Texting Turns to Sexting Ch. 04

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I have been living along the Central Coast of California most of my life. I was married for several years, but over time we drifted apart. It didn’t help that I had a brief affair with a coworker named Charlene. So, at the time I moved out to an apartment for awhile. I was nearing retirement, so I decided to take up a couple of hobbies, including massage therapy. The side benefits, as I found out, is that women love to be pampered and a nice massage often leads to wild sex.

I moved back to my home later in the year after buying my ex-wife’s share. I found there were changes in the neighborhood, both good and bad. I have a sexy next-door neighbor with incredible tits, 34GG to be exact. I welcomed her with open arms and a hard cock. Also, around that time, I joined a local walking club and met Catherine. She has been a constant companion for over a year now. Our relationship is completely fulfilling; however, we allow enough space for us to enjoy outside liaisons. We have shared threesomes with two of her neighbors as well as my next-door neighbor.

My current situation finds me camping at the North Campground at Pismo State Beach. I met a sexy lady named Nanette. I first encountered Nan, as she prefers to be called, last month at the Diamond Adult Warehouse, a local sex shop. Through a series of texting that quickly turned into sexting, we made plans to meet here for the weekend. I have my 25-foot travel trailer parked in space 07.

Nan arrived yesterday, and we quickly hit it off. We both knew the weekend was going to be a sex fest, and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. This morning while we enjoyed a romp in one of the sand dunes, Nan received a text from her neighbor, Hannah. Hannah was concerned about Nanette’s whereabouts, since Nan was not returning her calls. Afraid Hannah might reach out to Nan’s husband, she hightailed it back to Hannah’s house. One thing led to another and Hannah ended up joining us this afternoon.

We spent the time enjoying the sand and surf. Nan rested from her hectic morning while I got to know Hannah a little better. So much so, that by the end of the afternoon, Hannah had her hand firmly wrapped around my cock. The three of us have been back in camp for the past hour planning dinner and our late-night activities.

I have the barbecue loaded with chicken thighs. The ladies work inside preparing side dishes while I tend to the chicken. Dinner is a lively affair with no mention of sex. Although, every so often Nan and Hannah look at each other and smile. We talk about their hobbies and I tell them all about my trailer and where I’ve camped. I leave out any details regarding other women, of course.

After dinner and after the dishes are washed, we sit around the campfire. I don’t keep it stoked with wood, rather I let the embers burn down until they provide just a warm glow as the sun sets. Nanette is the first to mention bedtime. She asks us if we are ready to head back into the trailer. Hannah and I shake our heads. The ladies head inside while I tidy up the space and make sure the fire is completely out.

I open my trailer door and step inside. Both Nan and Hannah are in bed under the covers. They beckon me to join them. I have electronic candles to provide mood lighting, which the ladies have placed around the cabin. I dim the overhead light and undress. My cock pops up, fully erect once again. I join them in the queen size bed and find that they are both naked under the sheets. Let the fun begin.

The ladies put me in the middle. Their warm bodies snuggle up to me. It’s quite a contrast having Nanette with her svelte body, round breasts and pink pointy nipples on one side and Hannah with her full figure, huge tits and pale pancake size areole on the other. Not to mention Nan’s smooth pussy lips and trimmed triangle versus Hannah’s full bush of dark curls covering her cunt and inner thighs.

The bed heats up quickly, so I kick the covers off revealing three naked bodies. My cock is front and center. Both ladies wrap a hand around my shaft.

“Nan, he is so thick and so hard. Have you ever seen a cock this big before?”

“No, I haven’t. Rob is so much bigger than my husband. Why don’t you take a lick and then I’ll try? Oh my god. His cock is so hard.”

Nan looks at me and winks. Sure, she has seen a cock this big. It was shoved up her ass just last night. What Hannah doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

“He’s way, way bigger than my husband. I just have to have a taste.”

It’s weird being the subject of their conversation while I am laying here between Nan and Hannah. Hannah releases her grip and Nan slides her hand down to the base of my shaft. She holds me upright; her firm grip is tight. Hannah opens her mouth and dips her head to suck on my spongy mushroom head. She locks her lips around the tip and sucks. I feel her tongue slide around my glans.

Nan looks at me and mouths the words ‘I love your cock’. Hannah lowers her head and take a few more canlı bahis inches into her mouth. She bobs her head up and down and replaces Nan’s hand with hers. Hannah begins a rapid stroking with her sucking. If anything, she is enthusiastic.

Nan moves her hand around my chest with a soothing touch. She lowers her lips to mine and we share a loving kiss, not too hard and not too soft.

Nan whispers, “She looks like she is enjoying herself.”

Hannah continues to suck and stroke with a passion as Nan continues to soothe my upper body. My cock remains rigid. After several minutes, Hannah begins to slow down and looks at Nanette.

“Nan, you’ve got to have some of Rob’s cock. I think you’ll like it, he is so hard, but his skin is soft and warm, he’s so yummy.”

“OK, Hannah, I will. His cock does look yummy. I wonder how he tastes. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Nan winks at me and takes over the blowjob duties. Nan’s grip is firm and experienced. She dips her head and engulfs most of my shaft. The difference between the ladies’ technique is obvious. Hannah, being the novice, could learn a thing or two from Nanette. Her heart is in the right place and her tits more than make up for her inexperience. I love her huge glands, I could play with them all night long. And that’s just what I do; I grab her left breast with two hands and bring her closer to my mouth. I latch onto to her nipple and suckle like a newborn. Meanwhile my cock is being attended to by an expert cocksucker.

Nan grabs my balls and rolls them around with her fingers. Her other hand squeezes the base of my shaft as she opens her mouth wide. Nan sucks my cock while moving her tongue back and forth along the underside of my hard shaft. She jacks me off as she sucks my cock. She alternates between sucking on my spongy tip and licking up and down my length. Her hot mouth has me throbbing. This is how a blowjob should be administered.

I am on the verge of exploding and tell her so. Her hand moves up and down my shaft while squeezing me as hard as she can. I feel my climax build from the base of my cock to the tip. Hannah watches her neighbor pump my cock.

“Can I have his cum? I want to taste Rob’s cum. Please?”

Nan motions for Hannah to lean over and open her mouth. Nan continues to pump while Hannah’s lips surround my tip. She pumps my cock faster and I unleash several ropes of cum that fill Hannah’s mouth and nearly makes her gag. I see her eyes water as she attempts to swallow each jet of semen. Hannah keeps her mouth glued to my shaft as my climax subsides.

Nan releases her grip and we kiss again. I let her know I’m sorry she did all the work and Hannah got the reward. She shrugs her shoulders and whispers that she was rewarded all day yesterday and this morning. I mention that it’s time for another reward.

“Nan, let’s switch places, I want to pleasure you.”

We maneuver around the bed and she slides into the center. Hannah runs her hands all along Nan’s body, stopping at her boobs to massage the firm flesh and pinch her nipples.

“Rob, have you ever seen such pretty boobs? Her pink nipples are so hard, you just want to suck them. She told me they get so sensitive. Have a taste, let’s each suck them.”

“Yes, they are beautiful.”

I grab one of Nan’s vibrators from the night stand. She brought out several. I have the silver bullet on my hand. It looks to be about eight inches long with the silver tip that vibrates. I twist the knob and it comes to life. I choose a low setting and move it between Nan’s thighs. She spreads her legs enough for me to glide it along her slit. I move it around her smooth puffy outer lips and then split her labia with the tip. Nan takes a deep breath and sighs.

“That feels so good Rob. Suck on my hard nipples; I want to feel your lips around them.”

Hannah is already worshiping her left nipple. I latch onto her right one and suck the hard berry between my lips. As I feast on her nipple, I glide the silver bullet over her clit and then drive it into her inner labia. The vibe parts her pink flaps and I push it deeper.

“Oh my god, that feels so good. Keep sucking my nipples you two. They are so sensitive right now. You’re going to make me cum. Oh my god.”

Nan pulls my head against her breast as I suckle. At the same time, I’m slide the buzzing wand in and out of her pussy. Her inner lips are wet, allowing the silver bullet to easily glide in and out and in again. I fuck my darling Nan with her vibrator.

“I’m going to cum. Oh my god. Keep fucking me. I want to cum.”

Hannah holds her left breast with both hands and sucks her erect nipple deep into her mouth. She releases the bud with a pop and then sucks it again. I keep sucking and slide the vibrating tip up to her clit. I hold the vibe against her pearl forcing her to climb the ladder to her orgasm.

“Oh god Rob, you’re driving me crazy. Oh my god.”

The double stimulation of having bahis siteleri her nipples sucked and her clit pressed, drives her closer to orgasm. Her girl juices lubricate her vibrator and run down her thighs. The silver bullet easily slides within her tight folds. I leave it buried in her pussy. Nan grips the bed sheets and groans out loud as her climax sweeps over her body.

Her legs shake and her upper torso spasms. I hold her in place with one hand on her boob and the other on her cunt as she rides out another orgasm. Hannah and I ease up on the assault of her tits. Once she settles down, I remove her vibrator from her inner flesh and lick the sweet juices from the shaft. I offer the magic wand to Hannah.

Here Hannah, taste her sweet cum. I think you’ll like it, I sure do.”

Hannah takes the vibrator and cleans it with her tongue. She sucks the shaft just like my cock. Nanette’s eyes begin to focus again, as she lays back on the mattress with a satisfied grin.

“OK Hannah, your turn. I promised I would eat your pussy. I hope you are ready for a wild ride.”

Hannah is raring to go. She has been looking forward to this moment since I broached the subject this afternoon. I slide off the bed and position Hannah in the center with her legs spread apart. This is my first real look at the sacred area between her thighs. I get back on the bed and kneel between her legs, eyeing my target. A very hairy beaver, is staring right at me. Hannah’s pooch tummy shakes and shimmies with every movement. Her flabby thighs wobble back and forth. Her huge puffy outer labia are covered in a mass of curly black hair that extends up her mound and around to her inner thighs.

Her inner lips are hard to locate nestled within all that hair. I use both hands to separate her outer lips in search of her inner core. My fingers get lost in the forest of pubic hair. I delve my fingers deeper within her folds and finally feel the wetness within her pussy. I dip my head closer to inspect her core. I stretch her cunt lips as wide as I can and then see her pink flesh ready for my tongue. I press my mouth as far as I can against her meaty pussy and lick her wet slit. My tongue extends out further and I taste her juices.

“God, that’s it Rob. I feel your tongue licking my flesh. Keep doing that, it feels so good. My husband has never been able to satisfy me like this. Eat my pussy baby.”

I keep my face snuggled between her fleshy thighs and use my tongue to lick her inner flesh. I drill as deep as I can and lap up all of the lady cream she can create. My face is lost amid all the curls. Her pubes tickle me as I attempt to get Hannah off.

Meanwhile Nan leans over Hannah allowing her to suckle her hard-pink nipples. Hannah cannot get enough of Nan’s tits. As her nipples are sucked, Nan plays with Hannah’s breasts. She massages, squeezes and pulls on the huge mounds. Hannah is moaning with all the attention to her body.

I continue to lick and suck on Hannah’s inner lips. I move my tongue higher and contact a huge nub. I feel Hannah’s clitoris emerge from beneath its hood and grow. Her clit must be as big as my thumb. I can wrap my lips around her pearl and suck. I imagine that I’m sucking on a small penis. Hannah bucks and presses her hips against my head as I concentrate on her clit. My new-found treasure has been worth the effort.

“Oh god, that’s my clit. My very big clit. Keep sucking Rob, it feels so good. You’re going to make me cum. Keep sucking.”

And I do keep sucking the huge appendage. I use my tongue to flick her clit back and forth and then suck it as hard as I can. I had no idea she was gifted with a huge clit. I keep liking and sucking and sucking and licking. Hannah grabs my head and forces me into her cunt. A river of cum builds up and begins to flow down between her thighs and ass crease. The jungle of hair is damp and matted. I slurp up as much as I can and then turn my attention back to her clit. Hannah is now bucking up and down and shaking side to side. I hold on for dear life and then she screams. Her moans can be heard throughout the campsite. Hannah is cumming in buckets. My face is awash in cum.

“I’m cummmiiinnnnggg. Gawd, it feels so good. Don’t stop. Eat my pussy. Eat it Rob. You’re making me so wet.”

Nan continues to maul Hannah’s tits, “Yeah, eat her pussy Rob. Eat that hungry cunt. Eat that hairy hungry cunt.”

Nanette is very animated in coaxing me on with my oral attack. She is happy to see her neighbor sexually fulfilled, having the kind of orgasm their husbands won’t provide. I suck Hannah’s big clitoris for a few more moments as she succumbs to the moment. I ease off and she loosens her grip on my head. Hannah falls back on the mattress exhausted.

My cock has sprung back to life and I want to fuck her from behind. It looks like Nan could use another climax herself. I let Hannah rest for a few minutes and she strives to regain her composure. She takes several deep bahis şirketleri breaths. Her huge tits move up and down. I use my hand to massage her hairy bush. Nan kisses her on the lips and their tongues slither about.

Nan whispers, “Wow, Rob really knows how to eat pussy. It looks like you had a good orgasm. I wish my husband would go down on me like that.”

Hannah’s grin is a mile wide, “My pussy is still throbbing.”

“Alright ladies, we’re not done yet. When you’re ready Hannah, stand and bend over the bed, I want to fuck you from behind and I want you to lick Nan’s pussy, she deserves another orgasm.”

Nan’s eyes light up at my suggestion. I think this may be a first for her; having her neighbor eat her cunt. I help Hannah slide off the bed and stand up. I grab her and give her a passionate kiss. I slide my tongue deep into her mouth, before turning her around. Nan takes her place at the center of the bed and spreads her legs wide. She rubs her pussy to get ready for Hannah’s mouth.

Hannah bends over the bed and moves in between Nan’s thighs for her first taste of pussy. She sticks out her tongue and licks the length of Nan’s slit. It’s already moist with juice.

Mmm Nan, you taste so good, I love your smooth pussy lips.”

Hannah drives her tongue deep between Nan’s smooth folds. She licks up and down within the pink flesh and then around her outer labia. She presses her face against her mound and the trim triangle of curls.

Hannah stretches Nan’s legs as she licks and kisses her inner thighs. She licks the crease between her thigh and pussy before returning to Nan’s inner labia. Nan places her hand on the back of Hannah’s head to guide her to her sweet spot.

Meanwhile, I rub Hannah’s wide, fleshy ass. Dimples cover her cheeks. I slide my hand between her beefy thighs and feel her damp pussy.

“Rob, your hand feels nice, your cock would feel even better.”

I spread her cheeks and look for her secret garden. I press forward and my stiff shaft parts her flesh.

“Hannah, grab my cock and guide me into your pussy.”

She reaches between her thighs and pulls me forward. I slide into her wet canal and press my hips into her generous bottom. She feels divine, still so wet and hot from her climax. My cock is buried in her safe harbor. I grab her hips and fuck my new friend.

Hannah spreads Nan’s pussy lips and her engorged clit comes into view. It is long with just the tip emerging from beneath the hood. She licks the length of her clitoris as Nan purrs. Nan raises her hips forcing her clit against Hannah’s tongue as she pursues another climax.

My thick shaft fills Hannah as I stretch her pussy walls with every deep stroke. My balls slap against her bum, creating a loud sound. I fuck her harder and harder. Hannah’s cunt glistens as I slide my rock-hard cock into her. I pull out and my shaft is coated with Hannah’s cum. Her inner labia is thick and luscious, wet and juicy

Hannah moans, “Fuck me harder with that big beautiful cock!”

I am so close to depositing a load deep into her cunt, but I have other ideas. I want to smear her big, beautiful ass with streams of cum. I pull back from her juicy quim and wank my hard-on until I release a thick steady stream of hot creamy semen from the tip of my cock. My jizz splashes all over her large bum. I move my cock from left to right covering her entire ass.

Nan watches my cum cover Hannah’s ass and it spurs her orgasm.

“Oh my god, Rob, that is so erotic. So much cum, so much cum. Oh my god.”

Hannah drives her tongue deep into Nan’s pussy and she explodes with a fierce intensity. She was already dripping wet, her shaved pussy is pink with passion. The neatly trimmed triangle of hair on her mound is damp with her juices. Hannah licks her slit and erect clit with a passion.

“Keep licking my pussy. You are driving me insane. Oh my god.”

Hannah continues to lap and lick. Nan reaches down and grabs a fistful of her hair and drives her hips into Hannah’s face. Nan continues to moan loudly with cries of pleasure. Her body shakes and shivers as Hannah licks faster and faster. Nan is driven into a fit of ecstasy. She thrashes about as Hannah continues to lick her pussy.

Oh fuck! Hannah, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. God Rob she is so good, such an amazing pussy eater.”

Nan continues to writhe for several more minutes before exhaustion sets in and she slinks back into the soft mattress. Hannah lifts and her mouth is covered in Nan’s juices, while has ass is covered in my cum. She will need a shower. I clean her up as best as I can and we all slip under the sheets for a well-deserved rest.

I am laying in between these sexy, unique ladies, one svelte the other a sensual BBW. As I stir a bit, I feel a hand wrapped around my cock. I look over at Hannah, she is laying with her back to me, deep in slumber. An occasional snoring sound slips through her lips. Then I look to my right. Nan is smiling and looking into my eyes. It’s her hand wrapped around my thick, hard shaft.

“What time is it?”

Nan let’s me know that it is half past three in the morning.

I ask, “How long have you been awake?”

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