The Blindfold Pt. 01

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My darkness was complete. A moment earlier, I had fanned my long, blonde hair beneath my head, pulled the blindfold over my eyes, then slid the chain that was tied to the second padded handcuff around the bar at the top of my bed, closing the cuff around my other wrist. Both my ankles were tied off to the foot of my bed, my legs wide apart, with only my pale-blue thong to hide my freshly shaved pussy. The rest of my body was covered with just a light sheen of body lotion that I had applied before I laid down. I was spread-eagled, tied up, and ready for him.

I took a deep breath, and settled in for the wait. Hopefully Cole, my brother, would be on time getting home from work. Planning this surprise for him all morning had made me so horny that I had masturbated twice just getting to this point. Once, when I was still in bed, running my idea through my mind. And again, while I was bathing and getting ready for him. Even now, I was tingling all over, my nipples hard and on fire, with my pussy moist and leaky. I swear, I could almost cum without even being touched.

Mom was in Chicago for the week at a company acquisition. Dad was going to the Rockies game straight after work and wouldn’t be back until midnight. It was just going to be Cole and I with the whole evening to ourselves. Last week, I had returned home from college for my break, now with the whole summer to play. Cole was number one on my to-do list. He was going to be my 20th birthday present to myself.

I was in and out like a shot this morning from the adult store, quickly selecting the mask, cuffs and ropes. The creepy, male clerk gave me a wink, and a ‘Have fun!’ as I left.

This sexual stuff had been going on since I graduated high school. You know– the kind of teasing and kidding around that siblings do to each other.

‘Nice tits, squirt. You gonna grow a real pair someday?’ … and … ‘When you stick your dick in a girl, does she even notice?– Or care?’ And so on, and so forth. It seemed to never end. In reality, we truly cared a lot about each other. This was just our way of deflecting the truth.

This past year, things had subtly changed. I found myself looking at the muscles on his chest and arms, hard and rippling as he lifted weights in our family exercise room. While I caught him eyeing my ‘all-grown-up’ boobs, and my tight, cheerleader ass when he thought I wouldn’t notice.

Soon the jokes stopped, and it changed to visually teasing each other. Him– lying on his back by the pool with his nice dick bulging inside his bathing suit, not bothering to conceal the fact he had a hard-on. Me– slipping my fingers under my suit fabric to pull it out of my butt crack or crotch after climbing out of the pool. Then, thrusting my chest out to proudly display my almost D-cup knockers with my super-hard nipples poking against the thin fabric. And on… and on… and on!

A week ago it all came to a head. Whether it was by accident or not, we took the next step. I honestly don’t believe he knew I was home when I walked by his bedroom on the way to mine. His door was partially open and he must have just come from the bathroom as he stood with his back to me, drying off with a large towel.

I was hypnotized by the beauty of his wet, bare, ass cheeks, tightening and flexing while he moved. When he turned sideways, I caught my first real look at his prick. I had lost my virginity some time ago and had seen my fair share of dicks. Even in this flaccid state, his was very impressive, flopping around between his muscular thighs. I tried to imagine how magnificent it would be when it was fully erect. As I gawked at it, he suddenly stopped moving. I realized he was looking at me, staring at him.

I’m sure I went bright red as I muttered, “Sorry!” and rushed down the hall. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I heard him say, ‘For what?’, just as I slammed my bedroom door shut. When I flopped down on my bed and closed my eyes, the fantasy stuck in my brain of his dick hardening with excitement, rising like a monster from his belly. My whole body felt hot, my fingers quickly jamming inside my panties to seek out my clit and gratify my need to orgasm. For the very first time, my brother’s image made me cum.

At dinner that night, it was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He gave me an evil grin, but that was all. A couple of days later, he ‘accidentally’ saw me in the bathroom mirror as I was stepping out of the shower. He muttered the same ‘Sorry!’ when he slunk away, and I gave him the same, evil smile at dinner.

That was two days ago. Now I was lying here, about to offer him my body in the hope that he wants me as much as I want him. In my self-imposed darkness, my other senses were coming alive. I could hear and feel the thump of my heart. Every time the image of his throbbing hard-on would appear, I could feel my heart begin to pick up speed until it was racing. Then, I would have to breathe deeply for a bit to calm myself.

My pussy felt hot and swollen, there were little butterflies in my canlı bahis belly, and my nipples felt like they might rip from my body. I was wet, and getting more so by the moment. The tingling in my crotch and inner thighs was increasing. ‘Breathe, you fool!’

Although it had only been a short while, it felt like hours since I had bound myself. With my ass squirming against the sheets, I thought I heard a noise downstairs. My bedroom was on the backside of the house, so I wouldn’t hear a car in the driveway. Then came the unmistakable thud of his feet on the stairway as he charged upward. My heart jumped into my throat just knowing that the moment I was dying for was almost here.

Sensing he was almost at his room, I called out, “Cole? Could you come help me for a minute?”

His deep voice echoed in the hallway, “Right there, sis. Let me dump my shit first.” I’m sure it was only seconds, but it felt like forever. I heard him banging about through the wall between our rooms. When the noises settled down, I took a very deep breath to try and relax, just as the image of his cock appeared once more, this time it was headed for my mouth.

“Holy fuckin’ shit!” His voice boomed out from my doorway, sending an erotic jolt directly through my cunt. My whole body was on fire, because I knew he was now staring at me. I was breathing heavily from anticipation, my chest heaving, with my nipples, like two burning coals, on top.

I pictured him standing there with his mouth open, seriously studying my body. I hoped his dick was rising like a missile, and he was getting as turned on as I was. My voice cracked a bit from my desire as I spoke, “No more games. Take me, Cole.” I swallowed hard before continuing, “Do what you want. I’m all yours!” The tingling in my body increased tenfold as I waited for him to reply. I swear I felt a squirt of my desire against the inside of my thong.

The seconds of silence were agonizing until he finally said something, “Shit, Abby!… I… I…” His stuttering was cute, and confirmed that I was having the desired effect on him. I heard his footsteps shuffling toward me. “You’re fuckin’ beautiful!” My senses were so alive, I heard him swallow hard. “I– shit!”

I could feel he was close by, maybe even leaning in. I could almost feel his eyes on my body. But, he obviously needed more encouragement to take the next step that I wanted him to. “Touch me, Cole. I know you want to.” I licked my dry lips. “I want to feel your hands on my body!”

I could hear his heavy breathing as he came nearer. “Gawd-d-d, Abby! I– are you sure you want to do this?” All his macho bravado had melted. He sounded like a little boy asking for permission from mom and dad.

My body was out of control, my need to have his hands on me was overpowering. “Yees-s-s! Please!” I hissed. “I need it!” He finally gave in to my demands as I felt the bed sagging next to me. Even though I knew it was coming, I still jumped when I felt his hand touch my lower thigh. I felt like a live wire. His fingers softly kneaded my flesh, then a second hand touched me, gripping my lower waist near my belly button.

I let out a loud gasp as he finally gave me what I so desperately needed. “Gawwd-d, sis. I can’t believe this.” His hands slowly began to move, one sliding across my belly to my other hip then back, just a little closer to the underside of my tits. The other hand caressed up and down my thigh, moving nearer to my cunt with each stroke. I began to pant softly just knowing he would soon be touching what I wanted him to.

Another squirt of my juices pushed out into my thong as his hand moved closer and closer to my breasts, finally brushing against the bottoms. I moaned loudly when his other hand skipped over my pussy to caress the inside of my other thigh.

“Don’t tease me!– touch me there!” I complained. The desire had to be evident in my voice.

“You said I could do what I wanted, didn’t you?” His tone was low and sexy. He was getting more comfortable with the situation.

“Yes. But– “

He cut me off, “This!… is what I want right now. Stop whining and just enjoy it like I am, babe.” I pouted, but gave in. His hands played with my perimeter flesh as he confessed, “I’ve enjoyed watching you and your gorgeous bod as you’ve grown up. Right now, I just want to look at you without any guilt.” His words sent a shiver through me, this admission confirming what I had sensed all this last year.

He shifted on the bed, his hand leaving my thigh. Suddenly, they both cupped my breasts, his fingers digging gently into my flesh. As he squeezed them, I could feel my nipples rise higher on my areolae, ready to pop off on their own. I jumped again when I felt his hot breath just inches away from my right one.

His tongue touched it just a second before his lips closed over it, sucking it firmly inside his mouth. Other boys had sucked on them before, but not like this. His teeth scraped the sides while the tip of his tongue probed at the milk hole before he sucked it deeper, his bahis siteleri whole mouth drawing the surrounding flesh inside where he sucked harder still. Involuntarily, my eyes pinched shut as a loud yelp of pure pleasure escaped my throat. He continued to suckle until my outcry had finished, before he released me.

I lay there panting violently for only a moment until he repeated his actions on my other nipple. My body jerked up to meet his mouth, an even louder cry of joy sounding from deep inside. When he released me this time, every nerve in my body was vibrating. I had moved to a sexual plane that I had never experienced before. Leaving me barely able to breathe, he moved away, allowing me to settle a bit.

When I finally regained my composure, I asked, “Shit, baby. I want to see you!”

“What’s that, Abby? What do you want to see?” Now, he was teasing me.

“You– your thing. I want to see it!”

“You mean my ‘cock’? You want to see my ‘caww-kk’, baby sister?”

“Yes-ss!… Your caww-kk! I want to see it!” I couldn’t help but squirm my ass on the bed.

“Soon. First, I have one more thing that I need to look at.” His voice was sexy and full of devilish intentions. He got off the bed. I wondered what was happening until I heard the clink of his belt buckle and the sound of a zipper. My senses were so alive I could almost distinguish every sound he made as he undressed. I imagined how his ‘cock’ would look as it popped out of his underwear and slapped against his belly. At least, I believed he was hard. Maybe he would soon grant my wish to see for myself.

The bed sagged, then creaked as he came back on, near the foot this time. His bare skin touched my knee as he climbed over it and stopped between my spread legs. I pictured him on his knees, looking at my thong-clad pussy, which was sopping and ready for him. After a minute of nothing happening, I wiggled my butt on the sheets, trying to get him to do something. All this teasing was driving me stark-raving mad.

His hands abruptly grabbed me, one on each leg just above my knees. His thumbs were down on the inside of my thighs, while his other fingers were spread on the top. Achingly slow, he gently squeezed and began to slide them toward the fire pit that had replaced my pussy. As they neared, it felt as if he was pushing the blood in my body through my cunt and into my brain, turning me light headed and dizzy, all at once. His hands were almost there, his thumbs just on either side of my thong, when he paused.

“Don’t stop!” I pleaded, my voice hoarse as I lifted my pelvis up to his thumbs. His strong hands jammed my hips back down to the bed. Then, they were gone. I was empty with nothing to fill me. I wanted ‘it’ to fill me. I needed that rod of meat to push inside me and stuff me full. I needed it NOW!

The bed moved again between my legs. A moment passed before I felt the heat of his breath on my upper thighs and pussy. A sharp jolt slammed up my spine and my pelvis jerked upward once more. As I fell back down, I felt his puffs of air against my skin. He must be lying on his belly with his face just inches from me, the eroticism of the image made me shudder.

Then a… finger?… hooked the edge of my thong, dragging it to the side and brushing across the tip of my clit as it did. I knew my clit was out. It never took much to draw it from its hiding place. It had been out and wanting more attention all day. For the first time, Cole could see what I had been dying to show him.

His breath was now directly on my pussy. It felt cool due to the abundant moisture that was there, coating everything. He could see the swelling of my outer labia along with the full flowering of my inner lips. My clit would be poking out and easily visible while the entry to my womb would be opened wide and easily penetrated. I had viewed myself many times with a mirror to see what I looked like when ready to fuck. He was enjoying that view right now as I lifted my hips once more to entice his touch.

His tongue was the first to seek me out, lying flat and dragging from my open hole up to my clit where the tip flicked back and forth across it. I moaned loudly as he licked me, then gasped when he sucked my clit into his mouth. The sounds of his slurping and lapping on me sent more shivers through me, my hips jerking against his mouth until his arms wrapped under my thighs and his hands gripped my hips to hold me still. I was delirious from the sensations he was creating in my body.

Sharp gasps mixed with my moans and groans, my belly contracting viciously as he attacked my senses with his oral onslaught. My head rocked side to side, just before his fingers spread my labia apart, allowing his tongue to push deep into my tunnel. Like a small cock, he fucked me with his tongue until I couldn’t take it anymore. With a scream that I was sure the whole neighborhood could hear, I came. I had no way to warn him, so deep I was in my lust that it just happened. He seemed to know it was coming somehow, as he kept right on eating bahis şirketleri me while my pelvis jerked against him, my body convulsing over and over.

He held me tight against his mouth and waited for my climax to pass, finally letting my body collapse to the bed. “Gawdd, sis! Do you always cum like that?”

I whispered a feeble, “No.” A minute passed with his head lying on my thigh before I was able to talk some more. “Where the hell did you learn to do that?”

“Practice, little sis. Practice makes perfect.” He chuckled while the bed moved as he got up. He brushed against my knee when he slid over me and off the bed. I stayed still, breathing slowly, just trying to recoup.

The silence was deafening. “Cole? What are you doing?”

“Just enjoying your body. You’re really, very pretty, you know.” The bed sagged once more near my side. Then, his hand was on my body again. Fingers lightly skimmed over my skin starting at my belly, making an s-shaped journey upward, teasing the underside of my breasts before feathering around, then over my nipples, up along the sides of my neck, chin, jaw and ending at my lips. Finally, they pushed inside my mouth, where I was able to suck on them for a moment.

While they played with my tongue, he straddled my chest and scooted up until I could feel the bare skin of his ass lightly brushing against my nipples. “Close your eyes.” I felt the blindfold being pushed up on my forehead. In the dark for so long, even with my eyes closed the light seemed blinding. I attempted to squint and open them. While I was trying to see once more, he was rubbing the shaft of his cock against my face, teasing me with it as I tried to focus my vision.

Everything was slowly clearing. He rose to his knees and held his cock out for me to get a good look. From this angle, it rose like a massive tower above me. I’m sure it was not quite as impressive from further away, but the flaccid log had grown into a gorgeous piece of man-meat. His large hand was wrapped around the base, his ball sack dangling below. There was at least as much cock visible above his grip as there was hidden from view. On the top, the glans was big and angry red.

My point of visual focus moved beyond his cock to his face staring down at me. He was grinning from ear to ear as he watched me study him. His bright-blue eyes twinkled from between the curly, brown hair hanging down on his cheeks.

“Happy now?” He waved it near my nose to tease me. I was still too transfixed to reply. “Say aww-ww!” He moved back so that the tip was resting on my lips, ready to enter.

I managed to blurt out, “Be gentle,” before he pushed it inside. I closed my eyes and tried to relax since this would be the largest one I had ever taken. I attempted to keep my teeth from scraping him as it pressed deeper, thankful that he was taking it easy and not just shoving it inside like some assholes liked to do. As it neared the back of my throat, my eyes flew wide open. He stopped, a wicked smirk on his lips.

He pulled out, confessing, “No girl has been able to handle it yet.” With a disappointed sigh he added, “Maybe someday. Suck and lick my knob a bit, babe.” I began to tend to his tip. At the same time I was relieved he hadn’t tried to make me do more. It was one thing to be in control and give a blowjob, but quite another to have one jamming around indiscriminately, especially one like his.

He moved it around my face so I could kiss and nip at it with my lips, slowly moving higher until I was able to suck and lick his oversized balls. I must have been doing a good job as his eyes closed and he moaned loudly while I worked him over. When he was satisfied, he moved away, informing me, “Back to the darkside, baby sis.” The blindfold was slid back over my eyes.

He crawled off the bed as I enjoyed my return to a place I had now come to enjoy very much. My body began to tingle once more as the thoughts came pouring in of what he might do to me next. To tell the truth, it was extremely exhilarating.

He was at my left leg now, untying the silk rope from the bed, but not my ankle. When he moved to my other leg, I took the opportunity to flex my leg, then the other. He took a second to drag my thong down my legs and discard it, before he pulled my first leg up with the rope toward the top of the bed.

“New position, babe. Gonna give your pretty pussy a ride.” He yanked a pillow from beneath my head. “Raise your ass,” he commanded while pulling my leg upward and shoving the pillow under my butt. My foot moved above my head where he tied it to the headboard. Going to the other side he swiftly secured that foot as well.

“Holy shit,” I exclaimed. I was now secured, fully exposed with my legs wide apart.

“You’re gonna love it… trust me,” he said, crawling back on the bed below my raised ass. I pictured him on his knees enjoying my body, all open and there for his use. “You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. When do you find the time to nude sunbath? ‘Cuz you have absolutely no tan lines. Your pink lips look delicious against your golden skin.” As if for emphasis, his hands cupped the insides of my thighs right next to my cunt, his thumbs sliding down into my exposed crack to rest next to my starfish.

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