The Anderson Women

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Author’s Note: This is a fictional tale and all characters in this story engaging in any sexual activity are over the age of 18 years.

This story is a little slow. So keep that in mind if you are looking for a quick fix.


(Part 1)

Julie rang the bell and stood waiting for Ryan to open the door. The night breeze was cold which made her pull her jacket closer to her body. She rushed past him as soon as he opened the door for her. It was the third time this week that she had come to his house. Her visits had become frequent in the past week. Ever since she heard from Sarah that Mike was about to return home, there was a constant buzz that she felt throughout her body which was very weird for her, and the only way she could quell it… was to fuck someone. Since she had not been on a proper date for a while, Ryan was the next best thing to quench her thirst.

“Want a drink, babe?”


Julie took off her jacket and threw it on the couch. She was dressed in her work clothes, result of another late night at the office. Though she was working for her father, she had to go through the proper process; just like her elder sister Sarah had done before her. The both of them were being groomed to take over the family business and were briefed not to hope for any leniency.

“Late night, babe?” Ryan asked as he handed her the drink.

“Yes. I was distracted during the day and had to finish up late because of that.” Julie cricked her neck as she downed the whole glass in a single gulp. Putting down the glass in the sink, she walked towards the bedroom.

Ryan was watching her every little move and felt a stir inside him because of the subtle seductive glance she gave him right before she entered his bedroom. He eagerly followed behind her.

She was lying on the bed when he entered the room. There was not a stitch of cloth on her body. Her whole body was laid bare on display. He feasted upon the sight of her svelte figure. Her proud peaks seemed most inviting, and the thin strip over her pussy only ever added to the charm. Her right hand moved towards her nipple and the other one towards the love hole. He was almost driven crazy by the amorous display so he quickly rid himself of all the clothes and attacked her with a growl.

Julie moaned in pleasure as she felt his hands all over her breasts, squeezing them, fondling them, mauling them. She pushed one of his hands towards her needy vagina and sighed in approval as he flicked her engorged clit. Ryan placed a line of kisses as he moved from her neck to her lips.

“Yes… rub it… rub my clit.” Julie moaned.

She was getting hotter by the second. She leaned her head back, lifting her body, and cried out in a mix of pleasure and relief as she felt him insert his finger in her wet snatch for the first time tonight. “Ooh… give it to me… give me more.” She demanded in a frantic need to reach her orgasm. Ryan obliged gaily as he pushed another one of his fingers inside her slippery slope and his other hand played with her clit.

“Just… like that.”

Julie pushed his head down, inviting him, demanding him to roll out his tongue and pleasure her. Ryan was not a fan of giving head, but her energy seemed a bit different today, it seemed almost… berserk, as if she had not had sex for months which he knew for a fact wasn’t true, like at all. He reluctantly, at first, started licking her lips, and flicked her clit with his tongue for equal measure.

“Yes… yes… go-” Julie whimpered, on the verge of cumming. She locked his head between her legs, lost in the pleasure as she was and wanted nothing more than to cum on his slurping tongue.

The cries and mewls coming out of her mouth spurned Ryan to go faster. His fingers were a blur as they went in and out of her dripping pussy. Her lips were red and puffed up by the increased blood flow. He twisted her clit between his fingers and that set her off.

“Gonna cum… cumming…” Julie groaned as she finally felt the tension slacken, as she felt herself rolling down the peak. The buzz inside her body had stopped and she could finally breathe easy.

But this was not enough.

Like a jaguar pouncing on its prey, she jumped up and reversed their positions. Her eyes were steely and her face focused. She rubbed his erect dick over her pussy to get it wet with her juices. With one hand holding his dick in place, she parted her lips with the other. Her pussy swallowed the member as she slowly lowered herself.

“Fuck… I needed this.”

“You’re on fire tonight, babe”

“Yes…” She moaned as she felt herself envelope his full length inside her pussy. She savored the feeling of being filled. ‘If nothing else, his dick’s nice,’ she couldn’t help but reflect on the impressive size of his member. She rocked her hips slowly, and ground her clit on his pubic bone.

“Babe…” Ryan loved this hellcat riding him like he was a bronco. He couldn’t get enough of her. He was mesmerized by her boobs, as they were moving up and down with each sway of her hips. His cock felt snug like it was being canlı bahis massaged, like it was being kneaded in slippery and wet dough.

“Yes, ride me.”

Julie put a hand over his mouth to shut him up. She lifted his other hand to place it on her boobs. Her nipples were erect and needed attention. She moaned in delight as he pulled at her nipple, “Yes… the other one…” She slowly fell into a trance as she rode him. Her nipples sent nice little shocks, straight from her breasts to her pussy. The frustrations of a long day at the office and the anxiety of tomorrow’s ‘event’ were funneled away from her dripping pussy.

“Babe… I’m gonna cumm…”

“Wait for me,” Julie commanded. They were both off to the races, seeking pleasure for themselves, seeking their own release. It was a pure physical act between two people who loved sex and there was no romance in it; it was just… plain fucking.

“Yes… yes… yes” Julie shouted as she was the first one to cross the race line. Her head titled back, her long hair hung down straight, falling to his knees; she looked the epitome of a woman in pleasure. But that didn’t last long.

“Babe, I’m cu-”

Julie quickly got up from her position, and jerked his cock with both her hands. His dick, pointed straight towards his chest, shot a jet of cum as his whole body jerked up and down. Globs of semen painted his whole torso, as his dick slowly wilted in her hands.

“Oh Babe, that was great.”

“What happened?” Ryan asked after the both of them had caught their breath.

“Hmm… just stuff, I guess.” Julie said as she went into the bathroom.

“Not staying, babe?”

“Mike’s coming home tomorrow; I have to be there in the morning.” She shouted from inside.

“Who’s that, babe?”

“He’s my… like my cousin. It’s been six years since he came home so everyone’s excited, and I have to be there.”

“Wasn’t he in San Francisco or someplace?”

“Yes, he’s moving back.” Julie said, as she came out of the bathroom. She picked up her clothes and started dressing herself.

“Why? What happened?”

Julie glanced back in his direction, a bit peeved by all the questions, she asked, “What’s with all the questions?”

“I don’t know. Just interested, I guess.”

Julie paused for a moment, contemplating if she should tell him the reason or not. Though he was a bit irritating, he was harmless. But more importantly she had been seeing him for these ‘sessions’ for a while now, and didn’t want some little argument to compromise the arrangement. ‘Anyway, it’s not something secretive…’ she justified.

“His very close friends passed away and he got the custody for Joe. So he’s moving back as it would be good for Joe to be near a family.”

“Oh… Joe’s the name of their child,” she added.

“Friends!? As in plural?” Ryan was a bit shocked by the unexpected words. He thought it was because of ‘…a job or something, but this turned dark…’ He shook his head trying to shake away the sadness.

“Yes. It was such a tragic accident. Joe’s only four years old, it’s such a shame he wouldn’t get to know his parents.”

“I feel bad for him already.”

“Well, I have to go.” Julie was already out his bedroom as she said over her shoulders.

“I’ll call you,” she mouthed and gestured before leaving through the front door.

(Part 2: Six Years Ago)


Sarah banged the closed door of Mike’s room. The loud party music coming from downstairs made it hard for her to hear if he had any response. She banged the door again, determined to drag him out of his room.


A lanky youth opened the door. His dark unkempt hair, crooked tie, and the scowl on his fair, square shaped face, all pointed towards someone in not the best of moods.

“It’s your graduation party. You should come down. It’ll look bad if you remain cooped up in your room.”

Sarah proceeded to fix his tie and straightened his coat, which was a bit oversized for his thin frame. She wanted to fix his hair as well but knew from experience that he would just mess them up again, so she took a step back and took a long look at him, to see if she could do anything more. He looked much better than a few moments ago, surprisingly, which made her hum in satisfaction.

“Why? I don’t even know half of the people!”

Mike whined as he was annoyed at his father for throwing him a needless party where all the guests were old people, most of whom he had never even heard the name of. He had wanted to go out and celebrate with his friends, but as was the story of life he had to attend some event organized by his father.

“They are friends of the family, it will be fine.”

“You know, he always does this…”

Mike huffed, frustrated at the antics of his father and his own inability to get out of these events. It was to be an important night for him. He had long decided to confess his feelings to Julie on the day he graduated high school, and now this “surprise” party had ruined everything. He deemed it to be his only chance bahis siteleri and was quite nervous it. He was not very optimistic about her response but, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained,’ was the motto he lived by and after he had thought long and hard about it he concluded that doing it tonight would be his safest bet. Still he reminded himself countless times over the last week not to get his hopes up.

“Where’s Julie?”

“Hmmm… maybe with Jason.”

Sarah’s interest was piqued by the fidgety demeanor of Mike. She guessed that he was probably going to tell Julie. Though she didn’t believe it was the right thing to do, she didn’t dissuade him. She was sure it would only make things awkward between them and nothing more would come out of it, nevertheless, she silently cheered him on.

“Come down… soon.” Sarah kissed his forehead and went downstairs to rejoin the party.

Mike peeked downstairs behind her retreating back. A slow song was playing, to which many of the elderly couple had taken to the dance floor. He still couldn’t believe his father would pull this shit on his graduation day. For as long as he could remember, there was always only the one explanation for why he had to attend these kinds of parties, “It’s all about the connections and events like this helps you make connections with the right people in the business,” his father would say to him. He never quite understood the point of making connections from such an early age, but he didn’t want to “rebel” against his father.

He heard the music being changed to a more upbeat one, and decided that the time was about right to join the party. He adjusted his look in the mirror, satisfied, he rushed downstairs. There were a few congratulatory greetings as he moved towards the mini bar, but he was relieved that nobody had engaged him in a long chat. Pouring himself a glass of coke, he surveyed the crowd. Though he was allowed a glass of wine and a couple bottles of beer occasionally, he opted against it tonight, too fearful that he would make a fool of himself if he was under the influence. As he looked around to see if he could spot Julie anywhere, his eyes rested upon his father and step-mother.

Mike thought they made quite a good looking couple. His father was a tall man, and though he had let himself go a little during the last couple years, he looked pretty good for his age. With a head full of hair, trimmed beard and dressed in a tux, he was not at all out of place dancing with his wife, Vanessa. A smile came upon Mike’s face as he gazed at her. He was always complimentary of her dressing sense, and today too she looked impeccable. Her long, blonde hair was fashioned in a tight bun. The black gown was a snug fit on her voluptuous body, and her heels made her nearly the same height as his father. The faint red lipstick and a hint of blush on her fair cheeks only added to her already charming appearance.

During his freshman year, a “friend” of his had made a comment about his mother being a MILF and got decked to the ground as a result. After that incident, nobody ever said anything like that to him ever again, at least to his face. Mike laughed at the memory, for all his nagging and whining about the suffocating ways of his family, he still loved them very much and couldn’t bear anyone disrespecting them.

A sudden loud laugh broke his reverie. His uncle John was telling some story and a few of his friends were guffawing along with him. If it was any other day, Mike would have flocked to his side in a flash, he loved the stories his uncle would tell, but not tonight. Tonight he had more important business. He had spotted Julie walking towards him, an empty glass in her hands. He smiled at his decision to camp out near the mini bar.

“Hey!” he was having a hard time keeping his nervous in check.

Julie gave him a smile and a hug. “Enjoying your party!?” she teased.

“Gimme a break,” Mike rolled his eyes. He watched on as she poured herself another glass of wine, feeling conflicted about her inebriation. On one hand it may mellow her response if she was drunk, on the other hand things could really get out of hand if she started making a scene; or worse, laughed out loud at him.

“Where’s Jason?” Mike asked with a clear distaste in his voice.

“Tch,” Julie clicked her tongue at the mention of her now ex-boyfriend. “Dead,” she said after a brief pause.

“What? He’s dead!?”

Julie choked on her drink as she saw the over the top reaction of Mike. “Not literally. He’s just out of the picture.” She said in between her bouts of laugh.

“Oh!” Mike sure didn’t like the guy, but he wouldn’t wish death on him.

“What happened?”

“He was too immature for me,” Julie stated as a matter of fact. “I swear, all these frat boys are bunch of moronic dicks, I don’t know why I even bother with them.”

“Yeah,” Mike nodded in approval. He was never a fan of all the boys she dated, which was understandable as he had a huge crush on her, but he absolutely despised when she dated any member of the “frat community”. Suddenly he felt a lot better about tonight, bahis şirketleri like a big threat had been removed from his way.

“You know what,” Julie turned to face him, “I’ve had it with these brainless idiots. From now on I would only date mature guys.” Mike grew pale, his confidence from moments ago faded, and he grew paler still as she continued, “Guys with stable lifestyle and job, and not some “kid” who has yet to grow out his beard.”

Mike felt crushed; it was like a ten ton hammer dropped on top of his head. All the air of courage left his lungs in a flash. All his dreams, however unrealistic and far-fetched, shattered in an instant. He had repeatedly told himself not to get his hopes up; that it would be impossible between them, not in a million years did he have a chance with her; but there was always a hope, however small; all his youthful optimism turned to stone. He was like a zombie as he listened to her go on and on over all the immature things her boyfriends had done. Every time she said the words ‘mature’ and ‘immature’, he felt a dagger being stabbed in his heart. Julie was so focused on venting her pent up feelings that she never noticed when he left her side.

Mike went out of the house, the whole atmosphere felt suffocating to him. He walked past Sarah, and it didn’t even register in his eyes when she waved at him. His heart was crushed and he just wanted to be somewhere, anywhere, other than his party. Sarah, who had been keeping a close eye on Mike, knew that something had gone wrong when he didn’t respond to her. She quickly followed him out to the back garden, where he was sitting alone, tears running down his face. She knew then, the worst had come to pass. She pulled a chair beside him, and took his arms in hers, slowly running her fingers over his palms.

It was long while before a word was spoken between them. It was Mike who opened his mouth first, “I couldn’t say it,” He said, finally able to calm down after the overwhelming waves of hopelessness and sadness washed him ashore.

“She dumped Jason. Said he wasn’t mature enough for her,” he stared at Sarah to let her know the reason of why he so “gracefully” withdrew before he could make a fool of himself. “It’s not like I expected anything from it,” he continued as he wiped the tears with the front of his sleeves, “I mean, I just wanted to say it once and get it over with, it might not have been the right thing to do, but I just wanted to get it out of the way.”

Sarah wiped the tears from his face. She could feel the anguish and hurt from his voice, but she was thankful that nothing irreparable happened and that he didn’t actually say anything to her. If Julie had rejected him after his confession, she wouldn’t know how to act in front of them, ‘And it would’ve turned weird… What do you even do when your cousin is in love with your sister!?’

She asked herself the same question umpteenth time. As close as their families were, sharing the same business, living in opposite houses, it was not a surprise the three of them were very close. But even then, Mike was especially close to Julie, and she was fine with it. Being three years older than Julie, who herself was two years elder to Mike; she always viewed herself as the voice of reason in all of the chaos that ensued. She couldn’t say she didn’t have a clue about it because it was obvious to her that Mike was in love with Julie, but she chose not to intervene. When she realized that Mike may not simply grow out of them, she grew worried of the implications, but she chose not to intervene. This evening, she was sure he would confess to Julie, but she chose not to intervene. She never intervened. She was fearful of any repercussions it may cause, so she decided to feign ignorance till he actually did something about it. Now, she felt sad with him and for him, but also felt relieved for herself and their two families.

“What do you even like about her? Can’t be her “winning” personality?” She joked in an effort to lighten the mood.

Mike was dumbfounded. He had never actually told anyone that he liked Julie, and to be faced with this question now, he was speechless. He found it quite hard to understand why Sarah had waited this long. Though she always feigned ignorance on the subject, he was positive that she knew, with her intelligence it would be more of a surprise if she didn’t. He was more surprised that Julie never realized it. ‘…or maybe she did, and maybe that was her way of indirectly telling me to back off.’

As he felt a little tap on his thigh, Mike turn to look Sarah in the eyes, “What I like about her?” he smiled fondly as he turned his eyes away, “I like everything about her.” He leaned back in his chair, with his arms folded behind his head, he continued, “I obviously like how hot she looks, but there’s more than that… I like how she never downs her tools; how intense she gets even for trivial things; how fiercely defensive she is of her friends; how she always gives me the juiciest part of her steak; how she sucks the tip of her thumb when she gets nervous…” The smile on his face deepened. Almost unaware of his surroundings he continued, “…when she is concentrating on something, the way she plays with her bangs; her long hair; her little nose; her blue eyes; her red lips; her thin waist; her long legs; her perky bo-”

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