The Blue Life Ch. 29: Blix Johnson

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. This story picks up where Chapter 28 left off. This chapter involves a bit of backstory, and not as much kinky sex as other chapters. But it sets up the action in the next several chapters, which are hotter and heavier. If character and plot matter, read on. If they don’t, skip to the next chapter. The story is far from over. Thanks to John and Jake for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are very much appreciated. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot are often worked into future chapters. Thanks for reading.


I don’t know what Regina had whispered to Blix, but his eyes narrowed and he looked angry. He also looked straight at me. His deep, gravely voice was menacing. “Robert, I need to talk to you, in Private,” he growled.

I didn’t like being ordered around. But I had to respect a man who looked and sounded like he could twist me into a pretzel as easy as looking at me. Blix is at least five inches taller than me, 6’7″ in his bare feet. And he probably outweighs me by a hundred and twenty pounds or more. He’s a large, intimidating black man. He knows it. And he uses that to his advantage. I said, “Follow me.” And I led him down the hallway toward the empty office.

We had just finished up an amazing orgy. It hadn’t started out to be an orgy. But it degenerated or evolved into one, depending on your perspective. Ten people. And everyone had cum at least once. Some of the ladies had cum half a dozen times!

I opened the door to the office and turned on the overhead light. There were boxes all over the place, and a half-empty bookshelf. There was only one available chair, an office chair on wheels. The other chairs in the room had boxes stacked on them. I sat down. Blix came in and closed the door. We were both naked. But Blix had a boner he was trying to cover with his hands. I tried to look calm and collected, even though I found Blix very intimidating and a little exciting.

“So, what’s this about, Mr. Johnson?” I asked.

“I’ll cut right to the chase,” Blix said, “What did you do to Mrs. Coulson? Did you drug her?”

“Ha!” It wasn’t a laugh, just an exclamation of surprise. “No. She’s just very happy.”

“I’ve known Mrs. Coulson for years. And one thing I know for sure is she is faithful in her relationship with her husband, Ian. Blindly, steadfastly, often stupidly faithful. And she just offered to suck my cock, if that was OK with you. She said she needed your permission to suck my cock!”

“Her husband is a cheating dillweed.”

“I know that,” Blix said. “I have proof of that. I have tried to tell Regina that, several times.”

“He gets his jollies raping women he’s drugged. I’m guessing with Rohypnol, or something similar.”

“I’ve suspected something like that as well,” Blix said plainly.

“He’s raped and done worse to Gina. She knows that now. She’s made a break from him and has given me her submission. Her fucking me was a sign of her emancipation.” I was bragging in front of a larger man who intimidated me. I don’t know why. I guess I wanted to establish my dominance. We’re not that far evolved from apes.

“He has raped her?” Blix said. His eyes are dark brown. But, even in the bright overhead light, his pupils had gone wide, making his eyes look like obsidian jewels.

“And worse,” I said.

“I…will…kill…him.” He said it slowly. He meant it, every word. I had no doubts.

“Please. Don’t. My father thinks he has killed Bill Stockton. There has been too much killing already today.” I sighed.

Blix scratched his ear, the one with the gold earring. His cock was deflating. There wasn’t as much to cover. “I thought you said Bill Stockton was at the Police Station, under arrest.”

I smiled. “According to my father, Bill Stockton is dead. But he is just too big, stupid and stubborn to know it yet. I don’t believe Red. Maybe he’s just a bit tired and nuts.”

“I don’t get it,” Blix said plainly.

“My father claims he was taught the secrets of Dim Mak.”

“The Death Touch,” Blix finished my sentence.

“You’ve heard of it,” I said.

Blix Johnson smiled a big, toothy grin. “That skinny little fuck knows Dim Mak! Holy Shit! And you’re not kidding!” Blix was excited by the idea.

“Dad is not kidding. I don’t know. My father is like an Aikido Black Belt.” I was bragging a little.

“Dim Mak is not Aikido. Andl, if Bill Stockton isn’t in the hospital already, your father was probably shitting you about Dim Mak.”

“Well, Dad called it a Chi Attack. Something about ripping his life force. I don’t get it. And Bill Stockton is a huge guy. I think he might be as big as you, from the way Dad described him, just not as buff.”

Blix nodded. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. You are a well built, guy, Blix. You’re obviously ripped. You have the longest cock I’ve ever seen that’s not on a Porn çankaya escort Star.”

Blix laughed. “Well, I did some porn once, back in my escorting days.”

“Really? What was your porn name?” I asked. Already, I liked Blix more. For one, he didn’t seem like he was going to kill me.

“It’s embarrassing. I’m not going to tell you.” Was Blix blushing? It was hard for me to tell. He has such dark mahogany colored skin to begin with.

“OK. I will just have to ask all the ladies if they have ever seen a guy like you in pornos,” I threatened.

“Alright. Look, I did some IR Porn more than a decade ago.” If Blix wasn’t so dark skinned, he might have been blushing red.

“What’s an IR Porn?” I asked.

“Interracial. They pay White Porn Chicks more to be filmed fucking a big, black guy with a big dick.” Blix squinted and grimaced with the memory. “It started to feel very clichéd and racist, real fast. So I got out.”

“And what was your Porn Name?”

Blix gritted his teeth. “Laugh and I will hurt you…Javelin Spears.”

I struggled not to laugh. But I snorted. Blix smiled. He’s got a very pleasant smile. And again, it seemed to indicate that he was not going to murder me. I said, “Blix, I didn’t drug, Gina. She wants to leave her husband, Ian, on her own. And she’s acting a little wild all on her own, because she’s happy to be free of that dickhead.”

“Her tongue-fucking my ass?” Blix asked directly.

“OK. Yeah. That was my idea.” I shrugged. “I said, she could blame me, if you got mad at her for that.”

“No, man! That was fucking righteous,” Blix said, “Alright. I believe you.” He looked at me seriously. “Then, here’s the deal. I want in The Club.”

“The what?” I was confused.

“Like, do you get together and have these sex parties regularly? Every week? Every other week? Once a month?”

“This wasn’t a sex party! My father beat a guy up. My mother called her lawyer and private dick.” I snickered at my own stupid pun.

Blix shook his head, not quite picturing it. “You say, Bill Stockton is my size?”

“I’m not sure. Dad just described him to me. Maybe a little smaller and not as buff.”

“But he knocked him down?”

“He knocked him out, cold.”

Blix rubbed his chin. “Damn,” Blix said, “Dim! Mak! I bet it ain’t true.” But I could tell Blix wanted to believe it WAS true.

“I bet it’s not true either. So, here’s the deal, there is no sex club.” I waved my empty hands, to show nothing was there. “There’s just my family, including my sexual submissives.”

“And that includes your Dad and that old doctor guy.”

“Yes.” I nodded.

“And you fuck them too?” Blix was pressing the issue.

“It’s none of your god damned business what I do with them, Blix,” I said.

Blix looked down at the ground. “I’m sorry, Sir. I mean. Shit. But, you don’t have a problem with like the guy on guy stuff, like the gay stuff. Like when I had your nuts in my mouth.”

If my head could have spun around and exploded, it would have. I had to think back. Shit! While Gina and I were fucking, someone was licking her pussy, then my cock, and then they took my balls in their mouth. I smiled and shook my head. That was Blix! Shit! What do you know! I said, “I didn’t know that was you.”

Blix shyly grinned. “Oh yeah. That was me. Gina came, and squirted right in my fucking face! Damn! That was fuckin’ righteous, Robert! I’m sorry if I crossed a line with you, sucking your balls and all. It was spur of the moment. It just felt like the right thing to do at the time.”

I said, “No, man. That was sexy. We’re cool.”

Blix said, “Look. You’ve got three roosters and six hens.”

I counted in my head. “Probably eight or nine hens.”

“Damn. No. Seriously? Seriously? All this fine?” Blix could not believe it.

I shrugged. “They’re not all here.”

“You need me, Robert. You’ve got a shortage of roosters, man! You can’t keep up with all that pussy!”

“I can try.” I insisted and grinned.

“Look. Bill Stockton is dangerous. Your Uncle Nick is a desperate creep too. I know Ian. He’s a little shit and he’s a lawyer. He will try to make your life miserable. Did you take Stephanie Bahl from her husband too? How many other guys are you going to piss off? You need a guy like me around, just for protection.”

I said, “Blix, I just can’t see you in a submissive relationship. Do you know anything about Dominance and submission?”

“You mean like who is catching and who is pitching? You’re saying that, you’re the top and I’m going to the be the bottom and I will take it up the ass sometimes. Trust me. I can be cool with that.”

I hadn’t even thought of that. But it made me look at Blix in another light. I noticed something, “You’re like my Dad,” I said, “You both don’t have any body hair.”

“I was a Professional Body Builder for awhile. I got tired of waxing my body, so I had my body hair removed. All except my head, pits and pubes. I shave those daily, just because I like the clean look.”

“But why do you shave your pubes?” I asked.

“It makes escort çankaya your dick look longer. It’s a porn star trick.”

“Have you ever had sex with a guy?” I asked directly.

“This stays between us, right?” Blix asked.

“Of course.”

“After I turned eighteen, I got kicked out of the Foster System. So I went to live with a guy who had been an older foster brother of mine, Danny. He was white, a smooth Italian guido-type. You know that John Travolta character in Saturday Night Fever? That was Danny. A sharp dresser. Smooth with the ladies. A really good dancer. He liked me. I idolized him. After I moved in with him, he got me a fake ID, so I could go clubbing with him. He said I was his wing-man. One night, we were out and Danny struck out. We went back to our place. He blamed me, because he’d been working this blonde chick at the bar for a long time, and I didn’t pick up on this chick’s fat, older sister, and that’s what a wing-man should do, help out the Squad Leader. He said that because he’d been teased all night and got nothing but blue balls, and because I was a failure as a wing-man, that had to be his little bitch and suck his cock.”

“Oh,” I said.

“I was drunk, and I idolized Danny. I loved him, really. So I did it. He came in my mouth and he had me swallow. Then he went to bed. I felt stupid. But it was exciting too.”

“But it didn’t end there.” I knew it didn’t end there.

“No. We worked our way up to Danny fucking my little bitch ass whenever he wanted. And sometimes, when he would have us double-team a girl we would bring back to the apartment. sometimes, just to shock the girl or to get her hot, I don’t know, maybe just to show he was boss, he would have me suck him with her. Then, one time, while I was fucking this Asian Waitress I had picked up, Danny comes into my room, lubes up and just starts doing my ass right there while I’m fucking her! I thought I was gonna die from embarrassment. But Yukio thought it was sexy and very exciting. Some women really like watching guy on guy stuff as much as guys like watching the girl on girl stuff, y’know? Anyway, she really got into it. And we all sort of ended up dating, the three of us together like that for about two months. Until Yukio caught Danny fucking some other girl. Yukio felt like I was in on it, like we had both cheated on her. And she broke up with both of us. And I was mad. I thought I was in love with Yukio. I think I was really in love with Danny, and I felt like he cheated on me too. So I moved out.”

“What happened after that?”

“Danny and me got back together sometimes. I was still his little bitch, but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t ever the same. I started escorting and doing porn. And Danny joined the Marines.”

“Where is Danny now?”

“He’s dead. Killed in Fallujah. He’s a god damned war hero, buried in Arlington and everything,” Blix wiped at his face.

“I’m sorry.”

“Look. It’s OK. That was a long while ago. I’m just saying. I have no problems with you doing your Mom or Dad. You’re Mom is fucking hot. And if your Dad teaches me Dim Mak, I’ll be his little bitch whenever he wants.”

“You’re serious? Really?” I couldn’t picture my father dominating this huge black man.

“Dim Mak is some serious shit. Legendary stuff. But he probably doesn’t know Dim Mak.” Blix scrunched up his face.

I said, “Probably not. Do you want to be my little bitch, Blix?”

Blix shook his head. “Not really. You’re cute, Robert. But I don’t think you’re my type. But I would do it to get in your sex club.”

“It’s not a god damned SEX CLUB!” I was getting irritated.

“Whatever.” Blix shrugged.

“Blix, be honest with me. You’re a handsome guy. You’ve got a giant dick. You are built like a tank. I’m sure you do well with the ladies. What is this about?”

Blix’s expression changed. “How did you get Regina to leave Ian?”

I said, “She needed me. She needed a Master. I was there for her. Right place at the right time.”

Blix said, “I shouldn’t tell you this, but I’m sort of in love with that little lady. I don’t know. Maybe. I’m really just sort of obsessed with her, and she has no clue! It’s hopeless. Please don’t tell her! I thought she was with Ian and that I had no chance. Damn. I’ve dug up so much dirt on Ian, but I couldn’t come out and tell her all of it, because I didn’t want to hurt her. How do you tell a woman you’ve been trailing her husband, looking for dirt.”

I started to feel sympathy for the black giant. “How did it happen? How did she get you hooked?”

Blix looked pained. “This is going to sound sick. Man, I’m so fucked up.”

“What?” I pressed him.

I started to feel like we were in a confessional. Blix looked up, remembering something. “It’s not just that I’m a giant black man in love with a tiny, teacup sized white lady.” Blix wrestled his lips around on his face, struggling for the right words. “I’ve got a thing for this Clown character she does.”

“Miss Squeaky,” I said.

“Oh, you’ve seen Miss Squeaky? Then maybe you know!” Blix looked at me hopefully.

“I’ve only çankaya escort bayan heard about Miss Squeaky.” I explained.

“Oh. She’s so damn sexy. You have to see her. The first time I saw Miss Squeaky was at a Charity Fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital. It was a black tie thing. But, Regina Coulson and some of her clown friends put on this skit for this group of rich donors. She came out as Miss Squeaky. I knew Regina from doing some work for her law firm. We were friends, but more business associates. But, I recognized Gina was Miss Squeaky, even with the make-up. There aren’t that many little people in this town. It wasn’t that hard. Only she was like a funnier, sexier version of herself. She’s got on white clown make-up. A little red heart on her lips. Green up over her eyes. A black tear out of one eye. She wears this corset thing and padding that makes her tits look huge and fake! Not quite as big and fake as they are now. But big. And she’s got this rainbow tutu and yellow tights, and red, clown, combat boots. Anyway. She blew up this balloon. And I can’t tell you, but the way she worked the crowd with this balloon and just blowing it up. The way her lips wrapped around the end and her cheeks puffed up. She kept blowing it, and blowing it, bigger and bigger. And soon, you started to worry, would it blow up in her face? That was exciting. Just that. Seriously. I got a boner right there in the ballroom, just from watching her blow up a damn balloon! She blew up the balloon until it was the size of a beachball. Then she ties it off and sits on it and bounces around! It’s making her boobs bounce in a funny way. And the crowd is laughing, getting into it. But it’s also really sexy, because like I’m imagining she’s humping that balloon. Finally, one of her Clown friends gets on stage behind her back with this giant tac, like they are going to pop the balloon, but they keep getting stopped for goofy reasons, until you just want to see it happen. You want to see it pop. There was this big build up. You see?”

I nodded. “So what happened?”

“The clown with the tac pops the balloon, and Miss Squeaky goes flying into the air. She lands and does a summersault, ending up on her head, with her feet by her ears, and her ass sticking right out at the audience. Damn, that little lady has got a fine ass! And there’s the word, ‘BANG!” It’s right there on her ass. But, shit! That little lady has such a great ass! And I thought, ‘I want to bang that ass!’ I just want to bite it! Damn, she’s fine! Anyway, everybody was laughing and clapping. The skit was a big hit.”

“Were you clapping?” I asked.

“No. I had my hands in my pockets, sort of taking care of my boner. Anyway, there was so much build up to that moment, that when they finally popped the balloon, and she showed everyone her ass…” Blix grimaced. “I came. I came right in my pants, there, like a geeky virgin teen.”

“And you’ve been obsessed with her ever since.”

“Yeah. I started going to parades where I knew she would be performing. And Gina and I became better friends. I sort of stalked her and Ian a little. I tried to dig up dirt on him. And I tried to pretend I just had a kink for balloons or clowns. I even paid to bang a couple of clowns too. And I banged a little person once too. That was fun, but it wasn’t Miss Squeaky. I think I love Miss Squeaky. I love Regina Coulson too. Shit. I don’t know, I’m crazy. I’m crazy! OK! I get it. I get it. But she means alot to me.”

“Blix, you’re not crazy. You like what you like. I fuck my mother and father. A lot of folks would say that’s a lot sicker than wanting to fuck a tiny clown. Blix, I’m going to help you out.”

“You’ll let me in your club? Look, I can call you, ‘Sir.’ I can even call you, ‘Daddy,’ but that will feel very silly. But I won’t call you ‘Master.’ A big black man should not be calling any punk-ass white kid, ‘Master.’ Not in the twenty-first century. It would feel racist.”

I stood up from the chair. “Last time. There is no club! Sit in the chair, Little Bitch.” I know. I was pushing it. Sometimes I’m an idiot who likes to live dangerously. ” Don’t move. I’m going to help you out here, but you need to be prepared to say, ‘Yes, Sir,’ and ‘Yes, Mistress’ to whatever I suggest. No backtalk. No sass. Sit. Watch. Listen.”

Blix sat down in the chair. It felt good to be taller than him and in control. “And don’t cover your dick with your hands, Little Bitch.”

He paused, took a breath, then said, “Yes, Sir.” He uncovered his dick. It was half hard. Not nearly as impressive or intimidating. But damn! Having the giant, naked, buff black man with the eight-inch dick call me, “Sir,” was kind of a turn on! What the hell!

I opened the door and stepped into the hall. I called, “Gina!”

And Gina came running. “Yes, Daddy.” She was back to wearing her green business suit. But her blouse was unbuttoned down past her tits, showing plenty of cleavage. Without binding down her tits with the ace bandage, like they had been before, I think that was the highest she could button her blouse! The look was sexy as fuck! But it didn’t look very professional, unless she wanted to be a stripper or a porn star. It certainly didn’t make her look like a lawyer. She was carrying her curly haired, “Little Orphan Annie” wig. She looked much better with just her short, white, spiky natural hair. She’s a tiny woman, less than four feet tall, but sexy and unique.

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