the top sales person in her office, she’s always being sent away on exotic trips.

“I’m on a roll again this week. Three straight days, with three sales per day.”

“Wow, that’s awesome! Are they new customers or return clients?”

“Some of each. But it seems like they can’t wait to buy! I mean, we start chatting, and I hardly have to sell them. They are ready and able and we just start writing.”

“So what do you think is making it happen?” I asked.

“Well, you know I try not to over analyze and I don’t like to sound superstitious, but I’ve been wearing that new butt plug that Teri gave me last week… It just makes me feel so excited, I can’t wipe the grin off my face, and I think it’s contagious. Everyone in the office wants to know what I’m doing right. Of course, I can’t really tell them.” She giggled.

“Ha! I guess you can’t share all of your secrets. Have you told Teri?”

“No. I need to call her. I want one in every color.”

“Maybe Teri can have you write a testimonial about how much the butt plug has improved your business life.”

Tracy’s younger sister owns a company that produces specialty sex toys, and Tracy and our friends are often used for testing purposes. Teri had a fascination with sex enhancement devices when she was still a teenager. She’s turned that passion into a huge and successful business.

“Well, I think you should call her and let her know what a winner this one is.”

“Yeah, she’s my next call. But I was wondering, are you available for a massage tonight? I’ll bring dinner for everyone. Tell Lucinda not to cook. I’ll call Billy and see what he can whip up.”

Billy is Tracy’s younger cousin who owns a top notch restaurant in town. They’re starting to do a big catering business too, so putting together a take out dinner for 4-24 on a short notice is a regular thing for him now.

“Sure, I can give you a massage tonight. Tell Billy that his mom is here too, so we’ll be six for dinner unless you want to bring anyone else.”

My sister Jan (Billy’s mom) and my wife Trish have become nearly inseparable. Jan and I were out of touch for many years, but after her divorce she moved here to Sedona and she and Trish just hit it off. They do everything together, and I’m very happy about that. They don’t play golf, so that frees me up to play as often as I want, without guilt. Trish still works part time, but she and Jan do everything else as a twosome. They shop, they do charity work, they go out constantly with lots of friends, and then they come back home and make love.

Yes, that’s right. My wife and my sister are lovers. But I’m not left out. They include me whenever I’m available and able. My life has been this way ever since I met Trish. We enjoy nudity around home and on discreet vacations, and we have a circle of friends that participate too. And Tracy and Teri are a part of it as are Jan’s sons Andrew and Billy.

Many people would be critical of our lifestyle, but the truth is, we all love each other, without jealousy, and I think we’re all very well adjusted. And we do stay discrete. As a family we are known and respected in our town. And the success of our children on their own, speaks to the quality of their character as individuals. Tracy is well recognized in her field. Teri is simply known as a successful business owner with a company in Phoenix. They own their own homes and they drive luxury cars.

“OK then Rob, I’ll be over around 6:00 and we can do the massage, then eat. Sound good?”

“It’s a plan. I’ll see you then.”

That gave me a good two hours to relax and prep for Tracy’s massage. I walked out to the patio. Trish and Jan were in the hot tub, naked of course.

“Hey there lovers.” I greeted them.

“Hi handsome.” Trish grinned. “Will you join us?”

“In a minute,” I replied, ” I need to let L&M know that Tracy is bringing dinner over so they don’t need to cook.” L&M is the nickname we use for our housekeepers, Lucinda and Melinda.

“Oh yeah? How come?” Jan inquired.

“She’s celebrating another busy week. I’m going to give her a massage at 6:00. Then we’ll eat.”

I walked on down past the casita and through the garden to the second house on our property that we built for Lucinda and Melinda. I knocked on the door and heard a voice call out for me to come in. Melinda was seated at her desk, naked, and Lucinda walked into the living area from her bedroom, also nude and looking ravishing. I relayed the message about dinner and Tracy, and told them they could take the night off if they wanted.

“Oh no Mr Rob,” Lucinda replied, ” We will stay home and join you for dinner and see Ms Tracy. She is always so busy, we miss her.”

I could tell they were being sincere.

“Well Trish and Jan and I will be in the hot tub if you’d like canlı bahis to join us. Otherwise, dinner will be here at 6:00 but we’ll plan to eat around 7:30.”

“OK Mr Rob. You tell us if you need anything else.” Melinda stood up and gave me a hug and a kiss. I held the cheeks of her small but firm ass in my two hands. She gave me an extra squeeze. Such is life around our home.

I walked back to the hot tub and stripped out of my shirt and shorts. My cock was showing signs of the stimulation provided by Melinda.

“Ooooo, baby brother, you always look so ready, willing and able.” Jan cooed from the warm water. The jets were off so I could see hers and Trish’s bodies quite clearly. Their nipples appeared to be floating just at the water’s surface. Further below Trish’s left leg was crossed over Jan’s right leg and they were gently caressing each other’s pussies. I stepped down into the pool and snuggled up beside Trish. She reached her right arm around my neck and we hugged and kissed. Then I reached across Trish and tweaked Jan’s nipple as I leaned over and we kissed another wet and passionate kiss. Jan reached down with her left hand and stroked my cock before I leaned back and relaxed on the bench.

I recounted the details of my phone conversation with Tracy. Jan was quick to ask.

“What butt plug is that? Do you have a new one Trish? ”

“Um, I don’t think I do. Teri’s been so busy and absent lately. Maybe I better ask her for one. I think I’ll give her a call.”

She reached for her phone that was laying on the deck by her shoulder. She hit the auto dial and then touched the speaker button. It rang twice.

“Hi Mom. What’s up?” We heard Teri’s cheerful voice.

“Hello darling. I’m sitting in the spa with Rob and Jan.”

“Hi guys!”

Trish continued. “Rob says that Tracy is writing paper like crazy and she thinks it’s because of a new plug she got from you. How come I don’t have one yet?”

“Yeah, me too.” Jan chimed in. “Are you holding out on us?”

“Geez, news sure travels fast. I just got off the phone with Tracy. I gave her a test sample last week when we had lunch together. I haven’t seen you guys since then. I’ve got samples for you too.”

“Well when do we get them?” Trish teased.

“I can drop them off when I finish here at the office. I’ve just got a couple of calls to make and some letters to sign.”

“That sounds great. Can you join us for dinner tonight? Tracy’s coming over with Billy victuals.” (That’s our nickname for whatever food we get from Billy’s place.)

“So I heard. I’ve already canceled the boring cocktail date I’ve been trying to get out of. Family first, you know.” She sounded relieved to have a legitimate excuse to miss whatever she had on her calendar. “I’ll be there around 6:30.”

“Perfect!” Trish replied, “I’ll be bent over and ready for you.”

We all laughed at her joke.

“See you tonight.” Trish clicked off the call.

“Oh goody! I love new toys.” Jan giggled. “I can’t believe it. You know Rob, before you brought me back into your life and and your incredible family, I never would have dreamed of how my life is today. I’m in love with your beautiful wife and children and here we are anticipating the newest butt dildo that we’ll no doubt be trying out later tonight. This never would have happened in Cleveland.”

“What can I say?” I answered, “Trish is the one who raised these girls and opened up, I mean literally opened up, my mind and my body and our home to all of the wonderful possibilities that we now take for granted. By the way, Trish, what butt plug have you been using lately?”

“Well you should know!” Trish playfully punched my shoulder, “Actually I haven’t had one in there for over a week. See?” She stood up and mooned me, sticking her ass right into my face. I got a quick peek before my nose was right in her butt hole. I licked her labia and then moved my tongue right up into her tight sphincter. She gently rotated her ass in my face while Jan watched. Then she pulled away. Jan stood up and took her place. She bent forward and used both hands to spread her cheeks and expose her anal opening.

“Look Rob, my backside is empty too. And you know how much I’ve come to love having it filled.”

“Yes big sister I do. And you know that I love to be the one filling it.” I slowly pushed my index finger into her and twisted my hand about 90 degrees. Then I twisted it back. She was warm and receptive. I continued and Jan pushed back at me. I withdrew my digit and reinserted two fingers.

“Ooo yeah. Give it to me deep.” She moaned. I thrust my thumb into her pussy and withdrew it to diddle her clit, then slammed it back into her pink folds. I pinched my thumb and fingers together and felt them through the thin membrane that divided her two canals. Trish was stroking my own love muscle and it was attaining maximum length and firmness. I cautiously stood up and removed my thumb. Trish guided my missile toward my sister’s waiting cunt. It slid in easily. Now my fingers were massaging bahis siteleri the top of my cock through Jan’s fragile anal tissue. I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Whoa baby. Give it to me.” Jan begged. Now I was slamming my hips into her broad backside. Trish, the ever present facilitator, was pinching Jan’s nipple and then she thrust her middle finger of her other hand firmly into my ass. She knows that when she does that I cum almost immediately. And I did. I felt the throbbing as I emptied my seed into my sister’s waiting womb. Trish continued to massage my prostate until my ejaculate was exhausted. She slowly withdrew her finger as I removed my extreme appendages from my sibling. Trish was quick to open her mouth and finish off Jan’s orgasm with her teeth and her tongue. And in the process she consumed most of my slimy sperm as it poured out of Jan’s vagina. She licked from her clitoris to her asshole, back and forth and pushed her tongue as deep into the openings as she could.

I reached between Trish’s legs and toyed with her clit ring. We’ve both learned, through the years, how to delicately tug and sway and tease to produce a rapid series of mini orgasms. I can tell immediately when it begins because Trish’s ass starts to quiver. And if I rub between her lips, the slick warm juice begins to ooze into my hand. And it did. Jan turned around and collapsed onto the seat in the hot tub. Trish pulled away and sat back down next to her. I stood and held my hand cupped and filled with Trish’s love juice. I offered some to Jan and she lapped it up like a puppy. Then I gave the last drops to Trish. She grabbed my hand and licked it clean, carefully licking up and down between each finger.

We all sat there for a few minutes in our post orgasmic daze. I turned on the jets and the water began to bubble.

“Oh great Rob. As if I’m not already feeling like jelly.” Trish smirked.

“I know Baby. I just need a couple minutes of this before I go prep for Tracy.”

Fifteen minutes later the jets shut down and we hadn’t said a word. We were just lost in our overly relaxed state. No conversation was needed. The peace that comes with knowing we all love and care for each other, and that we can demonstrate it by bringing sexual pleasure on a moments notice, is a special bond that we share. It needs no verbal affirmation.

I climbed out of the tub and picked up my clothes. I walked into our bedroom and dropped the duds in the hamper, then stepped into the shower to rinse off. I closed my eyes. Moments later I felt hands on my ass. I opened my eyes to find Jan and Trish had joined me. We all stood under the sprays and soaped each other lightly. As we were rinsing, I glanced to my left and saw Lucinda placing a stack of fresh towels on the stool outside the shower. She smiled at me and licked her lips. She, of course, was still naked. Her lithe brown body gave me a little surge that I could feel all the way down to the tip of my penis. Never mind that my wife and sister were busy stroking it. Visual stimulation always adds an extra boost to my sexual energy.

I stepped away and out of the shower. Trish turned off the water. I handed them each a fresh fluffy towel. We all dried ourselves off in front of the vanity mirror. Seeing the reflections of all of our bodies added a little more to that visual charge. Jan looked down at my dick and grinned.

“You always look so ready. Keep it up baby brother. I can see that you’re not done for the day.” She winked. We hung up our towels on the hooks. The girls took a few minutes to brush their hair. I wandered out to the kitchen.

Lucinda and Melinda were standing at the counters. Their firm backsides always get my juices flowing. Their dark hair on their shoulders and narrow hips make them look like a couple of teens. In fact they are in their 30s. Lucinda was preparing a tray with cheese and fruit. Melinda was refilling the jug of water that we keep in the fridge. She prepares it by adding a few slices of lemon or orange, some mint leaves and a couple of slices of cucumber. I walked up behind her as she reached for the cuke. I wrapped my arms around her and let my fingers slip down between her legs.

“Melinda, before you take a knife to that cucumber, I think we need to season it.” I put my hand over hers and held the phallic vegetable, then pulled her over to the kitchen chair. She sat down and instinctively put her feet up on the edge of the seat, exposing herself to my view. I stooped down and rubbed the cuke along Melinda’s labial folds. She reached down and used both hands to spread herself open. I gently inserted the green dildo and as it became slick with her pre cum it slid in further. I pushed and she sighed.

“Oh Mr Rob, you know just how to make me feel so good! Your water today will be extra spicy.”

I laughed while I continued to pump the natural phallus in and out of Melinda’s gaping hole. It was making a sloshing sound and the fluid was running down into her taint. I heard steps behind me. It was Jan and Trish. Trish leaned over and bahis şirketleri kissed Melinda. It was a full open mouth, tongue twisting, spit swapping make out kiss. Jan was pinching Melinda’s nipple and tugging at it while I kept up the thrusting and with my other thumb I rubbed her clit. She began to tremble and it was clear that she was getting close.

“Oh yes, oh yes! I’m cumming! Oh yes, yes yes!” Melinda put her hand over mine and maneuvered the cucumber deeper and held it while her pussy throbbed and oozed her feminine slime. I leaned forward and licked her clitoris. She trembled again and held my head. I slowly eased the greasy cucumber back out of her. Her pussy stayed open and a string of cum hung from her pink flesh onto the end of the cuke. I was careful not to let it drip off. I debated just putting the thing in my mouth, but then I stood up and took it over to the jug. I dipped into the water and stirred it around. Then I picked up the knife and sliced off a half dozen slices. I dropped them into the water and gave it another stir. Lucinda held a bowl under the ice dispenser and filled it up. Then she nudged me aside and dumped the ice into the jug. She took one cube out and sucked it into her mouth. Then she bent down, pulling me close to her face and grabbed my semi flaccid cock and put it in her mouth. The combination of the ice cube and her warm cheeks was shocking and comforting. She sucked on me patiently as the ice melted and as her mouth warmed up, my dick grew inside. Once she had me at full staff she teasingly backed away and giggled.

“Mr Rob, you should feel much better now. You drink some water, OK?”

The ladies all laughed as I stood there admiring the bevy of beauties that surrounded me. I took a glass from the shelf and drew a long refreshing drink.

A few minutes before 6:00 the front door opened and Tracy entered. She looked like a fashion model. Even at the end of her busy work day she looked stunning. She knows how to dress for success and she’s got the body to do it. Her tight bright blue skirt was a few inches above her knees, showing off her gorgeous long legs and teasing the view of her ass that was accentuated by the tight fit of the skirt. Matching blue suede heels gave her tanned legs a perfect tone. She wore a white satin blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to show a bit of the cleavage that she can only create with a proper bra. Her breasts are a nice 34C, and they stand out on their own, but a little push up adds to the allure. Her skin glows. She uses just enough make up to highlight her bright eyes and give her cheeks a little rosy shade. Her blonde hair frames her face with shades from light brown to golden strands. If she greeted me at her sales center I’d feel as if I hit the jackpot already. It’s no wonder people love to do business with her. And even in her semi tired and stressed state, her pearly white smile warmed the whole room.

We all moved to greet and welcome her. She was the first to speak.

“Wow, what a day! I think I crammed 14 hours into 8.”

In reality, we know that Tracy is a very efficient person. She works hard and and with purpose. There’s no wasted time in her day. Similarly she knows how to relax and unwind.

“I need to get out of these clothes!” She was hastily unbuttoning her blouse as she kicked off her shoes. Melinda stepped up to pick up the shoes and take her clothes as she shed them.

“Lucinda, I left our dinner in the car. There’s two large bags.” Lucinda went right out to fetch the packages. By now Tracy was standing there in only her white lacy bra and matching thong panties. She still looked like a Victoria’s Secret model. She unfastened her bra and shrugged her shoulders to let it fall. Then quickly stripped off the thong and handed the garments to Melinda. She touched Melinda on her shoulder and said, “Thank you darling. Please just put them in my room.”

Tracy hasn’t lived with us for over 3 years, but it will always be ‘her room’. Then she turned to us.

“Hi Mom! Hi Rob. Hi Jan.” She gave us each a hug and a kiss with a little extra squeeze on Jan’s behind, letting her know that there’s no doubt she is an equal element in our family and household.

“Congratulations on another big day.” I offered. “Do you want to have a drink and sit and rest for a few minutes?”

“Yes. That would be nice.”

Trish went to the fridge and prepared a tall glass of ice water from the recently replenished jug. We all moved into the living room and sat down. Lucinda came back in the front door as Melinda returned from the bedroom. She handed one of the parcels to Melinda and they took it all into the kitchen to inspect the contents. Trish returned and handed the glass to Tracy, then sat down close beside her. Though there’s nearly 20 years difference in their ages, they could still pass for sisters, and anyone guessing their ages would err on the youthful side of the scale. These two share some great genes. Trish put her arm around Tracy’s shoulder and gave her a bit of a hug. Tracy leaned her head on her mother. They both softly sighed. Tracy for the long awaited relaxation and Trish for the comfort of having her loving daughter in her arms. Their breasts were barely brushing each other. It looked so natural.

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