That Life Ch. 01

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At two my real mom, Ellen moved out. At seven my dad passed away.

You’d think it would have had a negative impact on my life, but quite the contrary.

Ellen moved to the west coast and now we talk every month or two. She’s a sweet, smart and capable women. One who knows her strengths and weaknesses. She thought before I was born that being a mother was a role she’d grow into. Ellen figured out very quickly before it became an issue, that she had little patience for tears, tantrums and children in general. Also, she needed more attention from a man then my father could give. My father Greg on the other hand was a workaholic. I’m sure he was a wonderful guy, but I hardly knew him.

At three Nancy became my step-mom and moved in, taking over raising me. Nancy has very natural mothering skills; compassion, empathy, caring, honesty and direct speaking traits. I simply thought all mom’s were like her. She knew when to delve into a tough subject and when to back away from one. When I was ready to talk to her Nancy was ready to listen.

School work came relatively natural to me, as did my friendships.

Greg died suddenly from a defective ticker, which never presented itself until he bought the farm. A lot of this history and information has been recently been coming to light. Ellen fills in a piece here and there, as does Nancy.

“Adam,” Nancy called out, “Matt is here.”

Matt, my closest friend is a certified genius. He was always tinkering and figuring out how chemistry and biology connected. He is over my pay grade on the life sciences. I was ahead of him on almost all computer skills. So we never competed with each other, enjoying regular activities together such as biking and swimming for more play.

All the guys in school were cool with Matt, as he never let on just how smart he was. Although Matt and I are the same age he graduated a year ahead of me. He finished undergraduate studies in three years and got a into a combined MD/PHD program that he finished in four years. Now he works at a biopharmaceutical company creating useful drugs. Two years into the job he had already been the key scientist on a drug that controls juvenile arthritis.

As I said Matt was always tinkering on bursa escort something.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In tenth grade, early in the school year I got home way before normal and Nancy’s car was in the drive way, also extremely early for her. When I walked in the door, she was very surprised to see me. Nancy had tears streaming down her face and shaking like a leaf, which I’d never seen before.

“Mom, what’s going on.”

“Well…I…uh…uh…(more tears)…I kicked Kevin in the nuts.”

I waited a bit. “OK, why.”

Oh, I skipped some stuff here.

Nancy is twenty years older then me. Which means she was thirty five when this incident with Kevin took place. Also, she went back into the work force the year before this. Nancy got an art and english degree in school. When she graduated, an advertising firm hired her a week after finishing. Nancy worked for them about a year and a half before moving in with Greg. Taking care of me was close to a full time job and both felt that was in my best interest to do that. It was in everybody’s best interest.

Before ninth grade Nancy and I talked about when she’d start working again. Our relationship was a very mature one, she repeatedly said.

Nancy didn’t need to go back to work, as Greg left us very well off. However she wanted to and I thought that was great. Nancy went with a different advertising firm then the one she worked with after college. What the heck did I know about extra curricular social and cultural norms in the advertising world then?

“Kevin (the firm’s president) started…gro…gro…groping me.” More tears now.

“And I told…told…him to stop.”

“Did he stop,” I asked?

“No. So I kicked him in the nuts.”


“And he said I’m fired…Well if I’m fired I’m taking you to court.”

Kevin has a wife and two young kids. “What the fuck,” he uttered.

“You heard me prick,, reliving the scene. “What’s more, I want a creative position and twice the salary.” Kevin’s jaw was on the floor Nancy explained.

“Were you crying then,” I asked?

“No.” Then Nancy came over and gave me a big hug.

You need to understand that Nancy is a gorgeous women with a head turning bursa escort bayan look and style. She’s drop dead b-e-a-utiful and she has not dated a guy after Greg died.

“Wow Nancy, you’ve so much fearlessness and talent rolled into one.”

She kept hugging me. I admit it felt good to hug her, but I wasn’t thinking about anything other then her well being. Anything else would be weird with a capital w.

“What happened next,” I asked?

“Like I said Kevin was dumbfounded.”


“Kevin said he needed to think about it”.

“And…,” I asked again?

“I told Kevin to fucking make up his mind now. That I’ve no problem with reporting this incident.”

“He said he’ll let me know tomorrow and I said that’s not good enough.

Kevin stammered for a bit and said OK to my demands. Also I had him write a contract then and there. I told him if it happens again I’ll make sure his nuts are removed.”

“So you kept yourself together till you got home?”

“Yep…what are you doing here so early,” she asked?

“My computer club got cancelled today.”


She was my mom, friend, confidant and I loved her. I felt calm being around her and probably the same on her side.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I went to the U of Chicago earning a BA and MS in computer science with an emphasis in forensics and surveillance. Did it all in five years, including every summer. The summer was always the hardest being away from home. I really enjoy the serenity, privacy and excellent swimming pool at home. Growing up in hot Savannah, GA and living in the midwest’s moderate to freezing climate was an adjustment. I adjusted. It took time. Nancy and I spoke at least once a week if not more during my Chicago stay, the phone conversations were a great connection.

I didn’t date much in school. There was no time to get into something complicated. I jerked off plenty and love to read erotic stories; I guess that helped me to diversify. Hey, between Nancy, Matt and Ellen I have people who love me. My friends at school are nice, but they never unplug.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – escort bursa

I was offered and took a job in the Savannah police department before graduation. It was a nice fit all the way around.

Getting back home was great. I arrived on a Wednesday, having a week and a half to settle in. On the Saturday following being back here, Nancy was acting very different. She was prancing in the living room wearing gym shorts and a halter bikini pushup bra. That was weird. My eyes would’ve popped out if they could.

“My girls feel so supported,” I heard her say on the phone. “And I feel so damn sexy,” as she walked to her office in the house.

“Girls,” I murmured? Girls…girls…boobs. I got it. Who talks like that?

Nancy took over as creative director at Kevin’s former agency about four years ago when he did something stupid again with another female employee. He was forced to sell and several employees, including Nancy bought him out.

Nancy worked in the apparel field, more specifically lingerie and swimwear lines. During the past few years she’d ask my option of certain items, so I’ve got the styles matched to the names pretty good. Never seen her in a bra before, much less a bikini out by the pool. So seeing this more then peaked my interest.

Nancy was sexy today. The image is burned in my brain. I had to stop thinking about her like this.

That evening I was getting in bed and then came a knock at my door. In walked Nancy with only a creamy button down shirt and panties.

“Come in.”

I tried to keep my eyes from bugging out and my conflicted feelings to myself.

“Adam, is everything alright, you’ve been very quiet today.”

“Really Mom. It seems like you’re flirting with me,” I blurted out.

“I’ve been letting my hair down while you’ve been away. I want to feel like I can continue to do that with you here. Is that OK?”

“Sure. It’s gonna be an adjustment,” OK a really big adjustment.

“Please call me Nancy, even though I’m your step-mom.”

“OK,” I can do that?

I could see Nancy’s rock hard nipples through her shirt, as well as ample cleavage. She came over to give me a kiss put her boobs in my face for a few seconds while hugging and kissing my head. I was shaking like a leaf.

“Goodnight dear.”

“Goodnight Mo…Nancy.”

Nancy was up to something. I needed to investigate what’s going on. My cock was rock hard and my head was spinning when she left.

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