The Breeding of Emily Ch. 04

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Emily sat on the couch overwhelmed with the full spectrum of emotions. It had been three weeks since the first time her dad had tried to intentionally impregnate her. Since that day he had taken her at least once every day, most days twice, and filled her with his seed. Now she sat on the couch with the positive test results in her hand. Her head spinning from both the exhilaration of being pregnant and the uncertainty of what the future would look like. The excitement of the fantasy Emily and her dad had shared of her being bred by him was now replaced by the reality of the accomplished deed. How would they raise this little one? What would they tell people? Her thoughts so consumed her that she didn’t hear John come in the back door.

John walked in the living room and sat his briefcase on one of the chairs, then sat down on the couch next to Emily. Emily looked up at him and gave him a weak smile as she held up the test strip for him to see.

John’s grin stretched from ear to ear when it registered in his brain what he was seeing. He wrapped his arm around Emily’s shoulders and pulled her into his chest, hugging her. He lifted her head up by her chin to look at him. “My baby is pregnant! Aren’t you excited baby? That’s what you wanted! Right?”

Emily pushed off his chest and sat up, turning to face him, tucking her left leg under her right. John noticed for the first time the front of her shirt was soaked from her milk soaking through. “I am excited daddy! I don’t know how to explain it. I’m both excited and scared.” She looked at him with a longing in her eyes. She just needed to hear from her daddy that everything was going to be alright.

John reached out and cupped her face with his hand. He stroked her cheek with his thumb as he stared at her. “You don’t have anything to be scared of baby.” He said softly. “Daddy’s going to take care of you and our baby. I’ve already thought through some of the things we’ll have to deal with. I’ve been talking with your Aunt Lena. She’s going to help us as much as she can.”

“Aunt Lena? How long have you been talking with her about us?”

“I’ve been talking with your mom’s sister on a regular basis since your mom died. I think we both needed someone to talk to. I haven’t told her anything about us yet. But I know she’s someone we can trust not to be judgmental. Plus her medical background will help.” John chuckled as he reflected on the past. “Lena and your mother used to talk about our sex life all the time. I swear, there are times I think sex was the only thing that woman thought about.” John got serious again. “What else are you scared about?”

Emily shrugged. “I don’t know. Lots of things. People. This.” She said as she rubbed her belly.

“What about that?” John asked concerned.

Emily hesitated. “Are you still going to love me when I’m fat?”

John sat there dumbfounded. He’d heard those same words from Laura over 22 years before, almost word for word. He took her face in both hands and held her tenderly. “Baby, I’m always going to love you. The size of your belly won’t change that. Especially when that belly is carrying our baby. So don’t ever doubt my love for you baby.”

“OK daddy!”

“Good girl! As far as people are concerned, we’ll deal with them as they come.” John paused. “What else is bothering you?”

“Nothing! That was all! I’m sorry daddy! I guess the reality of being bred by you hit me all of a sudden when I saw the positive test results. Reality hit me like a ton of bricks.”

“Are you sorry we did this now?”

Emily’s eyes shot open. “Oh no daddy! Not at all! It’s just that . . . .” She searched for the words to describe her emotional turmoil.

John stroked her face again. “It’s ok baby! I understand!”

Emily smiled again weakly at him. “Know what else daddy?”


“I think I inherited mom’s sex drive!”

John threw his head back and laughed. “I think you did too!”

“I mean, that’s all I think about during the day. I try not to. But the harder I try, the more my brain comes back to it. I hate it daddy! I really do sometimes!”

John’s hands slid canlı bahis down her throat and across her shoulder blades. He began to unbutton her shirt. “Why don’t I milk these tits of yours and see what happens.”

“You know exactly what’s going to happen!” Emily smirked as she sat there passively while her blouse and bra were removed.

John chuckled. “Yes I do! Which is what I enjoy the most. Feeling your body responding. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that.” He slid her blouse and bra off her shoulders, then was about to have her straddle his lap when he changed his mind. “Stand up baby and take the rest of your clothes off.”

Emily stood and began to unsnap her jeans with a seductive smile on her face. As she slid her jeans and panties down her thighs, she slowly bent over jiggling her tits as she got lower. She loved putting on a show for her dad. She loved that look of lust in his eye as he watched her, knowing he wanted her and anticipating what he was going to do to her. A drop of milk fell from each nipple as her engorged mammaries hung from her chest. Without being told Emily dropped to her knees between his legs and reached for his belt.

John knew exactly how he wanted this to playout. But he figured why fight the inevitable. He unbuttoned, and then removed his shirt as Emily tugged his pants and shorts down his legs and off along with his shoes and socks. She then sat back on her legs and stared at his swelling erection, mesmerized by its size and beauty.

She cupped his balls in her left hand and gently kneaded them as she caressed the length of his shaft with her right. John moaned his approval as she almost worshipfully brought his manhood to full erection. She then traced the vein that ran the length of his shaft with the tip of her finger. Their eyes met. They smiled at each other, not saying a word. No words were needed between the two lovers. Emily dipped her head and began to lightly and lovingly kiss his shaft all over. Her tongue snaking out and flicking the area just under the helmet of his cock. John gasped with pleasure. She knew how much he enjoyed it when she did that to him. She was about to devour his cock and suck him dry when he stopped her.

John grabbed her head and pulled her off his cock. He chuckled again, knowing this was part of the game they liked to play. The game of who’s really in control. “There will be time enough for that later.” He said, holding her head firmly.

Emily showed him her best pouting face. “But daddy! Don’t you want me to suck it and make you feel good?” She tried to drop her head so she could swallow his cock. But John held her tightly.

“Get up here!” Emily stood up and kneeled on the couch, straddling John’s lap. “You can empty my cock after I’ve emptied these.” He pulled her left breast into his mouth, and he began to hungrily suck on it. Emily squealed with delight as she felt his teeth and lips lock onto her sensitive tit flesh and begin to drain her. She instinctively began to grind her hips in a circular motion trying to find his cock so she could sit on it. John pulled off her tit just long enough to tell her to stop. “Sit still! I don’t want you moving until I give you permission. You are to sit perfectly still! Do you understand?”

Emily moaned in resignation. “Yes sir!”

John returned to sucking on her tit, pulling her body tightly into his. He wrapped both arms around her body, holding her tight with his left arm, while his right hand worked its way up between her legs to find her pussy gushing with her juices. He ran his middle finger over the length of her gash causing her to whimper with need. She wrapped her arms around his head and pulled him into her chest. “Oh daddy! Please let me move! I have to move!”

John mumbled a “No” as his face stayed buried in her chest. He slowly shoved his middle finger inside her pussy and felt the walls of her womb. Emily cried out as her body shook from need. “Oh please don’t! Now you’re being mean!”

John laughed with a mouthful of tit flesh. He savored every mouthful of her sweet milk he gulped down. His finger driving her insane with need. He finally pulled his bahis siteleri soaked finger from her gushing pussy and felt for the rosebud of her ass.

Emily’s body tensed as she felt his finger slip into her ass up to the first knuckle. She grunted and lurched forward. A natural reaction as the pressure in her rectum increased. “UGH! Daddy! What are you doing?” She gasped.

John held her tight, pulling off her one tit and preparing to drain her other one. “You know what I’m doing.” He said before latching onto her other tit to begin draining it.

Emily knew exactly what he was doing. John was doing what he had been doing since they began their sexual relationship. He was taking her however it pleased him. Emily knew it would just be a matter of time before he began playing with her ass. Her mom had told her in one of their many discussions how much her dad enjoyed playing with her ass. Emily grunted as she felt his finger slide in deeper. She wrapped her arms around John’s head and pulled him into her chest tighter as the burning sensation in her ass intensified.

John drank in her sweet milk, savoring every mouthful as he worked his finger inside her ass as deep as it would go. He felt her hips begin to grind back and forth as though she was trying to get his finger deeper inside her rectum. He knew she was just like her mother when he heard her grunts slowly turn into moans of need as he worked her ass and tits. Emily’s physical and verbal responses to his manipulations of her body just spurred John on to take her harder.

“Oh Daddy!” Emily whimpered, almost crying. “I love you! I love what you do to me!” The sensations racing through her body overwhelmed her emotionally. “I love you Daddy! I love you! Please don’t ever stop loving me!”

Emily’s plea brought John’s assault on her body to a stop, he was so shocked by fear and insecurity in her voice. He pulled off her tit and looked up at her. Emily’s hair cascaded around her face as she opened her eyes and looked down at her lover and dad. “I’ll never stop loving you baby. I’ve always loved you, and I’ll never stop loving you. You’re carrying our baby now. That means that not only are you my baby, but you’re carrying my baby. You’re not just my daughter anymore. You’re my lover now. Understand?”

Emily nodded her head. “I understand Daddy.” She hesitated before she continued. “But I don’t want to be just your lover. I need more than that.” She stammered not knowing how to explain her need. “I don’t know how to describe it.”

John cut her off knowing exactly what she was talking about. She was EXACTLY like her mother. “Did you think I was joking when I said I know exactly what you need baby?” He began a slow fucking of her ass with his finger as he spoke. Emily gasped with sensation of his finger plunging in and out of her. John almost began to tell her how much she was like her mother, then he caught himself again. ‘I’m not going to continue to throw her mother in her face,’ he thought. ‘Laura is gone. Em is here. It’s time to move on.’

“I know what you need baby. I know the depth of that need and just how I’ll take care of it. Do you trust me baby?”

“You know I do Dad.” Emily replied smiling.

John smiled back at her. “I thought so. Just checking. I’m going to begin to explore those deep needs of yours. Pushing you like you’ve never been pushed before.”

“What about your needs?” Emily asked just as concerned about her dad.

“Don’t you worry about my needs. You keep loving me as my baby and serving me as my slut and whore, and you’ll take care of my needs.”

Emily grinned as she ground her ass into his finger. “Mmmmmm! Then would you please take this slut!”

John returned to sucking on her tits, drinking in her sweet milk. After he’d drained them sufficiently enough to relieve her discomfort, he pushed her off his lap and down between his legs as he sat. “Now work my cock baby. Show me what a good slut you are.” Emily attacked his cock with a renewed enthusiasm, sucking and salivating all over it. John grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her tight as he voiced his approval. “Mmmm! You do know how to bahis şirketleri please me! Good girl! You get that cock nice and lubed baby. Daddy’s going to take that virgin ass of yours.”

Emily’s head was a blurr as it bobbed up and down on his cock. She reached under his nutsack and began to massage it gently. She knew how much he liked that.

Now it was John’s turn to feel that longing that he’d had with Laura. Laura knew how to draw out the need within him to take her as hard and rough as she needed. John’s cock was as hard as he’d ever experienced with Emily’s mother. He pulled Emily’s mouth off his cock, holding her tight by her hair. “Get up on the couch!” He commanded her. Emily obeyed as he directed her into a kneeling position on the couch. He then pushed her head down till it was laying on the couch with her ass sticking in the air.

Emily groaned, knowing what was coming. “Take my ass Daddy! Take your slut’s ass!”

“I am baby!” John said as he laid the head of his cock on her small sphincter. He held her down with his left hand on the small of her back. He pushed the head of his cock into her ass till the head popped through. Emily grunted as the pressure built, and then gave out a squeal as the head of his cock invaded her ass. John held steady as he allowed her ass to adjust to his cock. He knew this just the first of many ass fuckings she was going to get. When he heard her breathing begin to calm he began to shove harder and further into her.

Emily gasped. The pain was so intense. It felt like he was shoving a hot iron up her ass. “Oh Daddy!”

“I know baby! It hurts! You’ll get used to it! As a matter of fact you’re going to begin to love it and crave it!” John continued shoving his cock in slowly and firmly. Emily was pinned between his invading cock and the couch. She couldn’t have escaped his assault if she wanted to. When John’s cock was completely inside her ass, he stopped moving and allowed her ass to adjust. As Emily’s body adjusted slowly, John reached under her and began to massage her massive tits, milking them till she was dripping all over the couch.

“OH FUCK DADDY!” Emily cried out. “Would you please fuck this slut and give her what she needs?”

John grabbed her by her hips. “So be it!” He began a furious pounding of her ass, his cock pounding unrelenting as Emily wailed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. His cock felt like it was on fire as the friction of her rectal walls gripped his cock. He and Laura had had more intense fuck sessions than he could count. But nothing like what he was experiencing at the moment as he pounded Emily’s ass. He reached for her head and grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanking her head back, and pulling her into his body as he took her ass for the first time.

Emily wailed in pleasure and pain. John smiled as the sweat began to roll off his face and body. She was just like her mother. He began to feel his balls churning. He knew if he didn’t let up, he’d be shooting his load in a matter of seconds. He grunted, signaling his impending orgasm.

“Fuck your whore daddy! Fuck me good! Fill my ass with your seed! Oh daddy! Give it to me!” Emily was almost screaming with need.

“OH FUCK!” John grunted as his cock exploded inside her rectum. His seed felt like it was searing hot as it worked it’s way up the length of his shaft and shot out of him. It filled her bowels and began to ooze out around his pounding cock. The added lubrication spurred John on to fuck her ass that much harder.

After several minutes of their bodies grunting and grinding together, John settled into a slow and much more gentle pace. “Are you ok?” he grunted as he continued to work her ass.

“Uh huh!” Emily grunted back, unable to speak.

John finally pulled out of her ass and fell back on the couch, exhausted and content. Emily stayed kneeling on the couch with her ass in the air, too tired and content to move. She didn’t want the euphoric feeling she was experiencing to end. So she knelt still. “I know what you need.” He said softly as he caressed her upturned ass. “I’m going to take my baby girl in ways she never imagined.”

Emily started to laugh. “Oh daddy! You have no idea what I’ve imagined!”

John slapped her on the ass. “Get up and get dinner ready. You can tell me all about what goes on in that dirty mind of yours over dinner.”

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