The 19th Hole: A Kathi Story

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Saturday morning was Jon’s favorite morning of the week because Saturday was golf day. Every Saturday Jon got together for golf with his two brothers-in-law Paul and Dave and his friend Bryan. Even though Deena, Paul and Dave’s sister was his ex-wife had been a thorough going bitch, they had remained friends all through the marriage and even after she left him for that partner at the law firm where she worked. Plus they thought Deena was a bitch too, besides they weren’t about to let a little thing like their sister leaving Jon split up their golf game. The fourth member of the group was Bryan. Bryan and Jon had been college buddies and now they worked together at the same consulting firm and Bryan was Kathi’s godfather.

It was a great day, besides being Saturday and golf day, the sun was out and at 8am it was already 84 degrees. Jon was just finishing getting dressed when he heard the door between the kitchen and the garage open and close, then footsteps running up the stairs. When he started down the hallway the person coming up the stairs met him there outside his bedroom. It was his daughter Kathi and she had just gotten in from her morning run.

Jon’s daughter Kathi is 19 years old and she was looking extra hot this morning, in more ways than one. She was wearing ultra-tight black spandex bicycle shorts; Jon thought that runners liked loose fitting shorts but apparently that wasn’t the case with his daughter and really the tight ones were fine with him. Kathi’s abundant breasts were held in check (barely) by her black Nike sports bra, he new it was the black one because the sweat soaked grey crop top tee she was wearing didn’t completely hide the straps. Her mother had claimed to be a 34D and Kathi looked to be a good bit bigger than she had been. However Kathi’s five foot five frame combined with her trim waist and hips made her appear a bit top heavy and Jon was sure she had turned dozens of heads this morning as she bounced along on her morning run. Kathi had her gorgeous mahogany colored hair all pinned up for her run, but strands had come loose and were framing her pretty young face that was highlighted by her sparkling green eyes dazzling smile. Kathi was a devoted nude sunbather and her evenly tanned body was completely coated by a deliciously sexy sheen of sweat.

“Have a good day at golf daddy”, Kathi said as she kissed Jon on the cheek as they passed, “I’m off to the shower”.

“Hey babe”, Jon said as he watched his totally killer daughter walk away from him and wiggle her foxy ass, “will you be home when I get back Kathi?”

“I should be daddy, I don’t think I have any plans today”, Kathi called back as she disappeared around the corner

“You want to meet me on my bed for a little fun when I get home”, he called after her.

Reappearing from around the corner, Kathi asked provocatively, “Sure you don’t want to do it now daddy?” she hooked a thumb in the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down a little to sweeten the invitation.

If it had been any other morning he would have followed her into the shower in a second, but this was golf day and he had a tee time. Jon had been screwing Kathi for a few months now, ever since that day she caught him standing behind her with his cock in his hand, Jon had been watching Kathi massage herself between her legs while she was sunbathing naked out by the pool.

“Cant babe, I’ve got a tee time with your uncles and Bryan, but when I get home we’ll have the rest of the day, okay Kathi?”

“Sure daddy”, Kathi said, “when I hear your car pull into the garage I’ll run up to your room and hop on the bed and meet you there”.

Jon had walked back to where Kathi was standing while they were talking, he leaned over and gave Kathi a kiss on her forehead and her butt a squeeze, “That sounds good babe, I’ll see you when I get home”. The salty taste of Kathi’s sweat lingered on his lips as he left the house and drove to the golf course.

Kathi stripped quickly, showered quickly and then headed out back for a dip in the pool. She exited her room via the sliding glass door that lead to a deck and from there it had stairs to the lower level of the deck and the pool. Kathi stepped naked out of her room and on to the deck, not that she cared, but she wondered if people in the neighborhood could see her. The warmth outdoors was a contrast to the air-conditioned house and Kathi purposely paused, standing on the deck stretching and warming her self in the summer heat and also giving any onlookers an extended viewing. In one continuous series of movements Kathi bounced down the stairs, strode to the edge of the pool and did a perfect dive into the water. Several dozen laps of the pool later Kathi pulled herself up on to the edge and sat with her legs dangling in the water. A few minutes later the phone on the table next to the chaise lounge rang, Kathi answered it and spent the next couple hours lying in the sun talking to her girlfriend on the phone.

Later in her room Kathi dried her hair and brushed bursa escort out the swimming tangles was trying to decide what she would wear to meet her father with when he got home. In the end she decided to wear the same outfit she had worn that day she went to daddy’s office. Black silk stockings held up by a lacey black garter, a matching lacey black pushup bra and a pair of black four-inch pumps. Thinking back on the visit she made to her father’s office she said out loud, “God Damn, that was a good fuck”. She remembered her father sitting in his chair with his pants around his ankles, Kathi straddled him and his fat nine-inch cock, and then as she was lowering her self on to him he shoved it hard up into her slippery wet hole. It hadn’t lasted that long, but it had been incredible and Kathi sighed as she remembered her daddy unloading what seemed like gallons of his hot sticky cum into her.

That had been the day after Kathi and her father had accidentally run into each other out by the pool. The memory of that day was even more vivid than the memory of the office visit. Kathi had heard the groan behind her and when she turned to look there was her father with his hand wrapped around his beautifully hard cock. Her father had frozen; embarrassed at being caught naked and masturbating while watching his daughter masturbate. Kathi took advantage of his hesitation to throw her self at him, she had wanted him for some time and it had been easy convince her father to “take her”.

That had been the first two days of Kathi and her father being fuck buddies. Sure they loved each other, but their physical relationship wasn’t at all romantic, it was just physical. Well it wasn’t really “just physical”, it was steaming hot and incredibly satisfying. Her father was a better lover than any of the boys she had been with. And Kathi thought to herself, daddy was much better endowed than any of the boys had been plus he knew how to use it better than they did. To top it all off Kathi was sure that she was the best lay that her father ever had.

All of Kathi’s reminiscing was making her more than a little horny. She dressed in her “outfit” that she was going to wear to meet her father and decided to relax and watch the tape that had started it all. Kathi walked into her father’s room, well suite actually. When her mother had left, or daddy had thrown her out however you wanted to look at it, her father had remodeled the four bedroom second floor of their house by converting three of the four bedrooms into one big master suite. It had a wet bar, a big screen television with home theater system, a desk, and a fireplace and of course it had a great big bed, to top it all off the bath had a big walk in shower and a Jacuzzi tub.

Kathi retrieved the tape from it’s hiding place and put it in the VCR, made her self comfortable on the big black leather sofa and hit the play button on the remote. The home theater system filled the room with the sounds of two people having sex and the screen was filled with the image of her mother riding her father’s big fat hunk of meat. It seems that her father had video taped the two of them having sex quite a few times and her mother had to know about, these weren’t hidden camera videos, these were well lit high quality recordings. Two hours of her parents having sex, mom riding dad like the first clip, mom with her legs back and her feet in the air as her dad pounded himself into her, mom on her hands and knees taking it doggie style, mom on top with her back to her father, mom sucking dads cock, dad with his face between her mothers legs, her mother sitting on her fathers face, mom leaning on the sink in the old bathroom in her bra and panties with dad doing her from behind. And the one that really turned Kathi on was her mother getting a spanking and then there was the last scene on the tape of her father fucking her mother in the ass. This last one sent shivers through Kathi’s whole body. Dad’s meat was awfully big around; her mother did a good bit of muffled screaming in that last clip. Kathi couldn’t even image what it would feel like to have her fathers cock push its way into her ass. He was so damn big and Kathi’s little puckering hole was clinched so tight, it would have to hurt like hell.

Kathy had found this tape about eight months before while looking for a movie here in her father’s room. It had been the tape that kindled Kathi’s desire to have sex with her father. From the time she found the tape she watched the tape and masturbated every chance she got, that was until she actually started having sex with her father. Now that Kathi and her dad were fuck buddies she still occasionally watched the tape and fingered herself to an orgasm or two or three and today was no exception.

Kathi heard the garage door open so she hit the stop and rewind buttons on the remote. She knew that her father always took the time to take his golf clubs out of the car and stored them in the garage so she knew there was enough time to rewind the tape and put it away. bursa escort bayan When the tape was replaced Kathi jumped up on to her father’s bed and struck up a sexy pose to greet daddy with.

Whistling at what he saw on his bed Jon said, “Kathiii baaaaby, you look great. You were such a bad little slut to come to my office dressed like that”.

“I’m sorry about that daddy, but I wanted you real bad that day and I couldn’t wait till you got home”

“You’re such a slut Kathi”, Jon said, “I think I should punish you some more for that, you haven’t learned your lesson about doing things like that, have you Kathi?”

“What are you going to do to me daddy?” Kathi said teasingly, “you going to spank me?”

A few minutes later the four cuffs, black leather with velvet linings were strapped around Kathi’s wrists and ankles. Jon tied the wrist tethers to the corners of the headboard and the ankle tethers to the legs of the bed by the floor at the bottom end of the bed. This left Kathi bent over the end of her fathers bed with her arms stretched above her head, tied to the headboard and her legs spread wide apart with her ankles secured to the legs of the bed. So there she was, bent over with her tight tanned ass pointed right at daddy, not really wondering what was going to happen next.

“So what now daddy, you gonna fuck me?” Kathi asked as she looked back over her shoulder at her father, the bulge in his pants was unmistakable.

“You want me to Kathi?” Jon said as he laid a hand on his daughters beautifully tanned ass.

“You are aren’t you daddy, you’re gonna fuck me right?” pleaded Kathi.

“Do you want me to?” Jon said as he rubbed the soft skin of Kathi’s ass.

“Uh huh”, Kathi said with a nod.

“Ask me…” Jon said sternly while he rubbed and squeezed his daughter’s ass.

“What…” said Kathi not immediately picking up on what her father was telling her to do.

“Ask me… Tell me to fuck you… Say fuck me daddy”, Jon told his daughter, his fingers digging hard into her ass while his other hand was undoing his belt.

Kathi whimpered as daddy’s fingers dug hard into the firm tanned cheeks of her ass and said in a small voice said, “Fuck me daddy…”

“What, what did you say, beg me for it slut.” Kathi heard her father say, she watched him push his pants down with one hand and felt his other hand between her legs. “Beg for it slut”, her father said to her in a low hard voice, “I’m fingering your wet twat Kathi, so I know you want it you slut.”

Her father was right Kathi thought to herself, she did want him to fuck her and she was dripping wet. Wet from watching the tape, from having daddy tie her down and then from him grabbing her ass and finally from daddy’s fingers playing with her pussy. “I want you to fuck me daddy… Pleeeze daddy fuck me hard.”

“Say it again Kathi”, daddy said in a hard whisper as he used both hands to push his pants and underwear down to his knees.

“FUCK MEEEEE DAAAAADY!!!!”, Kathi screamed as she felt the head of father’s hard-on between her legs. She wanted to reach back between her legs and guide him into her wet and wanting pussy but her arms were stretched out over her head and securely tied.

“Pleeeze daaady give it to me”, Kathi groaned as she wiggled her fanny trying to work the wet lips of her pussy over the end of her fathers cock.

Jon used his hand to steer the head of his rock hard meat between his daughter’s wet lips and then push it against the opening of Kathi’s hot tight cunt.

“UUUURG”, Kathi grunted as her father grabbed her hips and shoved. Her pussy was wet and slippery, but Jon’s cock was fat and dry and he only got it half way into her.

“AAAAAAGG”, Kathi’s second grunt was louder than the first because her father’s second shove was harder than his first. He hadn’t pulled back he just rammed his fat rod forward a second time until his balls mashed against the spread of Kathi’s legs. Even though he was all the way inside Kathi, Jon kept pushing; he ground his pelvis into Kathi’s ass as he tried to push the head of his cock all the way into his daughter’s womb.

“Oooooh yaaa daaaddy, just like that”, Kathi groaned as she pushed back against her father, smushing the cheeks of her ass between them. Jon pulled himself out of Kathi halting with his head just inside her. “OHHHH”, Kathi gasped when with one hard stab her father buried himself back into his daughter until his balls slapped against her clit.

“UMMMMMPF”, Jon’s third stroke slid into Kathi’s wet, hot, velvet sleeve easier than the first two had. His raging hard-on was well lubed now with the hot juice from Kathi’s tight pussy, but the force of his penetration still blasted the air from his daughter’s lungs with a loud grunt.

Each stroke was the same, Jon withdrew so that only the tip of his meat was in Kathi and then he would propel himself forwards into her with all his might. After the seven or eight more severe stabs with his fat hard cock Jon withdrew escort bursa himself completely, he had satisfied himself; Kathi was whimpering, as yet unfulfilled when the head of her fathers thick cock slipped out from between lips of her pussy with a sloppy wet pop. Looking back over her shoulder again Kathi watched a drop of cum ooze from the tip of her fathers cock and fall to the rug as she begged her father to “put it back in her”, the occasional slapping of Jon’s balls against Kathi’s pussy and clit wasn’t nearly enough to make her cum and with her hands tied she couldn’t reach down between her legs to help herself finish. Kathi’s efforts to grind her mound into the bed were equally futile and only served to frustrate her further as she watched her father walk away.

“Daddy come back, dooooon’t go”, Kathi appealed as she watched him button his pants.

“Don’t worry Kathi, I’ll be right back”, Jon said as he turned and left the room.

Kathy continued to gyrate her hips hoping that the pressure against her mound would be enough to push her over the edge. Her father just hadn’t taken long enough for Kathi to get close enough to cumming so she just had to lie there over the end of the bed she was tied to and deal with her sexual frustration.

As Kathi waited for her father to return she remembered the first time she had seen her father’s leather cuffs. She had been 16 that day that she came home from school to find her mother tied to the bed. Her mother was on her back arms and legs spread wide each tied to a corner of the bed. Kathi’s father had arrived home early to find his wife and her bottom feeding scum-sucking lover in his bed. According to what Kathi had been able to piece together daddy had dragged the guy out of the house and left him naked in the front yard, then he tied Kathi’s mother to the bed and left her for Kathi to find. Kathi’s mom moved out the next day and never came back. That was over two yeas ago and Kathi still had never talked to her father about it.

Daddy’s leather cuffs also made a couple appearances in his videotape. Her mother had been tied to the bed spread eagle on her stomach when daddy had been giving her a spanking and when he was fucking her in the ass. Kathi moaned with desire at the thought of the spanking. Spankings were good she thought to herself, especially from daddy, but she shivered with dread at the thought of her father trying to push his big hard meat into her ass. God Kathi thought he stretches my pussy with that big fat cock of his, it would never fit in my ass, god that would hurt, but even as she was thinking of how much it would hurt if daddy tried to put his cock in her ass Kathi’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter thinking about the possibility.

Kathi heard her father’s voice coming all the way from down stairs. Why was he talking so loud? Never mind that Kathi suddenly thought who was he talking to? Kathi was straining, looking back over her shoulder when she saw her father walk through the door with his golf clubs, she didn’t even have the time to think about how strange that was before she was completely shocked to see her two uncles and her godfather come through the door with their gold clubs.

Kathi watched as the guys stood their bags up on the pop out legs and then wandered over to the bar where her father was passing out cold bottles of his own home brewed beer that he had named after his daughter, Pretty Kathi Porter. After they all had a couple swigs her uncle Paul commented that Jon had been right, Kathi’s ass was magnificent. After her other uncle Dave and her godfather agreed Jon apologized to the guys saying that he couldn’t wait and that he had already played through the hole. The guys got a good laugh out of that and when they finished their first round of beers they all retrieved their golf gloves out of their bags and pulled them on to their hands as they walked toward Kathi.

Up to this point except for looking at her mostly naked body bent over the end of the bed none of the guys even acknowledged that Kathi was even in the room, but as they walked closer both uncle Paul and Uncle Dave said hi to her in a condescending voice and then told her that she looked really nice.

“Ya”, Jon said, “She really looks great in that outfit doesn’t she?”

“So little Kathi enjoys a good spanking huh Jon?” her Uncle Dave said.

“You better believe it, she gets really turned on when she gets her ass whacked”, Kathi heard her father say.

“Just like her mom right Dave”, her Uncle Paul said. “Damn straight”, Dave replied and they both laughed.

The four guys gathered around Kathi’s exposed sumptuous tanned ass. Her uncle’s knelt on the end of the bed hovering over Kathi, while Bryan and her father stood at the end of the bed, one on each side of her.

“Who wants to take the first smack”. Kathi recognized her father speaking again and then for the first time she heard her godfather speak, “Why don’t you start Jon and well just go around from there”.

Kathi was mortified; she couldn’t believe this was happening, what the hell was daddy thinking and doing. She couldn’t believe that he was letting his friends see her like this and apparently he was also going to let them all touch her too.

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