The Big Discovery

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I’ve got a weird story to share. I swear it’s true. My name is Wes and I just turned twenty a few weeks ago. Well, when I was fourteen, my Dad got busted fucking half the women he worked with, one of them the boss’s daughter. Mom threw him out. We hear from him once in a while, but mostly we’ve moved on. Mom built a successful business of her own in a nice florist’s shop and I even helped out. I worked in the shop, helped set up her computers and worked with our IT provider. Things were going well for us. We really never missed him.

Fast forward to my eighteenth birthday party. Mom had gone all out and all of my friends were invited. Not that I had that many, about seven guys and three girls showed up. Mom’s shop had a “Reception Room” attached that she rented out. We had pizza, cake, and a big video game setup. It was a blast. Well, after everyone left, Mom and I, of course, had to clean up a bit and get the trash out to the dumpster. I did it really. See, Mom was busy fussing over the books. There was some sort of problem. I was good with numbers and offered to look over them for errors. After all, I am going to be an accountant.

“Oh Wes, would you? I’m just so tired, nothing seems to make sense right now.”

She went to vacuum the party room and I started on the books. In no time at all, I’d found it. But even though they balanced I noticed something weird. There were many entries for something called the “Sierra Special Arrangement”. Now I’d been helping for years and I knew we had nothing in our catalog by that name. The sales sku number referred to “miscellaneous items”.

Weirdly, these sales totaled over half of the income! I decided to look at expenses and found receipts tied to the same sku number. These receipts were from women’s clothing shops, lingerie stores, and an adult novelty store! Suddenly I thought of the many nights Mom had to work late or meet with customers or vendors. Digging deeper I found that some of the clothing items ordered were in her size 12 and some were a smaller size 8. Mom’s employees were bigger than her… But her best friend Ellen was a little smaller, she might be an 8.

Ellen was a couple of years younger than my Mom. Thirty-four then, (Mom was thirty-six), and ran a shop next door to us. I won’t name them for legal reasons but they specialize in greeting cards, nick-nacks, and seasonal decorations. Ellen was hot and every time she popped in, I drooled. I always tried to find excuses to hang around but Mom always sent me off. Ellen was of mixed race, though I don’t really know what. She stood 5’7″, had long, straight, black hair, light brown skin, big tits and oriental shaped eyes. But these were startling grey. She was also a polyglot, speaking at least seven languages. I’d masturbated many times fantasizing about her.

I was very curious now and explored the office a little. It was upstairs, over the shop and the stairs made plenty of noise so I would know if Mom was on her way up. In one drawer was a keyring. The six keys were door keys and all of them were alike. I knew there was a door on the landing that supposedly led to unused attic space. Mom had always kept it locked. I removed one and put the ring back. I slipped out of the office and tried the lock. It fit! But at that moment I heard Mom downstairs. I pocketed the key, retreated into the office, and sat back down. She came in a moment later.

“Any luck?”

“Yeah, I found it. An entry for Blue Roses was wrong, someone moved the decimal point. It balances now.”

Mom looked over my shoulder and I showed her the entry.

“Thank god,” she said, “I was fairly certain that it was something like that but I’m too tired to find it. Thank you Wes.”

We went home and after a shower, I got online and chatted with some friends out of state. I forgot about it all and went to bed. The next day, however, the questions returned. I was working in the shop full time during the summer and planning on going to college in the fall. Mom said she had a wedding consult to go to and left. The delivery driver, Bill was out with a load and Francine was working the register. It was in the middle of the afternoon and a typically slow period. I slipped upstairs and unlocked the mystery door. I slipped inside, closing the door behind me, and turned on the light.

Holy shit! The room was finished out, not attic space. There were chairs and two makeup tables, mirrors, several of those plastic rolling cabinets of drawers, and racks of clothes. Quickly looking around I saw that one side was all in Mom’s size12 and the other in the smaller size 8. There was a small duffle like Mom took to the gym on a table, sitting open. A glance inside revealed many sex toys. On the wall behind the door was a rack holding some restraints, a few riding crops, and masks. There was one old fashioned ledger on her makeup table. I scanned it quickly, my heart racing. Dates and times, addresses, and a column labeled “# of guests”. The last column was labeled “svcs”. This column had 2 or 3 sometimes 4 numbers in it. I flipped to the front of the book. The first date was only a few months ago, canlı bahis but the inside cover was marked as

4. In the back of the book, I found a legend of sorts. Next to

, it said PS, LD. For

it said BJ/HJ. For
it said FN Oral. Number 4 was VS and was AS.

I took some pics of the legend, some entries, the bag of toys and the room in general. I started to leave when I thought to check the ledger again. There was an entry for today, half an hour ago, with an address. It listed 2 for guests and the last column had the numbers 3,4 &5.

I took a photo of that, turned out the light and slipped out, making sure the door was locked behind me. I returned to the shop and tried to work but my mind was elsewhere. Francine noticed.

“What’s wrong Wes? You feeling okay?” she asked.

“Uhm, no. I, uh, think that breakfast burrito is fighting with the chili dogs I had for lunch.”

“Well look, if you want to go home, go ahead. I can get by without you.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, go on.”

“Thanks!” I said and grabbed my backpack.

My budget didn’t allow for a car but I had a sweet older 650cc motorcycle. I started for home then pulled over. I checked the pics on my phone. I knew where that address was, and it wasn’t too far off. I headed that way.

I was in the neighborhood in no time and found the house. It was big, probably 5 or 6 bedrooms, a pool, and two big garages. Mom’s car was in the drive. I glanced around and saw that the hillside behind the house was undeveloped and covered in trees and bushes. I found where I could leave the street and ride up into the hills. Ten minutes later I was on my belly behind some brush and peering at the house. There were three people around and in the pool. Two were men. The other was Mom. And all of them were naked.

One man was in the pool while the other was laying on a chaise. I watched as Mom mounted the man in the chaise and even though the distance was fifty or sixty yards, it was obvious they were fucking. The other guy climbed out of the pool, walked over to a table, did something I couldn’t make out, and then straddled the chaise behind Mom. A moment later he was humping her.

Fuck! Mom was fucking both of them! Wait, that meant she was getting one in the pussy and one in her ass! Holy shit! The realization hit me…

Mom was a prostitute.

A call girl.

A whore.

Mesmerized I laid there and watched. They fucked for a few minutes and then she dove in the pool. The men followed. They played around a bit and then one sat on the pool edge. Mom’s head was bobbing between his legs and the other fellow held her waist and fucked her from behind. I took out my phone and made sure the flash was off, took a few pics, then shot some video. I zoomed in as far as it would go. I was able to see much more. The guy getting the blow job was probably forty or so, and the guy fucking her was… my age. Damn!

After about ten minutes of this, Mom laid down on a towel and they both gave her a facial. I could hear her laugh. They went inside and I crept back to my bike. I rode home and went to my room. I watched the video several times. Looking at the legend I decided FN must mean fully naked, OS was oral sex, VS must mean vaginal sex and AS was obviously anal sex. So BJ/HJ was for blowjob and handjob. But I didn’t know what the PS LD was. It didn’t seem all that important right now so I left it for later.

What a discovery! My Mom was a prostitute. They apparently booked her and probably Ellen by ordering the nonexistent Sierra Special Arrangement. I remembered that the price of this item varied from $500 to $5000. So some services cost a lot more. That made sense.

I looked at my computer, thought about our nice home, her car, and realized that Mom’s side job was paying for it all. If she’d been doing this for a long time… Damn! At long last I finally got around to thinking about my Mom as a woman.

Mom was then 36 and fit. She stood 5’8 (a couple of inches shorter than me,) wore a size 12 and probably weighed around 125 or so. I had checked the bra size in the secret room and it was 36D. She had platinum blonde hair ( I’ve seen the boxes) which she was currently wearing very short on the sides and back, a little longer on top. All in all I had to admit that Mom definitely qualified as hot. Why was it just now that I noticed? Thinking of this, I watched the video again. This time looking at the woman and not my Mom. And as I watched it, my cock began to swell. I watched it again and this time masturbated. I was both surprised and ashamed at how quickly I came.

A few hours later Mom came home. She knocked on my door and after a moment stuck her head in.

“Hi Sweetie, Francine said you went home sick. Are you okay?

“Yeah, my lunch disagreed with my breakfast. I’m okay now though. So how did your meeting go?”

“Not too good, I’m afraid.”

“Too bad.” I replied.

I debated telling her I knew about her side job but before I could get up the nerve she said,

“Well I need a shower. Are you going to want dinner?”

“Uhm, bahis siteleri no. I don’t think so.”

“Okay, nite sweetie.”

And she was gone, I waited a while. My mind was racing. I finally decided and went to my computer. I copied the pics, and the video and placed them in password locked files inside folders, inside other folders and hid them both on my local drive and my cloud. I then took a deep breath and went across the hall to her room.

Mom was in the shower and the bathroom door was open. The bedroom lights were off and with the sun setting, the room was dark. When she stepped out of the shower and started to towel off, she didn’t notice me. Damn she was hot! I waited until she was almost finished before I spoke up.

“I can’t believe I never noticed how hot you are.” I flicked on her bedside lamp.

Mom yelped in surprise and held her towel in front of her. “Wes! What the hell!”

“Relax Mom, I had a good look as you were drying off. No need to be modest now.”

“What’s going on Wes? What are you doing in here?”

“I wanted to see if $5000 was a fair price for a Sierra Special Arrangement with extra services.”

Her face paled and she swallowed.

“I watched from the hillside this afternoon, but the distance was too great to really appreciate your beauty. Still, you did seem to have fun.” I held up my phone. I had the video cued up and paused at the perfect spot. I hit play and smiled. “Your laugh carried clearly.”

Mom’s hand flew to her mouth. “Oh my god Wes! How…”

“Well you did ask me to look at the books and I knew we didn’t have a Sierra Special Arrangement. And the prices varied too much. It raised questions. And the purchase receipts that were tied to the same sku were… interesting.” I held up the key. “As was the contents of the secret room. You really shouldn’t leave your appointment ledger unsecured. Hell it should be encrypted too.”

Mom visibly sagged and leaned against the door frame. “So what now?” she asked.

I let the silence linger for a minute, then shrugged. “Well it’s obvious that this brings in half of your income, so shutting it down isn’t an option. Besides, we have to consider your partner. It’s Ellen isn’t it?”

Mom nodded, eyeing me.

“Of course I’m going off to college in a couple of months, but in the meantime… I think I want to sample the wares.”

“WHAT!? Oh no Wes! You can’t be serious! I’m your Mother! We can’t-“

“We can and we will. For two reasons. First to buy my silence and secondly make me a co-conspirator.”

“But that’s incest! It’s wrong!” Mom exclaimed as she stumbled to her chair and sat down.

“So is prostitution. And wasn’t today’s customer a father and son party?”

Mom gulped and looked away. After a moment she said softly, “Wes don’t do this.”


“No, Wes.”

I ignored her. “Stand up.”

“Wes, please.”

“Stand up Mom.”

Still she didn’t move. I got up and walked over to her. I restarted the video and held it in front of her. She stared at it.

“Don’t get any ideas. The video and the pics of the room and ledger are safely backed up.”

Weirdly, although she had at first looked away, she looked back and watched herself. I waited a minute longer then pocketed the phone.

“Stand up.”

“No Wes.” she said, shaking her head.

Somehow I found a strength and determination I didn’t know I possessed. I grabbed her towel and yanked it away. As she yelped, I grabbed her by her wrists and jerked her to her feet. She stumbled and I pushed her back against the wall. I guess she expected me to continue, but instead I stepped back and sat on her bed.

“Wow. As I said before, you’re hot Mom. Really hot! I can’t believe I never noticed.”

She had covered her breasts with one arm and the other was between her legs.

“Wes… I’m your Mother!”

“Yes and you’re beautiful and sexy and a prostitute.”

“We prefer the term ‘Sex Worker,’ actually. We are our own boss and keep all of our earnings.”

“Okay, that’s good. But you still fuck strange men.”

“No, they are vetted, we’re careful.”

“Good, good. I would think I pass, you have known me all my life. And I am legal now.”

“Wes, we… It’s still incest.”

“So what? Incest happens. A lot. The porn sites are full of incest videos.”

She flinched at that. I pushed. “How many customers have been related? How many Father and Son teams have you done? Did you ever do two brothers? I’ll bet some of your customers are into incest.”

I’d hit on something because she stared at me with her mouth open.

“I even know some who do it. You know them too, but not their secrets.”

She looked up, skeptical. I sighed. I opened my chat and read a message.

“Mom and Dad had another fight about money today. Dad yelled and Mom cried. When he leaves for work I’m getting laid again!”

“Who sent that?” she asked.

“I shouldn’t tell you but I don’t see you telling anyone… Greg, Greg has sex with his Mom after she and his Dad fight.”

Mom smiled and relaxed bahis şirketleri a little. After a moment she softly chuckled. “Well his Dad is cheating on her too, but not with us. There’s no way I’m taking a customer whose family I know.” She smiled, “I have talked with Jan, she admitted to having an affair, said she had a ‘boy-toy’ and that he was a ‘good fuck’… So that’s Greg, huh. I would never have guessed.”

I smiled. “You know Karri?”

“Your chubby redhead friend?”

“Yeah, She won’t fuck any of us because we’re friends, but she got drunk one night and admitted to me that her older brother fucks her regularly. I’ve never mentioned it again and I don’t think she remembers telling me. So you see I have no issue with the incest angle.”

Mom started pacing. I pressed on. “Besides there are two other good reasons you should fuck me. Firstly, I’m young and cum bucket loads. You did seem to enjoy that. And secondly, I’m a virgin and your parental duty should be to prepare me for the world.”

Mom stopped and stared. “You’re a virgin? But I thought… I mean I saw you getting head from your girlfriend… uh Jasmine?”

“Yeah, well that was all I got. When I came she threw up.”

“Oh Wes… I’m sorry. So did you get anywhere before that?”

“Nope. Which is why I’m not going to take no for an answer. I am going to fuck you. You and this opportunity are my best chance and I will not let it go.”

“What if I continue to say no?”

“I might leave the secret room open one day… Or maybe leak a pic or two to a few gossips we know. Or I might bypass you and take it up with Ellen.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You always had the hots for her.” Mom stopped and frowned. “Why did you come to me and not her anyway?”

I shook my head. “No way I’m gonna hit on her until I know what I’m doing!”

Mom laughed and waved dismissively. “Good idea, she’d destroy you!”

I smiled. “Damn you have nice tits Mom.”

Too late she realized she was no longer covering… anything. She sighed and shook her head. Placing her hands on her hips she smiled and posed.

“Go on and get an eyeful.”

But I didn’t just sit there and stare. Slowly I stood and stepped closer. I reached out and caressed her tits, my thumbs teasing her nipples. She had really nice 36Ds. They were capped by tan ovals and her nipples were huge and erect. Bending my head I kissed her left tit.

“Wes…” she said softly.

I licked her nipple then kissed it and finally took it in my mouth and sucked. Mom trembled a little and sighed. It took all my resolve to let it go and look her in the eye. I saw that she was scared. I slowly slid my hands from those wonderful, soft, warm tits, up her chest, her neck and cradled her head in my hands. I kissed her.

Kissing was the one thing I knew how to do and supposedly, did well. Mom’s lips felt … perfect. And when I paused, I rested my forehead against hers, sighed, and whispered “Oh my god…” I kissed her again and this time her mouth moved. I could feel her tits pressed against me and wished I had taken off my shirt. We continued to kiss and I teased her lips with brief touches of my tongue. I moved my hands to caress her back, down to her firm, round ass. I squeezed. Suddenly she reached up and put her arms around my neck. Her kisses were less reserved and more eager. Then her tongue invaded my mouth and I sucked on it. She was moaning and I slowly backed us towards the bed. I fell onto it, pulling her with me. She rubbed her crotch against my boner and then froze.

“Oh my god… Is… Wes, that feels huge!”

Mom slid off and unfastened my belt and jeans then, grabbing my underwear too, she dragged them down. My cock was hard and Mom smiled.

“Oh damn… Where in the hell did you get that monster? Your Dad wasn’t hung this well.”

“You’re asking me? Hell, I dunno.”

As Mom knelt there gazing at my twitching and stiffening cock, I sat up and reached out. Taking a hold of her head I pulled her forward into my groin. She resisted a little,

“Wes, no!”

I pressed her face against my cock for a moment. She could have fought me or struggled more, but she didn’t. Remember, Mom was fit and could have fought and hurt me. She seemed to be struggling just enough to seem, well, appropriate. I realized she was wanting this but also wanting to tell herself it wasn’t her fault, her sin. She wanted to be able to tell herself that she’d tried to resist me. Okay, I’ll play along.

Easing up but keeping one hand on the back of her head I caressed her cheek and tilted her head to look at me.

“Mom, I get it. You want me but you can’t allow yourself to make love to your son. That’s a huge step and it scares you. Okay. So forgive me but, if the only way we can fuck is if I force you, then I’ll do it.”

Mom’s eyes flashed in recognition but she shook her head.”Wes, no-“

Before she could finish I shoved my thumb into her mouth and held it open as I pulled her face down onto my cock. She tried, feebly to pull away but I held on and then started forcing her head to bob up and down. She struggled briefly but I could feel her tongue stroking the bottom of my shaft. She was sucking too and she never even tried to bite. Her head was sucking cock eagerly while her arms weakly struggled.

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