The Audition Ch. 04

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Final part of 4. Once again, this is the last of four parts written by request, storyline is the requestor’s, the writing errors are mine. I hope you enjoyed his idea and my writing.


Friday after Thanksgiving, 2010

I had just finished breakfast on Black Friday with my fiancé and her mother. I thought about what lie ahead. I had already fucked my fiancé’s mother and sister in order to fulfill the requirements of this weird will that her father had left when he died. Gwen didn’t know I had fucked her mother. I had lied and said we couldn’t do it. I had told her the truth about her slutty sister Sheila. Now, I had one more sister to go — Gaby.

The middle of the day went quickly for me. I took my time getting ready and the four women all went to do some shopping. They were avoiding the large malls, but were going to hit some small stores. I watched some football and caught up on some reading.

About 5pm, they strolled back in, carrying a few bags each from their trip. They were all laughing and having a good time. When Gaby looked over at me I saw her blanch. She was definitely feeling stressed out about our meeting later that night. Gwen came over and gave me a big, wet kiss and they all flounced upstairs to put their purchases away.

Dinner was leftovers and we all gathered around in the kitchen to dip into the containers and fill our plates. I got a little of everything and was second in line for the microwave, so I was sitting with Gwen as the other three were finishing and warming their food.

She leaned over to me and I smiled. She smiled back and then leaned closer to my ear. “I love you more than I can express.”

I turned my head after she said that to see tears welling in her eyes. I pulled her in and gave her a hug and told her I loved her. About that time her mother came out of the kitchen.

“Hey, you two, get a room!” She said it jokingly, but it seemed that Gwen was not to be cheered up. She didn’t laugh or respond, she just went back to eating.

The scenario this evening was the same as the others. We watched a little television and then everyone went to bed early.

At 10pm, I was ready to leave my room and head toward the room of yet again another Thurman woman. Gaby was the middle child and had been married for about 3 years. She had a one-year old that her husband had taken to his family’s house for the holidays. She was supposed to join them tomorrow for a couple of days.

I said my good-bye to Gwen and headed to Gaby’s room. When I entered, it was very dark. I waited for a couple of seconds to get my night eyes and then moved toward the bed. I could hear her breathing and her nervousness was so evident as to be discernible from 10 feet away.


“Y — Yes?” She haltingly answered, her voice breaking.

I sat on the bed. “Are you alright?”

I heard her take a deep breath. “Yes, but I can’t have sex with you.” She said it in a breathy whisper.

I was not surprised. “That’s okay.” I lay down on top of the covers. “I’ll just lay here and we can talk for a while. We don’t ever have to tell anyone anything.”

“Okay.” She seemed to relax, although I couldn’t see her. “I might have been able to do it.”

I thought about how she said that for a second. “Might have?”

“Yes. My husband and I decided to try for another child and I went off birth control a couple of months ago. I can’t have sex with you at all. I’d be too worried and scared that it wouldn’t be Bill’s.”

“Oh, I see. Well, that’s fine. We’ll just talk for a while and then I’ll go back to Gwen.”


We discussed her life and she was just getting back into working, but she and Bill had really wanted to have three kids. She was already 27 and didn’t want too much time between them, so they had decided to try again this fall. I could tell that her family was important to her and she, like most mothers, couldn’t stop talking about her son. I told her about Gwen canlı bahis and I and she giggled when I told her how Gwen practically kissed my face off after proposing.

“That sounds so unlike her. I guess I haven’t seen her with a boyfriend or a date in so long, I don’t know what she’s like with men.”

“She’s an amazing woman.”

Gaby giggled. “I’m glad I had a reason not to have sex with you. I can see that you really love Gwen and I can’t think of how I would have felt around her if we had. I would always feel so guilty.”

“Yeah, it would be tough.”

There was silence for a few moments and then she whispered to me. “Did you have sex with my mother and Sheila?” I was quiet for a second and she continued. “No, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.”

I thought about it. “I think you probably already know the answer to that, don’t you.”

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Okay, it’s been 20 minutes. I’m going to go back to Gwen, okay?”

I felt the bed move and then her lips were on mine. She kissed me just lightly and then pulled back. “Thank you, John.”

“You’re welcome.” I stood and went back to Gwen.

When I opened the door, Gwen was awake and reading by her bedside lamp. She was surprised to see me and it showed. “Back already?”

“It seemed like long enough to say we did it, right?”

Gwen waited until I crawled up alongside her. “Yes, but you didn’t, did you?”

“Can you keep a secret?”

“You know I can.”

“Gaby just went off birth control because she and Bill want to have another baby. No way was she going to do anything with me. We just talked.”

Gwen latched on to me hard and gave me a crushing hug. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I lay down next to her and rested my left hand on her arm. I did this a lot. I loved just having a hand on her, knowing she was there beside me. She turned off the light and went to sleep in about 5 minutes. I lay there awake for a while, trying to logically work my way through this will. I mean, if he thought they were sluts, why would he have them do this? Was this really his plan? To humiliate them with the betrothed of the one daughter he still thought highly of? Wouldn’t that actually do the opposite of what he wanted? Why? I fell asleep with these thoughts rolling around in my head.

When I awoke the next morning, although it was Saturday, Gwen was already dressed and coming into the room. “Wake up, sleepyhead. We have an appointment with the lawyer in about 2 hours. You need to get showered, dressed, and have breakfast before the 30 minute drive.”

“Argh! I think the stress has worn me out every day.”

She sat on the bed and gave me a quick kiss. “Are you ready for this?”

I looked at her and grabbed her arm as she went to get up. “Wait. Let me ask you something. If your father thought your mother and sisters were sluts, why would he have them prove this with me, your fiancé? Why would he have them do what he hated? What is his motive?”

She stared at me. “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“In the middle of the night something occurred to me. What if his goal was not to have them do it, but to see if they refused? What if this was a test of his theory? It seems to me that he may have done this to see if your family would prove his point. If your family did this, then they would be the whores he says they are and he gives them nothing. If they don’t, then maybe they have proved that they are not sluts and deserving of his estate.”

Gwen stared at me and I could see the wheels turning. “I see what you mean. I can’t see why he would do this when he would already be dead.”

“Did you listen to the hate, spite, and loathing in that letter? Your father did not sound like a well man. I think that may have clouded his judgment.”

“Hmmmm. Maybe. I don’t know what to say. You are playing with my mother’s inheritance and even some that would come to me.”

“I know, but I can’t help feel that I’m bahis siteleri right.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. I need to shower and dress and think about this some more.”

I crawled out of the bed and headed for the shower. I received a sharp smack on the ass from my lover and I turned and wagged my finger at her. She just stuck her tongue out at me.

“Promises, promises.”

She grinned and left the room.

I showered, dressed, and ate a quick breakfast. Everyone was a little subdued and didn’t ask me what I was going to say to the lawyer.

The drive was terrible. I felt like I did as a child when my mother took me to the dentist for the first time. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, everyone was the same and nobody talked at all. It left me time to go over my thoughts again. I think I had it right. When I told Gwen, it seemed to confirm to me as I said it out loud that it was a test. If these three women went ahead and had sex with his youngest daughter’s fiancé, the daughter who appeared to be his favorite, they would be confirming his dark fantasies and he would cut them off. If, however, they refused, then maybe they had passed the test and he would give them the money. Of course, as awful as that letter sounded, I could be completely wrong. I was in a quandary. I had no idea what to do.

When we arrived we were shown into a large conference room and offered refreshments. After getting some coffee and water for us, the receptionist left and we waited for the lawyer, Mr. Thibodeau. He came in after we were there about 15 minutes. I was going over my decision on what to say the entire time. I knew that I really wanted to say nothing happened, but I didn’t want to take away the opportunity for the Thurman women to get their inheritance. The man who wrote that letter sounded so awful that I didn’t think he deserved to deprive them of that.

The lawyer introduced himself and when he got to me he smiled. “Mr. Williams. So glad to meet you.”

“Thank you, sir. It’s John.”

He smiled and turned to head into the other room. “Now, these ladies have been waiting for this for a while, so why don’t we go into the other room and discuss this situation.”

Mrs. Thurman stood up. “Wait! Don’t we get to be in on this?”

Mr. Thibodeau turned. “No, I’m sorry. The instructions were very specific. You’ll have to wait out here while I go over everything with John.”

Mrs. Thurman looked petrified. “Okay.” She didn’t sound at all sure of that.

We entered Mr. Thibodeau’s office. It was richly furnished in dark woods and had a beautiful view out the window. The downtown area was in full view. His bookshelves were full of law and reference books and everything looked freshly dusted. He waved me to a beautiful wood and leather chair and then went behind the desk to sit in his.

“Mr. Thibodeau? Can I ask you a question first?”

“Sure, John. What is it?”

“I heard so many great things about Mr. Thurman, but none of that seems to jibe with the man who wrote that provision in the will. How is that possible?”

Mr. Thibodeau looked at me carefully for a few moments. “You are right. You might not know it, but Don had a stroke about a year before he died. His entire personality seemed to be affected by this. He was never the same again. He became mean, short-tempered, and jealous, traits he had never before shown. It was very sad and I counseled him strongly against this provision, but he did what he did anyway.”

“I see. Can I ask another question?”

He smiled. “Sure.”

“Isn’t it odd that he has asked these women to do what he despised in order to get his estate? I mean, why not have them investigated for this, why leave it to them asking me to have sex with them?”

“It is odd. I haven’t seen the second amendment myself, but it’s very odd. I thought the same thing. But it is his will and I will follow it.”

I knew what I bahis şirketleri had to do then. I would not tell him I slept with the Thurmans. I would tell him they refused and would take what was given them. “Okay, Mr. Thibodeau, let’s get this over with.”

He leaned forward and picked up the letter. “I take it you’ve read this?”


“Okay. So answer the question. Did you have the required sex with Ann, Sheila, and Gaby?”

I took a deep breath. I was perspiring, unsure about whether or not I was taking away the chance for the Thurman’s to get their money from a man whose stroke had changed him. “No, I did not.”

He stared at me. “You sure?”

I wasn’t completely lying. He included all three so it was easier for me to answer. “Positive.”

“Well, that answers that question. Now let’s see the second amendment.”

Mr. Thibodeau had it lying on top of his desk in a sealed envelope, ready to go. He pulled out a letter opener and slit the envelope open. He pulled out the paper and started reading.


“Oh, sorry. Let me read it to you.

Okay, you sluts, here is what you have been waiting for. The first amendment was a test and I know that you sluts probably failed it, but here is my decision.

If you did sleep with Gwen’s fiancé, then you all are truly whores and I will not leave any of my estate to fucking whores. Ann, you get the $50,000 annual allowance. The rest of you can rot in hell.

If, by some miracle, you didn’t fuck him, then maybe there is hope for you sluts yet. I can’t believe that you wouldn’t for this amount of money. But if you didn’t, then my estate will be split four ways. Ann will get 40% and Sheila, Gaby, and Gwen will get 20% each.

I know that this sounds harsh, but it’s my fucking money, so go to hell. I will do with it as I please and whores do not get my money.

I love you, Gwen, the rest of you can fuck off.


Whew! What an asshole!”

I grinned. “Yes, sir, I would have to agree with that. But it wasn’t the real him, was it? He was changed by the stroke. I think we need to tell the ladies before they all start having heart attacks.”

“Absolutely.” He stood and we went back to the conference room. The women there were all pale and nervous. When we entered with smiles on our faces, I could see the hope light up in their eyes.

Mr. Thibodeau stepped to the head of the conference table. “Let me read this second amendment.” He did. As he did, I saw all of them start to pale again. Then he put it on the table and smiled. “Since Mr. Williams told me he didn’t have the required sex with the three of you, the estate will be distributed as he stated.” All of them stared at me. “Its current value is $38 million. I’ll have the papers drawn up and you can tell us where you want the monies, okay?”

They finally let out held breaths and let out whoops and started hugging each other. All except for Gwen, who came over and gave me a hug, just holding me and leaning into me.

Finally, Ann came over to us, Sheila and Gaby trailing. “How did you know? You were taking a chance with our monies. I can’t be angry since it came out right, but it scares me to think about it.”

“I knew he was still a logical thinker. He was changed by his stroke, but he still thought logically. I knew he wouldn’t give you the money if he thought you were really sluts. He stated that in the first one, you just had to read between the lines.”

She hugged me and Gwen, who had refused to let me go. “Well, thank god you were right.”

Sheila and Gaby had heard enough and both called their husbands to tell them that they were going to be wealthy.

I took Gwen aside and lifted her chin up to have her look into my eyes. “Are you okay? Are we okay?”

She sighed. “Yes. I love you so much and the fact that you worked that out makes it better. I don’t know what we’ll do with all that money.”

I leaned over and kissed her. “I can think of a few things we can do right now for which we don’t need money — or clothes.”

She grinned. “Yeah, good idea. Nice way to celebrate.”

She took my hand and led me from the room. Life was really good.

The End

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